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Billionaire Boys Episode 3

Billionaire Boys Episode 3

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Ethan controlled himself and cleaned his face with his hanky . He maintained his beast-ful face and looked away

“Let’s go” Evan said and we all walked away to a solitary place, we sat on a small rock and I can’t stop asking myself many questions

What made him gat so much angry that he ended up crying , did he lost something or has he being a victim of something terrible in the past?

” Staying here with us irritates us so much, but we just gotta allow you cus we hardly listen to lectures , our minds are filled with so many things” Evan said

The only reason why I can recognize them is because one talks gently while the other talk harshly

One looks sternly while the other does not express any emotion on his face. He is neither smiling nor Frowning and that is Evan

I was scared to speak , I just keep staring at the ground like I keep something there

“Sir” I called softly to Evan and Evan turned at me

“You asked if I’m a twin sir, did you know me somewhere ?” I asked softly but foolishly cus I know it’s impossible for us to ever meet

He turned at his brother who was looking away and placed his finger on his lips telling me to keep quiet

He stood up and signaled for me to follow him to somewhere not really far from where we all sat

Ethan didn’t seem to care either we left him or not

“Your question again ?” He asked and I repeated my question

” I ain’t the one that knows you. I only saw your picture stapled on Ethan’s diary” Evan said and I squeezed my eyebrows

“My picture” I exclaimed but he didn’t reply

“How did he get my picture sir ?” I asked

Evan sighed and turned at my face looking at me squarely while I maintained a straight gaze at him too cus he has scolded me not to bow for him cus they are not king

“What date did your twin sister die ? ” He asked

“December 23” I replied and he took his face off me.
After many seconds , he still hasn’t brought his face to me so I stretched my neck a bit and noticed that tears was pouring heavily from his eyes

I quickly bowed my head slightly but wondering why he is crying too.

I noticed he cleaned his face and turned at me

“This place will be hell of a living for you” Evan said and I arched my brow

” I wish he had killed you on that day you lost consciousness “Evan said and fear gripped my soul

” sir” I tried to call but he walks away from me

He whispered something into the ear of Ethan and Ethan stood and walked to me angrily like I’d offended him somewhere

“Cursed are ladies ” He yelled as he moves closer to me like he is about to devour me

“For they are not suppose to be created with men” Evan replied and walked behind his brother to me

“You and your kind are not suppose to be here , you irritates us so much , Damn it!” Ethan cursed and stared into my face

“I’ll use my bear hand to kill you after I’d tortured you for months, I want you tortured first . Now start to do press up” Ethan commanded

Press up! That is more like an exercise and not a punishment

I commenced the press up while they sat and watch, I noticed that the next lecture has commenced but they obstinately refuse to enter the class cus they want me to continue which I did. After many minutes , I’d loosed a lot of energy and I wish they will tell me to stop.

My breathing increased and my heart became heavy. The pain in my hand becomes unbearable

Sweats were forming and increasing all over my heads down my chest to my stomach

This is an horrible experience now , I think I should beg them cus it seems they will not tell me to stop anytime soon

“Please ” I said and raised my face at them but they ignored my plea and maintained a scary face

“I’ll do whatever you want, please release me sirs ” I pleaded again tiredly

“Not like you have a choice , you must obey us, you gonna do that till dawn when the night school is over ” Ethan said and I lost all hope

The press up became very slow as a result of the pain and I feel that I may die soon

“Hey ! B Boys!” Someone shouted their name from the entrance of the class and they looked up at the person

“We’ve gat a short text , come around ” The person yelled again

“My bad! We’ll fail as usual ?” Ethan said

“Sure, but let’s do it” Evan replied and they both stood

“Sir, please let me write the exam for you, I may help you pass” I said while doing the press up

They stared at themselves and Evan signaled for me to stand up

I wanted to stand up after many pressups but my strength failed me and I fell to the floor

I tried to stand again but I can’t. Sweat was forming rapidly all over my body and I was trying to catch some breath

“Stand up now” Evan said sternly

I gathered little strength and tried to stand

I finally stood breathing heavily

They walked towards the class expecting me to follow them , I stared at the floor and saw the sweats from me formed the shape of my head and hand

I ignored the pain and walked painfully after them and entered the class with them

“Time starts now” The lecturer said and everyone logged in into their accounts cus there is a computer before every chairs , on the desk of every students

The chairs of Ethan, Evan and I were close

I have no account so I can’t log into the system

“Check this out!” Evan said and I set my gaze at the questions displayed on the screen of the computer and luckily enough for me , they are questions I’d already being taught in my first class at school .

I should be able to prove my intelligence this time.

It’s just five questions, I placed my hand on the mouse panel and quickly answered the five objective questions for Evan

I turned at Ethan to do the same and he shot me a devilish look

“Let her do it for you” Evan said and Ethan exhales a bit and allowed me handle his mouse panel

I clicked on the same answers I’d clicked for Evan

“If I fail, I’ll kill you today with my gun” Ethan said while shooting me a very devilish look

“Ivy, did you pick rubbish for us or you sure of the answers you chose?” Evan asked

Oh! One of them called my name! I’m kinda glad but scared cus I ain’t so sure of the answers but we did it in our first class at school of nursing three years ago

I hope the answers are what I picked

“I pick the right answers sir” I replied and Evan looked away from me

“Time up” the lecturer said and They both clicked on submit

I watched the lecturer as he stares into his system probably checking their answers

“The robot I designed your answers in had marked all your answers , listen to the result ” The lecturer said and my heart beats faster than regular

“If you fail, you stop attending this very class for three weeks cus you have just proven to me that I’d being wasting all my efforts in teaching you all this while. A question is 10 marks , I know no one can ever score 50 marks but if you do, I’ll appoint you as the course rep of my class, 30 over 50 is the pass marks, listen attentively to your result ” The man said and my heart beats heavily

Oh! I pray they at least score 30 marks !

“Ethan Paxton ” The man called and look up

Jeez! Why his name first

Ethan raised up his hand and everybody chuckled mockingly at him and with the rumors I heard about him, they said he has never passed any course text , always failing

“You score is ….”

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