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“Becca!!” Rebecca heard Vera yell her name very loudly and she suddenly jerked awake.
“what?..” Rebecca asked looking sideways still feeling unfamiliar with her surrounding.
“it’s morning” Vera tells her.
“oh” Rebecca sighed, remembering how she and Vera, met last night in the living room and shared how they had nightmares and all, she suddenly remembered the voice, the wind and flickering of the lights and her body shivered recalling last night.
“If you don’t get ready now you’ll be late on your first day of school” Vera said and Rebecca groaned and crawled out of the bed.
“I’m not the one starting a new school, but I was the one who woke up before you” Vera boasted as she watched Rebecca leave her room tiredly.

Rebecca passed the living room greeting her mother who was happily making breakfast and slammed the door when she made it to her room.
Rebecca slowly walked to her bathroom and as she brushed her teeth, she started to think about how her day would be at school.
‘it’s going to be a public school, where we wear mufties instead of uniform, where they’ll be no after school lessons and after school activities, would I be able to adapt to this place as fast as possible’? Rebecca thought, she rinsed her mouth and quickly went to take her bathe.
Rebecca dried her body with the towel she tied and was ready to wear her clothes, she glanced at the wadrobe and gulped. Somehow she felt a bit awkward seeing the wadrobe or even being back in her room.
Rebecca slowly opened the wadrobe in her room and as she took out her clothes, she laughed to herself, she couldn’t believe how she was feeling scared all because of a stupid wadrobe.
The Adam’s circled the dining table with the smell of bacon and eggs finding their way through everyone’s nostrils.
Rebecca joined her family with her school bag, wearing a plain yellow shirt and blue skinny jeans, and lastly with white sneakers.
Taylor smiled seeing how pretty her daughter looked in her outfit and the ponytail she decided to go with.
“i can see you’re all ready for school” Taylor beamed.
“i have no choice” Rebecca mumbled.
“you’ve already been registered all you just have to do is to go to the principal’s office and get your name signed and your schedule too”. Taylor explained.
“That’s all?” Rebecca asked.
“That’s all” Taylor repeated with a smile.
As everyone ate quietly Helen sighed tiredly and brought out the Teddy bear Taylor had taken from the wadrobe in Rebecca’s room and dropped it on the dining table making everyone turn to her.

“Why are you… Taylor started but got interrupted by Helen.
“I don’t want it anymore” she pouted.
“What… Why.. Why? It’s so cute, that’s why I wanted you to have it” Taylor cried out.
“It doesn’t like me” Helen pouted even more glaring at the doll.
“What are you talking about… how could you even tell if it likes you or not” Taylor stuttered getting a bit pissed.
“Cause she told me herself” Helen folded her hand this time…
“look Helen I know you have a lot of dolls and you also talk to them, you and your imaginations with your dolls are just so heartwarming when I see you play with them but can’t you just at least imagine something good with this Teddy and keep her, it looks really cute and would look good among your doll collection” Taylor said moving the Teddy bear back to Helen,
“Mom… I said it doesn’t like me.. She told me herself, she said she liked Rebecca and wanted to go back to Rebecca’s room” Helen yelled.
Rebecca looked up at Helen and then looked back and forth between Helen and the doll.
“I told you before… If You’re having your stupid imaginative rubbish don’t get me involve!!” Rebecca yelled stabbing her fork on the table and it stood.
“But I’m not making all this up, she actually told me, she wanted you” Helen said and Vera bursted out laughing.
“Okay what’s so funny?” Rebecca asked angrily.
“everything… I mean, Helen and her imaginative stories are good enough to earn money for Comedies show” Vera replied still laughing hysterically.
“Well you can keep it cause I’m not taking that doll back” Rebecca snapped.
“me neither” Helen said and threw the bear on the floor making it slid under a floor table.
Taylor glanced at her two daughters and sighed.
“one with the attitude and one with the big imagination” she sighed under her breath.
Helen and Rebecca waved goodbye to their mother who seemed happy as she watched them leave for school,

