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Who are you?” Rebecca asked staring at Betty!
“I’m Betty…” Betty replied. “And I have to go wash my hands.” Betty said walking away and Vera immediately step in front Rebecca.
“Rebecca… Is It really you!?” Vera asked staring at her sister, the real Rebecca.
“Yeah… it’s me.!” Rebecca replied and quickly rushed up to Vera to give her a hug.
“Oh thank God” Vera said hugging her sister back.

“I miss you guys so much! It’s like everyday it’s getting harder for me!” Rebecca said, her voice shaking.
Vera quickly let’s go of her. “No Becca… Don’t cry, we are going to go through this together, somehow Betty had managed to bring you back to your body only for tonight but before sunrise Delilah will be back and we have hope, if Betty can bring you back half way, there’s still hope of her fighting delilah for us!” Vera explained, happy she’s finally talking to her sister.
“So You mean… That girl brought me back?” Rebecca asked swallowing her tears.
“Yeah, only for tonight, but don’t give up Rebecca were ready to fight for you, just enjoy the party for tonight, all your friends are here, think of nothing else and live happily for tonight, we’re going to get you back! Don’t give up and believe in me!” Vera said and Rebecca hugged her sister again.
“Okay” Rebecca breathed out!.
Her eyes landed on Mark’s happy eyes and he smiled at her in a way that says ‘welcome-back’ she returned the smiled and let’s go of Vera.
“So we’re at a party?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah Betty invited us, she wanted to know if she could see anything about Delilah, she’s a seer, a fortuneteller actually. Both.!” Vera said.
“Remember the fortuneteller lady we met the day we went to the amusement park?” Mark asked.
“Yeah?” Rebecca replied..
“she’s Betty older sister!” Mark replied.
“Uhh, this is so hard to come off!” Betty whined walking out of her bathroom and wiping her hand on a towel.

“Uh Betty!” Rebecca called
“what?” Betty smiled.
“Thank you for bringing me back!” Rebecca thanked.
“Oh its nothing, I was starting to hate Delilah, I wanted to know what kind of person you are anyways , but just forget about Delilah and let’s enjoy my party!” Betty jumped happily walking out of the room.
“She’s so..
“Jovial…” Vera completed for Rebecca and they both smiled
“We still have all night to tell you what’s going on sis, but for now, enjoy the party!” Vera said walking out of the room too.

Mark moved forward! “so you want to go meet the others?” Mark asked
“Yeah… I miss them!” Rebecca replied and they both walked outside.

Janet dressed in pink mini dress and her blonde hair moved to one side, she look like a plastic Barbie doll and Zane suddenly saw her and rushed up to meet her.
“Janet!” he called her with a smile.
Janet turned. “Oh its you!” Janet was a bit proud but shock at how hot Zane looked.
“Uhm… You came!” Zane smiled.
“You can see that!” Janet rolled her eyes.
“Okay…” Zane was a bit nervous.
“Do you want to dance?” Zane asked…
“Actually… one dance wouldn’t hurt!” Janet primped.
“Okay!” Zane smiled happily as they both walked to the dance floor.

“Can I hold your waist?” Zane asked for permission.
“No! Let’s just dance and get away from here!” Janet said and Zane sighed sadly.
Thelma angrily chew the ice blocks in her mouth as she watched Zane and Janet dance. She rolled her eyes and turned to the bowl of fruit punch in front of her, she poured herself a cup of the sweet drink and slurped it down in one go, she suddenly flinched when a huge shadow over towered her.

“F*ck! Samuel! You scared me!” Thelma said angrily.
“Sorry! I guess I’m still pretty tall despite the heels you’re wearing!” Samuel said.
“Seriously! Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult!” Thelma rolled her eyes…
“Sorry!” he shrugged.
“It’s okay… you’ve always been a pole since you were eleven!” Thelma savaged.
“Ouch!” Samuel laughed.

“So… What are you doing here I thought you were sick!” Thelma said taking another cup of fruit punch.
“I was sick, but I recovered yesterday!” Samuel said..
“So You recovered after hearing there’s a party, did you know the vice principal gave me your job, you were supposed to be class C’s class president, but thanks to you I covered for two classes for a week!” Thelma said and glanced at Zane and Janet to see them laughing..
‘what are they laughing about?’ she thought!

“Okay I’m sorry, how about I make it up with a dance, you know you’re the hottest here.!” Samuel licked his lips.
“Thanks, I caught you and your stupid friends staring at my butt a while ago, but let me tell you one thing Samuel, you can take your goofy looking face and walk out of my sight!” Thelma stated angrily, she was angry not only because Samuel was courting her but because of something else and beside there’s only one person she wants to dance with.

