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Billionaire Boys Episode 8

Billionaire Boys Episode 8

By Oyebamiji Samuel
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Ivy’s POV

I finished Reading that very page and I closed the diary. The secretes are getting unveiled gradually

Could it be that my sister went to another man’s place or what? My sister don’t sleep outside at might, that’s certain so she couldn’t have gone to another man’s place

Well, I guess , I just have to keep reading . I need to find a way of getting the other two diaries

I do not know the fate of the billionaire twin outside now , but knowing why they are like that will give me the ideas on how to help them especially Ethan , he seems to be the most broken one while Evan just seems to be a good brother who is sharing and bearing the pain of his brother on his soul

I opened to the next page and read

Ethan’s POV

Flashback . Three years ago

I drove and keep following the cab till the cab came to an halt. I turned to the other side of the road and packed my car.

I concentrated my attention on Olivia as she stepped down the cab

“This isn’t her house, why in the world did she get down here ?” I muttered inquisitively to myself

Olivia stepped down and stared around then I noticed that her face met with a man who was sitting on a public beautiful wooden chair

Olivia smiled and walked towards the man. I didn’t identify the man I caught her sleeping with cus I have no business to do with the man , I’m more disappointed with my own girlfriend who cheated on me

Olivia hugged the man and sat beside the man while the man hugged her with his right hand

I didn’t want to believe they are into something , maybe they are just friend , I shouldn’t think too far just because I see her with a male

Olivia moved her lips closer to the man playfully and the man planted his lips on that of Olivia

My heart bleeds like someone had Peirce it , I feel like dieing and being buried at that moment

Is this really happening or it’s just a dream. I closed my eye sadly trying to think on what I’d just seeing

I pray in my heart that it’s just a dream but no, it isn’t a dream, it’s real life

I opened my eye after few seconds and saw them still kissing and playing

Tears were pouring from my face like a rain falling angrily. My heart was forming into a stone that will never be broken

The painful part is that I still Love her . I have a feeling that she’s doing all this cus I’m probably not as romantic as the man

Maybe she wants sex and I’m not making the move of having it with her, maybe she wants me to be Kissing her often

Maybe she wish that I’m like that man she’s kissing , sadness parades my heart and I could feel my heart pounding in pain like someone about to give up

My heart suddenly start to become swollen that I can hardly think again , I feel like I’m choking

“I Love Olivia, I truly love her. Olivia why? I Love you” I keep saying to myself while loosing balance on the sit of the car till I lost consciousness of my environment

Ivy’s POV continues

I heard a knock on the door and that force me to quickly close the diary and hide it

I walked towards the door and twisted the knob and the door gave way itself

” Get dressed, we going out” Evan said and turned and left

Oh! Where are we going?

I hurriedly went to the bathroom to bath, I did all my dressing swiftly and looked my best

I walked outside majestically towards the sitting room. They had changed their clothes and are now putting on suit.

They looked handsome and identical as always , but I’ve being trying to recognize them, and the only way I’d being able to do that is that one’s face seems cool while the other ‘s face looks like that of a beast

Evan is the one with the cool face while Ethan is the one with a stern face, but they are both wicked and cruel

“We’ve gat a call to attend a special function for the CEO’s of many game company in America. Everyone is to come with a female or I say a girlfriend, we do not have any and many atimes, we look odd when we go to occasions like this without a female but everyone understands that our hatred for ladies made us that way. But we wanna make tongue waggling about our new appearance with a female and not only that, they will respect us more cus they believe anyone with a girlfriend or wive is responsible ” Evan said and I watch

I didn’t say a word cus I do not know what to say

“She can’t dress like this, she’s dressing like an old nurse ” Ethan said looking at me irritatingly like I’m some kinda sh*t

I examined myself from head to toe to confirm what he said

“do I look like old nurse really? ” I thought while taking a look at my dressing pathetically

I don’t know what , but his words seems to have effect on me that I totally and suddenly feel unworthy to follow them to the occasion

I really wanna follow them cus seeing how all these rich people relate and interact is an opportunity and they are all CEOs

I can’t imagine, they will see me as an important person , not knowing that I’m just a poor nurse on a six month project

But like seriously, I really wanna follow them but this my dressing has disqualified me already .

