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Billionaire Boys Episode 5

Billionaire Boys Episode 5

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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The footsteps moved across the room I was and I exhaled heavily and happily.

I took the diary and tip toed to my room. I opened the first page of the diary

Ethan’s POV in the diary

( Flashback )

Three years ago

“I know our business does not permit us to fall in Love, but this is what I have to do ” I said to Evan who was making fuss about the fact that I fell in Love with a girl I barely know

“Ethan, a game business is not a type of business you dedicate little concentration on, this girl will distract you, remember we have goals that we have lay down to achieve for the year, how will our employees and father most importantly feel when we fail to accomplish It all because you are in Love” Ethan advised

“Bro, I totally get you and I understand where you coming from, dad has advised us many times to stay away from ladies just so we can keep achieving our goals but when our heart chose to fall in Love , shouldn’t we follow ?” I asked

“It’s alright, as long as it does not affect our business goals” Evan said

“It won’t” I replied assuring-ly

“Who is the lucky girl?” Evan asked and I blushed

“You can’t believe I’ve never spoken to her , I see her work as a chef in a restaurant and I admired her so much” I said shyly

“Now I get, that girl you are always staring at when we go to eat right?” Evan asked and I nodded while smiling

“She’s beautiful though but she’s a low class ” Evan said

“I don’t care. I’ll make her high class, I have a lot of money, I’ll bless her with as many monies as possible so she can become high class like us ” I said

“Oh!” Evan exclaimed

“I just need you to support me , I’d never fallen in love before and l’m kinda scared. I do not know how to confess my feelings for her, I do not know if she loves me or not but her Love is killing me here already, I Love her so much” I said expecting my brother to advise me

“Humn!” He hummed and adjusted very well on the chair

“What if I speak to her for you” Evan said

“Oh! How?” I asked

“Just gonna tell her you love her ” Evan said

“Just like that?” I questioned

“How else ?” He asked and stood

“When next are we going to the restaurant?” He asked

“Sincerely, I won’t mind us going now” I said and he nodded

I stood and we both went outside , we hopped inside our car and drove to the restaurant

We entered and sat like we had come for food not knowing that we had come to see the pretty girl my heart desires

“You welcome sir , Have you selected your choice of food sir ?” An attendant asked politely . We raised our head to see who it was and it’s that girl we had came to the restaurant for

“Not yet, your name please ?” Evan asked

“It’s against the job profession to tell our customers our name” She replied politely

“Guess you have no idea whom we are” Evan said and put a call through to someone , I know at once that he has just put a call though to the C.E.O of the restaurant

The girl was called away from us by one of the chef and came back few minutes later to where Evan and I sat

“I’m sorry sir. Please pardon my manners, I’m Olivia by name” She said

“Why treating us like strangers , is this our first time of coming here to eat?” Evan asked

“I’m so sorry sir. I just didn’t want to go against the laid down ethics of the job” Olivia said

She’s gat a sweet name , I can’t wait for Evan to help me confess my Love for her

“Sit” Evan said and she obliged gently

“Guess your CEO has told you whom we are , We are the B boys, meaning Billionaire Boys, my brother here, Ethan Loves you, what’s your say?” Evan asked Olivia while I bowed my head shyly

I heard her chuckled and I raised my head wondering why she’s chuckling

“What’s funny?” Evan asked

“Nothing sir, just that I’d always crush on him too even though it’s hard to recognize who is who between the two of you, but my heart tingles cus of Love anytime I set my eyes on him” Olivia said and happiness spread across my soul

She raised her head boldly staring at me while I was trying to avoid her gaze

I finally summoned courage to look at her

“You love me!” I said in a questioning tone and she nodded sheepishly

I turned my head and shot Evans an appreciative look

“I’m overwhelmed right now , can you stop this work you doing and let me bless you with money” I said

“I’ll ” She replied and I already imagine myself giving her a tight hug

Evan put a call through to the CEO and ordered for the immediate termination of Olivia’s work appointment

Evan confirmed that the C.E.O agreed to Olivia’s work termination and I held Olivia hand in hand outside

We entered the car Evan and I brought and left Evan at the restaurant, I’m sure he’s gonna sort himself out

Flashback Ends!

Ivy’s POV continues

For real? This imply that he has once being in Love with my sister , this is driving me crazy now.

So my sister is in Love with a billionaire all this while and he didn’t tell me . but! I look exactly like my sister , why didn’t he mistook me for my sister and why did he did not even recognize me whereas Evan does?

This curiosity is driving me mad already, I just need someone to sit me down and answer all this baffling questions

Ethan should of course know about the death of my sister , who could have killed my sister or is it what I’m thinking.