“so you’re sure where our school is?” Rebecca asked Helen, as they both walked along the quiet street.
“of course… Mom took me to school yesterday but I came back all by myself” Helen boasted.
“Mom isn’t supposed to let you go to school all by yourself you’re just eight” Rebecca suggested.
“so what? And besides I’m not going to school alone anymore since you’ve started already” Helen explained with a small smile.
“so Helen… How’s the school, do you like it, is it nice”? Rebecca asked, wanting to know about the school status before reaching there.
“it is very nice…” Helen beamed, “More nicer than our old school actually, I don’t know about the high school there but the elementary school is just perfect” Helen smiled.
“what do you mean you don’t know about the high school, I asked about the high school not the elementary school”.. Rebecca said exasperatedly.
“Don’t get angry at me it’s not my fault okay, the elementary school is like a block away from the high school, though they’re all in the same place but, both the middle school, high school and elementary are divided with a small fence, so I couldn’t really tell what was going on in the high school” Helen explained pouting again.
“And the school is not so far away from home we’ll get there soon” Helen said happily.
“great” Rebecca stated sarcastically..
Rebecca sighed, wanting to go back home, the idea of a new school, new environment, new friends left a big lump in he throat and nervousness in her chest, Helen’s a child she would have made dozens of friends but she would never make any friend. Rebecca wished she at least knew someone she could talk to at school, she didn’t like being alone yet she didn’t like making new friends..

“Rebecca!!” Rebecca heard an almost familiar voice called her name and she turned swiftly to see the boy who splashed dirt water on her yesterday.


“Oh its Zane…” Helen said happily and waved to the boy running towards them.
“you know him?” Rebecca asked.
“yep, he’s so nice” Helen added still watching Zane with a smile and it made Rebecca shook her head negatively.

“finally I’ve caught up to you” Zane said breathing heavily.
“you caught up to me because I waited” Rebecca said looking at him strangely.
“Hey Zane.” Helen smiled
“Oh Helen.. How you?.. Oh and how do you know Rebecca?” Zane asked.
“she’s my sister” Helen said proudly.
“What? No way” Zane started dramatically. “You look more prettier than her, way more prettier” Zane said making Helen giggle happily.

“How do you know Helen?” Rebecca asked as the three of them starts to walk along the quiet road.
“she and her friends almost crashed my bicycle at school yesterday, I tried to catch all of them and scold them all, but I only got a hold of Helen since she was not a good runner” Zane said and he and Helen laughed recalling yesterday’s event.
“And instead of scolding me he bought me ice-cream” Helen smiled.
“Good for you” Rebecca mumbled.
“Oh and I didn’t know you go to school here” Zane said.
“i just started” Rebecca replied.
“wow.. So that means we’ll be going to the same school and we’ll be seeing each other everyday,” Zane smiled.
Rebecca rolled at eyes at Zane, though his words made her happy. At least she’s talking to someone her age, not some old lady who she imagined would be only the person she’ll be talking to in an ‘old’ and boring town like this.
Nervousness build it’s way inside of Rebecca, as she and Zane walked in front of the school’s building leaving Helen to class by herself. Rebecca watched as both teenage male and female dressed in different clothing and hairstyles move from one place to another, either in pairs or individually.
‘Am I going to ever fit in?” she thought.
“You nervous?” Zane asked, seeing the her breathing hitched occasionally.
“Nervous… Why would I be nervous?” Rebecca said trying to sound firm but her voice failed her.
“you are nervous, but don’t worry Rainal high school is no place to be nervous, everyone’s nice and Wait till you meet my friends they’re the nicest”. Zane boasted happily.
“Who said anything about meeting your friends” Rebecca snarled.
“You know we’re not strangers anymore so if you try being a little nice to me, I’ll really appreciate that…” Zane bit his bottom lip.
“We’re definitely strangers” Rebecca said.
“Are you always like this?” Zane asked.
“Like what?” Rebecca snapped.
“… Rude..” Zane blurted out unwillingly.
“I’m not… Rude…” Rebecca’s voice was low, She couldn’t argue cause she knew he was right.

