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Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 39

Average Boy (Victorious) Chapter 39

By Hossana Isaac O.
(Hossy High School Series)




🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌺🌺

Benedict ran to her and they did some sort of super handshake. Seems they are close friends

Everyone was trying to watch what she would do to me. Even Tessa

She walked to me
Me: Jade

She crossed her arms

Jade: Beck

Me: it’s nice to see you again
Jade: give me your hand

I gave her without hesitation. Tori smiled at me

She walked me to the pool and I quickly removed my phone from my pocket and threw it to Benedict who caught it with ease

Jade threw me in and everyone laughed except her of course

Jade: you crazy horse! Why the heck did you run away!

Me: cause I saw a truck

They laughed. That was a silly answer

Jade: I’m not done with you Beck. I promise I’ll make this week miserable for you

Me: I might take the next flight to New York then. Cause I’m tired of living miserably. I’ve never even been tortured by a witch and I ain’t risking my life to see that this week

We laughed

Andre helped me out

Jade: and who do we have here? Tessa, right?

She stepped forward

Tessa: hello… It’s nice to meet you

Jade didn’t answer

Tori: Jade this is Tessa, my daughter and Tessa this is Jade, my other best friend

Cat: I’m the first…
Tessa smiled at Cat but Jade glared at her

Cat: what? I met Tori before you

Jade: it was just two hours before me

Cat: two hours ain’t no joke
Tori chuckled

Jade: it’s nice to meet you too Tessa

She gave a smile without showing her teeth

Me: I’m going to change. Andre, you’re coming with me

Tori: your room’s the first one on the left. Upstairs

I nodded and Andre and I walked to the house.

I was dripping and a maid would need to trace the water up to clean them. Immediately we entered the room, I grabbed a towel and dried my hair

Me: so what exactly is you and Jade?

Andre: long story man. Long story

Me: I have all the time in the world

He sighed

Andre: well, Jade and I became good friends. Though I had left to Beverly Hills. That’s why I live now. We kept talking and seeing sometimes. Like once in four months. Mostly at Awards or a Celebrity’s birthday party

He paused and looked at me straightway

Andre: she surprised me by asking me out four years ago. She kissed me and said I was automatically her boyfriend.

My eyes widened. Trust Jade to do that

Me: so she fell in love with you
Andre: I wouldn’t say she fell in love with me. She just liked me then and wanted to prove to some rival Alisha Jerold that she could get me. The Alisha had a crush on me. She’s a black girl too

Me: how about now? You guys love each other

Andre: of course we do. I love her and she loves me

I smiled, then something came into my mind

Me: wait man. Are you some sort of celeb now? Because with the things you’ve talked about, you ain’t no ordinary person

He chuckled and sat on the bed

Andre: maybe I’m one of the best love singers who play their own instruments

I laughed and punched him jokingly

Me: I knew it. I knew you’d hit it big!

I was really happy.

I mean. Andre is the most talented kid I knew back then. With a breathtaking voice and amazing song writing skills
And a guitar lord? Who wouldn’t hit it big with that much.
And he was really determined and focused.

Me: I’m happy for you

Andre : you’re the only one left now

Me: wait… What of Robbie?

Robbie : dude’s working at Disney now. He’s a cartoonist there in Florida

Me: whoaaah…. And Rex?

Andre: Rex? Ah, that one was taken by some NGO. I don’t really care about that

Me: I’ve missed you guys so much

I pulled out a Jean pants from my luggage and took a red T-shirt.

I changed into them and brushed my hair

Andre: Robbie’s dating Cherry Peterson… Some model

Me: he finally got a girl

Andre: a hot girl
I smiled

Me: is Cat dating someone?
Andre: some British guy

I nodded.
I’m happy for them all

Me: let’s go down

We went downstairs and joined in whatever they were doing

🌺🌺Tessa’s POV🌺🌺

Jade: Tori, I’m spending the night here
Tori: great… I’ll get a room ready

Cat: I’m sorry I won’t be able to stay Tori. I have to get back to London because one of my client has a photoshoot tomorrow afternoon and I need to be there

Tori: it’s okay. I understand

Cat: I’ll be back maybe next week to spend some quality time with Tessa

She looked at me. I smiled. Yeah I’ve fallen in love with her

She even sang with me earlier. She sings so well, I wonder why she preferred fashion to music. Well, fashion suits her. She’s the diva girl

Cat: so I gotta go now. Bye Tessa

Me: bye Cat

She waved at me and walked away with cat steps.