“Okay sorry. What can I do to make it up to you!
“Just leave me alone!” Thelma said.
“C’mon Thelma, don’t be this way Drop your drink and let’s talk” Samuel said taking down Thelma’s drink from her mouth and Thelma forcing it back up, and with both forces the cup turned pouring the drink on Thelma’s dress and chest, causing it to stain a pink colour.
“Uh oh..” Samuel said earning a sounding slap from Thelma.
“Are you crazy,” she yelled her voice towering the music and everyone turned to them.

Zane heard her voice from where he stood with Janet and as he glanced at Thelma he turned back to Janet “Uhm sorry… I have to go check up on her!”.
“Whatever, get lost and don’t even come back” Janet said angrily and walked away.
“I.. I am so sorry I can get this off!” Samuel said grabbing a napkin from the juice table and wanting to clean the drink on Thelma’s chest… Her cleavages actually.

“what the hell do you think you’re about to do?” Zane said out of nowhere grabbing the napkin from Samuel.
“Help her clean the… Samuel became speechless when he noticed all eyes on him.
“Well get lost!” Zane barked.

“s..sorry” Samuel said..
“Nerd!” Zane barked before Samuel walked away, embarrassed.
“C’mon!” Zane grabbed Thelma and they both head upstairs, looking for the house toilet, finally the found it and Zane gave thelma the napkin.
“Take! you wipe it yourself!” Zane said as he turned back giving Thelma a little bit of privacy as she glanced at the mirror, she wet the napkin and cleaned her wet dress, the stains came off but only a little bit.
“It won’t come off!” she sighed, making Zane turn to her… “Really!?” he asked staring down at her chest.
“Sorry!” he apologized and immediately looked back up.

“Can you not be a freak! It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.?” she rolled her eyes.
“What? I haven’t?” Zane said looking at her!
“Don’t let me creep all the way up to memory lane.” Thelma scoffed.
“Okay here… Take my jacket!” Zane said handing his jacket to Thelma.
“Thanks.!” she said wearing it!.
“Now I feel safe” she smiled.
“All thanks to me!” Zane said, his hand sliding across her shoulder as they walked out of the toilet.
“But wait!” Zane paused and looked down at Thelma as they both made it out of the toilet.
“What?” Thelma asked feeling lonely as Zane’s hand left her shoulders…
“I remember now, I have seen it once… which means only one thing” Zane grinned mischievously.
“What are you talking about?” Thelma narrowed her eyes at him.
“You’re wearing push ups bra” he said and Thelma sighed.
“Why are you such a freak Zane!” she shook her head…
“Maybe I’m a freak to want to make you laugh…” Zane rolled his eyes…
“Well your jokes always hurt my feelings!” Thelma said lowly.
“Oh okay… I’m sorry,” Zane apologized.
“It’s okay! You can go back to your Janet now!” Thelma said frowning at the blonde brunette who was laughing beautifully with her friends.
“Janet’s kind of boring and I rather stay with you and attack more Samuels that tries to wet your dress again” Zane said making Thelma laugh.

“Finally she laughed.!” Zane playfully breathed a sigh of relief.
“C’mon let’s go get that sweet fruit punch you were having!” Zane said about to go when thelma called.
“Zane wait!” Thelma called.
“What you don’t want to get fruit pu–
Thelma surprises him with her kiss and his eyes widen. Thelma enjoyed the kiss, but well the Shock didn’t allow Zane to figure out his best friend was actually kissing him… again..

Thelma suddenly pulls back and Zayn looked up to see Mark behind Thelma, he smirked at zayn and gave him a look that says ‘told-ya’ before walking away which let Zane asked.

“Thelma… Do You like me?”
“Yeah” she shrugged. Coming clean.
“Uh… Like.. You like me… Like. Like me?” Zane asked, his eyes widen.
“Yeah!” Thelma replied…
“Since when?” Zane asked sounding a bit disappointed.. “I don’t know!” Thelma rolled her eyes.
“Why?” Zane asked.
“Why do you like Janet?” Thelma retorted.
“Cause she’s… Beautiful,” Zane replied.
“Same goes for me!” Thelma shrugged.
“Uh… Okay, now I don’t know what to say or do!” Zane blinked rapidly.
“You don’t but I do!” Thelma said, and continued with the kiss. Zane thoughtlessly reciprocated, enjoying the moment, his hand slid around her small waist and her hand wrapped around his neck. Both taking each other’s mouth in, liking every ecstasy that was following the moment.

