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[the girl he never noticed]



“who is shapeless?.
“Did you just call me shapeless?” Ngozi fumed in real anger.
“yes you are shapeless…a total disgrace to woman hood-is there any difference between you and Adeife? ugly shapeless fellows”Arinze cursed.
I dropped the cloth am washing, he just mentoomedy name,he abused I and my friend.
“look who we have here,Miss ugly and miss shapeless! Arinze still cursed,loudly.
“Ngozi am sorry,forgive me” I said. I faced Arinze,he shifted back and cover his face.
“what’s all this bad luck very early in the morning! he said as he shifts back.
“All the days of your life,badluck” said,Ngozi.
“and if you don’t give back the waist best,your first born will be ugly” I said
“your second born will be shapeless”Ngozi said.
“your future wife,broom stick” I said.
“your first son,impotent” Ngozi said.
Arinze stared at the both of us as we curse him.
“just stop cursing me,you don’t know the angel that is passing by” he said.
“then give back the waist bead” Ngozi still said with anger.
“no matter your curse,I won’t give it back” Arinze said.
Next,Ngozi rushed him and bite his chest. They started fighting for the bead,I didn’t even know what to do in the moment…Ngozi is not patient.
“ngo,stop dragging will cut,if it cut then you both loss” I said.She won’t still listen.
They struggled the more and I think Arinze is trying his best not to injure her.She is a female,he is a male.
am the cause of this,I know?
seems my soul is purely addicted to trouble!.
“ngo, leave it for him.I will pay for it with my savings” I said.she didn’t still listen.
The bead cut,that was when Arinze left the other end.I watch in dismay as some of the beads pour into the stream.Ngozi left the other end in frustration.
“you finally cut it!! she shouted at Arinze, tears welled up in her eyes which made me really felt bad.
“we both loss” Arinze said,happily and left the side of the stream.
Adanna and Chiamanda approached the stream with their pots- those gossipers,especially Amaka.
thank goodness she isn’t here today.
“Ngozi,am sorry” I said lowly as she left the place she was.
The bead pain her,I could see it subconsciously in her emotions as she left the fight scene to the spot she is washing cloth beside me.
“Ngozi, am sorry” I said,she didn’t answer.
I signed,feeling pained she isn’t talking to me again.
hmmm this is unlike her,
why is she getting like this?…
is it still the bead matter or the fight or the curse?.
“what if I get you another one? You know am saving in five different places plus old Nana’s place making it six.Before the end of this month,I will buy it for you…am really really sorry” I said.
“I don’t need it!”, she replied,angrily.
she started ignoring me,
the silence really hurts.
knowing fully well that she is the only supporter i have,seeing that only supporter staying mad at me because of an ordinary bead kills me from the inside-
“Ngo,am sorry! I said..
“whatttt….why sorry? did I fall down!
she shut me out…
sooo painful.
To her it might be nothing but to me it is something.Ngozi does not really knows little things hurt me.
I looked at her,I could not even concentrate on what I was washing.
“And one day if destiny puts me where I want to be,I will come back for you” I said.
she still didn’t answer.
Her cloth was not really much,she was done.
she will leave me again.
“which one have you not wash?”,
she finally speak to me,I felt happy.
“do not stay happy for I am still mad at you” she said and started helping me with the cloths.
I hugged her timidly,she splashed water on me,I did it back happily.It turned into a water fight.
The last water Ngozi splashed on me mistakenly touch chiamanda and Adanna.
“eeee what type of nonsense is this?
she exaggerated.
“sorry” Ngozi said politely.
“witches of the same feathers” Adanna hissed..
“say it again if you dare!” Ngozi said to adanna’s face.I trust Ngozi….
Ngozi the fighter.
I smiled….I remembered she taught me how to always fight back.
“Coward… you dare not repeat it again” she said and came back to help me out.
more maidens came to fetch water,
I started hearing things about me…
Her ugliness keeps getting worst
ohhh my gaaaad…
seriously,I just noticed.
Just out of hand.
Guess that’s how it runs in her generations.She looks like Old Nana.
I heard murmurs.
Ngozi wanted to fight back,I held her back.There’s no point in doing that…
it is just my fault that am ugly.
if am not ugly,they won’t possibly talk….
I spread the cloths I washed,
Ngozi left, I also went to the other places that I work.I was able to gather little pennies,I tied some on the tip of my wrapper and took the rest to “old Nana’s” the place I save.
