Beautiful Love Song Episode 16

Beautiful Love Song Episode 16

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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~~~Romeo’s p.o.v

Dice high called for an urgent meeting.
I got into the industry few hours later,
Mrs Rose was in,
Mrs Samantha was also in with three more five-stars agencies.

Han Lilly and her crews entered almost immediately, chewing whatever was in their mouth.
The boys also entered, following the same pattern.
Jeffrey was at the front while Justin and Chris follow from behind.

“where is Royal??
Mrs Rose showed concern.
“Royal!!!!!!!! Chris,Jeffrey and Justin exaggerated. Almost everyone likes Royal except for me.

“where’s he???
Jeffery the next when it comes to hotness and also the closest to Royal asked before facing me.
I look away stylishly and fake a smile

“ohhhh,sorry I just remembered.
ummm…Mrs Rose,Royal said he is not interested in being the lead voice and dancer” Jeffrey said with his lashes down.

“why??? Mrs rose asked.

“it is obvious he doesn’t want to participate with Han Lilly and we all know that Lilly is the best for this.On the other hand,it is very certain that dice high will lose if Royal doesn’t give in” Justin said.

“then let’s choose another leader.
We can use Jeffrey.Jeffrey is also good and it is a perfect thing that his voice is 80% similar to that of Royal’s own” Mrs Samantha suggested.

“whaaaaattttt,nooo way.I object. I can’t be the leader plus I can never take my best friend’s place.Everyone already know Royal as the leader,so spare me this one and look for another solution.”
Jeff replied and bashed his cute lashes.

“Dice high must win.Royal must participate. What we need to do is the simplest thing.We just need to find a voice better than Lilly’s own. Luckily, we might even find a more better and perfect one.Life is a choice.If one doesn’t suit you,then you have to go for the next option, the goal is to succeed.” Mrs Rose said.

The boys look at each other.
“what are you trying to do???
“you should be trying to please me and not Royal. My father owns dice high for crying out loud!!!! Finding another person indirectly means you’re telling my fans that Han Lilly isn’t capable!!! Lilly shouted at Mrs Rose,rudely.

“It is never my fault that royal doesn’t want to perform with you on stage. The main point here is that Royal is a big catch and many industries might invite him to stand for them. Lilly this is a competition for the survival of the fittest,please endure it and let another person enter.At least you’ve tried enough.You have been dice high face for 2good years!! Mrs Rose said…..Han Lilly stood up with frowns plastered on her face while the boys giggled.

“I’m enjoying this!!!!!
“please,make it more interesting!!!
well this is a competition that worth zillions of cashes and not a cup of cake!!!
Chris, the funniest cheered.

“that person,I hope you find her!!!
Lilly scoffed and smash her phone on the floor,then she ran out angrily.

“Han Lilly wants to sing with Royal,
Royal doesn’t want to sing with Han Lilly!!! what type of thing is this”
Jeff hissed and,left.

“if Royal is not interested,then am not interested! Justin also left.
“I wonder what you people see in competition. Anyway,I will always support Royal’s opinion” Chris said and left.The girls left also.

“Samantha, the debut is drawing nearer.We need to find a similar voice to Han Lilly’s own” Mrs rose concluded. I smirks and stood up.

Lilly rush into me immediately I got the the linking hallway.
“this is our chance!!
“evict her…or better still,I will evict her myself…I want her away from dice high because she’s causing trouble and confusion everywhere”
Lilly said.
I nod my head and walk beside Lilly.
We left dice high meeting center. The place was specially designed for celebrities like us.

we left there and headed for the main school building. Lilly kept on talking non-stop.

“Royal is not in school.He only come to school on Wednesdays and today is Tuesday…this is my chance to evict her as there will be no one to stand for her” Lilly said,evily as we approach the glass made hallway.

💗 omg!!!!!! it’s Lilly. Queen Lilly.
💗 Hoping to seeing you on stage with your boyfriend.I’m sure its gonna be a blast.
💗 the stage reversal that is coming up next three week is something I won’t afford to miss.Though,it is still far but I’m already dreaming!!!
💗 I wish to see Chris,Justin and Jeff also.I’m sure Romeo too will come!
everyone took pictures.

“will she be in class???
Lilly asked,ignoring the praises she’s getting.
“absolutely yes” I replied.
She made another smile and follow me to my private suit.
“what are they having? she asked.

“I think Geometry and IT should be the last class for today” I replied and went for the projector remote.
Lilly took a seat and brought out a pack of juice from the mini fridge.

I connected the projector very well and it display the lecture room sir Davidson was teaching in.They are up to 280 in the wide and long comfortable lecture room.

“yes,I have spot her!
I smirks and set the pointer on Krishna’s head.
She was sitting beside Dora in the class and was taking lectures down into her laptop.

“Romey,I can’t wait to get her evicted. I want her drag out like a bag of beans for she doesn’t belong here” Lilly concluded and took her phone.

A commoner- Krishna Knight has been found in dice high.What effontery?????- signed,queen Lilly.
Lilly sent to the school site and it went viral within a twinkle of an eye.

💗 whatttttt!!!!!!!!
💗 I can’t believe this…..
💗 that girl looks like a governors child!!!!!
the reactions upload in faster.

Lilly smiled and uploaded a picture of Krishna and her mom weaving mats.
I wonder where she got them from😭

The class will be over in 20mins time” Lilly said but I was too busy satisfying my lustful gazes by staring really hard at Krishna on the screen.

“look here!! Dora tapped her fleshy cheek and showed her something on her phone.
“Krishna,your identity is leaked, what do we do?.? Dora asked.
“should I run away?? innocent krish asked.
“again!!!! can’t you face it?? Dora held her hands.

“how on earth was your identity leaked?? you don’t look like a commoner.You could be easily passed for an empress in an empire” Dora whispered.

“I think I should run away from this zone of hell.I don’t want humiliations. Sometimes we can not always fool all of the people at all the time even if we can always fool some of the people at all the times! Krishna replied in a slow whisper, it came out as music.
She loose her packed hair,I was lost in the manner with which it cascaded down and rested on her wide hips.

“I really wish I can help but I’m a no match for Han Lilly when it comes to eviction of students.Stay safe honey”
Dora said and help Krishna in packing her laptop into her bag.
The class ended,
Krishna was the first to step out.


connect at Berthleys Roses for the commoner will be evicted and punished there!- signed,queen Lilly💗.

Lilly sent then stood sobthar she can rush to the specified area with a red eviction card.


I ran as fast as my leg could carry me.I don’t know why Lilly hate me this much.When it comes to likes, I like her that I wish i can even be like her.Even when she treated me bad that day,I never stop being a lover of her songs and dancing steps.
why is she treating me like this????

I miss my way and ended up finding myself at “Beethleys Roses!!!!
my eyes made a quick contact with Lilly’s own.I wanted to look away but it was kinda late.

“that’s her!!!
Lilly pointed out.
Students rushed up and surround me. it kinda look childish but I think that’s their way as the spoilt brats that they her.

📋 Krishna knight,leave dice high!!!!!
📋 leeeeeeeaaaaveeee!!!!
📋 Get out!!!!!!!!!
different things poured on my body.
Lilly watch on in excitement.

“cold water”
“Ice creams”
“Pizza” Lilly called out.
As she was calling,I felt those stuffs poured on me from my head.

“I’m very sure that after this,you won’t come to dice high simply because you don’t belong here! Lilly said,arrogantly.

Lilly passed the eviction card to me,
A girl plastered hamburger on my cheeks.
“is this really a school??? I muttered in my mind.

“take your eviction card and leave!!!
Lilly said,inhumanly.

someone said.


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