“Isn’t that Zane… And Thelma!” shayne said to Felicia..
“Really where?” Felicia asked turning to see the two couple kissing intensely.
“I thought it was the Zanet couples,” shayne sighed.
“Well now we have the Zanema couples!” Felicia smiled.
“You’re so bad at giving names Felicia,” shayne shook his head and walked away.

“Isn’t that Zane?” Janet’s friend asked pointing to Zane and Thelma kissing at a corner.
“So?..” Janet snapped
“Nothing I was just saying!” Janet’s friend said.
Janet glanced at them one more time before walking away.
Zane and Thelma pulled away from each other and gave each other a small smile…
“That was…
“Good!” Zane finished for her.
“Yeah it was!” Thelma nodded.
“Should we go again?” Zane smirked.
“What are we waiting for then?” Thelma rolled her eyes, and they both hungrily took each other again… being perfect for each other.
“So here… I bought you fruit punch! It’s the best in the house!” Mark said handing Rebecca the cup.
“Thank you!” Rebecca said taking the cup from Mark.
Mark sat beside her and took a sip out of his drink.

“Why are you here? Why aren’t you having fun like the others, I’m a boring person you don’t have to be around me!” Rebecca said lowly.
“Oh it’s okay actually! I am not a party person, and I don’t have fun, and i came here because your sister said I had to! And Betty wanted us to, to know what kind of person Delilah is… besides that, I think I’ll be pretty much in my bed now!” Mark shrugged.
“Uhm okay… I really appreciate what you and my sister are doing, I don’t know where I would have been if not for you two!” Rebecca sighed.
“Well it’s an honour having you back… For now… Delilah has been a real bitch!” Mark scoffed.
“I mean it has been pretty weird for me, another person taking over my body, did anyone noticed I changed?” Rebecca asked.
“Not really, even if they did, you’re still the new girl and everyone hasn’t settle down to know what kind of personality you hold! The only difference is when Delilah is back, you’re more paler and your eyes becomes dull, your voice becomes high pitch and all!” Mark shook his head taking another sip of his fruit punch…

“How is Delilah acting around everyone?” Rebecca asked inquisitively.
“She’s… I don’t know, but I know I don’t like her around me!” Mark said.
“Why?” Rebecca laughed.
“She’s mean around your sister and she’s a bit… clingy.. Around me!” Mark said.
Rebecca looked at him. “Clingy?”
“Yeah! She wants me to be her boyfriend or something..
“Really? Are you making this up?” Rebecca asked.
“NO, And she just doesn’t want me to be her boyfriend, she’s planning to get me killed and Vera too!” Mark expound.
“What? You’re serious.!”
“As serious as I can ever be.!” Mark said.
“Uhm okay!” Rebecca laughed.
Mark smiled, he made her laugh.
Rebecca sighed sadly.
“what’s wrong?” Mark asked.
“I don’t… I.. I feel weird!”.
“Weird?” Mark leaned forward.
“Yeah! I feel like after this night, I’m never going to come back to my body, or worse I feel like Delilah is going to be in charge for ever!” Rebecca explained.
“What…? Don’t say that! No Becca don’t loose hope, you’re going to have your body back, don’t say that, Vera and I are doing everything we can to help you, please think positively!” Mark said assurely.
“Okay..! If That’s the case then, i have to live my best moment, right here, right now.” Rebecca said standing up.
She took Mark’s cup of fruit juice from his hand and smiled.
“what are you doing?” Mark asked.
“We’re going to have the best night of our life.” Rebecca said putting the drinks aside and going to wine.

“No I don’t do wine. And most of all alcoholic!” Mark said sniffing the drink he took from Rebecca.
“C’mon… I get to live again for just tonight! Don’t spoil this for me!” Rebecca said.
“Uhm okay?…” Mark said taking a small sip from his cup.
“Are you sure this is wine?” Mark asked. “It’s level of alcohol is pretty much!”.
Rebecca smiled, took a sip from hers and immediately spit it back. “Yeah I don’t think I can drink this!” she said making Mark laugh.
“I’ll just stick to fruit punch!” Rebecca said.
“Okay… I’ll stick with you too I’ll just have fruit punch!” Mark said dropping his cup of whatever he just drank.

