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How To Fix Your Voice Box

How To Fix Your Voice Box

How do you greet each decade of your life? Is it with celebration or dread? Have you noticed a change in your body, mind, voice, and energy as you age? You’ve probably reached your 60’s and 70’s and regarded as “Boomers or ‘Zoomers‘.”

For any professional career person still at helm giving speeches or presentations, you can feel deflated and lacking in self-worth when suddenly you get a cackle in your throat, forcing you to clear your throat before you speak.

It may become more noticeable at your next medical visit when every medical professional asks you to speak up.

“Yikes!” you think, “what’s happening to my voice? I never use to mumble or be too quiet.”

There are definitive medical reasons for seniors sounding old: spasmodic dysphonia, vocal cord dysfunction, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and numerous other functional voice disorders that your specialist E.N.T. doctor could treat.

It’s true as the average person gets older, the vocal muscles and folds (cords) in the larynx do wear out. You begin to speak with a gravely voice, you need to catch your breath more often, your pitch level changes, and your volume drops making it difficult for anyone to hear you.

However, you’ll be happy to know that one key solution to being voice fit is to manage your breathing.

Diaphragmatic breathing is the best technique to allow you to relax, to avoid a panic attack, to project your voice louder, and to stop running out of breath. With practice you regain your vitality and energy in your vocal presence.

It’s not only that your hair has gone from grey to white, which you can easily disguise or embrace; but it’s your voice that is giving you notice. You may sound older than you really are with shaking vocal tremors, increased breath and hoarseness, and declining amplification. Ignoring the health of your voice is a common factor for most people until something goes wrong.

Although being pro-active on the golf course, yoga class, community events, grandchildren, and whatever other interests keep you physically fit; it does not necessarily prevent your voice from breaking down.

It’s not too late to become vocally fit by learning how to use diaphragmatic breathing as a management tool, along with keeping your vocal folds lubricated and relaxed. Switch on over to boosting your diaphragmatic breath power to voice power.

Now is the time for your young voice to resurface to match your forever young attitude.

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