You can sit over there” Thelma, the class president said to Rebecca, referring to the two empty seats beside Zane’s seat.
“Oh okay… thanks.” Rebecca said.
“Anytime” Thelma said and walked back to her seat to continue her little makeup.

Rebecca walked to the two empty seats, while Zane trailed behind her.

“Where do you sit?” Rebecca suddenly asks.

“Why are you suddenly curious?” Zane said giving Rebecca a dubious look.

“Are you telling me or not?” Rebecca deadpanned.

“Well I sit here” Zane finally gave in and told her. Rebecca smiled with relief and moved the empty seat that was on right besides Zane chair, and seeing that Zane was happy to see she chose to sit on the empty seat that was beside his, but unfortunately she moved the chair beside Zane’s to sit on the other empty chair that was beside the empty chair that’s beside Zane’s.

“smooth..” Zane said with a frown.

“You don’t want to sit beside me, fine, let’s see how you can cope with sitting down next to Mark” Zane commences before sitting down on his seat, he glanced at Rebecca then at the empty chair in between them and let out a sigh before facing his front.

“So… Does this school have lockers?” Rebecca asked bringing out her books from her bag.
“Yeah didn’t you see them when we passed the hallway?”. Zane threw back a question.
“I didn’t, maybe I was too distracted.
“Well we have and you’ll probably get yours before the end of th–
Zane suddenly got interrupted by something in front of the class and he suddenly starts to smile.
Rebecca slowly look up and saw a girl walk in.
She had blonde hair and her light brown eyes that suddenly lit glowed from afar, she had perky nose and glossy eyes, her lips were small and pink, her skin was light and smooth. She was a good example of “beautiful”.

“Let me guess, That must be Janet”. Rebecca suddenly said taking back Zane’s attention.

“What… how do you know that?” Zane asked.
“So she is Janet… I’m a pretty good listener, and I listened to when Thelma said you had a crush on this girl, Janet, and seeing you giving her the googly eyes makes me realise she is ‘the’ Janet” Rebecca explained.

“Well… you’re one smarty one, and yes she is Janet” Zane smiled and turned back to look at Janet who had abruptly sat on her seat.

“Well good luck, with you and her” Rebecca shrugged.
“Thanks… I really need that cause she doesn’t even look at me I don’t think she likes me one bit, I think she likes—

“Zane please… I didn’t ask for a full story” Rebecca suddenly interrupt.

“Sorry” Zane apologized and sat down properly on his seat.

As Rebecca arranged her new books on the her desk, Thelma suddenly walked up to her looking more prettier with the little makeup she was wearing.

“So Rebecca is there anything else you’d like to know before first period” Thelma asked.
“yeah… I’d like to know when my locker will be introduced to me” Rebecca replied quickly.
“oh yeah right, I forgot you already have one… And I’m not sure you’re going to like it” Thelma said hesitantly with a small smile.
“i don’t need to like it, as long as my books can fit in there, it’s okay” Rebecca said not looking at Thelma but the way Janet glances at Zane without him knowing.

‘looks like Zane’s not only crushing on someone’ Rebecca thought.

“Wow you’re just like Mark” Thelma shook her head.
“I could have asked who that is but I don’t care, I’m me” Rebecca said sternly making Thelma roll her eyes with a smile.
“Anyway we could go check out your locker if you want but–
The bell interrupted Thelma which made her sigh.
“But it’ll will be first period soon” Thelma finished her words which were now too late to finish.
“it’s okay we can go during lunch break” I said.
“Good. You’re so understanding” Thelma said, before walking away.
A boy and a girl suddenly walked inside the class, and moved to the seats in front of Zane.
“Hey…” Zane greeted them with a smile and shook hands with the boy, while the girl just smile and turned to the the front.

“Those are my friends…” Zane said to Rebecca loudly making the boy and girl turn back to see who he was talking to and their eyes landed on Rebecca.

“Who’s this?” the girl asked.
“Glad you asked… This is Rebecca… Rebecca this is Felicia and this is Shayne, guys she’s new here both in Rainal and Rainal high school” Zane said gesturing his hand back and forth between them.
“Hi..” Rebecca said dryly not really interested in making other ‘friends’
“hi.. I’m Felicia” the girl said happily.
“i just said that” Zane said.
“shut up” Felicia snapped.
“Well nice to meet you Rebecca” shayne said offering a hand shake and Rebecca slowly took it.
“Though she prefers Becca to Rebecca” Zane said.
“okay… Becca” shayne smiled.
“Welcome to Rainal high, hope you like our school” Felicia said.
“yes thank you” Rebecca said trying to be polite,
Since they were polite and nice to her.