“Uhm… Okay… Now I don’t know what to do!” Rebecca said looking around shyly, her eyes suddenly spotted Zane and Thelma still kissing at a corner and she turned to Mark.
“Isn’t that Zane and.. Thelma?” Rebecca asked.
“Yeah!” Mark smirked.

“Are they, in a relationship or something, I thought Mark liked Janet and Janet did too” Rebecca said.
“Well… See a lot happened with Delilah in you, but don’t worry everything’s fine now, I totally want Thelma for Zane, Janet’s a little outdated.” Mark stood up.
“Wow… I never thought Thelma would have a thing for Zane!” Rebecca said still amazed.
“Well she does and after tonight, I hope everything is going to work out well for the two of them!” Mark said.
“Oh.. Okay,” Rebecca said.
Rebecca looked around not knowing what to do.
“Okay so… what should we do, honestly I’ve never been to a party before!” Rebecca said.
“Well I have but I don’t do anything!” Mark said.

“Wow… everyone else is having fun, we’re both boring people!” Rebecca laughed.
“Well… cheers to something we have in common then!” Mark smiled.
“Being boring is not a good thing Mark” Rebecca shook her head, the deejay suddenly change the song and Rebecca gasped.

“The DJ got us fallin’in’love,” Rebecca said happily.
“what?” Mark asked, confused.
“It’s a song by usher. I love this song, c’mon let’s go dance” Rebecca said pulling Mark.
“What?” Mark said, as he got pulled by Rebecca to the dance floor.

“Uhm I don’t dance!” Mark said as he and Rebecca stood on the dance floor.
“C’mon with a song like this your body should be moving on it’s own!” Rebecca said. “I can’t dance too, but… I Get to have my body for just tonight and screw it, I am going to give dancing my best shot!” Rebecca added swaying her hips from left to right, then her hair.
“Okay…” Mark laughed.
Rebecca looked up at him still dancing.
“You’re really not going to dance are you!” Rebecca said.
“I’ll just watch you it’s okay!” Mark said moving back.
“Nope, seriously just move your body it’s not hard!” Rebecca said, stopping dancing and grabbed Mark’s hand, she wiggled them and he laughs and pulls them back.
“Now try doing them on your own” Rebecca said with a smile, exhibiting the most attractive dimpled smile in all of smile history.
At least she was happy, at the moment..
“I don’t think I can…
“You’re the worst even a robot can do better than you, you’re so boring that even boring itself will run away from you!” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“Okay that’s a good proof you’re still Rebecca, you insult a lot. But I don’t mind, insult me all you want I’m still not dancing” Mark smirked.
“Fine! You leave me no choice” Rebecca said, grabbing his hands again and dancing with his hands. Moving them in any direction she went.
They both laughed when Rebecca bumped into someone, but that didn’t keep Rebecca from dancing, acting like everything’s okay,
Well everything will be okay! That’s what everyone wants to know.

“At least my sister’s happy!” Vera said with a sigh as she finished another bottle of beer.
“Yeah they are so cute!” Betty said taking another bottle of beer. Both of their cheeks red from the intake of too much alcohol.
Betty has been exhausted from too much dancing and screaming and Vera has been exhausted from too much yelling from calling Ross few minutes ago, and they both met and starts to drink, watching every body… from the stairs they were seated.
“I don’t think Rebecca will always like anyone. But why do I feel like she likes Mark!” Vera asked talking funny and looking at them strangely.
“Cause she does! I mean she hated him at first, but got fond of him, and well ever since this Delilah stuff. He’s willing to put her first, and why wouldn’t she like him, Mark’s very nice!” Betty giggled maniacally.
“Well… That’s sweet of him, wish I could give him a present for being so helpful!” Vera sighed.
“Well… I have a present!” Betty said narrowing her eyes…
“What present” Vera asked slowly turning to Betty, both drunk and talking really slowly.
“I’ll bring back Jessica!” Betty smiled.
“His dead sister?” Vera asked to be sure and Betty nodded.
“But only for a few minutes. He gets to be with Jessica for just a few minutes!” Betty said standing up, and almost falling down but Vera caught her and they both fell down, rolling down the stairs.

“Ouch!” Vera said as she moved Betty who was lying on top of her.
“Sorry” Betty slowly apologized as she stood up and tried to get her balance.
“Help me up” Vera said, shutting and opening her eyes as everything seems blurry to her.
“Okay!” Betty said and with all the balance and strength she could gather she pulled Vera up and they both staggered to where Mark and Rebecca were dancing, bumping into everybody.

“So… Wanna take this upstairs?” Zane smirked at Thelma.
“Why not” Thelma replied.

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