Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 7

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 7
[voice battle💙model challenge]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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I ran into the Dora’s room and locked the door immediately.
these classic gilrs,hope the won’t pick on me and pul my hairs before the party would start.
I just feel soooo shy staying around them and even close to them,they are spoilt.

I fell on Dora’s bed and hugged her teddy bear.
Royal,I really enjoy being your girlfriend i never regretted, even when we’ve not started dating you saved me from a lot of bullying and that’s why i want to win this duet so that i can impress you.

I won’t let u regret supporting my career and i don’t want my mom to ever regret approving our relationship.
I love you for choosing a local person like me..
I smiled and remove the cap I was wearing.

someone knocked at the door,
my heart suddenly skipped.
is it the girls…

“who’s there?” I asked with a start as I check the glassy part of the door.
“sweetheart,have you forgotten my voice” the person said.
Mrs Gina….
I already knew who it was,I opened the door,she entered and hugged me to herself tightly while smiling.

did she come her to hug me?
I smiled back and hugged her.
she pulled away and tuck my loose hair at the back of my ear.
it must have fell as a result of the running.

“so how are you?” she asked.
“I’m fine…but did you miss me too much?” i asked with a chuckle.
she left the room and came back shortly afterwards with a green mini package….

“I brought your cloth and heels”
she said and I quickly collected it.
“bye,I need to get home quickly”
she said and left.
I lock the door back and went back to where I kept the package,I opened it and saw the yellow body hug gown and a pair of silver heels.
I also saw a white top and a black highwaist short then with a black sneakers that have white shoe lace.

Mrs Gina, this is so sweet of you.
you’re like an angel to me.

I stood up and place the dress on my figure,it reach my kneel level,I hope my hips won’t made it jump up.
I drop the cloth and turn on the TV.

I can’t even go downstairs,
those girls might start using the s and f words.
10pm,party starts……
I turn off the TV immediately it was 10pm,I used the shower and came out wet in a blue towel.

someone knocked at my door again..
I decided to check the hole so that I would know who it was..
“it’s Nina! she said before I could get to the door.
“hope am not disturbing” she said.
I locked my towel very well around my body and opened the door.

“Hy sweetheart or krish right?.”
she asked and walk in fully,she drop my phone on the bed.

“both” I said and gently close the door as I bite into my cheeks.
I felt somehow, royal already warned me about her.He said he doesn’t want me and Nina as friends, we are competitors, we shouldn’t be friends cos there’s no friend when it comes to business.

I rested on the door,my hands were holding my towel very well.
“miss am not a pervet” she said.
I nod as I stayed quiet and maintained my pure innocent look.

“I need sanitary pad,do you have some?” she asked.

sanitary pad!
I think I kept some in my bag.

I walk over to it and Nina was now standing behind me..
“I couldn’t go out to get it cos it’s night” she said. I brought out a full pack out of my bag,there should be six inside the full pack I think. I gave all to her.
she smiled as she collected it.
“ummm is this a dash,okay I owe you a full pack” she said.
“no don’t worry,you don’t need to buy me back, you can take everything” I said expecting her to leave but she didn’t..

she suddenly move closer and wanted to touch me,I shifted back. I’m trying to do what royal told me.
“is my hand smelling!!
Nina said.

*if it was smelling,I wouldn’t have share my sanitary pad with you.. I’m scared my period might show up if you touch me,mine is always like that” I said and she smiled..
I think she understands.

“Okay,sweetheart right?” she asked.
gaaaaaad,she’s making me feel shy by persistantly looking at me.
is my towel local or what.

“can we be friends?” she asked..
“hunnn we are competitors-

“we are not,You are hoping for first position in the duet with Royal and I’ve decided to stop chasing that wish….well am now hoping for second position with Jasper..elite’s to be precise…..
I hope you can help me disgrace Lilly…and I want us to be more than friends cos you’re the only one that can bring Lilly down.
Nature would be a cheat if Lilly’s downfall doesn’t come from you.
Lilly and I both desire Royal, we are attracted to him sexually and in terms of appearance but am not like Lilly…am not as selfish as Lilly.
I don’t betray my friends,
I can’t lie to my friends because of a man and I can’t live a fake life too.
If Royal is happy with you,I swear that’s enough for me…royal deserves someone like you, not someone like me and Lilly”.
Nina said.

