So you guys ready to go home?” Vera asked.
“Ready!” Betty smiled. She linked her arm with Vera’s own again but immediately let’s go of them gasping.

“vera.. She called.
“Your family… Betty gasped.
Vera looked at Betty “My family?”
“They’re in danger!” Betty replied.
“What? What? Danger?” Vera was confused.
“It’s Delilah! You have to go home now!” Betty said pushing Vera towards the car.
“C’mon!” Mark grabbed Vera’s hand and the two of them entered his car.

“Aren’t you getting in?” Mark asked Betty.
“Well I still have some unfinished business here and I don’t see any help with me following the both of you, I’m talking too much, Mark drive!” Betty yelled and immediately mark turned on the ignition, revved the car and starts to drive.

“What is that fool doing to my family!” Vera stated angrily hating the fact that going home will take almost an hour.
“Just calm down, I’m sure everything will be fine!” Mark said.
“Fine??! A demon is with my family and everything is going to be fine? Are you serious?” Vera scoffed angrily.
“Yeah it’s okay, just calm down okay! I’m going to speed this up and we’ll be home in about fifty seven minutes!” Mark said happily.
“I’m trying to be calm but the fact that, that girl is with my family, I can’t be calm, only heaven knows what she will do to them, or what she has done to them, or what she is doing to them,God I hate this!” Vera growled angrily.
She immediately turned her head down to her Jean pocket when she felt her phone vibrating.
She brought the phone out of her pocket and looked at the caller.
“Great, this imbecile is calling!” Vera rolled her eyes angrily

“What do you want?” Vera asked immediately she picked the phone.
“Vera I know this may sound unbelievable but I never did anything to Brenda, I’m sorry please!” Ross begged.
“Okay…” Vera sighed. “Ross..! Why do you like me?”
“Uhh…what?” Ross replied befuddled
“It’s a simple question answer it!” Vera barked, all her hair in her face because of the breeze.

“Uhm okay, I like you because you’re smart, a.. And beautiful… A..and you’re.. You’re…
“I’m what?” Vera barked..
“You’re nice!” Ross stuttered.
“Nice? I’m not nice! But hey, I know who has qualities like this, Brenda, she’s nice, smart pretty, her stupid bone legs are to die for, why don’t you go for her, oh wait, no need to go for her because you already got her, and still yet you want me, why are you so greedy Ross, you can’t have two at ones, not when they used to be best friends!” Vera stated angrily.

“Look Vera nothing is going on with Brenda and I!” Ross stated…
“Something is and I saw it!”
“Really? But I thought you sent your new spy girlfriend, she must be one bad spy because nothing is going on!” Ross tells her…
“Well she’s pretty good spy, I believe her and I think you’re lying, I’ve moved on Ross you should too!”.
“Oh really? Are with her? Your girlfriend! Can I speak to her?” Ross asked.
“Why? So you could rub your dumbness off her.? No thanks! And you know what, I figured, since you could date two at once Brenda and I… Cause I know you and Brenda could still be hooking up while we were dating, and so I thought, if Ross could date two at once, why can’t I. My girlfriend isn’t here right now but my boyfriend is, so say hi!” Vera stated harshly as she placed the phone on Mark’s ear.
“Say something!” she mouthed to him as he drove the car.

“Uhm… Hey?” Mark said hesitantly.
“There you heard it, now scram off and don’t call me again, I’ve got better things to do!” Vera said into the phone and hung up.

“i don’t think he’ll buy that!” Mark said calmly.
“i don’t care!” Vera snarled.
They both remained quiet as Mark drove on the quiet road, the car was driving as it’s speed and a whole lot of Breeze was getting into the car from the open window, and it was making Vera’s eyes wet, or so she thought so cause then she told Mark to close the window and even when the window was closed her eyes still got wet, and then she sniffed and got Mark’s attention.