A teacher suddenly walked inside the classroom and everyone sat properly, “He’s Mr Joe our geography teacher” Zane whispered to Rebecca who nodded.
The class went on with everyone quiet and listening to Mr Joe teach, Felicia turned back to look at the empty seat beside Rebecca, not the one between Rebecca and Zane but the one at the other side, beside Rebecca,.
“Where’s Mark” Felicia whispered to Zane.
“you know how he is. He loves coming in late, so I don’t know where he is” Zane shrugged.
Felicia sighed and turned to the front.

As Rebecca listened to Mr Joe teach her mind drifted to yesterday night, what happened was still creeping her out and for that, she wished she could stay in school till night
She suddenly felt someone sit beside her and immediately turned to see a boy staring at her. His grey eyes piercing hers with curiosity and questions.

“Mark..!” Felicia whispered happily, making shayne and Zane turn to the boy Rebecca was staring at.
“Whoa, how did you get in here without us noticing” shayne asked quietly.
“Cause he’s weird and that’s how weird people act, cause our attention is at the front, and there’s only one door at the front of the class so how the hell did you get in without us knowing?” Zane repeat the same question.
“I don’t know I thought you guys saw me” Mark replied taking away the headphone around his neck. His voice was calm and coated, it sounded like if he tried to scream it would totally fade. It was husky but not so rough.
“Anyway you’re here now and we’re complete, meet our new friend Rebecca she’s new” Felicia said happily.

‘Friend’ the word ringed in Rebecca’s head, and she thought she wouldn’t be able to make any friends.
She almost smiled at that, but controlled her petty emotions.

“Oh…nice to meet you Rebecca” Mark said unzipping his bag and placing the headphone in there.

“you too” Rebecca said not looking at him.
“But you could have sat down there” Mark suddenly said.
“what?” Rebecca turned to look at him.
“You could have sat down beside Zane, why did you sit here” mark asked.
“Mark…” shayne called. Knowing he’s starting to stir up trouble.
“I sit where I want to” Rebecca scoffed.
“Well do you know I like being alone and hate strange people beside me” Mark blurted.
“And why would I Care about that if you hate strange people around you, why do you bother coming to school” Rebecca rolled her eyes making shayne and Zane smiled.
“Finally Mark you’ve met your second” Felicia said with a small giggle.

“Because I have no choice” Mark gritted his teeth glaring at his friends.
“We all have no choice too when it comes to going to school, so can you not be more of a prick and stop saying trash” Rebecca snapped getting more angry.
“Wh..what.. What did you just call me?” Mark asked balling his hand into a fist. He fumed in anger as his friends chuckled with the little insult he got from Rebecca.
“You heard me correctly I don’t repeat myself” Rebecca hissed.
Mark glowered at Rebecca not saying anything, he angrily face his front and accidently pushed his backpack making it land on the floor, as he turned to pick it Rebecca turned to him and noticed his long hair which he packed at the back.
She rolled her eyes and turned to the front.
And there she thought everyone was nice.
Everyone had three more classes before it was lunch break…
‘finally time to get some food’ Rebecca thought, her hunger was starting to get unbearable.

“Rebecca let’s go get lunch” Felicia said walking up to her.

“Um… Okay” Rebecca said shoving her books inside her bag.
“It’s so great we finally have a girl among us, I can finally have someone I talk to about everything” Felicia breathed out.
‘among us… Are they already counting me as one of their friend? ” Rebecca thought. Feeling a little bit excited.

“What are you talking about, I thought you tell us everything, and by everything I mean everything.” Zane said.
“Well technically not everything, I mean you guys are my best friends but I can’t share ‘everything’ about me to you” Felicia pouted.
“That’s harsh, we tell you everything about us” Zane remarked.
“Shut up Zane. Do you really want to hear some girl stuff from her that we mustn’t hear?” shayne barked.
“well, girls stuff, dude’s stuff they’re all the same” Zane said and walked up to the door.
Shayne shook his head while Mark grabbed his headphone and walked up to Zane.
“we’ll save a seat for you girls” Zane said before walking out after shayne and Mark.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Felicia asked feeling a little impatient about Rebecca slowly placing her books in her bag.

“Sorry I’m almost done.” Rebecca apologized, standing up and moving some strands of her hair back.
“great, let’s go join the guys” Felicia said linking her arm with Rebecca’s. Which let Rebecca jaw dropped open with surprise. Seeing how Felicia was transparent with her.
‘is this how she is with people she just met?” Rebecca thought as Felicia pulled her to the door.
As they walked out of the class, they both heard Thelma’s voice yelling.
“Rebecca when you’re done eating, don’t forget to remind me to take you to your locker”.
Rebecca smiled at that, seeing how nice everyone is.
Well except for Mark.
“Rebecca… Felicia… over here” Zane said waving at the girls as they walked into the cafeteria carrying their tray of food.
“come on” Felicia squeaked happily as she pulled Rebecca to where the boys were seated, and they both sat opposite the boys. While shayne sat at the other end, with no one in front of him.
Rebecca looked at Mark who she was sitting opposite to, he was listening to music from his headphone and actually picking his food.
Mark looked up and their eyes met but Rebecca suddenly looked away, with an eye roll.

