Beautiful Love Song Episode 13

Beautiful Love Song Episode 13

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Royal I’m not the girl,I have never seen her before.Is there any problem? I asked…while making seductive moves.
He tried leaving.
“Royal,don’t go” I said.
He came back and tap his head sweatly.
“Lily everyone know I lost my memory but do you think I will lost my brain exactly the way I lost my memory!! okay fine! I’m finding it hard to remember my past but my mind tells me you did something bad to me in the past.That means I will soon remember everything” he pouts
I locked the door in fear.
“I will be very ready to deal with all of you by the time I remember” he said.
“how many of us?? I asked.
“I don’t need to talk too much…just get out you this bloody liar.You irritate me” he said.
“royal,sorry.I promise,I won’t lie anymore” I replied and wanted to touch him but his cold superior look made my hand hang in the air.

“mind you,I have torn the goddam betrothed statement paper that is joining us together” he said and brought out many pieces of paper. he poured them on my body.

“Royal, I want you” I said.
“because I’m rich” he completed.
maybe I should lure him into my pants again.
I allow my towel fell off and played with my waist chain while my index finger went deep into my wet pussy. I twerk nakedly but Royal faced the door and unlock it smartly.
I was ashamed he didn’t look at me and so,I bent to pick my towel again and tied it.That was when he turned.

“Lilly, I’m very sure that you know who that innocent lady really is….if anything should happen to her,you will be hold responsible for that” he said and turned his back at me.
“if possible,let’s not see each other again” he said and walked out.

I fell into my bed.
Royal is not always comfortable with girls.In the past,he sees other girls like disasters.The only girl he is comfortable with is me,Han Lilly.
Despite all my bad attitude and arrogant character,despite all the bad things I did to him,he loved me dearly in the past.Then suddenly,he lost his memory….
Royal couldn’t remember anything.
Royal didn’t know anything but he was over smart in the mind.
He couldn’t remember but he can smell the difference between good and bad with his eyes.
Nobody knows who injected him…
because the doctor confirmed that he was injected with a very powerful vaccine that can cause a long lasting amnesia.

If he should find out about who he really is!!!!….if he should remember anything,me,Romeo and Mrs Suga will lose.

I think that girl is the owner of that hair chain and it is obvious Royal is still searching for her.
whosoever you are,
I hope you don’t have a nice voice,
I hope you don’t know how to dance because you can’t come and ruin my life.
I think I need to find out about you before Royal will do.She might make Royal regain his memory. The psychologist said true love will make Royal regain his memory.
I will find her first and make life a living hell for her.
♚ ♚ ♚ ♚ ♔ ♚ ♚ ♚

~~Royal’s p.ov
I drove myself into the newest mansion I just built,I stopped the guards who were following me and walk alone into the glassy wide bedroom that looks more of a relaxation center.
I sat down on a white hairy chair and brought out that hair chain.

“though,I don’t know who you are but I feel so relaxed and comfortable with you.I know you will show up someday and I wonder why you’re always running away from me.
Better show up fast because my body and soul needs to see you again…….and my silly manager just kept on saying that your identity can’t be traced.That means you don’t want me to find out about you.

Please show up before things will get extremely difficult for me because as it stands now, you’re the only one am comfortable with.
Thank you for giving me a tips on how to form a chorus of “beautiful love song”
I smiled and kept the hair chain in the most safe place.

My phone started ringing, I turned sideways,it was my mom.
“too much security” I said and pick the call.