I opened my mouth to say something but my words ain’t much.
“we still have 2days to the competition,can we practice together?” she asked.
I nod in agreement but I still find this hard to believe.

“Should I help you dress?” she asked.
“ummm nooo! I quickly said.
“I thought we are now friends” she said and pick the cloth I was suppose to wear.
“okay” I gasped and went into the washroom to wear my undergarments, she pass me the gown and i changed into it there in the room but she didn’t see anything.

she removed the towel immediately I drag the gown down, it was stopping on my mid thigs instead of my kneels.

Nina breath out and styled my hair nicely…
“I don’t think you need make up!
she said and used a lip gloss on my lip,it made my lips more glossy….
she did something to my dress..
“what’s that? I asked.
“ohh nothing” she said and I quickly stood up to check mirror.

“Nina,i don’t like it like this,I feel like am naked” I said..
she smiled gullibly.
“you’re not making use of your shape.See your dressing doesn’t explain your character fully…have you forgotten you want to become a model” she said and I sat down back.

“Royal will die of love if he sees you like this,I know what he likes” Nina said and slip an anklet into my feet.
I wore the heels and rush to the mirror, I couldn’t even move back..
I touch the mirror.

“let’s go downstairs,the party has started” Nina said.
ahhh my shyness spirit came again.
I don’t like looking like this in front of people,only royal has the right to see me like this.and besides I don’t want girls to start getting jealous.

“you can go,I will join you” I said.
she left.
I locked the door quickly and took off my heels,I turn on the ac and sat on one of the couches,I turn on the TV and started watching it.
I really can’t stand going downstairs when royal hasn’t arrive and besides he hasn’t even called my phone.

At exactly 12:30pm,I started hearing loud sounds since the room I was stating wasn’t sound proof.
I heard the sounds of glasses smaching and thuds of something falling…

“Lilly stop thisssss…now! that’s Dora’s voice.
“Ohhhh myyyyy gaaaaad Dayardin you’re ruining my party!!! I heard Dora again.

🚺 stop fighting!!!!
🚺 are they fighting for a dude!
🚺 omg that punch!!!!!
🚺 bloooooooood….dayardin stop this… Lilly it’s okay…
🚺 Mira don’t interfere.

I heard different voices..
all the lights in the house went off.

🚺 who disconnected the lights…everybody out of my house!!..

the sounds got intense..
I think things are getting destroyed beyond imaginations..
I was getting scared.
my phone rang,it brightened up the room a little bit…Royal.
I pick the call.
“where are you?” he asked.
“Dora’s room! I said.
“are you sure?” he asked…
the call disconnected.

I carried my bag and left the room barefooted to the stairway.
I could still see a little bit,

“I told you,I warned you-
that’s Lilly’s voice,she slapped someone..
“you this waste product-
another person retaliated…
I don’t really understand what’s going on and in fact,I regret attending this party.

“Do I look like your puppet????…
a fierce voice shouted and slapped Lilly in full…
the guards couldn’t even near them.

Someone dragged me,
his slippers was red…he was masked
He doesn’t look like Royal in any way.
I shivered and scream out Dora’s name, no one heard me cos of the ongoing fight..
I bite the persons hand,he still didn’t leave me….
he dragged me out.

Mrs Knight’s p.o.v
what happened in the past should never repeat itself!.
I don’t really know who the culprit behind royal parents death are, all I know is that Royals destiny must not stop like wicked villains stopped his father’s dream.

His father was a very good friend,
him and my husband were partners in business.
But my husband changed to me because all the children i bear for him died…

He was so frustrated.
how can a respectable man like him not a have a daughter or a son??…
he kicked me out when my ninth daughter died.
four week after he kicked me out, I realized I was pregnant again…
I even went back to his mansion but I was told he traveled out to the states.

I used all what I have to trace his whereabouts but I didn’t still see him, all my resources were wasted cos I was busy looking for him,I wanted to tell him am pregnant of krish.
I didn’t see him and that was how I lost hope..
I came back home after four years and still didn’t find traces of Donald and Mehek..

Not until I saw royal,
I had many questions to ask him but I later found out from krish he had amnesia…
then I met bhewen and he explained the pasts for me.

my phone rang, it was detective Kai popularly known as tulip.
“Detective did you still find traces?”
I asked…
“madam,am still working on it”
he said…
“I think Anita will know how to handle this case,she’s so skilled,talented and sensitive” detective Kai said.

“who’s Anita???


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