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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 12

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 12
💛the battle💛]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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“did you enjoy the rain?”
Royal asked and tuck my loose hair behind my ears..
I giggled behind him and back hugged him.
“you’re spoilt” he said.
“you spoilt me soo much” I said.
He touch where my hand was on his chest and use his other hand to lock the door.

“honey if it happens that you find your mom,do you think she will like us to marry each other?” I asks.
Royal suddenly smiled and walk me up the stairs.

“everyone likes you so she would definitely want you to bear her grandchildren” he said and brought out his phone,it was thoroughly wet.
The screen was very glossy when he put it on,that was when I saw it that it was water proof.
He quickly sent something to council of ministers stuff.

“sweetheart,concerning my mom,I already tried my best and am still trying my best.My strongest belief is that fate will someday show me my mom and my family” he said and look into my face quietly, I looked away shyly and next, I felt him carry me up like a baby….
“my room or your room?” he asked.
“Anyone you like” I replied.
He took me to my room,
everywhere was filled with plenty new things,beside my bed were lots of expensive bags,clothes,shoes, jewelry…the cartons should be up to 100 if i counted well.
am just always shocked.
Best always put me in lots of suspense,he always put my mind at rest.All the things he usually does makes me understand that he is mine forever.

He walk out of my room and came back 10mins later,he was now wearing a gold robe,the room slipper he wore was gold laid too.
He walk to my side of the bed and started operating two phones.
he looked at me,I was still standing.

“Thank you for the gifts,sir” I said.
he smiled and threw me a pillow,I dodge it and giggled.
“won’t you take off your robe,it’s wet already” he said.
“miss never mind” he said.
I laughed quietly and move over to open a particular cloth box,it contain a fansy lady’s transparent bag. Inside it were three backless long gown with frontal splits that would stop at my mid thighs.
soo pretty and seductive.

I felt royal standing up,
he came to my back and loose my wet robe with just one finger.

I know I shouldn’t keep him waiting for too long,this guy already tried a lot for my mom and i even for my imperfect family.
“honey,do whatever thing you want with me,I won’t stop u” I said.
he chuckled and place the longness of my hair beside my shoulder. My fear started cooking up the moment he strip me out of my nightwear,I was now in a very very seductive yellow bikini and it was wet too.

can he still hold himself after seeing me in this????.
his phone rang..
he look into it quietly and dropped the call.
a message buzzed into it,his hand was still holding the hook of my bikini,he used his other hand to pick his phone.

 Bro,some secrets are unfolding by itself.Mr Han is in a great danger and I kind of have a doubt exposure will be shifted” eddy sent.
another message buzzed in.

 guy,did you watch news and besides where is Romeo?” Chris sent.
he drop the phone and look at me,I quickly face front.
“are you cold?” he asked.
“hmmm am okay..honey how are you enduring all these?” I asks.
“I know how to control myself,don’t worry about me” he said.
“the news,won’t you watch” I said.
“between you and the news,who is more important? have you forgotten you’re my first family! am not even this close to my dad” he said.
I felt special again.

my 💗royal💗p.o.v
I can’t explain my happiness right now, whatever thing that is happening to mr han and mrs suga i pray they die in it cos they deserve it.
The only thing am hoping is that the two should be involved with my past,

they won’t go Scot free!
the type of punishment I planned for them,no one can beg me for mercy.
my strongest belief is that the secrets should be out sooner,my revenge is gonna be hot.

I picked a long towel and dropped it on the bed,I moved closer to sweetheart and unlock her bikini, everything was tempting,
she’s crazily set in the back,
I feel like my fingers should be pressed against her soft body all days and all nights.

“ummm do you want to see my breast?” she asks and her hand quickly cover the side of her cleavage that was showing.
I smiled when I saw her waist line, her waist bead was inviting..
she turned to face me and my eyes trapped in between her legs,her up was more than firm despite my pressing.
not yet involved in such!

“do you want us to do it now?” she pouts…I continue looking there.
“I wanted us to do it tomorrow after the contest when I must have win Lilly, we will seal our love by doing it” she said.
“are you sure?” I smiled and covered her with the towel,she made her bikini fell off.

“quickly change i will close my eyes” I said.
“what do you want me to wear?” she asked.I opened my eyes and took my time in selecting the most seductive gown out of the ones she liked.

this white” I said,she coughed..
bad romance this night…
you really want to see my breast and press me,this wear is transparent-
she chuckles.
By the time I opened my eyes,she was done.She followed me out of my room to mine.
She didn’t really wait,she rush to sleep on a side of the bed immediately I dimmed the lights.
I turn on the projector to watch news from there.

