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[the girl he never noticed]



“nkem you bought me?”,
I asked,shocked.
I become lost without even knowing it,why would he buy me?.
will I fall into a trap like a foolish bug going towards a lamp?.
<friends right>.
ngozi beemed and hugged me tightly
“am happy for you,at least onome won’t get the chance to beat you like she used to do,you won’t run errands like a community maid,you will have time for yourself and you will sleep and eat well” ngozi said,she disengaged from the hug and clapped her hands.
she faced nkem,
she looked at me back when she noticed my silence.
“ain’t you happy,honey? Nkem will be a good master,he will take care of you” ngozi said and flashed me a smile.I forced out a smile but I was not happy in the inside, the only tiny happiness that came on my mind was Lotanna; I will get the chance to see his cute face as long as I want.
“so where is your load?”,
nkem asked.
“I don’t have any load” I replied,piously.
“then follow me” he said.
ngozi hugged me one last time, I promise to always see her and visit her anytime am free.
the royal guard lead the way,
nkem and I followed behind.
He is found of staring,I noticed it….I always get scared each time he stare the only thing I would do is to look down each time his slainted eyes bores into my figure,most especially my hips….
he stared at them like they are the phantom to his opera
the silence was becoming boring,
I now felt so uncomfortable just like the storm will turn the sail,
no one stare at me this way-
“are you okay?”, he asked.
“umm yes okay” I sturlted. First time I would act nervous.
“thank you for buying me from my step mother” I told him with a pained expression.
I wish I wasn’t born,
my mom usually says am priceless in my dreams but someone just bought me-
maybe perhaps,my dreams are fake!.
will my dreams ever come true? how long will I wait? is it till forevermore?”, I sighed.
dreams do not come true,
more reasons I don’t believe.
I faced Nkem.”so what will I be doing as your slave?”, I asked with pureness.
he took his lips in rhymth and bite it slowly in ecstasy.
“I didn’t buy you…I was sent by Tracy(Lotanna and Jidenna’s sister) she bought you” he said.
I felt my nervousness disappear,
I actually got scared thinking a guy bought me…
boys,guys, men…I fear them like mad.I even find it difficult to trust.
“okay,it’s aunty Tracy” I said,I now felt so happy and safe.
Tracy is a nice and considerate person.
“ohh you thought it was me”
nkem said..
“yes” I replied,shyly.
“so what if it was me?”, he asked.
“what would you want to use me for?”, I asked back..
he stared at me as if my eyes blows him off.
no more words till we got to the palace.
I followed him in,we entered fully and climbed many stairs.
didn’t know it was this wide,one can get lost easily.
once we get to the last stairway,
the guards back off.
he knocked at a slivery door,it was opened by a maid.
“welcome the maid said to him.
“come in” the maid nkem with respect.
he nodded and left.
“come in” the maid said and opened the door widely.
I almost bowed as I entered.
she shut the door in a swift.
“excuse me” she said and passed a particular stairway that cut across in a spiral form.
I admired the room,it was furnished so expensively but not like Lotanna’s.
the walls were painted purple with different proffesional designs, their was a large chandelier light in form of stars at the center of the living room,the floors were hypnotized with sweet gem stones that wakes my legs with its breathtaking charms.
many more modern things that I don’t know was in the room,
a large screen was on display,showing and sparkling phosphorescent lights.
wealth in all,
wealth overall,
wealth is really good.
I stopped admiring things as the maid that asked me to wait came.I lit my eyes at her.
“okay follow me” she said,not taking her eyes off me.
I knew she would talk.
“what’s this cut?”, she pointed at my cheek..
“I injured” I said.
“this doesn’t look like injury” she said
I stayed quiet.
“nice shape and body type but your face is something else” she said.
I stayed quiet, we got upstairs.
the door opened by itself without being touched…
awwww so much technologies.
Aunty Tracy was seen laying on a wide bed,she was on a red robe.
so simple,she doesn’t use any royal accessory, have never seen her wearing any.
“ebere you can leave” she said.
ebere left,I felt nervous facing my new owner.
“Adeife right?”, she asked.
I nodded.
“where are your loads?”, she asked.
“I don’t have any” I said with a tingling feeling of embarrassment.
“okay…I will arrange for that!.
“did you learn any trade?”, she asked.
“umm no” I replied.
“okay” she sighed.
“so what are your talents?”, she asks.
I remembered onome’s warning.
“nothing is my talent” I said.
she sighed.
“okay you can go” she said
“thank you madam.what will I be doing as your maid?”, I asked.
“just the normal job you were doing, don’t stress yourself too much” she said.
I bowed and left.
I got so happy as I entered the maids quarter, my bed was still there.
Aaaaah Aaaaah,I love my life.
can I pretend like airplanes,
like nightfalls in the shooting star
I could really use a wish right now
wish right now!
I sang wholeheartedly in my heart.
soon enough,ebere came knocking, I opened the door and collected my new clothing’s.
even god knows my creator is praying for aunty Tracy right now..
I rest for a long time,
it was finally time to prepare dinner.
I joined the other maids, someone special was preparing Lotanna’s meal.I doubt it if she’s from this village, she looks neat and smart and she prepare the meal with so much care,have never seen such type of food.
Part of my eyes was looking at how she prepared everything,I grabbed some things.
hope I won’t forget chai
she took plates from a particular section,no one touch his plates, no one touch his diamond spoons, not even his cups.
finally she placed them carefully on a tray and carried it out.
I carried aunty Tracy’s food upstairs, on my way back to the maids quarter I met nkem.
“my friend” he called.
“sir,do you need anything” I asked.
“come let’s tell stories” he said.
“am coming” I said and passed him.
I intentionally look at Lotanna’s door while passing.
I hope he is okay???
does his head still hurt?…
I headed for the stairs, I saw him,he was actually sitting on the last stairs pressing phone of course,his head had a white head band,he looks so much better now.
I moved back so he would passed first,thank goodness I was holding a piece of cloth, I used it to cover my face….and waited patiently.
“miss,get away from my way?”,
I heard him say,i got hypnotize so easily,I moved away and bumped into him mistakenly.
“oooouch,my head!!!!! he whimpered, I felt he was in pain.but,I didn’t touch his head-right?
his phone fell and shattered right in my presence.
“ohh my gaaad,Lotanna!!!!!!!
someone said from behind.

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