“Are you okay?” Mark asked seeing her cleaning her teary eyes so fast, but he had already caught her.
“of course I’m not okay!” Vera sniffed.. “I’m not used to being like this, but this is all just too much! I mean there’s Rebecca and Delilah at a corner and at another corner there’s Ross and Brenda, it’s like there’s this heavy burden on my neck and it’s my responsibility to take that burden off cause it’s on my neck and no one else’s neck, I’m just tired. There’s supposed to be Ross who should have been giving me that love, that cuddle I need, that comfort, even if we’re far away, he’s supposed to be a boyfriend, not a jerk dating my best friend behind my back and I can’t even believe Brenda would even do this to me, she would have told me she likes Ross instead of going behind my back like a relationship ninja” Vera complained and Mark remained a good listener knowing she was just angry with that fact that Delilah’s got her family.
He just let her express her anger knowing it would be best and it will kill time and they would be home before she knows it. And so he asked.

“And if Brenda had told you she liked Ross, would you really have let them date?”.

Vera sighed “Well, I don’t know… No! cause Ross is mine, we’ve been dating for years and now I just can’t believe he’d do this to me, the more I think about it, the more unbelievable it seems! And now I have no one who loves me!”.

“Well you still do you have, your family, I’m sure they love you pretty well.” Mark assured.

Vera smiled weakly, “Romantically, not family love. I used to have Ross. But now we’re done.! And I don’t think anyone at campus likes me since I’ve turned almost half of the guys down. Just because of Ross.!”
Mark smiled not knowing if Vera was feeling sorry for her loveless life or boasting about the one million guys she had turned Down… But he liked the conversation and so he said…

“Well I do know who still likes you!”

“What?” Vera turned to him.
“Yeah… I do know… Mark suddenly stopped talking when he remembered he wasn’t supposed to be saying anything.
“who?” Vera sniffed.
“Uhm…” Mark gulped as he glanced back and forth at Vera and the road.
Vera leaned her head forward waiting for him to answer and then he laughed nervously.
“Are you talking or not?” Vera asked.
“Well…” Mark shrugged.

“Did someone secretly tell you they like me? And warned you not to tell me, but now you’re not being careful and almost spilled the beans.!” Vera expound making Mark’s jaw dropped.

“Wow!” Mark breathed out, “How are you so smart!”.
“Because I’m Vera!” Vera rolled her eyes.
Vera sighed and relaxed back on the couch!. “Now you’ve got me curious on whoever that may be. I’m not going to question you about that person, that’s the least on of my problems now, I need to know what’s happening to my family now, with that girl over there.!” Vera sighed placing her hand on her head.
Vera didn’t let Mark park the car or even get close to the house when she opened the car door and walked out of the moving car,.
“Vera!” Mark called, stopping the car.
“You know that’s dangerous!” Mark yelled as he watched Vera ignore him as she ran up to her house.
Vera opened the door to her living room, and she paused when she saw no one in the living room, she looked around her quiet and flinched when the door closed by itself.
She turned to the door immediately and then to Rebecca’s voice.
“Hey sis…,” Rebecca’s voice covered the whole room as she came out of from the kitchen eating an apple.
“Don’t call me that!” Vera snapped at her.
“Why? Aren’t we family!?” Rebecca asked smiling and revealing a whole lots of dimple.
“Drop the act Delilah, it’s just the two of us! Where is the rest of my real family!” Vera asked sternly making Rebecca pause.

“Wait! How did you know I did something to your family?” Rebecca smirked.
Hearing this Vera almost lost it but then again she control her anger.
“Where are they?” Vera asked.
“Oh they’re just upstairs taking a nap!” Rebecca smiled as she dipped her hand inside her back pocket from her pink shorts and brought out a small green bottle and wiggle it around in the air…
“They were being super loud saying, I should let Rebecca out, that I wasn’t Rebecca blah, blah, blah, but after making them take this, they all fell asleep and the house became quiet, just how I like it, quiet and peaceful!” Rebecca grinned as she pushed the tiny bottle back in her pocket and took a bite from her apple.

“You demon! You poisoned my family?” Vera’s voice was dark.
Rebecca scoffed “Point of correction, I did not poison them, I just gave them sleeping portions, so I can have time with you, cause you know, I like all of them but I don’t like you, we could all be this picture perfect family but without you in it! It would just be Taylor, Steve, me and Helen, no one else, I could have liked you Vera, but you are smart, and I hate people smarter than me so, I’ll take you out of the frame, I’m letting them sleep so I can have my way with you and live with your family in peace!”.