“Royal,where are you?? she asked.
“you don’t need to ask that.If you keep monitoring me with securities, do you think I will remember my pasts?? I want to be free,bye” I said and hang up on the phone.
I switch off all my phones apart from my business phone.
Right now,I need to find out about that mysterious girl who keeps running away from me.

~~~~Krishna’s p.o.v~~~~

It is morning again!
I groaned on my prayer mat.I didn’t even sleep on bed.I prayed all night for Han Lilly to forget about me.
Have not even use up to 40days in dice high, my admission is already shaking and I might get evicted.

Today’s dream about me and Royal was worst. I dreamt that we were dancing together on stage. I really need to stop myself from dreaming those stupid things.
I comport myself immediately I heard my mom footsteps, I quickly rush into the bathroom.

“Krishna, hope you did not dream today?? she asked.
“good morning ma” I answered another thing.
“did you dream today?? she ask again.
“no ma…I didn’t dream,I didn’t sing and I did not dance” I replied.
“good” she replied and left.I felt relieve and step out of my bath.
I took my phone and checked the girls group chart since Han Lilly is the queen.
She is the one in charge of anything partaking to dressing.

all dice high girls should put on anything classic but must have a touch of black~~signed,queen Lilly.
I read and drop my phone.
I went to my closet and pick the most classic black leggings alongside with the black top Shantai bought for me then I added a yellow sweater with a girly yellow sneakers.
super classic!!!! I clapped and quickly put them on.I took an empty bag and package my phone and laptop into it.

Dora and Shantai didn’t come,
I had to take a cab halfway and trekked to school.
I was only at the gate when rumors started blocking my ears.
💗 did she really kiss Royal???
💗 ohhh waooowww,Lilly must be mad.How can she watch her boyfriend being kissed??????
💗 swears,I have watch that video several times and it looks like the best video and maybe the best kiss!!

“where’s your car?? the security asked me.
“well….I…you don’t need to know” I replied and enter.I roll my hair into two funny donught so that I won’t get recognized by my long hair.

I was happy no one noticed me.They were all carried away by the video.
some girls were even dreaming they are the one!.

“the admin manager sent for you”
a girl said to me.
“okay” I replied and started following her but little did I know it was a trick.
“where is the admin manager’s office?? I’m tired of walking” I said

“will we soon get there” she replied and opened a particular door.
she moved in,
I did the same.

omg! Han Lilly!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭
“how did she find out about me???
I look at the girl that trick me into coming,then back to the remaining girls. They are like six.
Sooo wealthy looking and spoilt.

“finding out about your identity was damn hard” Lilly smiled death.
“what do you mean? I asked,purely.
“you don’t need to act innocent, I will go straight to the point” she said.
I was surrounded immediately by the remaining six girls.
They should be like Lilly,I guess.

“what….did…I do??? I asked,looking really scared.
one of the girls loose my long hair,
more than enough prove to show that I’m the one In the video.

“turn around” Lilly said.
“whaaaaaaaatttttt!!! I gasped but did it immediately i got slapped.Though, I’ve never been slapped before. This very one is my first one.

“turn around!!! Lilly said again.
The slap I got made me do it quickly.
“you can’t imagine this idiot seduce Royal into kissing her with her big bumbum!! Lilly said and slap my other ear.
I held it in pain and look at her.

“stop lying….I didn’t seduce anybody. I’m not a prostitute,you are the one that push me into him and I never kiss your boyfriend, it was your boyfriend that kiss me” I said the truth in tears.

“you can imagine this idiot!!!
Lilly push her hair back and made me fall down.The other girls starts beating me..

“stop!! she ordered, they stop.
“can you dance and sing? she asked.
“No….I can’t” I replied hurtfully.
she rolled her eyeballs.”whenever you see him,run away….I might do something worst than this when next I catch you” she said and gave the girls a look meaning “they should leave me!.

Then she started slapping me many times……..
just then the two opposite doors were opened by one of the girls. I was already seeing double.

when next i see you withRoyal,you will be raped here! she made an inhuman and lustful gaze.
“yes ma!! I nod and ran out.

well,Lilly said I should always run away from Royal if I want to stay safe”. I remembered and took another direction……..but instead I ran into him again in his private place.This time it was not a kiss,it was a very tight hug.

“is it that I’m not seeing or what???


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