I dare not take all the money home, onome will collect it and she won’t still give me food.
finally I decided to leave for home..
ikechukwu’s p.o.v
we were set to leave for the morning stroll…the three of us,
the prince,me and Amarachi…the youngest kid in the palace.She’s just 15…people always thinks she is a royal blood but she is not.She was found by some fishermen near the pond side,the king decided to raise her as his…till now,her lineage is not yet known.
The secret was made unknown to her until last year’s festival ceremony,she overhead some chiefs saying it….she felt bad,she thought she is a princess,the way the king raise her up was very special.
<so am not really a princess…am only a foster child! this simply means my own parent got irresponsible>
ohhhhh no!!!! mom why????
why did you keep me beside that fish pond? what if I got killed!!!!
14years old Amarachi laments during last years festival…I remembered how the king hugged her to console her,he used his thumb to wipe her tears too..
Since then,no one dare talk about it. I don’t even think the princes knows about it.
“So where are you taking us to? strolling to where?”, she asked.
“anywhere my princess” I replied.
“okay” she nodded as she held hands with Lotanna.
“Shall we stroll to the market,it’s been long I did that” she said…
we got out with three more guards,I kept on looking at prince Lotanna.
can he cope with walking around? I don’t think he is use to it…
his catwalk only says it all,
Just so amazing…it looks like heaven is open to rain..
“we shouldn’t take long” he said fluently in his strange language which I don’t think I heard.
Amarachi laughed.”you don’t understand English” she said to me before interpreting what Lotanna said….
Adeife Adeife
I got home,the outside was very quiet which is so usual..
Onome ought to be back! why isn’t she outside?.
I entered inside and met Olamma lying on the bed,Onome was attending to her wounds..
“mama welcome” I said..
She turned to me,Next she spilled the hot water in my direction.Her eyes was boiling rage.
Then it occurred to me I really injure Olamma during the morning fight.
“mama my neck,it really hurt!
“She bite it,she dragged the new hair I just plait…see they are all loose!
Olamma said.She started crying..
I knew it was fake.
Onome didn’t say a word,she attended to olamma’s wound….
chai my teeth are gone,laughter is now a difficult thing.
Never in my life will i lay my hand on Olamma,even if she makes trouble I will avoid her.
“you want to kill her like you killed your mother….it is today your foolish father will disown you” onome said.
I mistakenly bite my teeth in pain.
“but mama you are calling papa foolish,he is also your husband”
I said..
She stood up,I knew what was next,I ran back.
“what are you seriously turning into?
“you’re telling me I don’t know what am doing hunn! she yelled.
“it’s true you said papa is foolish and he is also your husband” I said.
She clapped her hands in dismay and grabbed me…
I wailed as she beat me mercilessly. She left me when she was tired.
“They have started pressing you… you’re enjoying what is bigger than you…I know ooo because this is how your mother started” she said.I dare not speak.
“the mats are outside…take them to the market and make sure you sell them all” she said.
I gasped..cos no one will buy from ugly,they always run away from me…
I ran out and wipe my tears,then I bundled the mats and took them to the market.
ohhh goodness,who did I offend???
I stopped halfway and decided to use a mask,they won’t know it’s me.
But this money is the last thing I have with me…I sigh and used it to buy a mask.I put it on and made my way into the market….
did I even eat anything since morning?? oh god save Ife.
I shade the mats and started calling out for buyers,none was coming.
my mind said “sing buyer will come”.
I wish I can…but I can’t.
the last time i did,Onome knew.
believe in all that can be
a miracle starts whenever you dream…
I sang in my heart,I dare not sing it out.
“how much is your mat?”, I heard a very tiny voice…I hastily raise my head.I didn’t look at the buyer well.
“which one??? I asked and brought out mats with different patterns….
“my princess wants a mat! I heard another voice.
A princess!!!!!
am I sure am hearing well?.
I hastily raise my head,thank god am with a mask… she would have ran cause of my ugliness.
“Yes,they are pretty” she said and pointed to one…
I wasn’t even looking well,my gaze were directed to the prince.Three guards were surrounding him and he was holding something unfamiliar-
is that a phone?….
I said it,only super wealthy people used that.
“hmm it is not really expensive.How many do you want?”, I asked..
The prince moved forward,Princess Amarachi hastily intertwined their hands…
gosh many maidens were drooling.
“my respect,my princess” I bowed as I present the mat…
The prince took the mat from me,his fingers brushed into mine.
I felt a sensation,a spark in my heart..
what’s wrong with me???
what feelings is this?….
hmmmm how do I tell the prince to leave my hand…

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