**Still on investigations.….
Dice high owner; Han Cheng or Best Marley.
mr han’s picture screened as Lilly’s dad and Best Marley picture screened as mine but my face was masked.
who is fooling who??
it’s been found out lately that best market,the most expensive,rich and popular idol owns 99.9% of it.
what’s this world turning into and how come all this happened.?
still investigating on who the mastermind is.
I changed channel,that same news was everywhere and my picture screened everywhere as best Marley.

Seems this people really enjoy making me more famous.
okay continue,I won’t stop you.
but who am I?
am I best Marley or royal sugar?
I asked myself aloud,Krishna stood up and hugged me,she kiss the hollow of my throat.
“what type of kiss is this? I asked.
“comfort kiss” she said.
“hmm just sleep,am awake” I said.
she went to sleep.

Next day: voice battle/model challenge. Time ranging 12:20
Mira’s p.o.v

Five stars was crowded and filled to it’s brim.Posters and banners were posted everywhere.
Mr Han’s and Royal’s photo as best Marley.
this is getting tougher than I thought.

I just pity Lilly,her fans have started loosing interest in her and those are the people that suppose to vote for her…
and her dad,I pray he doesn’t loose all.

Money is respect in the industry,
the larger the money you have,the larger the respect you will get.Although prostitution is the lead activity,I pray Lilly won’t go back to this.

I rushed in with my bag and quickly secure a seat in the first row,
the place is just sooo huge and wide
by calculations,it takes a maximum of 2hours to walk to the front from the back.

“Mira,did you see Lilly?”
Jingwen and the rest of the girls moved to my side. They are all wearing a white crop top and a very tight red shorts.

“No” I replied and the place started filling up.
close to 800+ people were already sitting on the first row and there are still 15more rows.Waow.

“I will look for her” I said and took a shorter route,it took me 30mins to reach the fifth floor.
I admired the section where the boys band ought to stay,they would watch the stage through the projector.
“what are you looking for?”
someone asked.
I turned back, it was a security.
“nothing” I bite the inside of my cheeks when I saw the boys band coming already..the first half would soon start.
I admired Chris.. am just unlucky he doesn’t always notice me.
The door was shut right in my presence.

Time ranging: 12:40
I still rush out to look for Lilly.
where can she be????
I reach the compound,everywhere was just crowded.
I checked the last place on my mind and there she was dressed up in a very hot revealing dress.Perfect.
she faked a smile and hugged me.
I cheered her up for 3mins and she followed me out.
“my fate would be decided today” she said,feeling a little bit embarrassed about the latest news.
“Lilly tell me,who really owns these assets?” I asked..
she sighed.
“please! I pleaded..
“Royal. He is the same person as Best Marley and Hodong according to what my dad told me” she said.
“gaaaaaaad! I cooled.No wonder your dad has always wanted you to end up with Royal.
she smiled and followed me out.

Lilly’s p.o.v
my nervousness got out of hand immediately I stepped out with Mira.
everywhere was filled..
We walked to the compound and decided to take a stroll before exposure, two military cars drove in..
then royals car.
silence followed.
everyone just turn back.
Mira and I ran back inside.

Soon Royal entered with soo much securities,i can’t seem to take my eyes off the way he dressed,gaaad.. he looked hot in the red tracksuite he wore, his hairs were dyed handsomely then a white hair band was dipped inside it.

The way people took pictures made me more nervous,thinking if I would end up with him.
Camera sounds filled everywhere.
“Who’s that woman beside Roy?” Mira jerked me..
I looked at the woman quietly, the resemblance was really clear.She has Krishna’s face and even her body,everythingwas perfect.
even their hair,it seems equal.
“Krishna’s mom” I said.

“it’s almost time,what are you looking at?’ Mira dragged me and quickly made me enter the back stage.

🎤 my name is Daryardin Bricks and I’m 23year, am hoping to be dice face cos it’s my dream! Daryadin’s voice filled everywhere.
I quickly enter the stage with a mic.

🎤 Am Han Lilly 23years of age and I want to be dice’s girl” I said simply.
daryadin and I quickly scorned ourselves.
The third contestant came in.
ohh my,I still dress best.

🎤 Am Flora Love 22years of age, being dice high girl is my goal” she said with a smile.
her car walking steps was a blast.
my fear started cooking up…

Krishna entered the stage,
her outfit was out of the blues.I gasped as I stared at her dreamingly.
goooosh,she’s just soo fresh and clean from her hair to the nails of her toes.

🎤 Hi everyone! am sweetheart Knight,20years of age.Being dice high girl is a chance for me to inspire others” she said,everyone clapped…
crazy Dora stood up from the crowd and waved a flag.
“Krishna, I love you!!
was boldly written on the mask.

The first half was 30mins the model battle.
We did it perfectly well and the votes screened out.

In 30mins,
Daryadin had 9million votes,
Flora Love had 7.9million votes,
Han Lilly had 9.2million votes…

my heart still raced,everywhere was more than tensed.

Sweetheart knight had…………….

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