[the girl he never noticed]


chimooo my toes
it really hurts as i ran.
“wait my dear maiden,please wait.I mean no harm” I heard Arinze’s voice from behind.I didn’t wait,I still continue running till I found a route.
“finally” I breathed as i moved into an hideout.I noticed I was not with the waist bead Ngozi gave me to use..
ohhh my,did I lost it?
is this not trouble again?…
I peeped from my hideout and used the tree as a shade to cover up.
I could see Arinze searching around for me,lying in his presence on the floor is the waist bead am looking for.
how am I going to get it back?…
chai it’s not for me,what am i going to tell Ngozi?…
my heart pondered as I watch Arinze pick it up.He held it with so much care as he examine it.
“whosoever you are,I will find you and make you mine” i heard him say,
he left with the waist bead.
I just hope Ngozi will not get mad at me because of this bead.
I left my hideout and ran like have never done on my life,it was already getting dark,it still didn’t bother me.
Finally,i left princess akuna’s kingdom and entered ours.
I stopped to catch my breath before retiring to the lover’s spot.
I took off what i had on and tied my old looking wrappers.
You won’t believe I have just five set of wrappers,out of those five’s I can only boast of one,not like it is among the best.
I have never worn waist beads,earrings, neck beads and anklets.Today is my first time.
if not for Ngozi, were would i be today???
Should I also say today is the only day am very happy,my most happiest day because i met many princes and they also enjoy seeing me dance.
I was done with my dressing,I wrapped the one’s Ngozi borrowed me and kept it in a safe place beside a stone and finally left empty handed.
Soon,I got to where I kept my pot,I lifted it on my head.
I walked home tiredly.
Onome was outside discussing with her friend, mama mmesoma.
I passed them as I greeted.
None of them answered.I went to the backyard to empty my pot.
I got outside, only onome was there. I think her friend just left..
“Stupid girl,Ukwu ka Aziza(legs like broom stick) go and get me water,I am thirsty” onome said.
I cursed her inwardly as i turn to walk into the kitchen.
“what did you just did?”, she yelled.
“nothing mama,I didn’t dare you”,
I replied and entered the kitchen hurriedly to get her water.
I turned and met her standing behind me with a pestle.The water i was holding in a calabash fell,the calabash shattered.
The end as finally come for me. I quickly knelt down.
“mama bikonu(please)” I pleaded in tears.She hit the pestle on my back.
“mama I didn’t go against you,I didn’t do anything wrong” I begged.She grinned wickedly.
“you sang today,didn’t you?”,
she asked.
“mbanu(no) mama” I replied.
At times I do wonder if onome is a witch.She usually knows if I sing at her back…
“you sang….didn’t i told you to run away from music! she shrieked.
“mama please I won’t do it again!
I cried,she continue hitting me..
I hastily stood up and wanted to run out but I mistakenly pushed her, she fell and papa came in that moment.
“what’s happening here?”, he asked.
“Ife has killed me,she hit me just because am trying to correct her” onome lied,she’s always turning me against my father.
“no no I didn’t hit her, I pushed her and it was mistake” I said. He slapped me.
“You want to kill your stepmother the way you killed your mother” he exaggerated.
onome stood up.
“have you fetched water?”, she asked.
“no am not done” I replied.
“have you washed olamma’s cloth?”,
she asked.
“noo mother” I replied.
“eeehh rubbish upon rubbish! she clapped her hands in danger singnal.
It was my father’s turn to hit me.
With tears in my eyes,I rush off to the stream with olamma’s cloth and my pot of water.
Never in my life will I sing.
Each time I sing at her back,she usually knows… She always says songs are not meant for ugly maidens like me,she always says BELIEVE is not for me…..
I shouldn’t BELIEVE while singing.
I finished my work very late in the midnight,I retired home after spreading olamma’s cloth.I slept with an empty stomach on the cold floor while olamma slept comfortably on the bed.
Olamma started crying in sleep, onome quickly rushed into the hut olamma and I share like she is been chased by something…..
She rush to onome on the bed and wiped her tears.
“my daughter is crying,you’re sleeping! onome yelled at me, I sprang up although I distance myself
Mama ain’t i beautiful anymore? have never been disgraced like this in my entire life
A strange girl came to the party, she embarrassed me so much in front of other maidens just because I want to be her friend,ohhh mama I never loss ….
she started crying.
my daughter,
my ornament,
the future queen of deerah kingdom, no maiden can beat your beauty……
Onome pet her daughter to sleep,I was made to fan her.
She slept so fast,onome left.
I smiled as I dropped the fan…good for her…
I felt proud of the embarrassment I gave her.I slept.
