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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 13

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 13
💛 the challenge 💛]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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i looked at krish quietly,
Fear was written all over her body, her perfect body curves and tempting long lashes made me more jealous…
her mom is really pretty too,no wonder she got hot and inviting look.

“And in 30mins,sweetheart knight had 17.9million votes!
the vote meter screen out the results,
she jumped up and everyone shouted.
Nina shouted loudest,eve and Shantai with Dora were busy waving flags.

***my vote is for K***
that was Shantai.
****Go queen of curves****
that was eve.
Elliot clapped quietly,
sir zayn came on stage and shake hands with krish.
Dora dropped the flag she was waving and ran up to the stage too.

I looked at my dad,
his face was down already and it made me feel not so me.

💮 this is the end of the first half, Daryadin and flora are out of the challenge.Sweetheart knight and Han Lilly are proceeding to the finals…
the projector screened.

Time ranging; 2:00…
Daryadin and flora left the stage,
Flora still came back and surprisingly, she walk to krish side on the stage,so many people were congratulating her.

Finally they left and flora went to her side.
“hy,am flora” she greeted and stretch her hand to krish.
“Am. ……” krish sturtled and her pure beautifulness increase.
Jeeeeez,I so much hate that girl.
look at the idiot am competing with.

“You’re sweetheart” flora said and forced her palm into krish soft palm.
“can we be friends?”, flora asked.
krish sturtled,
I hate her for that.

Flora smiled and hugged krish.
“I can’t sing like you or lilly and besides,am shapeless”florasaid.
“No,you’re not” k said.
Flora still smiled.

“I only registered cos it was a bet…
Lewis my twin brother said no one can beat Lilly, she has been the voice of dice for the past two years,I decide to pick up the challenge ..
silly right???
I know I won’t win and even if am not, I wish to see someone else winning”
flora said..
my anger increased.
Jeff came up the stage and took krish to a corner, I can’t imagine EGA my face look like right now.

Jeff kissed krish back of palm.
I know what it means,resspect.
noise followed next.
people started taking pictures.
am scared and am not really scared at the same time ..
this is just my cross,am alright,I will bear it.

My dad came last and dragged me out of the stage.

ohhh gaaad…
there’s still finals,I must win.
if I loose,then i disappoint the eight most important people in my life..
Mrs Claudia,royal, my mom,Mrs rose, eve, Dora,Shantai and mitchy..

I need to win Lilly.
if not for anything but for the sake of what royal and I share..
just for the sake of love.

my new friend,flora came to my side on the stage.
“I saw you with Chris the other time and now Jeff,the last time was Justin. Who are you really dating?”,
she asked.

“Royal” I said.She shouted and hugged me..
“gaaaaaaad,if you win he will….let me not talk, royal knows how to treat ladies well,you will enjoy and besides he’s unpredictable. Not just any guy, the world’s dream guy…lucky you”
she said and left the stage.

I still felt nervous, the time is really counting faster.
Xingzi blew me a kiss from the crowe and my eyes caught eve.
she read something from her phone and quickly drop the flag she was cheering me up with,
she ran out if the crowd in tears.
what can be happening????

 I love you,baby…Good luck”
Royal sent me and I left the stage to change my dress for finals.
I passed the back stage and entered a dressing room,I lock the door,windows and even the curtains.

 Royal, am scared! I sent.
 okay,I love you…how many times should I say it?? he sent.
I read his message over and over again,my nervousness disappeared.
he sent me an instavoice text.
 Babe,I feel like… sneaking into your dressing room right now but…
am being monitored?
you understand….the type of securities am talking about!
I love you, good luck! he sent.
I blushed and drop my phone,I dressed for finals and prayed to the almighty with my creator….

same time………...
Eve’s p.o.v💗💗💗💗💗
my tears stream down as I ran out of the crowd.

“i will kill you if i don’t meet u dear”
Celestine text replayed in my memory as I ran.
I ran to the fourth floor,I didn’t see him there and so I decided to check the fifth floor,he still wasn’t there.
Am just doomed today.
Another hell.
I turned back and there he was, the devil himself.

