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Flower Boy Episode 22

Flower Boy Episode 22

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Karen wins Anthony’s heart 😢)

Nancy’s POV

I was finding it hard to comprehend all that is happening.

Firstly, I was hijaked and carried roughly from my room to a car after which those that are about to kidnap me started falling one after the other.

Those that kidnapped me and the guy whose neck was bleeding had ran away and left me behind. I was glad they left me and I’m happy that somebody somewhere saved me.

I stood for a while trying to recover from what had just happen. I turned to go back inside the house when a masculine figure appeared in front of me

He was dressed in a silky black suit but his face was covered with a mask.

I guess this is the person that I’d saved me. He had a bag pack on his back.

I stood still fretfully. I wondered who the person was. He opened the mask and I was stunned to see who it was

Jeez! It’s Brian!

“Don’t be scared, let me tell you about my past” Brian said



I ran inside to meet my dad cus I heard him call me. I was just 9 years old then

I stood in front of my father and bowed my head

“Son, sit down, I have a very important word to discuss with you” My father said and I sat.

“Our life had always being in danger. We did not have any hope that we will ever see tomorrow. We just keep living and that’s because of the kind of work I and your mother do

Your mother and I met at King’s Empire, it’s an institution owned by a man called king. No one has ever seen his face not even me. They kidnap children and recruit them as an assassin .

I happened to be a victim of being kidnapped by King , your mother too is a victim. We fell in Love with each other at the training camp.

We lived our life learning assassinating skills and going on operations for many years till today.

Our enemies too are always after us so we are always very careful.” my dad said

“Dad, is that why we have lived all our life in this estate, I schooled here and did practically everything here ” I said

“Yes Brian, our life is destined to this place. We pray that king will not be caught cus he has being the senate president for nine years. No one dares oppose him cus they know the consequence already. I’m telling you all this cus just yesterday, king called me and told me that I should submit you for training

Brian, you have to understand that this is not what I wish to do but I have no choice but to do it . you will have to be trained as an assassin and live all your life as an assassin for the rest of your life” My dad said

“Dad! But it’s bad, isn’t it?” I asked

“Wickedness is good my son, just do as I’ve said , I’ll always be there for you” My dad said and I nodded my head

He smiled happily cus I easily obliged.
I got recruited too and I started getting trained for another four years

I became one of the best assassin and king himself had said it several times that he likes me even though I was had just clocked fourteen years.

We went for an operation one day and I was confident that we will succeed as usual. we were sent to kill a judge who is to proclaim judgement on one of King’s friend the following day

As we entered , her daughter attacked us and easily took us down with knives. I thought I was the best in the use of knives , I never knew an ordinary lady like that can be that skillful.

Because I was unprepared. She had already thrown three knives into my body. Others had fallen and gasping for breath on the floor but I struggled to return to King’s empire

When my father saw me brutally wounded. He cried and he thought I would die

I was taken to king’s clinic inside the empire, I lay there unconscious for seven days after which I regained my strength . All this time, King or any of his officials never came to check on me. They just left me not caring to know if I’d died or not.

Only my dad stood by me.

I went home with my dad strong and fine

“Brian, I’m happy you are fine now , but I’m scared that I may loose you anytime. My life is nothing but vanity already, I think you deserve a better life. I made you join the assassin so that you can be trained to acquire special kills that you will need to fight people

But I want you to use your skill to protect yourself and help people not to do evil

Never mind what I told you four years ago. Wickedness is bad. I kill people easily cus I’d stopped having conscience. My parents were catholic and they taught me to be good but King taught us that evil is good.

I was forced to believe that evil is good but this days I’m starting to realize that wickedness is bad

Brian, I’ll speak to King to let you go your own way” my dad said

“Did you think King will allow me to leave this empire just like that?” I asked

“He has done it for some of my friends before , but it comes with an heavy price” My dad said

“What’s the price?” I asked

“Never mind, Get ready to leave the camp this night. No one will stop you. Leave at exactly 9:0 clock pm. You will see a black Lamborghini outside, enter it, it will take you to my friend’s place. His name is Noel Nicholas. I’ve once saved him at a time when we met on the same field of operation. He was also sent by his boss called Romeo to kill the same agent we were sent to kill

During the process, the cops caught up on us, he was shot but I still carried him away from the scene even though he is not one of king’s agent, I still gave him temporarily relief treatment then and took him to his house, since then we had become friend.

I’m sure he will be good to you cus of how I’d being good to him in the past” My dad said and I exhales wondering what the sacrifice will be

My dad walked out of my room. I only get to see my dad cus mum had being transferred to King’s empire in Mexico

After many hours , I checked my wrist watch and it was few minutes to 9 pm. I walked out and those body guards of kings didn’t stop me for real

I was expecting them to ask me of where I was going but no one did.

