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•~•~•• June’s pov continues ••~•~•~
I looked at the message again grinning and suddenly another message entered my phone. And I quickly read.
#~June Peterson! As one of the contestant for the teens competition taking place in DH entertainment, you’re to sign your name before this week or you’re out~# I tried to scream again but I choked on my voice, I cannot believe this.
DH entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dream.. I..is.. Is.. Coming true, this is hard to believe.
The door opened and Augie Walked in
“June.. What’s wrong?” he asked calmly with Ella by his leg
“what do you mean?” I turned to him.
“I heard you screaming and grandma said I should come check on you” Augie explained an I rolled my eyes happily. “nothing’s wrong, everything’s great and you won’t believe me if I say I’m about to go crazy” . Augie looked at me weirdly and I happily kissed his left cheek and walked out of the room to share the good news with my grandma..
“grandma..” I called happily as I walked into her room. She turned to me with her curious green eyes.
“yes dear” she smiled.
“granny, you won’t believe the message I just received from DH entertainment industry” I said breathlessly and she looked at me weirdly.
“DH entertainment industry?.. She repeated and I nod.
“what’s that?” she asked.
“it’s like a cooperation where celebrities are born grandma, like the Maria Li I always talk about, it’s like she was made from there, and granny big celebrities work with DH entertainment. And now they sent me this message” I said happily and she seems to understand me and so I read the message out loud for her to hear.
“are you for real?” my grandma asked, smiling.. “see for yourself” I said and handed her the phone, my grandma has trouble in reading, her eye sights are poor, so she just shrugged and handed it back to me.
“here I’ll read the second one to you” I said and she smiled.
“okay go on”…… I read the second one for her and her smile beamed.
“that is amazing”
“I know right, I’m so excited I feel like junking down from this building” I said happily and my grandma glared at me while I grinned, apologize and walk out of her room. Before saying anything stupid again,.
Immediately I walked into the living room the entrance door opened and Erick walked in.
“Erick!!!!!!!” I called happily. Running up to him.
“you.. I.. Believe.. see.. I.. DH.. your.. See.. Dad.. Industry.. Happy.” I didn’t know how to tell him his dad industry sent me a private message telling me I was one of the contestant for the teens competition and how happy it made me,
He laughed hearing my messed up words and instead of saying any other junk, I rolled my eyes and handed him the phone, he took it from me and read the message handing it back to me. and then he let out a small smile.
“yeah, I set you up” he said.
“huh?” I raised my head up at him.
“I was the one who told my dad about you, the competition had already been complete with two hundred contestant, but I had to make a deal with my dad to let you in and make it two hundred and one cause it’s your dream and you’re pretty good at it and I thought you just deserve this opportunity” Erick said and my hands flew around him hugging him tightly.
“wow these days, your hugs come unexpectedly, and you’re seriously crushing my neck, you have to let go” he said breathlessly.
“I’m not letting go” I said as my eyes began to burn.
“why do you sound like you’re about to cry?” Erick asked teasingly.
“cause I’m about too” I sniffed and immediately I started to cry.
“uh.. Oh” Erick muttered and slowly placed his hands around my back hugging me too. “did I do anything wrong?” he asked.
“no.. These are tears of joy, don’t worry” I cried and he breathed out a sigh of relief.
“thank you so much Erick” I said sniffing loudly.
“it’s okay, you even deserve more than this” he said stroking my hair. I cried a little on his shoulder before disengaging from the hug and cleaning my eyes.
“oh goodness, this is amazing, I need to go take a shower like immediately, I feel like screaming.. Oh this is fabulous” I said happily and Erick brows arched.
“weren’t you just crying, your mood swing is pretty scary” he said and I giggled and hopped to my room.
I closed the door and found Ella and Augie on my bed, Augie froze seeing me and quickly moved to his bed with Ella. I smiled at him and walked to the bathroom, he can let Ella sit on my bed for all I care, I am way too happy to yell or feel disgust.
I spent almost an hour under the shower cause I kept thinking about the message and everything, I’m going to be in DH entertainment, and I’m going to meet Maria Li.
I almost screamed but I held on to my voice, I need that.