“So Becca… what do you think of our cafeteria?” Felicia asks.
“it’s okay…” Rebecca shrugged as she picked up her fork, she couldn’t wait to start eating.
“And what do you think of Rainal?” Zane asked.
“My view about it still stays the same, it’s boring and ancient”. Rebecca deadpanned filling her mouth with spaghetti.
She was strangely hungry.
“Boring??” Felicia gasped. “I’m sorry but it’s the best town ever” Felicia added.
“yeah” shayne added
“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about” Mark chipped in.
‘Oh so he wasn’t listening to any music but their conversation’ Rebecca thought.

“i know what I’m talking about, my house number one, isn’t welcoming when we first moved, two this town is cursed with only raining seasons and three the streets are quiet as hell with no passersby, it’s boring and ancient get it now?” Rebecca explained sternly.
“Well that’s from your own point of view”. Mark said.
“Exactly!” Rebecca nods, and they both looked away when they noticed they were making eye contact, again.
“Okay guys what if we go home late because of Becca” Zane said.
“what do you mean?” Felicia and shayne asked in unison.
“we can take her down town and show her, how fun rainal can be” Zane suggested.
“Wow… Yeah… that’s actually a great idea” Felicia said.
“And waste our precious time instead of doing something meaningful at home?” Mark added rolling his eyes.
“Okay let’s do this first, Mark you can totally stop being a dick, and I’m totally in cause Rebecca won’t be the only one having fun” shayne smiled taking a big bite from his burger.
“See shayne is a very thoughtful” Zane smiled making shayne’s head swell.
“Thoughtful in a dumb way you mean” Mark scoffed.
“Hey…” shayne glared at him.
“Let’s just leave mark out of this, since he’s a fun-squasher and ask becca what she think of the idea”. Felicia said and they all turn to see Rebecca all focused with her meal.

“Becca.!” Felicia called with a smile making Rebecca look up.
“yeah?” Rebecca answered slowly, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the stares she was getting from them.
“What do you think of our idea?” Felicia asked.
“What idea?” Rebecca asked.
“The idea of us taking you downtown and showing you what Rainal is really about”. Felicia grinned.
“well…” Rebecca looked at shayne and Zane who looked at curiously waiting for her answers and Mark who looked like he couldn’t care less of what they were saying. “I think it’s a pretty good idea but I don’t think I would be able to go” Rebecca blurted.
“awwwn come on…” Zane said.
“why?” Felicia asked.
“i have to be home on time with my kid sister” Rebecca said glancing down at her food occasionally.
“Helen can go home herself, she did so yesterday, without you, we just want to show you how fun Rainal can be” Zane shrugged.
“Well I’ll think about it” Rebecca shrugged too.
“you have until school closes” shayne said, and Rebecca nodded immediately and continued her food.

After lunch they went back to class, Rebecca didn’t forget about meeting Thelma to show her, her locker, Thelma wasted no time in taking Rebecca to her new locker, Rebecca talked about how she liked the spot, her locker was almost at the dead end of the school, it was quiet and she liked it, only three lockers were at that spot and hers was one of them and she liked that spot.
It was as if the day was fast forwarded because before Rebecca knew it, she heard the bell that implified that school was over.
“Okay we gave you till school was over and your time is up” Felicia said, as she shayne, Zane and Rebecca walked out of the class.
“Guys… Look I don’t really know” Rebecca started rubbing her neck.
“oh come on” Zane sighed.
“We want to show you how fun Rainal can be what’s so bad about that” shayne arched his brows.
“My sister an—
“Please don’t go on about how you and Helen need to go home together” Zane said moving his hair back.

“Becca….!” Rebecca and her new ‘friends’ heard a tiny voice called and they all turned.

“speak of the little devil and she appears,” Zane smiled and they watched as Helen ran up to them.

