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Beautiful Love Song Epilogue 1

Beautiful Love Song Epilogue 1
[  💗my sweetheart💗]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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now, enjoy…..

Lilly’s p.o.v🎻🎻🎻
I felt shocked,
my mouth was widely opened,I couldn’t even close it…have never been this confused in my life…

several cars were making different sounds in the compound,I rushed to the window side,detectives and medias alongside with paparazzoes already flooded in.

🚺 explain!
🚺 what’s between the Marley’s and Sugas family????
🚺 The Han’s family are murderers….
🚺 soooooo cruel..
🚺 how could you hurt human like this!!!!!!!!
I heard things.
I felt so embarrassed as I heard different things.
This is so much going to affect my career,it will be so difficult for me to go far.
I gasped sadly and locked the window, the reporters were fast and sensitive to have captured my face.

“I think i made a mistake…I wasn’t a good mother..Han Cheng you caused it” Mrs sugar pointed her fingers to my dad..
“you’re the crazy one here! didn’t you enjoy the wealth” my dad speaks back nonchalantly.
I gritted my teeths~ this is a big slap to my face.

Mrs Sugar now look so desperate, pain could be seen in her eyeballs as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“how did my son died?”, she asked.

The assassin scoffed.”I didn’t say he died,be might not just survive it”.

“my son….where’s he,I don’t mind,I will fly him out and make sure he gets treated by the word most intelligent doctor” Mrs sugar huffed.
“well too late,his case has been handed to the lawmakers..he attempted a case of murderer..
Nature would have been a cheat if he had succeeded with the plan,thank goodness inspector Yura shot him on the back bone.That’s 10% of survival” he said.

I felt goosebumps over me as I opened the window again,it was fuller than I thought.
I bite my lips in pain the moment I saw Nina among the media’s, she’s holding a microphone,she wore a white headset and she used her phone to video everything.

She knows my weakness as embarrassment, I won’t be able to fake up lies once the insult get much.

🚺 shouldn’t we go in???? Nina said into her microphone.
🚺 there’s possibility they won’t step out” another said.
I got crazily embarrassed as my tears fell.
🚺 isn’t that Maleficent, a junior student of dice???
is this how am going to loose again.. this thing will affect my career!
I trembled and ran to the door,
it opened as I wanted to lock it and the medias started taking pictures,the detectives also moved in.

🚺 Mr Han,you were the mastermind of Donald Marley’s death,is it true?
🚺 can you explain why you did it??
🚺 can you explain why????
🚺 why you keep making everyone think Lilly is better than every girl in dice high even when it isn’t your property!!!!
🚺 why you wanted to kill best Marley after you killed his father????.
pictures were taken,I had to cover my face with my palms.

🚺 Lilly would you still focus on your career after everyone figure out your dad is nothing but an asset stealer, A murderer!!! he kills without mercy!!!
Nina said… I knew she’s doing this intentionally.

🚺 she won’t speak-
🚺 let’s get acid!!!!!
a guy who was videoing said.

I opened my mouth to speak, nothing was coming out and I suddenly saw myself as a big fool.
how can I be made a laughing stock-
probably everyone would be watching this now!

I ran in embarrassment,
they followed me,I managed to run out, I bumped into another sets of paparazzi who already point objects to me for speaking.

 just let me go,am not in for questioning!! i shouted with my temper.
Someone quickly brought acid,hot smokes were coming out from the metallic tin.
I felt scared….
this is not me!!!!

🚺 loooooooosssser!!!!
I heard murmurs.
Different lights flashed on me.
My dad was pushed out with Mrs sugar and the assassin.Of course they were handcuffed.
Right in my presence,they were pushed into a black van.

The acid was almost poured on me..
in tears, I covered my face.
🚺 hmmmm…..well.…..”
I sturtled.
uneasiness was written on their face.

“everyone should leave this premises right now” Anita said with a professional voice.
The media’s left,only Nina stayed…

“Nina!”, Anita called.
Nina scoffed and looked at Anita then back to me.
“if not for Anita,i know what I should have done, bitch” Nina cursed and left.
The three black vans drove out,all the cars also drove out.
Anita and i were left.
She was holding her black bag with her left hand. She stared at me for a very long time…like in movies.
I looked away deeply embarrassed.

Soon a Lamborghini drove in,I was scared to death cos it was royal brand of car.
Anita shakes her head at me.
The car packed beside where Anita was and the driver turn out to be Chris.