“Okay… Fine… I’m sorry” she breathed, He was doing everything to be friends with her, but she was brushing him off with her rude attitude, who is she going to talk to about things in the school that she needs to know, if not him. She couldn’t couldn’t be more stupid:, she thought.

“Apology Accepted.” Zane smiled.

“Have you gotten any information about the class you’re going to be in?” Zane asked. “No not really… I need to go to the principal’s office to know that but I have no idea where it is” Rebecca replied, moving some strands of her black hair back.
“well look no further, for your tour guide is standing in front of you” Zane said playfully.
“T..tour Gu..guide?”Rebecca asked.
“Yep, I’ll be showing you everything and everywhere you need to know about Rainal high-school.” Zane replied.
“It’s okay, you can just show me the principals office and we can go our separate way” Rebecca said giving him a faux smile.
“come on… Can’t you try to be an extrovert, just for today!” Zane said with pleading eyes.
“I’ll try… Now please tell me where the principal office is” Rebecca said picking her fingers tiredly.
“okay.. Right this way” Zane said and started to head the opposite direction they were standing and Rebecca followed him.
“So this is the principal’s office?” Rebecca said with a bit of disgust in her voice. She and Zane had walked into the small office waiting for the principal’s arrival.
“Yeah… What’s wrong with it, you look like you just stepped on poop” Zane said.
“well… It’s kind of small and old fashioned, my former school, the principal’s office is to for–
“Rebecca…” Zane called interrupting her “it’s your old school, this is your present school now, so put the past aside” Zane continued making Rebecca roll her eyes.
“And call me Becca… Rebecca seems a little too… Much.” Rebecca instructed.
“But your sisters call you Rebecca” Zane added.
“They’re my sisters and you’re my friend, there’s a big difference, I don’t let my friends call me by my full name”.

Zane smiled.
“So you’re already considering us as friends… do you know you just made my morning”.
“Don’t get all sappy on me now, I hate when people do that” Rebecca snapped.
“My apologies Becca.” Zane said making Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting Miss Rebecca Adams… ”
Zane and Rebecca both turned to the door to see a tall looking man, he looked like he’ll be in his late fifties. He had sandy brown hair with white streaks that was jelled back professionally, a prominent firm nose and glossy green eyes.
Though he was old, he still looked as handsome as ever.

“Mr Walter goodmorning” Zane smiled.
“Zane…” the principal arched his brows at him “What are you doing here?”.
“She was lost, and I was kind of her redeemer” Zane bragged earning a quick glare from Rebecca.

“Okay… How thoughtful of you” Mr Walter said and turned to Rebecca. “So miss Adams, let’s get over with what you came for” Mr Walter said and Rebecca nodded.
Zane couldn’t help his smiles and Rebecca couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Zane for his ‘cheesy’ smiles.
“Okay I don’t get why you’re so happy about this” Rebecca finally said as they both walked out and away from the principal’s office.
“It’s something to be happy about Becca, we’re classmates, and you should be happy too, cause if you were to be assigned to another class, then who would you talk to?” Zane raised his quizzical brows at her.
“Anyone.” Rebecca said plainly, actually loving the fact of being in the same class with Zane.
Zane rolled his eyes at her statement with a smile, he knew she was lying and he couldn’t but Smile even more, he loved how he was still able to read her despite her facade. He knew she was nice.
She was an ’emotion eater’, people who tend to hide how they really feel on the outside.
As Rebecca and Zane walked passed the crowded hallway to get to class, Rebecca started to feel less nervous seeing many happy and smiley faces.
“Morning Zane.” A boy riding a skateboard enthusiastically said and gave Zane a ‘high-five’.
Rebecca suddenly recalled her old school and how less heartwarming it was.
‘Everyone in shiny and ironed uniform, all girls hairstyles must be tied the same, no one stays or hang around in the hallway unless it’s lunch time, no skateboard or any kind of board in school, no one smiled, everyone was just so competitive which each other and had no enthusiasm,’. Recalling her days back in back in her old school, Rebecca realised how lame it was seeing how everyone was filled with energetic and luminous feelings.