Did Ethan kill my sister ? Oh no! How can he kill someone he loves.

Could it be Evan? It can’t I guess. He loves his brother so much. So what resulted to them disliking ladies this much cus according to this diary, he has no problem with ladies as at three years ago , at least, he even fell in Love

All his problem with ladies must have stared after his encounter with my sister

I sighed, I’m kinda nervous to continue to read this diary but I still have to anyways

What killed my sister and why didn’t Ethan recognize me?

I opened the second page of the diary and it reads

Ethan’s POV in Diary

( Flashback. Three years ago )

I brought Olivia home and we became so close. She told me she didn’t want her family to know about our relationship yet so I do not bother visiting her house

We sing and dance together, and she comes to my place anytime she’s less busy

My Love for her grew so strong until she stopped coming to my place abruptly

I started getting bordered wondering why she decides to stop coming to my place. I thought that I’d probably offended her or do something worse to her unintentionally

I went to Evan’s room after many days of keeping the pain of not being visited by Olivia for many days

“Hi Evan!” I greeted as I entered his room

“Brother , good afternoon” He retorted

“Such a bad afternoon, did you notice that Olivia had not come here for some days now ” I lamented in pain

“Sure I do, I thought you guys had a preposition on that” Evan said

“Oh no! There was no discourse between us , she just stopped coming , I know a zilch about why she stopped coming and I miss her badly” I lamented

“Like seriously, you mean you know nothing about her sudden absence , I guess you’ve tried every means of reaching her but it isn’t going through right?” Evan asked and I nodded

“I’l go to their house myself and ask her welfare , she may be sick or something close ” Evan said and a faint smile appeared by the corner of my mouth

My heart was seriously aching me cus I miss her so much , I just hope that nothing bad happen to her, she is the first woman I’ll ever fall in Love with and I’d fallen in Love so deep with her that I may hurt myself if anything negative happen to her

“Let me go bro” Evan said and I nodded

He walked out of the room and I walked sullenly to the sitting room with an heavy heart and an aching brain

My eyes were dim and sadness parades my heart.

“Olivia, I Love you so much. Nothing must happen to you. I miss you always.” I muttered to myself sadly
I pray Evan comes with a good news, if not that I’d promised her not to go to her house until she allows me too, I’ll have gone there myself to know what’s up

I staggered to the fridge and took a bottle of drink and went to my sit and sat

I held the bottle and started drinking trying to forget my sorrow but instead , the pictures of Olivia keeps flashing across my memory

I keep seeing Olivia in my mind

I dosed off after so much heavy thought , I woke up suddenly as a result of the consistent and continuous beeping of my phone

I took my phone off the chair it lay and checked the caller

My goodness! It’s Evan

I picked the call

 Hello brother , I need you to come to fifty sixth street, Alen Avenue now ” Evan said and my heart beats faster that I only ended up opening my mouth to ask him some questions forming in my heart but I couldn’t utter it

He hung up and negative thoughts started parading my heart

Is an hospital at that address, I quickly checked google to see the buildings at that address so I can know the fate that awaits me when I get to that address

But there is nothing like an hospital or health center there, every houses there were extremely beautiful houses

Jeez! What’s going on

I stood up and quickly changed into a befitting cloth. I jugged out and hopped into one of my car and drove off

What could be happening?

I drove faster than I use to and finally get to the address

I stepped down with my heart beating very slowly like I’m about to faint, nervousness has taken hold of my soul

I saw Evan waiting for me , I walked closer to where he stood and as he saw me , a strand of tear formed in his eyes and it fell in a line down his check

“I’m happy I never fall In Love cus cursed are women and it’s kind” Evan said and I moved closer to him gently , slowly but fearfully like the next words of his is about to kill me

I was trying to decipher a meaning from the words he just spoke but I can’t

“Tell me what happened ?” I finally asked softly hoping for a positive answer but expecting a negative one cus I already saw him cry

“Take a look at this house ” Evan said and I stared around the house

“Before we walk inside this house and I’ll have to show you what you have to see, watch the preview on my phone” Evan said and handed over his phone to me

I blinked and collected it gently, I wanted to open it but I still didn’t

At this point, I’ve gat no choice , I need to see what’s going on

I unlocked the phone by swiping right and the video played

😭😭 “Tell me this is not real? Tell me this is a dream ? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😭😭😭
Ha 😭
Ha 😭
Ha 😭
My eyes closed in anger , fury, deep pain and brokenness as I fell and lost consciousness

Ever since I start Billionaire Boys, I’ve being posting two episodes per day but the likes and shares are discouraging, now if I start posting one, our fans will start requesting for two not knowing that your attitude to the times I was posting two episodes made me change.
Let us change , always take your time to like and share

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