I finally had my bath and I tied a towel around my body as I walked in the living room, Augie and Ella had gone out and that gave me plenty of time to dress up.
Feeling comfortable in a baggy T-shirt and a black Jean short, I was about to go out when Erick entered my room.
“oh” I said and moved back cause I almost hit him.
“your.. Your grandma said we’re giving chicken salad for dinner and she said you should prepare that. That it’s Augie’s favourite and I volunteered to help you” he explained and I smile.
“well you’re welcome to help me I can’t believe she’s making me make Augie’s favourite meal, instead of making mine I mean it’s my big day. I was the one who received the message about being a competitor, she should have asked to make my favourite meal” I complained as Erick and I walked into the kitchen.
Erick laughed and asked. “okay what’s your favorite meal?” . He leaned his back on the kitchen counter and fold his arm.
I turned to him and after thinking for a few second, I shook my head negatively. “I don’t have a favourite meal, I don’t know, I just love everything I eat” I said and Erick laughed.
“see why your grandma picked Augie’s meal instead? Now get the pots ready and let’s start cooking” Erick said and I sighed tiredly.
“you should do that, while I get the ingredients” I said and he agreed.
I went to the small cupboard beside the counter and saw canned chicken, grandma must have bought them, I brought out other ingredients and placed it on the counter beside the stove.
“okay, the water is boiling and, what do I need to do now?” Erick asked.
“chop all this, and we’re done” I said.
“but if I chop all this, what will you do?” I asked.
“I’ll watch, simple” I shrugged.
“that’s not fair June” Erick bickered.
“I was joking, I’ll chop the onion, celery and the pickle, you should just chop the chicken, the pepper and boil the eggs.. Okay? I was going to do the cooking alone, so if you can’t do that, I’ll just do it alone” I said and bat my lashes at him.
“you know what, I’ll just chop everything” he said and grabbed a knife from our knife stand. I watched him as he chopped the celery, the peppers and pickle and when he got to the onions, he started to cut them slowly and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“what?” he asked.
“why are you cutting the onion like a snail” I laugh.
“cause it’s kind of burning my eyes”.
“what? These type of onion don’t burn eyes” I said taking the knife from his hand and pushing him aside with my hip.
“watch! This is how to chop an onion” I said as I start to chop the onion swiftly, my hands went faster and before I knew I’ve chopped down two onions and I gave Erick a look.
“that’s how you chop an onion” I said and turned from Erick to the onion to continue, and like I feared I sliced my finger, I quickly throw the knife was yelp.
“wow! How can someone so good at cooking get injured” Erick said, humour in his voice.
“don’t joke with me Erick, this hurts” I said and pushed my bottom lip out. And I know he’s trying to hold onto his laugh.
“okay give me your hand” he said and I moved my hand forward while he grabbed it and moved me and my hand to the sink. He turned the faucet and water starts to rush out. And He put my finger under the water.
“wait here, while I get first aid” he said and storm out of the kitchen.
“we don’t have first aid!!!” I yelled after him but I doubted he heard me.
I turned to my hand and saw as water mixed with blood and rushed down the sink. This is uncomfortable.
Erick walked in the kitchen with a small white box and he placed it beside me.
“where did you get that, this house doesn’t have any first aid–
“I have mine” he interrupted and I stopped talking and nodded, he cleaned the hand, added mentholated spirits to stop the bleeding, it kind of sting but I didn’t show any weakness, and lastly he covered the wound with a small band aid that has heart shapes on them.
“okay, I’ll keep the first aid box here, for you, next time, I hope you’ve learned your lessons, Mrs. Chef” Erick said with a laugh and I ignored him and turned to the food.
We both prepare the food together and Erick set the table while I brought the food to the living room, I went to grandma room and she said she doesn’t want to eat in the living room, so I gave her, her own in her room, while Augie, Erick and I took over the living room, I’d say it has been like that for the past few days.
Ella got her own chicken salad on her dog plate, and it seemed like she was really enjoying the food cause her tail kept wagging.
Thinking of DH, I raised up my glass of water and looked at Erick,
“raise your glass, I’d like to make a toast” I said.