Zane and Rebecca walked in class B, grade eleven. And Rebecca couldn’t help but observe the small and parsimonious class.
The class wasn’t too crowded and that was what made Rebecca breathe a sigh of relief.
She quickly starts to observe the small class, it was small but beautiful because of it’s huge windows that let the sun in and the wall, which wasn’t just painted with just one colour but with many luminous colours giving the class another emitting brightness.

“So there are two empty seats at the back of the class beside mine–
“Besides yours??” Rebecca asked suspiciously, narrowing her beady eyes at him.
“Yep.” Zane said popping the ‘p’.
“And why did they happen to be close to yours?” Rebecca asked.
“Cause it just happened that way, I don’t know” Zane said with a slight shrug.
“okay…” Rebecca shrugged too.

“Thelma…” Zane called a girl who was busy applying makeup on her smooth pale face.
“what?” the girl turned to Zane and Rebecca and her green bright eyes sparkled. “Who is that?” Thelma asked with a suspicious grin.
“This is Rebecca” Zane smiled.

“Wait. .. Rebecca Adams?” Thelma asked to be sure.
“… Yeah…” Rebecca replied hesitantly as she observed Thelma’s small face but with big features. She had huge eyes, a protuberant nose and full lips.
“How’d you know that” Zane asked her playfully.
“Cause I’m the class president” Thelma replied in a “Duh” tone rolling her eyes too. “The principal told me about her arrival yesterday but she didn’t show up, and now she just made my paper work increase” Thelma said histrionically.

“Well sorry… But you’re the class president and it’s kind of your job” Rebecca remarked savagely leaving Thelma in a blank expression.

“Okay that was a bit… you know what… I like you already” Thelma starts to smile.
“Really… it’s her first day and she’s being rude and you like her already?” Zane said with an arched brow.
“Yeah… I like girls like her, they’re not hard to meddle with, unlike Janet who cried on her first day here” Thelma stated.
“let’s leave Janet out of this” Zane quickly smiled.
“Oh shut up Zane, just because you have a crush on her doesn’t mean I can’t bad-mouth her” Thelma snarled with an heavy eye roll.
“Ugh… Thelma that was supposed to be a secret between the two of us, I told you I liked her because you were the class president and you’d know how to ‘make-us-happen” Zane said blankly.
“Well sorry to say, I’m terrible with secrets” Thelma said as a matter-of-factly.
The last statement made Rebecca secretly smile, but it wasn’t secretly since Zane caught her smiling.

“So you do smile..” his lips stretch into his own smile “nice dimples though” He added, making Rebecca smile and dimples fade.
“what… You’re now flirting with Rebecca?” Thelma asked with a sly smile.
“what… No Way I’m just showing her around since it’s her first day here” Zane almost yelled defending himself.
“He knows he definitely can’t flirt with me, he doesn’t have the gut to” Rebecca said boldly.
“what?”… Zane blurted, horror written across his face.
Thelma fell out laughing, seeing Zane’s expression, because of Rebecca’s word, and when she ended her hysteric laughter, she turned to Rebecca.

“Welcome to Rainal High school Rebecca Adams, I think we’re both going to get along really well here, seeing how you savaged Zane here made me like you the more, I need people like you to get this kind of expression from Zane.” Thelma said with a small giggle…
” uh.. Okay.. ” Rebecca said lowly, trying to refrain from smiling due to the way Thelma was towards Zane.. She liked her too.. Or maybe even Rainal high school.
T. B. C

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