“Becca… it’s time to go home” Helen said happily as she got to her sister.
“uhm.. Helen… I think you’d have to go home without me” Rebecca said with a frown and heard the small happy squeak escaping from Felicia’s mouth.
“What… why?” Helen frowned.
“we some place to go” Rebecca said.
“C.. Can I come along?” Helen beamed.
“sorry little Helen, were going to the busiest part of Rainal, I don’t think you’d be able to come with us, maybe next time”. Felicia assured her.
“okay…” Helen mumbled.
“Goodbye?” Rebecca asked.
“Goodbye” Helen said solemnly before walking away.
“Okay… Our mission to show the new girl Becca that Rainal isn’t boring but full of fun by going downtown is a go” shayne said playfully making Rebecca smile a bit.
“okay so what are we waiting for, let’s go before we miss the bus that’s heading downtown” Zane said about to move when Felicia pulled him back.
“What about Mark?” she asked.
“Gee why do you care about Mark so much, that weirdo doesn’t want to come let’s just leave him to his weird and creepy stuff he does alone.” Zane barked.
“yeah, he’s handsomeness is pretty wasted,” shayne said and he and Zane shared a small laugh.
“He’s our friend and even though he doesn’t want to come along we have to force him cause that’s what friends so” Felicia stated.
“You know how bossy yet creepy he is, he’ll totally agree not to come with us” shayne said.

“Thanks for the compliment” everyone suddenly heard Mark’s quiet voice behind and flinched, even Rebecca was startled by the way he crept up behind them.
“can you stop being creepy for Chris’s sake” shayne widen his eyes at Mark.
“i wasn’t creepy I just thanked you for calling me creepy” Mark stated.
“yeah by creeping up behind me like a fucking ghost” shayne snarled.
“Yeah you’re acting like you’re possesed by some fucked up ghost” Zane chipped in.
“I am possessed, by your grandma ghost” Mark said.
“what? Are you crazy my grandma isn’t dead” Zane gritted his teeth angrily.
“Are you sure?” Mark asked calmly arching his brows.
“What the hell dude.” Zane said feeling a bit frightened by Mark’s creepiness.
“So mark are you coming with us or not?” Felicia asked with a small pout.
“I’m going… But only because of you” Mark said and Felicia squeaked happily, linking her hands with Mark’s.
“you’re the best Mark” Felicia said as she and Mark starts to walk further.
“come on, let’s follow her and that freak” Zane said to shayne and Rebecca and the three of them start to walk behind Mark and Felicia, with Rebecca in between them.

“Sorry to ask but what is Mark like?” Rebecca asked shayne and Zane as they walked out of the school premises with Mark and Felicia still linking arms in front of them.
“Mark… Mark… Is Cool if I have to start” shayne said and glanced at Zane who nodded in agreement.
“But his coolness is getting way too much, he’s also cold, insultive and he’s pretty handsome, he got girls flocking around him when he first started Rainal high school” shayne said.
“Yeah.. I don’t think I need to know that” Rebecca rolled her eyes.
“But everyone started to stay away from him because of his creepy ways.” Zane said and narrowed his eyes.
“creepy ways?” Rebecca repeated.
“He started acting all weird… Like staying alone without any friends, though I’ve not seen him do it, some people say they’ve caught him talking to someone but actually nobody’s there in person, he’s nice, but he hardly show his niceness”. Zane explained and Rebecca glanced at him and saw how he smiled happily with Felicia at the front.
“But the Mark you guys are explaining is totally different from the one I’m seeing right now” Rebecca said still gazing at Mark.
“That’s because we opened him up a bit, we thought him how to smile, when no one approached him because of the crazy rumours spreading about him, Felicia being the friendly fairy she is decided to befriends him and since he became her friend we became his friends, being her friend, and that’s how we all grew fond of each other and he leaned how to be less creepy, Felicia doesn’t let him be alone anymore and well, he’s been pretty normal not until five minutes ago” Zane said shayne laughed.

Mark suddenly stopped walking and him stopping made Felicia stopped too and he turned back and looked at shayne, Becca and Zane.
“You guys are talking about me and I don’t like it” Mark blurted out.
“What… Are you talking about?” shayne stuttered.
“we were talking about how awesome you are” Zane smiled.
“shut up Zane, we heard everything” Felicia hissed.
“So…?” shayne asked.

“i hate people talking behind my back, and you if you want to know about me don’t ask around, ask from me instead” Mark said to Rebecca glowering at her.
“okay fine…” Rebecca sighed and walked up to him.

“Are you a creepy little freak like everyone says you are?” she asked crossing her hand over her chest. Zane smiled at her boldness and so did shayne.
“What do you call a person who wants to be alone, loves the darkness, hate beautiful or cute things,plans to have no future, thinks of nothing but loves music and loves to know what fire tastes like?” Mark asked his beautiful grey eyes piercing hers.
“A creepy freak I guess” Rebecca replied shocked at how someone could be so… Creepy.
How could someone plan to have no future, who dares to love the darkness, and who the hell wants to know what fire tastes like?????
“There you have your answer, now don’t get shayne and Zane to gossip about me!” Mark states and place his headphone over his ear and starts to walk away.
“weird.” was the only thing Rebecca could think of.
T. B. C


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