I guess I have to learn how to dress well cus of future opportunities like this

“We gonna take her to BB’s place , they are good at selecting best dress for men and ladies according to the day and function they going to” Evan said and my face brightened

Ethan nodded and walked outside

Ethan respect his brother , he doesn’t go against any of his suggestion, I guess he’s humble but his problem is just ladies

We walked out together . we all stepped inside the car while Evan drove off

I wonder why they don’t employ a driver to drive them around with all the monies that they had

We arrived at a very big and magnificent building, just like anyone, the first thing I looked for in the building as soon as I stepped out of the car is the inscription on it

I saw BB and I know at once that, that is where they will change for me.

Evan stepped down while Ethan stayed inside the car.

“We’ll be back soon” Evan said to Ethan who was sitting inside the car and that was when it came to my knowledge that Ethan will wait for us inside the car and that he won’t follow us inside

Evan and I walked inside , the attendants approached us and Evan explained what we had came for to them

They took me into a room, did a special kind of bathing for me, then took each part of my body trough a lot of processes that I even got tired at some point

Applying different chemical or is it lotion or cream who knows , applying different ones to different part of my body like I’m some kinda house they painting

They were finally done with me and I wasn’t even allowed to choose a dress , they just selected one after examining me and the whatever that was painted on my face and wore it for me

They selected a beautiful shoe also then I was brought before a golden mirror to see their works on me

I ran my eyes through my body to confirm if it’s Ivy or they have actually converted me into a model

“This is so beautiful !” I exclaimed happily with a wide grin forming on my lips

“Money makes people beautiful”One of the workers said and I nodded shyly

They walked me outside of the room like I’m the wive of the president and presented me to Evan

Evan arched his brow and I almost jump up in happiness that my new beauty had a crazy effect on him

He controlled his emotions and pay the company then he walked me out while he keep stealing glances at me

He thought I did not know but I know and I’m enjoying it, all this while , the expression on my face was that of sadness, horror or fear but this time around , with the present effect I’m having on Evan, my face is gladly emitting happiness

We finally got to their car and he went to the drivers sit while I stepped inside the owners sit of the car and sat with Ethan

His face was dull and sad as usual, he turned his face to me unconsciously and examined me from head to toe while I keep smiling shyly

” I hate women that smile, what makes them happy? I hate to see women smile, they should always cry” He said angrily and the smile on my face dropped to that of fear

“Don’t start the car yet Evan” He said and opened the door and stepped down

He came to the side of the car I was and ordered for me to step down

I could see anger on his face

He ordered for Evan to open the boot of the car and he obliged from the drivers sit he is

“Lay inside this boot you woman, may your kind die and seize to exist from this earth” He cursed and I fearfully went and lay inside the boot with my beautiful cloth and beautiful face

“Oh!” I heard Evan exclaimed while approaching where Ethan stood

“Imagine, one of the breeds of women smiling, just imagine , gosh! I wish I can kill her, if not for our exams ” Ethan said

“What exactly is making her smile when we live all our life in pain and sadness, I wish there is something we can do to her that will forever make her be in pain like us ” Evan said

“I wish too, our exams should come quick so she can help us pass and I’ll have to kill her. I can’t wait to kill her with my bare hands just like I kill mother . Evan! I wish we can develop a technology that will bring all women in the world together in one place , then I’ll set a bomb that will bomb them and they will all die , then women will never be seen in this world again, maybe we will be happy” Ethan said painfully and wickedly

“I wish, I hope our wishes come true , I wish she can suffocate inside that boot till she dies , but the function… ” Evan said but considered

Evan closed the boot on me and I have no idea what they were saying again, I can hardly hear anything

I keep regretting the fact that I’m smiling while they are in sadness and pain. I shouldn’t have laugh

I should have just remained neutral , now, I’ll have to be here till we get to the function

So sad 😢

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