Ikechukwu’s p.o.v
I walked briskly into the princes empire so I would call them for early morning stroll.I can’t even say who is who till now.They so much look alike.
I really envy them yesterday at the party….
virtually all the maidens were drooling on them,it feels so good to have seductive physique.
I got to a door in the princes empire, the hallway was glittering with bright lights,the floor was different entirely..
igwe really spent a lot in furnishing this place,it is so much special.
I knocked on the first door,
“who is there?”,, a voice answered.
I think it’s Lotanna or….
“I said who is there?”, the voice came up again.
“my prince it is me,ikechukwu the head guard and your loyal servant” I replied,piously.
“what do you want?”, he asked..
“we are talking a walk this morning”,
I replied…. he was silent which made my breath ceased..
“that maiden yesterday,the beautiful one,what’s her name?”, he asked with so much superiority.
“prince Lotanna, I have no idea”
I replied.
“am not Lotanna, am Jidenna”
he corrected.
what an attitude!
I left his door and walked futher.
I guess this should be Lotanna’s door then.
I knocked.
“come in” a soft voice said.
I opened and entered…He was sitting on one of the heavenly couch and was on phone.A little girl was sitting very close to him with her legs on his laps…
isn’t that Amarachi,also part of the royal blood! that smart 15years old kid!…
“Brother it is not the hare that won the race, the tortoise did” Amarachi said… Lotanna picked an Apple and turned to me,Amarachi tapped him.
“early morning walk my prince” I said with a bow.It is really a taboo here to look directly into a prince eyes.
“come and sit,tell us a story…. my brother doesn’t know any folktale” Amarachi said…
Lotanna pulled out a golden stool for me to sit..
such an honor!
I hastily sat and started, at times I would pause to steal a glance at the prince…who is very busy with what he is doing on phone.
“sorry for cutting you off…let’s walk around, there’s actually no network around here” he said as he picked his spectranet device…
“my pleasure,my prince! I replied and led the way…
such a sweet somebody,now the only way I can differentiate the princes is through their behaviors.
Adeife Adeife
I was thanking my ancestor onome wasn’t around….if not I would have cried this early morning.Even papa wasn’t around.
Olamma yawned lazily,the first thing she picked was a mirror.
“Ife am hungry” olamma said.
I shot her a glare.”Am only Ife,am not a chef” I said.
She dropped her mirror and turned to me……she better not pass her boundary this early morning.
“Ife am hungry,I must not repeat myself” she said.
“Poison is available” I replied.
“Ife am hungry! she shouted and slapped me angrily.
“sooooooo!!! I shouted and slapped mine.We started a fight,I made sure I cut those beads her admirers bought for her….
“never in your life! Olamma I repeat never in your life! I said with pain and pulled her hairs,I bite her neck side. She screamed in pains and attracted neighbors.
Mama Mmesoma was the one who rush to separate us..
“do you want to kill her the way you killed your mother! she shouted.
Olamma’s neck was already red,part of her face had blood cause of the scratch I gave her..
Mother and child can’t be maltreating me at the same time…
Olamma ran inside,I also walk away to a widow’s house.She usually pays me to wash her clothes.
“good morning nne(mother)” I greeted…
“yes my daughter” she replied and payed for service…
I knelt as I collected it.I packed her clothes and turned to leave.
hmmmm what if onome also collect this money from me?? I think I should start saving. Nothing is too small.
I turned back to the widow.
“nne,I want to be keeping my money with you” I said.
“no problem” she said.I handed her the money and went for the stream with her cloths.
On getting to the stream,I met Arinze on one side swimming, on his wrist was the waist bead,he actually wore it in folds….He keeps hair to,he bind it up with a black bracelet…
He turned, by then I was already washing….I turned my back against him so that he won’t get irritated by my ugliness…
how I wish I can get the waist bead back from him??.
someone approached,I turned and it was Ngozi.She also came with cloth.
“thanks for yesterday” I said..
“you’re welcome… but the bead where is it,it is the only treasure I have?”, she asked,her eyes search around,it landed on Arinze’s wrist.
“Arinze what are you doing with my bracelet?”,she shouted.
Arinze came out of the water with water dripping from his hair,down to his bare chest making the hairs on them curl sweetly.
“what waist bead? it belongs to my maiden” Arinze said.
“I said if is for me! Ngozi shouted and brought out the matching necklace.
“That’s not enough for a prove because you ain’t beautiful like her, you are shapeless!
Arinze said…Ngozi fumed in anger. She really hate insults.
chimo am I also the cause of this one?
“who is shapeless?????


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