“Did I came late?”, he asked.
Anita smiled and saluted Chris childishly.
“Your period cramps,is it worrying you?”, he asked.
“no sir!”,Anita replied cutely.
“ are the devils?”, he ask
“captured” Anita replied.
Chris caught my eyes.

🚺 isn’t that one of the devils” he said,pointing at me.
“she isn’t a devil, its her dad” Anita said. Chris moved closer and peck her lips..
“have you eaten” he asked,deep in the peck.
“have eaten but I want the other food” Anita said and roughed Chris hair…
he led her to the car and turn slightly to me.

“I’m watching you…I don’t trust you” he said to me.
“common dear,she’s hurt. I think she has learn her lessons” Anita said.
my tears were dauntless.
“Fuck the nitwit” Chris cursed.
Anita turn to me…
📰📰📰📰📰 Lilly my advice to you

“you’re a lady you need to respect yourself so as to protect your dignity, be a God fearing woman with proper self control and don’t get carried away by material things……don‘t wear clothes like this….enlightening you about how indecent this cloth is will be like am controlling you or I hate you but the truth is that you’re more like naked, this is dragging unnecessary attention. Even if you’re a model, I don’t have respect for ladies who dress like this!
Anita said.
Chris made her enter the car.
The car drove out…

I smashed my phone angrily in the pool…I feel like committing suicide. I would have done but Angel came in almost immediately.

“Lilly,the penalty are so huge! I wonder what royal would tell the lawmakers to do to your dad and Mrs sugar.I only pity Romeo,his chance of survival is at a lower stake” she said.
“Lilly why can’t you just change…”
she said.
I wept lowly.
“now look,it would have been better if you had stopped this,it wouldn’t be this worse~~~

“even cat’s and rat’s knows the tale of Han Lilly the proud girl….
always posting beauty’s,flashing your expensive phones,using what you have to oppress the people you don’t like…” Mira also entered.
I couldn’t look into her face.
“good thing you loss,you think you’re the don’t even know that where your wealth ended,another persons wealth start from there…anyways you’re invited..”
Mira said and threw a magazine at me, I ran away.

i walked into my room tiredly and locked the door. I felt somehow. I’ve never felt like this before.
I had wanted to explain to the maid in charge of my health…but I shrugged it off.
Maybe it was cos of the run.

💌 Krishna, you’re safe right?”, an unknown number sent me.
I didn’t reply cos the number was unknown.
My phone rang,I didn’t pick..
The number was unknown..
I sat well and loose the longness of my hair.
my phone rang again,this time I picked it.

💌 hi,are you fine wherever you are?” he asked.
I brought down my phone and look into it. Of course it was a man.
I don’t even know any man.
💌 am good,thank you sir” I replied and hung up.
A message buzzed in.
💌 it’s me your dad.Governor Amendra Knight,I know you now hate me for what happened in the past..yes,I deserve it.Baby am sorry, am verrry verrry sorry I wasn’t a good father. Now that am changed,I would like to make it up to you” he sent.
I read the message countless times. Didn’t realize i was taking time.

💌 sweetheart you’re still angry right?”, he sent again.
💌 Fine,I understand but can you beg your mom on my behalf…I promise to make it up to you. I already divided everything I have into into.Half is in your name already.All what you need is your signature to make it official” he sent.
💌 pleasssse am sorry???”
💌 dad is waiting for your reply”.
he sent.

💌 please… I’m sorry” he still sent.
💌 would you hurt mom and i again?”, I sent.
💌 no….I won’t try such again” he sent.
💌 fine,I forgive you…but pleading with mom would be difficult for me. She doesn’t change her mind. Her yes is yes and her no is capital “NO”..
I sent.
💌 I will try” I sent.
💌 I will call you actually planning something big for you” he sent.

someone knocked at my door,
I dropped my phone and walked to the door. I kind of feel dizzy. I leaned on the door before opening.
it was my mom…guess she just came back from Australia.

“welcome” I greeted.
“hope you didn’t injure…I was damn scared,I had to tell Gina to quickly arrange my flight back” she said.
“I’m fine” I said.
she looked at me with a puzzled look.
“you’re sure” she says and look deep into my eyes.

The car horn from downstairs made her halt away. Royal’s car I guess.
my mom still look at me suspiciously as she moved in fully.

suddenly, I felt irritated in my stomach. I choked and ran to the washroom door,i threw up at the entrance,I felt more irritated,I rushed in and did my business. After all that, I brushed my teeth again and rinse my face with water.
my body too was hot,
hmmmm am running temperature.

