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Beautiful Love Song Episode 15

Beautiful Love Song Episode 15

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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my whatttttt????
I asked but his eyes were looking another thing on my body and it makes me really uncomfortable. if the door was opened,I would have ran.He look away before I could trail where he was looking at on my body.
Luckily for me,I saw my bag lying on the couch.I went towards it and pick it up then walk towards the glass door and stare at it confusingly.

The side buttons were the same.
one could mistakenly press the wrong one.
what if I press the wrong one and end up placing the glass door on an automatic lock???
I fidgets because there was not instructions to follow on how to open/close the door.

I look back at Royal.
He had on a simple but very charming pout.
“is my wealth too pronounce that you can’t stay with me for an hour?
he asked and went for his bandana.
He took it off,alongside with the silver earring on his ear.He tool off his rings and bracelets too.
I think he wants to be simple.

“if I should let you go,you will run away like you’ve always did”
he uttered and came to stand at my back.He didn’t touch me but….. his presence did something sweet to me

“I want you!! he said,batting his lashes..
how soon????
I know this is a trap for him to get me.He must have found out about my dancing and singing skills.Is that the reason he wants me??
I faced down and left him alone to do the staring.

“what are you thinking about???
I don’t mean I want your body,I don’t even mean relationship stuffs.I just need your voice.
“I need your voice to be singing into my ears maybe I can regain all what I have lost” he pointed out and waited for an answer.

“I’m not interested!
I replied, politely.
“you will get paid”he said.
“I don’t need your money,I’m not interested.I can only help you to get another person” I replied.
“what do you see an opportunity as?? is it as a ball toy that you can just play with whenever you wish??? he asked.

“I’m not interested.Permit me to go!
I bowed and press the first button on the glass door, it opened to the outside. I did not wait,I fled but I can’t still run very well because my bag look somehow heavy.
why should it be heavy???
it only comtain my laptop and phone.

I stopped running and open it to check it,I was shocked it had been stuffed with cash.
Did Royal keep it there????
I made a lackadaisical smile and did the zipper.
I should have said yes to his proposal but I don’t think I’m ready for trouble.I’m still fighting myself to stop crushing on him.What if I fall in love with him along the line.What if he use my voice for whatever he want then he say it out that the proposal is over between us. Will I just leave like that???
I don’t think I can cope.
I can’t cope and that’s why I usually run away each time we meet.
I am not ready to face trouble at this my young age!
I shrugged and started walking on the pedestrian lane on the road. I noticed some cars trailing me behind and so I decided to take a narrow route that cars won’t be able to pass.

~~Romeo’s p.o.v

I took my lips in.
“sir what should we do?? should we attack? my private investigator asked
He was the one that actually made me get Royal’s newest hideout.
“what do we do?? he asked.
“trail her behind and get her” I replied.

“I don’t want her for just a night,
I want her all seconds,all minutes,all hours,all mornings, all afternoons,all nights,and all days” I smirks and stared lustfully at her back side.
I need her to satisfy my verrrrrrrry strong lust desire.She even made it easier by taking a narrow will be damn difficult for her to be rescued.

I also step out of my car and stood in a place not too far while I watch my guards trail her.
For a start,she stopped walking and look around.She sensed some unusual movements and wanted to back off but it was too late.
My guards caught up with her.

Her facial expression changed.
I think my masked guards scared her with their movements.
She moved back with her bag wrapped around her chest.

“what did I……I…..
she sturtled and tuck her long hair behind her ear so that she will see clearly.

“just make it easy for us.He won’t take long.Just a one night stand is enough for a start” one of the guards said.
“can you go back to him and tell him to go and quench his lustful desire with his mother!!! she speaks out.

“what an insult??????
my guards exclaimed.
That alone made me want to get her on my bed.

I don’t know what happened next,my guards fled away.
“what the hell made them run???
I made a confused expression and move into my hideout very well.

I gasped, wondering if he was also following her.
I fumed immediately he rush out to her side.My mind wish him death instantly.I couldn’t hold it,I threw a hard stone from my hideout.
I set the target on her leg,it hit her badly.Little blood gush out because her skin was damn soft.
Royal held her and look around to see if he will find a trace but I already move in totally.

when he didn’t find a trace,
he faced the girl back and squatted to the level of her leg that was hurt.
I can sense it that he was angry.
The way he look at the blood said it all.

“who was after you??
he asked angrily when he couldn’t take it anymore.
“I don’t know” she replied.
“how can you not know????
he asked angrily.Now his anger was more than visible.

“it was a Rape attempt”
she replied,innocently.
“what if I didn’t follow you?? Royal asked.
“I will cry and accept fate” the girl replied.

This is interesting!
I made a jealous look and watch Royal touch her blood.
Royal doesn’t like girls….how come he is free with this one.I should have known he like good things,but I doubt it if he will get this one” I smirks.

I left my hideout and took a more secured route back to where my car was packed.
My intention was to capture her but it was spoilt.
how dare she insult my mom???
Gosh!!!! I shouted in a frustrated manner and drive back into luxurious mansion solemnly.
I packed very well and stay in my car for some minutes before opening the nylon at the back seat.

I unravel the injection I bought.
The doctor said this injection is more powerful and effective than the one my mom have been using on Royal.
This injection will worsen his amnesia.He will forget everything… even his wealth and fames.

I folded the injection back in the nylon and finally sprint out of my car. I entered the living room and met my mom as usual.

“did you find the girl’s hideout??
“I mean where she stays???
my mom asked.
my mind reversed back to what she told me.

“mom,I think she will be tough!!!
I replied…and closed my eyes at the big insult she said.
“what???? how do you mean?? my mom asked.

“mom can you believe that girl said it to my guards face that if I want to have sex that I should use you to satisfy my lustful desire!!! mom,she abuse you!!!!!!!!! I fumed.
“how dare she???????
my mom expounded with a dangerous expression.

Just then a,maid rush in with a neatly folded paper.
“Han Lily said I should deliver this” the maid delivered,politely and left.

I took the paper and open it.

The girl is Krishna Knight.
A middle class nineteen years old Indian teenager. She lives with her mom who is a widow.Her mom does laundry job and also work more than six other jobs per day.
Going deeper,she has an amazing dancing skills and a very soft angelic voice but won’t show it for some reason best unknown to her…..
Now,the industry will do everything to keep Royal no matter how he rejects the offer of being the lead voice and dancer for this year……many industry wants Royal and that’s why the industry obey his heart desires and his orders are always carried out without any delay…..

Straightaway to the point, I think you should take Krishna away before Royal will push her into the world of affluence.
Please do something!!!!
she can’t just come out of nowhere to ruin me as five stars girl for this year.
Don’t let the industry find out about Krishna….. she is what the industry need right now!
📋📋📋📋📋signed-Han Lilly.

I read what Lilly sent and folded the paper back.
Her name is Krishna!!!!
she is even a commoner!!!

Krishna, get ready to be evicted from dice high.I would have leave you but
No one insult my mom and go scot free…….

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