Vera starts to walk closer to her. “You must have really hurt your head somewhere before you possessed my sister, Delilah!” Vera scoffed.
“Oh I’ve hurt my head in places you wouldn’t believe!” Rebecca replied.
“Look I don’t care if you have special abilities or whatever abilities you posses, but you’re leaving this body!” Vera threatened.
Rebecca suddenly laughed “Give me a break Vera, I’ve been hearing that word for ages now and I’m still in this so called body, you can’t do anything, you’re just a mere human!”.

“Oh, well, I’m human and you’re not which makes hell a suitable place for you and not my sister’s body!” Vera spat.

“Too bad, I’m dying with this body whether you like it or not!” Rebecca beamed.

Vera turned to her in anger and walked closer to her.
“You’re already dead Delilah! Don’t claim to be among the living, you foolishly died because of jealousy, don’t try to be among something you can never be part of, just like you were never a part of anything long ago!” Vera said leaving Rebecca speechless.

“What did you just Say?” Rebecca asked slowly.
“I’m sorry but I don’t talk twice!” Vera smirked, knowing she had hit the right spot!
“you shouldn’t talk twice, not when I didn’t let you!” Rebecca turned to vera angrily.

Vera suddenly began. “Just like how you couldn’t get anything when you’re alive, just like how your sister got everything and left you out, the same is going to happen here, you came with nothing and leaving with nothing!”.

“How…” Rebecca was speechless as she looked at Vera, it seemed like the words Vera was pouring out were the words she didn’t want to hear at all cost, how did Vera know of her sister! How is it possible.

Rebecca stood still, lost and frozen, she couldn’t utter a word and it made Vera smile.
“What? Can’t speak? Cat’s got your tongue?”

Vera had gotten where she wanted Delilah to be, helpless, speechless and regretful, and so she continued.
“If you think, you can have a life here by taking over my sister’s body and planning to take over my family, then you’re wrong, you can never have a life, because you’re already dead! Don’t try to live again. You already died six years ago, why do you have to make everything so difficult for yourself and the people who doesn’t even know you exist! Have you always been this selfish, this dumb! Why can’t you just accept the fact that you’re dead and go to hell!, You foolishly killed yourself and now everyone’s going to suffer that, not on my watch! Because you’re going back to wherev–

“Shut up!!!!!” Rebecca yelled angrily, she was breathing heavily and her eyes was wet.

“Shut up or I’ll make you, you know nothing about me, where I came from, or how I came, so stop saying nonsense!” Rebecca threatened her eyes getting red.
It pained Vera badly that it was her sister’s body.
She wanted to hit Her so bad.

“No see, that’s where you’re wrong because I know every single detail about you Delilah, how you foolishly wished your sister could die, Who the hell wishes death for their own family, for their own blood, How.

“SHUT Up!!!!!!!!” Rebecca screamed angrily letting the light bulb in the living burst, and the shattered glass fell on Vera’s hair and a light tiny glass gave her a small cut on her cheek.
Vera touched her cheek, the place that got cut and her hand was stained with blood. Her eyes suddenly dart up to Rebecca who was looking at her angrily.

“That is just a warning, control your mouth or you’ll get more!” Rebecca threatened and a single tear fell from her left eye.

“Because of one stupid light bulb you exploded with your mind. Doesn’t mean I have to keep my mouth shut,… Delilah I am not afraid of you!” vera said taking a step closer to her.

Rebecca couldn’t believe what she was hearing, how could someone have such confidence, such guts! It was making her go crazy!
“I can kill you with just a snap of my finger!” Rebecca threatened another tear dropping from her right eye.
“Not without your stupid doll you can’t!” Vera scoffed, her face bleeding heavily from the small cut, but she couldn’t feel a single pain, her mind wasn’t focus on the wound but the Delilah.

Hearing this Rebecca moved back suddenly, How did Vera know so much!

“You, you’re with my bear aren’t you?” Rebecca asked.
“And what makes you think that I’m with yo–

Vera hasn’t completed her words when she two knives coming straight to her direction and immediately she moved away.
“Hell… I can move things with my mind and you can’t! And yet you still have that stupid guts to talk back to me!” Rebecca half yelled.
“I don’t care whatever power you posses but I talk back to whoever I want!” Vera said through gritted it and immediately her breath seized and she starts to choke…

“I can kill you whenever I want to!” Rebecca stated and her eyes never left Vera as she made her choke the more.