“but this isn’t alcohol” Erick said and I glared at him. “it doesn’t have to be alcohol stupid, Augie dear, raise up your glass” I said and Augie did, I looked at Erick and he sighed before raising his glass.. “okay, I’m going to make you a toast me being A Star and–
“you haven’t even sign your name yet, and you’re already being a Star” Erick said and I turned to him.
“shut up, before you get on my nerves, and just cheers to my name” I half yelled and the three of us hit our glass together while I said “cheers” with a smile and Augie glass dropped and the water poured on Erick’s voice and the glass shattered on the table.
“uh oh..” Augie said and turned to me and Erick smiled and turned to me too.
“this is what happens when someone overreacts, you wanted to make a toast and where did it end? good thing there’s still some food remaining or else I would have ate a swimming pool and chicken salad” Erick said calmly and stood up.
“sorry” I mumbled very lowly.
“Augie what’s with you why would you just let go—
“hey don’t blame Augie, it’s clearly your fault” Erick interrupted me and walked into the kitchen grabbing his dinner.
“I’m sorry June, the glass slipped out of my hand I didn’t know” Augie said gently and I sighed.
“it’s okay Augie, it’s my fault, eat up” I sighed and he did so ..
Erick came back with another dinner and we all ate quietly.
During nighttime I laid outside on our star gazing table and watch the stars, the memory of today’s dinner made me laugh, I can’t believe I was going to make a stupid toast, I’m not even a super star yet. I remembered me and Erick cleaning the table and me picking up the glass Augie dropped, .
I sighed heavily and stretched my legs on the cold table, my phone was inside and I really wanted to walk in and get it but I was too lazy to stand up.
“staying out here alone, you’ll freeze to death” I heard Erick’s voice and I turned to see him laying beside me. How does he sneak up on me.
“and with you here, we’ll both freeze, so you being here changes nothing” I said and he laughed a little.
“so tomorrow’s school right?” he asked
“yeah, but it’s bye bye school for tomorrow” I said.
“what do you mean?”.
“dreams first, then school, I’m going to DH tomorrow to sign my name” I said
“oh..” Erick breathed out.
“you said you made a deal with your dad to make me get into the competition, what kind of deal?” I asked inquisitively.
“uhm.. I’ve decided to be a singer” Erick answered and I turned to him immediately.
“really?” I said and moved back a bit when I realise our faces and bodies were inches apart.
“yep.” Erick replied.
“that’s Amazing, you’re finally making use of yourself”.
“what the hell is that supposed to mean, so you mean I’ve been useless??” Erick asked.
“yeah, haven’t you?” I teased with a smile.
“I should have guessed, that’s your other way of saying you’re crushing on me” Erick smiled “ugh.. You and your stupid, crushing on you.. Keep dreaming” I rolled my eyes.
“oh I have.. But I know you, you’re June, and I guess you’re born in June, people born in June or named June, hardly express their feelings, so don’t worry I understand were you’re coning from” Erick explained and I shook my head. This guy is so annoying.
“I know myself Erick, when I feel something I say it out, cause trapping my feelings inside Won’t help me so I say it out, especially when I like a boy” I said and his smile beamed
“so you’re saying, you like me?” Erick asked.
“no I don’t.”
“but you just said so” Erick pressured.
“no I didn’t.. You’re annoying me.. I’m going inside” I said and was about to stand up but he held me down and scoot closer.
“let me go.. And what are you doing?” I asked we he moved his face closer to me.
“what does it looks like I’m doing I’m trying to kiss you,”. He replied
“what?” I almost screamed.
“cause a girl won’t know they like a boy until they’ve kissed” he added and I forcefully got up as his face got inches closer to my face,.
“you’re a crazy person” I said as I climbed down the table.
I hurried to the door and I heard him laugh behind me, it’s freezing outside but I don’t get why I feel so hot, my body’s burning.
“hey, look I’m sorry!! You don’t have to leave I was just joking okay? Don’t take it too serious okay?!” I heard Erick yelled behind me.
I got to the living room and slammed the door leaning on the wall.
Oh my goodness, Erick takes everything as a joke, when my heart almost jumped out of my body.
T. B. C

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