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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 3

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 3

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)


Jade walked into music class
The teacher was already teaching and the seats were occupied

Tori and Cat sat at the front alone, then all the students stayed behind them

Jade looked at one boy who was busy listening to the teacher

She took him by the ear and threw him on the floor.
He winced and held his ear
She took the chair to the front and sat beside Tori

Teacher: Jade West, why did you do that?

Jade: because I wanted to use the chair

Teacher: you should have just told him to stand up politely

Jade: those words are not in my vocabulary

She brought out her phone

Boy: Mister, he’s bleeding

Students: whattt

They all looked back, except Jade

Teacher: ugh, follow me to the clinic

He held the boy’s arm and led him out

Cat: you’re the biggest bully I’ve ever seen. You’re so mean

Jade glared at her

Jade: Cat, do you like your ears?

Cat gasped and covered her ears
She screamed and ran away without her giraffe stuffed animal

Tori: she’ll come back
Immediately Cat ran back and took the giraffe then ran away

Tori: Jade why are you late for class?
Jade: I was with Beck. Why do you care?

Tori : who’s Beck?

Jade: a handsome new student
Tori: why were you bullying a new student? Can’t you at least allow him to be a full member

Jade: I wasn’t bullying him, I was bullying the girls who wouldn’t let him be

Tori: you know what? I don’t care

Jade: neither do I

Tori rolled her eyes and looked away
She was actually having a bad day because of Trina

Beck looked through his wallet, it was almost empty
He needed cash and was hoping he could get some tips from his customers

He turned and saw Robbie coming his way with his puppet in his hand

He smiled as they got closer

Beck: hey man
Robbie: Beck, I need your help
Rex: don’t listen to him

Robbie : shut up Rex

Beck chuckled

Beck: what do you need my help with?

Robbie: I really need some money. Just five bucks would do. I have to get something for my grandma or she’ll kill me

Beck: ughh… I really wish I could….

Robbie : please lend it to me. I know you have enough

Rex: yeah, you’re a rich dude man

Beck: what? No I’m.. I’m not….

Robbie : I know rich guys don’t usually agree that they’re rich. So are you giving me the money?

Beck: uhm, okay

He opened his wallet and brought out his last cash and gave it to Robbie

Robbie : thank you so much Beck. You’re awesome

He left and Beck sighed
His wallet was now empty

He leaned on the wall and stared at the other wall

He began to hear cheers
He walked forward and it was Victorious.
They were sharing something

He saw students distributing drinks and pizza boxes from the Victorious side

His stomach grumbled

Andre: hey man, have this
He was stretching forth a soda bottle

Beck : whoa thanks. I really need this
He opened it and began to gulp it down

Andre: why does Jade look happy and Tori looks sad?

Beck: I don’t care

He covered the empty bottle and threw it into a trashcan

Beck: the only thing I care about now is how to get that pizza

Andre: haha, I see you’re very hungry
Beck: and broke

Andre: oops sorry…

Jade sighted them and began to walk towards them

Andre: oh my goodness, is Jade coming here?

Beck: no no no, that girl scares the living daylights outta me

Andre: and she thinks you’re rich
Beck: they all think I’m rich

Jade was getting closer

Beck: bye

He hurried away before Andre could even comprehend

Jade: out of my way

He immediately shifted but she stood still glaring at him

Jade: where is Beck?
Andre: pardon?

Jade: you heard me right

Andre didn’t hear her because he was lost

Jade : forget it

She walked away and he breathed in heavily

Andre: thank you God for saving my life

It was already lunch time.
Victorious sat at their regular table eating
Their cafeteria was outside and the breeze was blowing their hair about

Jade: I’m finally getting a boyfriend

Tori choked on her food and Cat covered her mouth in order not to reveal her laughter

Tori was wearing a purple shirt and black pants with two shiny bracelets on her left hand

Cat, as beautiful as always was wearing a pink off-shouldered shirt and a red mini skirt
Her red hair was in a pony tail

Jade was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black pants
Her hair was having blue highlights
And her nails were black

Jade : why are you two acting like morons?

Tori drank water and Cat began to eat again
No one answered her

Jade: I’m talking to you two

Tori: sorry..
Cat: sorry

She scoffed

Jade: like I was saying earlier, I’m getting a new boyfriend soon

Tori: remember to invite me to his funeral

Cat : that’s if you’re not in jail by then

Jade: what’s that supposed to mean?
She was a bit pissed off

Tori: well Tyson got crippled

Cat: and Moses lost his tooth

Tori: ohhh, and Justin spent six months in a hospital

Cat: Tori, do you remember Edward?

Tori: OMG, yes. He broke up with Jade after she ruined his hair with her scissors while he was asleep

Cat: then he ran out of the country because Jade was after his life

The two girls began to laugh hysterically

Jade : ENOUGH!

They stopped immediately

Jade : those guys were the reason for their misfortune

Tori: how are we sure this new guy isn’t going to be the reason for his misfortune?

Cat: I hope he’s rich

Jade: of course he’s rich. I don’t date broke guys

Tori: but you end up breaking their bodies

Jade glared at her

Cat: so tell me, is he handsome?

Jade: yes, very handsome

Cat: did he ask you out already?

Jade: no, no boy asks me out. I ask them out

Cat: weird, I thought it was the girl that gets asked out

Tori: enough with the boy talk okay? I’m getting sick of it

Cat: should I get you some drugs?
Tori: no, why?

