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[the girl he never noticed]



rushed to the door,
one of the maids must have dropped it,I opened the door widely and saw a retreating figure of a maid, she was on a red dress wrapper worst still she has lots of visible fresh cane marks all over her body.
I didn’t get to see her face,
but does it means she dropped lotanna’s bracelet.
finally,she was out of sight, the queen came with amarachi.
“what are you staring at?”,
she snapped her fingers.
I jolted out of my thoughts and move away from the entrance,
she entered in full.
“Lotanna has opened his eyes” I heard her say,I left the door and went in to stay beside Lotanna.
Jidenna also came in alongside with Nkem.
“what do you remember last?”,
I asked,he shut his opened eyes.
mother lift him by his head with so much care; it was really obvious.
she doesn’t play with Lotanna health or anything concerning him.
“mother easy,that place still pain” amarachi said and went over.
Jidenna stared at him with so much emotions.
“does it still hurts?”, he asked.
Lotanna finally opened his eyes, amarachi rush out to get the doctor.
He checked his state of health and left after injecting him with three different injections.
“so Lotanna who hit you?”, I asked.
he shut his eyes in a snubing manner.
no reply*no words*no answers.
I bite my lips in a worrisome manner,he is actually shutting me out
“Lotanna can’t you just respect me half of how I love you,am your elder sister…you do not always listen to me,why?”, I said.
“can’t you understand he can’t talk for now,I feel like his head is still hurting me” jidenna said.
I shot him a glare.”where are you when this happened,and you,nkem where are you?”, I asked.
I breathed in relief.
Adeife Adeife
I continued my work with a good feeling,so cute I was able to return his bracelet without much stress.
oh adeife you’re quite lucky this morning .
dumebi passed with two other girls.
thank goodness she left!
when she was here,the palace was hot for me cos she always bark like a dog….they did this,they did not do this! chai Akuna.
speaking of the devil,she left.
the girls chit chat as they passed.
I was happy she left,
akuna is found of using maids any how,no wonder they always run away more reasons why I always avoid her, her bullying,
everything about her.
I finish up with my work and returned to the maids quarter,I got refreshed and begged dumebi to plait my hair which she did willingly.
“we are free for the rest of today”.
she said.
“yeah,I know” I replied.
“do you plan on attending evening show” she asked.
“is it free?”, I asked.
“yeah,and verrry exciting” she said.
“okay” I replied.
“why okay,it is just a show that makes everyone happy” she said as she finish up with my hair.
“thanks for your time” I said,
she smiled as I went back to my bed.
it was evening,they were all dressed and won’t be back until midnight some might even return very early tomorrow.
I know that show,it is verrrry interesting and they usually organize it once in every two months.Some would sing,dance, tell stories, they have groups and each groups do things that brings happiness.
it has never been boring according to how ngozi explained it,the last time she wanted me to follow her,I ended up crying because onome banned me from doing things that would bring my happiness,her daughter olamma is a bigger headache in my life that at times,I wish I don’t exist.
onome would bath me with hot water and lock me up without foods until I ended up with the believe that dreams do not come true.
I’m not yet ready to fight her for I have no reason to do it.
am so silly,I wonder why on one didn’t call me for work as usual.
maybe because tomorrow is the day,
the day I will finally leave this palace and go back to her.
Adeife why is your life so pathetic?
I think so much until I slept.
Lotanna came on my mind,I wish I can stop thinking about him,I dreamt about him.
we talked so much in my dream,
he held my waist and Kissed me for so long,he took me to places in my dream,I felt so special he bought me new things in my dream.
“promise me you will always be with me in my dying moments” he said and stretched his pretty hand for me to take.oh so cute.
“I will…..
I woke up with a pounding headache.
why am I so silly?
waking up when am suppose to tell him my promise.
even though he doesn’t talk to me in real life,he sees me in my dreams.
I better sleep again,I slept again.
I saw my mom but she left me again, she came back but left again.
I cried on my bed.
mom,why did you die? I miss you so much,I wish I have a good stepmother too.
I cried till I slept.
I woke up in a fright as I heard a knock on the door.maybe Mrs okagor is here to remind me that my stay here is over.
I breathed in as I opened the door,
it turned out to be Tracy; Lotanna’s sister…
I was shocked,
what’s she doing here?.
“good morning ma’am” I greeted as I covered my face.
“do you have any ointment?”, she asked,meekly.
“yes ma’am” I said and turned to my laugage section,she also entered.
“you’re the only one here, why didn’t you follow other maids to yesterday’s show?”, she asked while I searched for ointment.
“I….I…I…” I stammered as I remembered onome.
my tears gosh,I quickly replace it with a smile.
“here is the ointment, hope you don’t mind it’s from me” I said and handed to her with respect (both hands).
She stared at me,I looked away so she won’t get a clear sight of my ugliness.
“you got so much marks on your skin, why?”, she asked.
“nothing,I used to play rough right from childhood” I said.
I smiled out tears,I just lied.
my tears fell on her hand,I hastily wiped it completely.
“sorry,am stupid” I said.
“you were the girl I gave pomade, did you use it at all?”, she asked.
“yes am really using it” I said.
its a lie,onome actually seized it from me…
“and why are your marks still fresh, don’t you know you’re a lady”,
she said.
“I already know how to endure pains…my step mother always beat me beat me with cutlass,too bad am going back to her this morning, she is my guardian and she have authority over my decisions….”
I covered my mouth,
she’s actually making me talk.
I now felt so uncomfortable,I told her about what am passing through..
why was she even asking?
does she knows me from somewhere before?…
she sighed and left.
I started packing my things,
onome please be nice!.
I left the palace.
“where is your support?”, she asked.
‘thank goodness you’re back,my dirty clothes are waiting for you” olamma rants from inside.
“the support” onome said.
“I don’t have any support,I already gave you all my savings” I said.
“you’re seriously becoming lazy” she said…
“I promise I will work harder” I said and hurriedly pack olamma’s cloths it was much cos she didn’t wash for ten days.
I washed her clothes and spread them,and even wait till it dried before packing them home in the afternoon.
I met six big cows in our compound,
when did onome start rearing cows?.
I passed the backyard, something was cooking up in the kitchen, three different pots, three different soups.
I left the kitchen and went in to drop olamma’s cloth.
“your luck finally provide huge amount of money for mama and papa” olamma said as I arranged her clothes.
I decided to rest by sitting on the floor,I stared at the beautiful set of dresses on her bed dreamingly.
onome came in.
“sorry for resting” I stood up in a fright.She didn’t talk much.
“your buyers are waiting for you outside” onome said.
papa also came in with palmwine,he looks like he is celebrating something;
but my dad is okay in terms of wealth,what would he approve selling me as onome wants.
what if I die???
does he not care about me,I don’t mind if it is 2%.
“fast,they are waiting” she said.
“who did you sell,me or olamma?”, I asked…
“you of course,I will be collecting allowance every month since you always find it difficult to provide your support” she said.
“you know the rules,you are only a maid to the person.Don’t you dare do what I banned you against! she said.
I looked at my dad.
“what are you waiting for,start packing?”, he said.
“no need they will buy her cloth”
onome said and dragged me out.
“your buyer will soon be here,good luck,work well there” she said and locked the door.
I continue knocking, I don’t even know if I should cry.
Ngozi passed,it was that moment I cried….
“what happened?”, she asked.
“onome sold me! I said.
“to who?” she asked.
“my friend have you packed your loads” I heard voices.
ngozi and I turned,it was Nkem with two other royal guards.
“Nkem,you bought me?”, I asked as I felt shocked.

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