Tori: let me go and see to your room

Jade nodded and sat down.
I hurried upstairs and brought the book

Me: uhm Jade I have something for you

Jade: what is it?
She was looking at her phone

I placed the book on the table before her. She was sitting at the dinning table

She looked at the book

Jade: Ancient Weapons

That was the title of the book. She dropped her phone and opened it. Read the foreword and opened the first page

Jade: wow… Where did you get this?

Me: I bought it from my History Teacher specially for you

She looked at the picture of a spear from Ancient Chinese

She read out the words under it

Jade: this spear is capable of swaying through the air, ten meters from the holder. It can thrust deep into the body through metal armors.

She opened the next page

Jade: wow. I like it
She looked at me

Jade: thank you

I smiled

Me: you’re welcome

I tried to walk back upstairs

Jade: you know where Benedict is?
Me: yeah, he’s upstairs

Jade: call him and get your jackets. We’re going bowling

I smiled and ran upstairs. I think I just got on her good side

🌺🌺Beck Oliver’s POV 🌹🌹

Andre and I are at a restaurant in town. Some special type of restaurant where everyone minds their businesses. I was thinking since he’s now a celeb, they’d all stare

But then he told me that almost everyone in here was one way or another a person of fortune

We’ve been taking just drinks and talking about my life in Mexico. How everything happened

Then he got to my mom’s part

Andre: I went to see your mom sometime ago. About seven years ago

I sighed

Me: how was she then?
Andre: well, she was okay. She was just worried about you. Hell worried

Me: she should be

Andre: I think you should go and see her Beck

Me: I don’t have the nerves yet. I can’t…

Andre: the earlier, the better. You need to see her before anything else. I know what she tried to do was absurd but, she’s still your mother. You don’t have to hate her

Me: no no. I don’t hate her at all. Just that I feel like I’m not ready to face her.

Andre: okay. Just take a little time to compose yourself then you’ll see her

He sipped his drink and I sighed again.

Me: do you know the jail she’s at?
Andre: yeah.
Me: let’s go there now.
Andre: are you sure?
Me: yeah. Let me do it then get it off my mind

We left the restaurant with Andre driving. I was just in thoughts throughout the ride, wondering how she was and what she looked like.
She must have suffered a lot. She never left suffering. She wanted to escape it but landed herself deeper in it.

If only she didn’t make that attempt to kill Tori. Our lives would have been better now

Andre parked outside the building and we got out. We went inside and told the Police Head Officer why we were there. Luckily it was still their visiting hours. So after being scanned in case of any contraband, we were taken to a room with just a big table and chairs. There was a large glass in the wall and two policemen were standing there.

The room was sound proof. Nothing we would say could be heard outside.

Andre didn’t follow me inside though. He hung around the outside

As I waited, my heart pounded against my chest. I was too eager to see her

Then she walked in with handcuffs. A police man walked her in. Immediately she saw me she froze and stopped walking

The policeman left

Me: mom
Mom: Beck. Oh my God

She was at the verge of tears

She sat down and I placed my hands on the table. She was looking fragile and getting old. Premature wrinkles had formed on her hands and neck

Mom: Beck you came back. I’m so glad you’re okay and alive. I was worried sick all these years they said you disappeared. Beck I’m so sorry for the things I did. I’m so sorry Beck. Please don’t hate me too. You’re the only one I have. Please

She began to cry. I held her hands

Me: I can’t hate you mom. I can’t. I’ve forgiven you for what you did. It wasn’t totally your fault mom

Mom: so you don’t hate me too
I smiled

Me: I rather drink sewage water than to hate you mom

She chuckled as tears rolled down

Mom: I love you my son. I really do
Me: I love you too mom

Mom: and when did you come back?

I smiled
Me: today

Mom: you came back today and came to see me today? How blessed I am. I don’t deserve this

Me: that’s how much I’ve missed you

She began to cry

Me: hey hey… No crying please

Mom: has Tori forgiven me? I begged Andre to beg her to forgive me years back. But that was the last time I saw him

I didn’t reply

Mom: please. Tell her to forgive me please
Me: I will. She’ll forgive you

Mom : thank you
Me: guess what?
Mom: what?

Me: you’re a grandma

Her eyes widened

Me: Tori was pregnant. She has a son for me. And I adopted a girl years back. You have two grandchildren

Mom: OH my God! Why is God so merciful to me

I rubbed her hands as she cried

Me: I’ll bring them to see you soon

Mom: thank you…

She smiled happily

Mom: I’ve never been happy in ten years. Today is the best day of my life

To Be Continued

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