“is this the forth floor??” he seethed.
“no,dear” I answered as I felt my tears dripping on the floor.
Next,I felt him pull my hair painfully.

his other hand held his phone and car key,his manager was behind us.
“Maynard, immma leave with this bitch” Celestine said in a very clear american ascent.

“won’t you allow her watch her best friend on stage??” Maynard asks.
“she won’t wanna watch” Celestine said…I grimance in pain.
“dear,please I want to watch my best friend on stage, she is my sister and best friend. Celestine,just this one”
I pleaded.
“are you having problems with brains??? Celestine slapped me.

He brushed his hairs behind and rolled his eyes,
he didn’t spare me a glance.

“Celestine,take it easy on her”
Maynard said, Celestine scoffed.
“are you using your private car, be careful” Maynard said.
I was dragged down..
we got to the boys band suite,
next we approach the most expensive suite in five stars and Royal came out of it,
Celestine quickly held me well like a caring boyfriend.

🚺 omg! isn’t that royal????

🚺 I think that’s him,best Marley!!!!
🚺 he’s soo classy!
everyone tried touching him, he avoided. he didn’t band his hair, they fell freely And the mask he wore made it difficult for anyone to see him.

Royal entered the suite,the exact place krish mom is watching the show from.
Celestine resume maltreating me immediately royal left.

I tried rushing out in front,he dragged me and took my hand roughly.
many people moved in,
he still dragged me.I look up to him, he was so close to me.
The heels I was putting on made me got so many wounds…
it really hurts!
my feet’s started bleeding blood.

We got to where his car was,
he pushed me in and my head hit the car door …it really hurts.

“Never disobey me,I might not forgive you next time” he saud.
I was in pains.
I used my hand to cover my cheek.
my tears rolled as celestine drove out

I took my phone with shaking hands and texted krish.
 bestie,am sorry i missed your show, Celestine is taking me out and am really enjoying myself”,
I sent in tears.
I forwarded that same text to Shantai and Dora,.
Dora quickly replied.
 enjoy” she sent.
I smiled out tears.

Lilly’s p.o.v
my dad took me to a corner.
“you had better win,you’re me and Mrs sugar hope of retaining Royal’s wealth” he said.

“But dad-

A lady came in and I recognized her as Anita, my childhood friend, she’s now a detective.
“Mr han,we have unfinished business” she said.
my dad grinned.

🎤 han Lilly,are you still in this challenge???
the projector beeped,I rush up the stage.

my 💗💗royals p.o.v💗💗
“I pray she wins! my dad said.
“she will win,aunt sweetheart is a very very intelligent lady” little tehilla said,krish mom smiled.

After a while krish came up the challenge stage,Lilly also joined and faced her mic,
Lilly sang first….she sang soo amazingly, her voice is just so perfect despite her pride.

Finally it was sweetheart’s turn,she waved at Dora and held the mic.

🎤 Mrs Claudia and Mrs Rose this song is for you.Thanks for setting the pace for me to inspire.
she smiled.

🎶 am going under,
🎶 and I fear this time,no one will save me.

🎶 I dreamed,I wished,I inspired
🎶 Just for all or nothing,
🎶 Just for you mom,I did.

🎶 I need somebody to heal,
🎶 somebody to know,
🎶 somebody to inspire just like mom taught me.

🎶it’s easy to say,but never the same
🎶even if darkness comes,
🎶i will numb the pain,just for u love
🎶i learnt to inspire.

🎶now the day bleeds,
🎶into nightfall,
🎶and you’re not here..

🎶 mom,I inspired..
🎶I let my guard down…
🎶I climbed higher,just d way u taught me.

everyone clapped..
I got goosebumps.
Mrs knight left the suite we were in, in tears,she rush to the stage and hugged krish, Mrs Claudia was also there too.

“Incredible” my dad said.
“this is getting hotter” someone said from the spectator side.

💮 Han Lilly in 1hour has 17.9million votes……….
everyone clapped and screamed,
mr Han stood up and clapped.

Krish waited patiently,we were both scared..

“And Sweetheart Knight in 1hour has……………..”..

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