Vera couldn’t move, she knew it was Delilah’s doing, and so with all the strength she could gather, she raised one of her leg and kicked Rebecca right in the gut sending her to the floor.
Vera suddenly got a hold of herself and breathed in heavily, she knew she was fighting with the devil and it was dangerous but she didn’t care..
She immediately straddled Rebecca on the floor and circled her hand on Rebecca’s neck.

“You demon! You think you’re so powerful, but guess what? I’ll be the one to finish you!” vera said angrily as she choked Rebecca.
“Y..ou…kn..ow… You’re.. Not.. Hurting.. Me.. B.. But your sister!” Rebecca managed to say.
“I know, but I also know you’re feeling the pain!” Vera said pinning her neck to the ground.
“You fool!” Rebecca said and suddenly something heavy hit Vera at the back of her head, sending her to the floor.
Rebecca grabbed a knife on the floor and this time it was her time to straddle Vera on the floor.

“Instead of ending me, I’ll be the one ending you, I hate you so much Vera, so much than I hate myself!” Rebecca said rasing the knife above Vera’s head.

“So you hate yourself? Why? Because you’re the most useless human being earth could have when you were still alive?” Vera scoffed.

“Just shut the hell up Vera!” Rebecca yelled wanting to push the knife down Vera’s face when she felt a hand grabbing her hand and taking the knife from her, and immediately Vera pushed her off her body.

“What are you doing here?” Rebecca asked, seeing Mark.
“Its supposed to be night time for you Delilah!” Betty’s voice said from behind and when Rebecca turned Betty blew a white powder on her face, making Delilah fall back on the ground.

“When did you guys get here!?” Vera asked standing up.
“No time to explain Vera, that powder will hold her for a while, she’s asleep, let’s use this to get her to myself. She needs more than exorcism” Betty said as she beckoned Mark to come close and they both raised Rebecca’s sleeping body up.

“Mark take her to the car!” Betty ordered and Mark carried Rebecca’s body bridal style and took her outside.

Betty turned to Vera.
“Vera what were you thinking? Handling Delilah on your own, she could have killed you!”

“But she didn’t!” Vera said.
“look at your face, it’s bleeding!” Betty said wanting to touch Vera’s face, but Vera moved Betty’s hand away from her face.

“Sorry!” Betty apologized as she watched Vera go upstairs.
“Where are you going?” Betty asked as she trailed behind Vera…
Vera ignored the question as she quickly made it to her room and moved to her drawer, she raised her night lamp up and grab a key laying under it.
She used to the key to unlock the last part of the drawer and when she slid it out of the cabinet, she grabbed Delilah doll and handed it to Betty who was behind her.
“I think you need to keep this! It’s for the best!” Vera said.

“Uhm okay!” Betty said as she shoved the doll in her small bag.

“Okay can we go now! Mark’s waiting for us!” Betty said…
“You can go, I’ll be right behind you!” Vera said lowly as she walked out of the room leaving Betty to go downstairs.
Vera walked in her parent’s room to see, her parents and Helen all fast asleep. She breathed heavily knowing it was Delilah’s doing. They’re not asleep in their right mind.

Vera moved closer to parents and in a Whisper she said. “Don’t worry mom… Dad… I promise, Delilah will be gone and we’ll have our Rebecca back!”.

Vera felt a sharp pain on her cheek when her unaware tears crawled over her small bleeding wound.

Vera stood up, looked at her family one more time before walking out of the room.
She knew she would be spending the night at Betty’s, and she was a bit relieved her family’s unconsciously asleep, at least nothing would be on their minds.
As Vera got in the car, she gazed at the Rebecca’s sleeping body next to her and she asked. “Betty, when will she be awake?”

Betty replied immediately “Uhm… In The next ten hours. At least that will give me enough time to prepare everything!”.

“Thank you Betty!” Vera said lowly.
“Huh? For what?” Betty laughed nervously.
“For everything,” Betty turned to her.
“Oh well… It’s not a big deal… And Mark please start driving” Betty said avoiding Vera’s gaze.

Vera sighed as she glanced at her sister one more time before nodding her head.
T. B. C



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