I quickly had a cold water shower, I wrapped myself in a white towel jacket and step out. The place I threw up at was already cleaned.

“what exactly is wrong with you?”,
she asked.
“am sick…the running made my system to be in disorder” I said. and I felt like urinating.
“did you call your doctor?”, she asks.
“Not yet,it just started today” I said and rushed to the washroom again.
My mom followed me.

“you don’t have to” I said.
she didn’t answer,she was ordering something on phone.
“mom you shouldn’t be here…I need to wee” I said.
A knock was heard on the door and she left to answer it.
she entered the washroom a minute after I was done.
“don’t flush the urine,I want to use it” she said.
“use it for what?”, I asked.I shrugged and wash my hand, I pressed a drop of sanitizer on it and left.
I look through the nylon she was holding,I couldn’t see what was there. I left finally and layed quietly on one side of the bed. My mom step out of the washroom 20mins later.
I was confused but was too tired to worry.
after all,she is my mom.

she dropped the nylon on the glassy stand,the slvintent showed and I saw what was there.
pregnancy test kit💕.
my eyes widened.
Does it mean~….
ohhh my gaaad- Royal doesn’t like using protection with me and I didn’t take pills to flush what he spilled in me…
I kept my head low as I sighed.
my mom didn’t say anything and I imagined the look on her face.

“Sweetheart you didn’t…..”
“davesena are you in there?”, a gentle knock cane on the door as my mom wants to speak.
“yes,mehek come in” she replied simply. The door opened automatically to reveal royals mom. She’s really pretty too with a spark of silver in her blue eyeballs.
I was scared she might not want me for her son.

She look at me and smiled.
“Has she taken drugs,it wasn’t easy running” royals mom said with so much care.
“I’ve called the nurse” my mom replied.
“good…anyways thanks for the help rendered. I can’t seem to thank you,Anita and bhewen enough” she smiled.
“remember we were old friends” my mom said,they hugged.
“Pretty,take care”royals mom said and left with my mom.

I sighed and brought my phone to check my mail.I have thousands of unopened mails…and messages from plenty people I don’t really know…
waowh…so am finally a celebrity!…
I fell into my pillow.
Aunty Mitchy,my manager called and discuss about ladies empowerment modeling. We talked for a while before I hung up.

I dropped my phone and tied my loose robe well. I can’t just seem to contain my joy…..
I walked to the fridge and took a can of tuna and a glass jar of milk. I poured some in a cup and sat on the fridge to eat. it was a bit close to the window.
I could see through the window, two black van drove in. I stood up and stayed glued to the window.
Two detectives first step out,next Mr han and Mrs sugar were pushed out.
The locks on the chain they were cuffed with should be up to ten if I could count well.

The detective led them to one side of the house….
is a dungeon there???
Is Royal gonna pass their judgment..
A maid entered my room with a tray.
She bowed before dropping it on the glassy dinning table.
“is a dungeon in this mansion?”, I asked her.
“yes madam” she replied.
I shake my head and finished my milk. I left my room.
I took another stairway up and stood at royals door entrance.
I knocked…he didn’t open.

I knocked again.
“sweetheart right?” He asked.
the door opened,and I entered fully. he locked the door behind and hugged me.
“Am sorry for the pains..hope you weren’t hurt?” he asked.
“no” I replied. I was tempted to tell him am pregnant.
“you’re running temperature” he said as he kissed my forehead.
“am….am…nothing” I said.
he looked at me and took my hand to his bed.
“sit and don’t disturb me” he said.
that was when I noticed he was going through a diary.

I watched him as he flip the pages of the diary.It got to a particular point, his eye couldn’t take it..
“how can Mrs sugar do this???”
“how dare her????” He muttered angrily..
“Honey,what’s that?”, I asked and joined him on the bed.
I read through the page.
“what do you suggest?”, he asked.
he picked his red phone, i got scared of what this star is going to do.

“Honey wait ! I said and touch his hand…
he’s angry…I kissed him..

“honey wait,” I said and kissed him again….
“Mrs sugar must pay dearly” he said, I still kiss him..
He calmed down and continue going through the diary.
“she really killed my dad.Mr Han was the mastermind…I can never forgive them” he said,almost close to tears.
I kissed him,he held me well.
epilogue 2 loading……

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