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Beautiful Love Song Episode 14

Beautiful Love Song Episode 14

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Royal’s p.o.v~~~

I was already giving up,
I felt so empty just because she did not show up.She doesn’t want me to see her face but I really need her voice for my next debut.
Singing my newest song with Han Lilly won’t work out and I don’t think I can stand any girl.Girls makes me look like disaster,they are my weak point and I was never comfortable with them. Romeo once said I love han Lilly in the past, he said Han Lilly is a very skillful dancer and that 5-stars industry has sign and recommend her to many of my debut several times.
Though I can’t remember my past clearly but I know I can never be in love with Han Lilly.When am not mad

Even now,she thinks I’m a fool,
she took my gentleness as a chance,
she took me as a toy in her,closet who she can always keep forever.
The last thing she did really got me.
it was just last month,on the day of our first dance show with five-stars.
I caught Lilly having anal sex and vaginal sex with jayden.Jayden was the former manager five-stars assigned to me.
And yet,Han Lilly stoop so low.
… that really the person I am bethroted to????
someone who takes advantage of every little things.

“Boss,I think we should get going!
Elliot rushed in.

“why should we leave??? I asked, flapping my lashes together.
“you have an exam in the next ten minutes,you need to meet an exquisive model industry who is really important in using you as a model plus you need to face the board of 5-stars so that they can assign who your partner will be in the upcoming competition” Elliot said and look at me.
“I wish to see those beautful and sexy legs again.If I should get her,I don’t think I will let her go” I answered another thing.

“Boss,what are you talking about??
Elliot asked,really confused.
“cancel all my schedules” I said.
“whatttttttttt!!!!! he gasped.
“disappear!!! I rolled my eyeballs.
“sir you’re sad.should I report your mood to Zayn malik and 5-stars? he asked.

“take the,guards too.I want to be alone and if possible tell 5-stars to look for another leader.I don’t think I can be 5-stars lead dancer.” I gave orders.

“but sirrrr…….” Elliot widened his eyes.
“what again??? I asked.
“sir those ….i mean concerning the model stuff, you will become extraordinarily famous” Elliot said.
Just then, a pair of pretty legs rushed in in a very scared manner that made her hairs fly in the hair.

“is she really human???
her face was pure and she looks like parts of the royalties.
Elliot too was lost staring at her.
Her eyes was closed and she was running at the same time.I’m very sure she won’t run into here of her eyes are open.

Though it was coincident,
she rushed into me and press her soft hand into my chest.
“I don’t think I’m seeing well! she spoke. I recognize her immediately as that girl.

“where is the door knob? door please,open! she said and open her slainted eyes.
she froze.
She thought I was a door.
she move back with tears dropping on her cheek and she was visibly shaking.

she moved back,I knew she wanted to run away like she has always did.
I caught her by her bag.
“who are you?? did you sing that sing with me?? are you the owner of this hair chain?? I rush her with questions
She kept quiet and shake her head meaning ‘No’.

“we once kissed by mistake right? I asked.Desires clothed me and made me encircle my hands around her waist so that she won’t run away.

“tell the truth this last moment”
I utttered….
“my breath….stop touching me…I want to run away from you.Just let me go!! she pleaded with a faint voice.
“until you speak the truth” I said,she passed out.
I quickly held her waist while Elliot packed her hair in other to prevent it from sweeping the floor.

“her hair is full and Long. she looks like the girl.The hair length is the same” Elliot said and took her bag.
“sir,where are you taking her to? you’re a public figure,you might get questioned by paparazzi. Let me help you carry her to the car while you carry her bag”. Elliot suggested. I gave in immediately and handed her over to Elliot.
He took her to my car and came back to get me with my guards.It is,not easy being a public figure and a celebrity at the same time.
“don’t tell anyone I’m with a girl” I pout nicely and dismissed Elliot with my guards.
I drove straight to my the newest mansion I just built.No one knows about the mansion yet,that means no one will find out about my whereabouts.

~~Han Lilly~~

Now,he will choose me.
He will not only chooses me but he will also beg me. I smiled and bragged to my crews while showing off my hotly red polished nails.

“why not get Krishna evicted from dice high??? Angel suggested.
“the problem is,not even about evicting her.She will have to choose between dice high certificate and Royal and I am certain she will never disappoint her strict mother” I replied, sweetly.

“Krishna knight of a very clean girl- You understand the type of clean girl, I mean she have a sweet sexy figure every guy will want to have and her body is very soft and flexible.I’m very sure she knows how to dance but only pretending by not always attending dancing classes” Mira said
“even if she can dance, she can’t dance like me.I’m a Korean,she is an Indian. Indians can’t stand anywhere near a Korean” I scoffed.

Oppps,Royal’s mom is calling me already” I winked and took my phone.
💗 okay ma,I’m already preparing” I smiled over the phone and gave Mira a high five.

“Mrs Suga is going to set me and Royal’s going to be a fantastic night” I smiled and rush upstairs.
I selected the newest cloth in my closet with a matching black heels.
I took my phone and a single keys from the multiples in my drawer.

