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Billionaire Boys Episode 4

Billionaire Boys Episode 4

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Your score is 50″ The lecturer said and the whole class suddenly went Silent like they observing a one minute silence for a lost one

Ethan turned at me and shot me an expressionless gaze. I looked into his face like a kid and he took his face off me

“Evan Paxton, your score is 50” The man said and the whole class murmured in confusion probably wondering how the most dullard in class scored all

The man called the result of the the other students and sadly no one got more than 30 marks

“Wow! I’m impressed , when did the B boys start reading? How did your intelligent grow so fast” The lecturer asked staring intently at them but they refused to reply

“Keep it up, come forward” He called Ethan and Evan and they obliged

” which among you can I choose as the captain for my course . i need a course rep and I’d promise to pick the student with the highest mark and luckily enough for you guys, you had the highest mark

“Choose both of us cus we are inseparable ” Evan said and the lecturer nodded staring at them interchangeably

“So be it, the B boys are my course rep now, is that understood?” The man asked

“Very well sir” The students replied and the lecturer whispered some things to them then they came back to their sit

The man gat done with his teaching and everyone dispersed out of the class excluding Ethan, Evan and I

“You smart” Evan said looking at me while Ethan looks away

“We’ll be needing you more. Ethan you see why I say we shouldn’t kill her yet?” Evan asked and Ethan turned at him without saying anything

This Ethan of a guy is just so weird , Evan is at least manageable compared to Ethan. It seems like his past has taken hold of him so much

“Let’s go home” Evan said and we all stood and went to their car and was driven home

We hopped out of the car into the living room

“You woman, you suppose to be dead by now but my brother saved you. I’ll have killed you but my brother stopped me, but you gave us prestige in class by making us score the highest mark. Can a woman be useful? Guess you are” He said and sat at the living room while I stood

“Sir, I’m sorry for the question I asked the other time” I said and he raised his head up at me

“You wanna know why I hate ladies? ” he asked and I nodded

“Everything about women pisses me off, it makes me angry , I love to kill ladies , I even killed my own mother cus she’s a woman” He bragged

I think I should proceed in asking him more questions

“Sir, you cried after getting angry , why ?” I asked and he bowed his head

“Kiss me slowly
For your lips are soft and sexy
It makes mine long for more” He said and my heart beat faster than a running machine

This are the words my sister always state anytime she is alone doing something

How did Ethan know the exact same uncommon and unique song that my sister do sing?

“Sir, how did you know that song?” I asked and he grinned wickedly

“Ivy, enough of that now, go and have some rest” Evan said and I obliged

On my way to my room, I saw a room opened, I stared around like a thief ready to steal but not wanting to be caught

I tip toed inside my room and what I saw flabbergasted me

I saw the posters of my sister , her framed pictures all around the room, I saw three old diaries arranged in order

My sister? What:s the picture of my sister doing here ? Another thing is if Evan recognizes me cus I look in the exact same way like my sister , why can’t Ethan recognize me?

I tip toed fearfully hoping no one would see me and took the Diary, it’s numbered, like Diary 1, Diary 2 and Diary 3

I picked Diary 1 , these diaries might probably be an answer all my curiosity

I was tip toeing to the exit of the room when I suddenly heard footsteps walking closer to the room I was

Jeez! What will I say I’m doing here ? And the diary in my hand, what will I say I’m doing with it ?

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