I finally got out of the empire and I saw the exact same Lamborghini that dad had described. I entered and the driver didn’t bother turning to see who it was

“Close the door” The driver said with his thick voice and I obliged

He drove to a house and I was welcomed by Dr. Nicholas. That was how I start to live with Dr. Nicholas and his son, Anthony till date

Nancy’s POV continues

I was stunned to hear the ordeal of Brian. I did not even know what to say

So Brian was once a skilled assassin and he looks so cute and gentle

Who in the world would have known that Brian has this special skill

“Nancy, promise me not to tell anyone ?” He requested

“I won’t.” I promise

He held me by the wrist and we walked inside

He sat in my room with me and kept looking at my face

“But, aren’t you suppose to be inside , what are you doing outside ?” I asked

“Then I will have to tell you another secrete. Nancy, Even though I’d stopped killing. I still have those trainings of an assassin. An assassin does not sleep at night. I spend most of my time at night outside the house training myself to become skillful the more.

I know that I may never need the skill for anything cus I’m now an artiste and a respected member of the flower boys. However. I still find time every night to maintain and develop my assassinating skills” Brian said and I watched him fretfully

How can this very gentle Brian once be a assassin, or is he lying ? Of course he can’t. He easily took down those guys that came to kidnap me.

“Sir, did you know whom those people are?” I asked

“I did not , but I’ll find out. Did you suspect anything cus you are more closer to them?” He asked

Of course I did. The voice of the guy whose neck was bleeding was exactly like that of Bob. But how in the world will Bob do that?

Brian did not like Bob before so If I say this, he will just believe without finding out to see if Bob was the one who tried to kidnap me

Even though I’m not in Love with Bob, I still can’t allow anything bad to happen to him

“No, I didn’t suspect anything, they were all strange ” I said and he nodded

“Alright, Can I teach you few of the things we learnt in school yesterday? He asked

” I’m sorry but I’m kinda tired now, It’s almost morning, I think you need to go inside and rest too” I said and he nodded gently

Gosh, Brian is just so cute and very gentle . Who would have ever thought that he was an assassin

He stood up and took some steps but he came back to me and sat very close to me

“Nancy, how do you feel about me? He asked

” feel! Actually… I really didn’t understand what you meant by that” I said

“Now that you know my past , did you hate me?” He asked

“Your past saved me from those people, why should I hate you? I didn’t hate you sir” I said politely

“Thanks dear. But you know you are this lady that I can’t do without. Your Love has taken over my soul. I Love you so much Nancy and I wish you can do the same ” he said

I bowed my head and closed my eye gently.

I opened it and stylishly looked into his face.

He is very cute , I just didn’t know why I never had the tiniest feeling for him. I just didn’t Love him. He has all that a capable guy should have but I still did not Love him

“Sir… I do not know what to say” I said and he exhales

“I know it may take time before you start loving me but remember that I saved you from those that would have probably killed you, I will do anything just to protect you Nancy. I love you so much” He said pathetically and he walked out

I feel so sorry for him cus I know that even if he waits for ages , I can’t feel anything. The person I Love so much is Anthony. He is handsome but kinda rude. But I still Love him anyways. There is nothing that he can do that can ever make me stop Loving Anthony

I lay tiredly on the bed and slept off

Karen’s POV

I just woke up and I sat upright thinking painfully of why I smell like fish. I think I need to see the doctor. Why do I have to smell like fish?

But at least for the main time, I’ll keep using this perfume every two hours. It was the perf I used that made Anthony liked me yesterday morning and even obliged to hold my hand

I won’t stop at anything until I ensure that Anthony loves me.
Dad must have dealt with Anthony, I just hope that the punishment is not much.

I took my phones and opened the folder or Donna’s video , I watched another memory of Donna and Anthony. I mastered it and stood up at once ready to go to his room

I’m sure he will be dressing up for school now. I sprayed the perf all over my body and went to Anthony’s room

I knocked and he opened

He signaled for me to enter and I did

He kept looking at me expecting me to tell him wat I came for

“Erm… Anthony, I know you still did not believe that I’m Donna, I remembered another memory of ours and I want to narrate it to you” I said

He sat down and concentrated his attention at me

I’m happy I got his attention and I guess I’m not smelling like a fish too cus he must have being covering his nose or made mention of it

” I remembered the two of us at the beach , U were wearing a white boxer and I wore a red bra and pink pant. You carried me and threatened to throw me inside the river but you didn’t. While we were playing, the pen you received as a gift from a fan when you went to perform at London fell into the beach. You started crying and I start to pet you. You suddenly start laughing and pecked me and abruptly carried me again.

It was fun, then everything went blank again.

“You remembered these? This is true for crying out loud , does this mean you are Donna? What other prove do I even need?” Anthony said and moved closer to me

He pulled me up and looked directly into my face

“Karen, I thought Donna was dead and it’s really hard for me to believe that she is still alive. I’m sorry for how I’d treated you all along. I promise to make it up to you” Anthony said and I blushed

It worked, omg! So Anthony is mine now


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