“have fun” Mira chanted immediately I got downstairs. I entered my car and was in luxurious mansion 2hours ago.
My car door was opened by one of the guards who also help me in carrying my bag.
in a swift,I was already in the slivery built living room.

Mrs Suga was checking out a fansy magazine but she stopped immediately she saw,me.
“sit down,sweetheart,he will soon be back. I already drug his food” Mrs Suga said.
“thank you mom” I smiled shyly.

Eight good hours passed, Royal didn’t come and his phone was switch off.
We did not see royal,
we did not see Elliot,.
we did not see any of his guard.

I look at Mrs Suga and breathed out a “he won’t come look”.
he will come! Mrs Suga said.
another 3hours passed,he didn’t come.

Just then,Romeo walk in…
his face was expressionless.
He didn’t speak to anybody,he just walk in without making a sound.

“Romeo,where is your brother??
Mrs Suga stood up.
Romeo stop walking and turn back.

“well,I already told you that we should kill him but you wouldn’t listen………..killing him is better than seeing him taking all the fames, killing him is better than seeing him regaining his memory…. He is very smart and sound minded,he is doing whatever it will take to regain his memory.He is with a girl” Romeo said

“who is the girl and where are they?? Mrs Suga asked.
Romeo smirks and puff out “non-trackable”. Royal built many places, how am I suppose to know the particular place he is???? Romeo clench his fist and left with classical jealousy written on his face.

Mrs Suga look at me,
I started faking crocodile tears…
“Han Lilly,it is you that Royal will marry.He won’t dare disobey me,not when he still call me mom” Mrs Suga said and wipe my tears.

I will make sure five stars sign you together,I will make sure that they recommend you as the best dancer to him so that you will get the chance to spend more time with him,

After writing songs together,
singing together,
dancing together,he will get use to you and get himself wrapped around your fingers.” Mrs Suga assured.
I smiled.
but-who is that girl???
it better not be Krishna!!!


I don’t know where I am,
but I feel so relaxed sleeping there.
I’m very sure I am on my bed right now! I smiled in sleep and keep rolling on the bed.
The bed felt different from my own… but aah,I’m enjoying this sleep.
Maybe my mom change all the beds in our house.
I smiled again and continue rolling but I stopped and open my eyes when pairs of hands held me.

💗 ma,be careful!!!
💗 you will fall,you might hurt yourself”
💗 she is awake,what should we do!
was what I heard.

I opened my eyes fully,only to see three ladies standing beside the bed stand.
💗 ma,you almost fell off the bed,so we held you so that you won’t fall. Sorry ma’am!!! one of the girls said.
I noticed they are all wearing a common dress.

I closed my eyes and open it back.
“what happened??? where am I???
I asked and opened my eyes and look around the room,the bed I slept on and my cloth.My cloth was changed also.
I look at the girls who were also looking at me.

“what did you do to me?? and what am I doing here?? I asked,when I noticed that they totally remove my bra…..

“where is my cloth???
I asked…….really confused about the purple free gown I was putting on. It looks expensive.

“sir brought you here 9hours ago” one of the girls said.
My mind flashed back to what really happened.
Han Lilly and her girls beat me,I ran away and mistakenly enter Royal’s private class.I bump into him and fainted.

I remembered what happened and look around.The bedroom is so wide with many expensive things. More than enough that it can contain 80peoples at a time.
my eyes drifted to the floor,it was tiled with pure gold.
“Krishna,don’t get carried away!!
I got myself and look back at the girls

💗 what do you want????
💗 Do you want to bath again? are you hungry?? we have everything. we have custard mixed with sliced fruits, we have spicy grilled chicken, meatballs,chicken and pies,French fries,pizza with juice,ice cream, chocolates,cookies……etc
💗 He said you should ask for anything…..
the girls look at each other and exchange quizical glances.

“give me my cloth, I want to go home. Where is my bag??? I asked.
They look at each other.

💗 whaaaaaatttt!!!
💗 she can’t go!!!
💗 we might get sacked!!!!
I heard them saying.

I didn’t wait,I stood up from the bed and find my way around the house but everything seems confusing. The more I walk,the more I get lost in the house but the girls were like mtn.
They followed me everywhere.
“are you deaf,I said I want to go home!! I shouted,thinking about Dora and Mrs Claudia.

“You can’t leave until Sir Royal is around” one of the girls said.

“what are you talking about???
I asked,impatiently.
They look at each other then back to me.
Suddenly, they left.
“wait up!!! I wanted to follow them but a pair of sweet fingers touch me from the back.
I turned,it was Royal all in a white robe.I shifted back,he moved closer, my leg hit something from the back but Royal caught my waist.
I was damn sweating from the inside. He touch my cheek and made me look into him in the eyes.
I wonder what he wants…..

“I need your……”he stop his statement and look into my eyes.
“my what????? I asked but his eyes where looking another thing on my body.

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