Billionaire Boys Episode 9

Billionaire Boys Episode 9

By Oyebamiji Samuel
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Ivy’s POV

I was inside the boot and I heard the car moving.

After a while, I notice the car finally came to an halt and the boot was opened after few seconds

I stepped down feeling so sad and scared at the same time, I dare not smile for my remaining months with them hence they end up killing me or doing something worst

“Let’s go” Evan said and I followed behind

When we almost get to the entrance of the function , Evan turned at me

“Walk with us side by side” He ordered and I stayed in their middle but they had already spoilt my mood . I’m not happy in any way

“You welcome B boys” One of the men there greeted as we entered, he shook hands with us all

“Is this your girlfriend?” The man asked and Evan nodded

“Like both of you share the same girl?” The man asked

“Of course not, she’s my girlfriend” Evan replied

“Oh!” The man said and paved way for us to sit

We went to sit at a very decent chair and I watched the beautiful surroundings but I wasn’t happy. Being inside the boot killed all my morals already

“Ivy, the programme will soon start now and I’m giving the opening speech , but we going out together” He said and I nodded

Not like I have a choice , he should have just commanded me to follow him when he is about to start going

The programme commenced and it’s time for him to go to the front to give a speech. He stood and walked to the front while I followed him

We got to the stage and while he was giving the opening speech , I was force to smile even though I did not feel like, but the spectators will start wondering why my face is dull

My eyes suddenly met with someone sit at the back with a man

It’s my sister. Oh no! My sister is dead. Am I hallucinating or what?

I turned my head to Evan who was giving speech. I want to leave him and run to meet that person that looks like my sister but I’m scared of the punishment I’ll receive afterwards

My attention had being drifted away from Evan and is now with the lady looking like my sister at the back

She wasn’t looking at me instead , she was playing with the man

Is this a kinda dream or what?

Evan tapped me me by my shoulder after few minutes of giving his speech

I turned and noticed that all eyes are specifically on me. Seems he has being calling me but I have no idea , my mind wasn’t there with him

Hope I had not brought him disgrace

“Appreciate everyone for listening to our speech” He said and I collected the mic

But I was only looking at him, I feel like running closer to the lady sitted at the back who looks like my sister

“Thanks everyone for…for..” I said and blinked my trying to recover from the greatest shock of my life

Though I never get to see the corpse of my sister but I know she’s dead

“Thanks for giving us your rapt attention ” I said and returned the mic to Evan

He received it and dropped it and we both Walked out of the stage with cheers from the audience

I followed him to the place we sat before we went to the stage.

“What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you give a simple appreciative speech?” Evan requested

“I’m sorry” I said still thinking about my sister. I know she’s dead and I’m so sure she’s the one I saw

I want to stand up from their midst to meet the lady who looks exactly like my sister but I did not know how to

“Please sir, I saw something that looks like my sister at the back sit” I said

“Forget it , your sister is dead ” Evan said and focuses on the front

He seems to be so sure , how did he know that my sister is dead ?

I turned and still see that girl playing with a man at the back sit

Maybe they just look like ?

The function was over and we went home

Isn’t my sister dead?

I entered my room walking to and fro seriously thinking on what I saw

What is happening here , maybe she’s not dead

I heard a knock on my door and I turned to the door to open it

It’s Evan

“Have this pictures” He said and gave me some picture’s

“Omg! ” I exclaimed sadly as I placed my hand on my chest in fear

Tears poured from my face and my whole self gets overwhelmed in sadness

“I believe you can now see for yourself that your sister is dead for real, so stop the hallucination” Evan said and walked out

I took the pictures and spread it on the floor , they were the dead pictures of my sister

She is dressed in white and white wool were placed on her nose and her ears, she is lay in a casket

According to the police report, they couldn’t find the dead body of my sister cus they assumed that someone raped her and throw her into the sea

How did Evan get this picture that proves beyond all doubt that my sister is dead for real

He must have being connected to it one way or the other

I walked out of my room and went to the sitting room where Ethan and Evan sat

I walked in sluggishly into their midst and placed the picture on the center table

” This is the dead body of my sister , how did you get it sir?” I asked Evan

Ethan looked puzzled but my questions is directed towards Evan

“Ethan killed your sister ” Evan confessed

“Excuse me?” I asked not wanting to believe what Evan said

“You heard me” Evan said and I turned to Ethan

“You killed my sister sir” I said in a questioning tone but Ethan didn’t reply

Instead he was confused and looked into his brother’s face for help

“You killed her ” Evan said and Ethan turned at me and nodded

“Yes , I kill her ” Ethan replied and I bowed my head in sadness

I’m living with people that killed my sister , I must take revenge, I won’t act too fast but I will add to Ethan’s sorrow and agony

I stood up sullenly and walked sluggishly back to my room

I opened the diary to read but I can’t even read anything, my soul is disturbed and I feel like dying , then it’s not my sister that I saw at the function we went

Maybe it’s someone that looked like my sister

I want to continue reading the dowry but my heart is longing seriously for revenge

I must help my sisters revenge her death

I stood up from the sit and went to the kitchen, I served two drinks and poisoned one

I brought the two drinks to them

“I guess you must have being tired as a result of the function , please drink this , it will relax your nerves” I said and Evan was the first to pick his

“Now that you know my brother killed your sister , what are you gonna do?” He asked

“Nothing ” I replied

I served Ethan but he shot me a dead look, it’s obvious he didn’t feel like drinking

“What if you had poisoned the food ?” Evan asked and I nodded

“I did not sir ” I defended and Evan walked inside his room

He came back with a yellow litmus paper and inserted it inside his drink , the litmus paper didn’t change color then he inserted it inside that of Ethan and the color changed to red

“My suspicions were right, you wanted to kill Ethan ” Evan said and dipped his hand inside his pocket and stretched his gun at me

I bow my head and gave up, I’ll die , that one is so sure

My foolish act has brought my death upon me.


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