*Rose’s POV.*
He walked around the room with a smile and turned to me looking at me strangely. I couldn’t see his face clearly but I knew he was smiling, the room we were had dim amber light that didn’t actually lit up the whole room.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked and, he had said
“Because of what you just said.” he scoffed.
“So? I don’t see what’s wrong with what I just said.” I shrugged
“I know but you’re just seventeen, why do you want a child so badly?” He laughed.
I sighed thinking why I wanted a child of my own so badly… “Maybe because I want to show my own child, what my mother couldn’t show me!” I said, my voice was sad and low.
“Oh” His voice was suddenly sad and he smiled again and said.
“Maybe I should just get you pregnant, would you like that?” He laughed making me look at him weirdly. “You’re crazy!”
Well to me at that moment it wasn’t a bad idea.
But I laughed, and then we both ended up laughing like maniacs. He was handsome, I know but somehow I couldn’t see his face. I didn’t even know who I was talking to.
The sound of distant beeping noise could be heard from afar, and I realised I was dreaming, As I opened my eyes slowly, my head started to hurt and I felt my heart start to beat even more, My body felt heavy, but somehow I was able to move my fingers.
I noticed I was lying on something soft, I opened my eyes fully and immediately closed them due to the brightness of the room.
I could hear my own breathing and also hear distant voices from afar.
I tried opening my eyes again and this time more slowly, and finally I open my eyes finally becoming familiar to the brightness, I couldnt move because my body was heavy, I just looked around and noticed something was placed over my nose to my mouth, The beeping sound became loud and I noticed someone was standing beside me.
I tried to look at the person standing beside me but I couldn’t turn my head.
“She’s awake!” someone gasped.
And I heard footstep running out of the room I was.
My eyes watched the ceiling and the florescent light, above my head, my head was pounding and my heart was fast.
Where am i? I thought
Why am I here? What is happening right now?. I couldn’t decipher the situation until I heard like hundreds of footsteps running towards me and immediately I saw strange looking faces above my head.
Three males and two females, all dressed in white and I suddenly figured this was a hospital.
One doctor raised a syringe above my head and pricked the tiny needle into my arm, The pain was so sharp and it hurt so much I couldn’t even yelp or whince cause i couldn’t talk.
He placed the empty syringe on a steel looking tray his assistant was holding and took out another full syringe and pricked it in my arm.
Suddenly my eyes starts to close by itself and I heard as footsteps starts to walk out of the room.
I wanted to open my eyes, but my eyes didn’t listen to my head and before I knew it, I was asleep.
He walked into my room and slowly closed the door. He turned to me and sighed, I couldn’t see his face but I could tell his expression.
It was strange.
“Why did you call me here?” he asked.
“I checked it.” I sighed.
“It was positive!” I whispered
“What… what.. Really I thought you were joking over the phone!” He was freaking out.
“How can I joke with something this big!” I said.
“But… How can this happen?” He yelled.
“Keep your voice down, Tina is in the other room, she might hear us!” I whispered yelled.
“Okay… Okay… so it… it belongs to us?” He asked.
I nodded. “I mean yeah we did it and, it happened and now we’re just going to take responsibility over it!”.
“Don’t you think we should tell somebody!?” He said walking closer to me.
“Tell somebody?” I repeated.
“Yeah…” he nodded.
“I don’t know I’m scared, I just want it to be between the two of us!” I said and he sighed and grabbed my hands.
“Rose!” He had called.
Which I think was my name!
“We’re still teenagers, we can’t take responsibility for this!” He sighed.
“But when we did it I thought we both promised to take full responsibility just the two of us!” I whined.
“Okay… We Did…
“Look, I’m scared too, but I’m happy!” I had said.
“You’re happy… I’m so scared I can barely breathe.” He scoffed. “But at the same time I’m happy!”.
He had said and left me smiling, i couldn’t see his face but he was smiling too.
And like that my eyes opened, I sighed when I figured it was another dream, why do I keep having a dream about this same person, a person whose face I can’t see and whose voice I can’t remember. Somehow my breathing felt calm and my heart beat was normal, my body wasn’t that heavy and I could move it, but I was weak, very weak the strong smell of antiseptic and medicines crawler through my nose and I almost puked. I heard voices around me and when I looked side ways, I saw unfamiliar faces. All eyes gawking at me.
A pretty tall woman stood close to me and a young girl who looked like the woman stood beside the woman.
I turned to the other side of my bed and a very young doctor stood there with a clipboard and a pen and beside the doctor was a boy, who’d be around the same age as the doctor.
“Rose…!” the tall pretty woman called with tears in her eyes.
“Are you feeling okay?” The young girl beside the pretty tall woman said. But I just looked at them awkwardly.
Who are these people?
“You can See us right?” The young doctor said and I turned to him.
“Blink twice if you can see us!” The doctor instructed.
I mean of course I can see all of them.
I blinked twice and they all smiled joyfully.
“Okay so This is a miracle and I’m out of here!” the doctor said and walked away.
The boy who stood beside the doctor, held my hand and smiled at me.
“You’re going to be okay Rose.” The boy smiled at me.
Who is he? I thought.
Who are they.?
“Rose..” the woman called and I turned to her. I mean that’s my name right?
“Do you know who I am?” she asked.
Do I know who she is?
I looked at the woman but she looked unfamiliar.
“Of course she doesn’t, didn’t you hear what doctor Aaron said earlier? He said they’ve tested her and she’s suddenly suffering from amnesia!” the young girl said and a tear fell from the woman’s eyes.
“But it’s the good one right?” the boy holding my hand said. I turned to him and his eyes had start to water…
“It’s just Retrograde amnesia, she can get her memories back!” the boy sniffed.
“Of course… But it depends!” The young girl shrugged and then turned to me…
“Rose I know you don’t know who we are, you have no idea where you are or why you’re here, but just know you’re okay! And in case you don’t know, I’m Tina!” the girl smiled.
“I’m so glad you’re back” The boy was holding back his tears and he squeezed my hand a bit. “it’s been three years!”.
Three years of what? I thought as I turned to the ‘Tina’ girl who looked like she wanted to speak. And she answered my question immediately.
“Yeah… it’s been three years, Mom had no hope of you waking up, Henry too, he lost all hope, but I was the one who remained positive… I Had hope in you waking up” The Tina girl was trying to be strong, but she burst into a loud cry.
“I missed you so much Rose. We all did, you’ve been in coma for three years and now… It feels like a miracle!” the tiny girl cried even louder and my head laughed at what she just said.
Coma?…. For three years.
T. B. C


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