Cat: because you’re sick
Tori: no I’m not

Cat: but you just said so
Tori: Cat, I was just…. Ugh, forget it…

Jade: do you know he is a student here?

Cat&Tori: whaaat!

Tori: is the student blind?
Cat: everyone here knows you’re a monster

Jade: yeah I am
She twirled her hair with her index finger

Tori hung her bag and stood up

Tori: guys I really have to practice my solo. I’ll see you guys later

Cat: bye Tori, I love you

Tori: I love your dimples

Cat blushed as Tori left
She turned to Jade

Cat: Tori loves my dimples
Jade: I don’t

Cat: you don’t like anything about me

Jade: it’s a good thing you know

Cat frowned and pouted her lips

Jade: whoa, Beck is here
Cat: who’s Beck?

Jade: the guy we just talked about
Cat: where is he?

Jade pointed to his direction

Cat: Robbie?

Jade: no, not the freaky puppet moron. The guy beside him

Cat: Andre?

Jade: no! Ugh, the handsome guy beside him

Immediately Cat saw Beck, she placed her palms on her cheek and began to scream
Everyone looked at her direction

Jade frowned deeply as if she was going to blow up

Cat ran up still screaming
She ran all the way to Beck and hugged him

Jade: what the heck!!

Beck: whoaa

Cat: oh my gosh you’re so handsome!

Beck pulled her away

Cat: I’m Cat Valentine what’s your name?

Beck: Beck… Beck Oliver

Cat: awesome
She jumped up

Robbie : hi Cat I’m….
Cat: don’t come close to me

Rex began to laugh at Robbie
Cat screamed and punched Rex’s face
Andre began to laugh at Rex

Jade came there

Jade: Cat, quit embarrassing Beck!!

Cat: stop yelling at me Jade, you’re so mean to me

She began to cry and ran away

Beck felt bad for Cat
He looked around and Andre and Robbie had already disappeared

Beck: hi.. Hi Jade

Jade: how are you?
Beck: I’m fine. You?

Jade: great
She folded her arms and stared at him

Beck felt as if he was looking at a witch

Beck: uhm, I’ll see you later. We’ll talk

He smiled and left
Immediately he got into the school building, he sighed softly

Beck: she’s the only reason why I don’t wanna come to school

He kept walking, looking for a suitable class to stay

He passed through the hallway and his eyes caught someone in the music class through the door’s windscreen
He decided to check it out

He pushed the door and got in
Just behind the piano was Tori Vega, trying to sing

He stood still with his hands folded as he watched her

🎼here I am🎼
🎼once again🎼
🎼feeling lost both now and then🎼
🎼I breathed in, to let it go🎼

Tori: ahhhhh, this song sucks!!!
She kicked her hands against the piano keys roughly
She was having a hard time singing properly because she wasn’t in the right mood

Beck: can I help??

She looked up to see a handsome god
Her eyes widened as she stared at him with her mouth agape

He moved closer

Beck: hi, I’m Beck

Tori: hi… I’m… Tori

Beck: I know. I’ve heard about you

She smirked and looked at her piano

Beck: I see you’re having a tough time singing

Tori: yeah

Beck sat beside her

Beck: you have a beautiful voice. I wish I could sing like that

She laughed sweetly and he smiled at her beautiful laughter

Beck: now breathe in…

She closed her eyes and breathed in

Beck: then think of something that makes you happy

She closed her eyes again then opened it

Beck: tell me what makes you happy
Tori: singing

Beck: then sing for me

She smiled and rested her fingers on the piano keys
She sighed then began to play

🎼here I am🎼
🎼once again
🎼Feeling lost, both now and then🎼
🎼I breathed in, to let it go🎼

🎼And you don’t know where you are now🎼
🎼Or what it’ll come to if only somebody could hear🎼
🎼And you figured out how🎼
🎼You’re lost in the moment you dis….appear...🎼

🎼You don’t have to be afraid to put your dream in action🎼
🎼You’re never gonna fade🎼
🎼You’ll be the main attraction🎼
🎼Not a fantasy🎼
🎼Just remember me🎼
🎼When it turns alright🎼

🎼Cause you know that if you live in your imagination🎼
🎼Tomorrow you might be everybody’s fascination🎼

🎼In my victory🎼
🎼Just remember me🎼

Beck: whoaaa, bravo!!
He began to clap 👏 for her

She started to laugh happily

Tori: you liked it?
Beck: I loved it

Tori: thanks for helping me

Beck: I think the only mistake I did was that I didn’t record it

They both laughed
Her hair covered her left eye and he quickly shoved it behind her ear gently

Tori: thanks again
Beck: do you have any other song that you can sing for me?

Tori: I have lots of them but I’ll sing them only on one condition

Beck: which is?

Tori: you’ll sing with me

Beck: oops, can’t sing

Tori: dance?

Beck: yep

Tori: then you’ll dance for me

Beck didn’t answer
She ruffled his hair

Tori: answer me

He stood up to run and she began to pursue him round the music room

He stopped abruptly and she hit him and almost fell but he held her and ruffled her hair too
They began to laugh

Tori: come on, dance for me

Beck: okay, I will….

Tori: good, but let’s get something to drink first

Beck nodded and they both moved towards the door
He opened it for her

Beck: after you mi lady
He bowed
She chuckled and passed

Tori: graçias amigo

They chuckled and unknowingly held hands as they walked away

To be continued

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