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°~° June °~°
As I stood inside the bus, my heart starts to beat weirdly,
Erick–J. I remembered Erick’s voice echoing in my head and something in me start to flutter, well an abnormal rapid pulsation of the heart.
“excuse me please!” I heard a woman’s voice behind me and I turned to see a woman holding her son and waiting for me to get out of her way so she could pass. I apologized and went to take a seat at the back and at the window side.
As the bus start to move, I watched as everything went backward and then I close my eyes. Erick-J. The word ringed in my head and I start to smile again, suddenly thinking of how foolish I would look smiling on my own I stopped smiling and starts to rummage through my head to find another thought, but still Erick’s remaind on my mind.
I got home that hot afternoon and I felt alive when I drank a glass of chilled water.
“how Did the competition go today?” my grandma asked as she walked out from her room
“it went great”. I said and explained the whole scenario that happened today.
I found myself in my room afterwards, I felt so tired that I fell asleep.
I woke up hearing the happy bark of Ella and Augie calling her. I was slowly standing up from the bed when I persevered a great smell of a mouth watering delicacy. I smiled as I made my way to the living room and I saw my grandma and Augie having dinner and my grandma insisted I join them when I did. After dinner I did the dishes and went back to my room.
Since I had nothing to do I decided to start a little dance practice on my own, so I turned on my phone and played Maria Li’s song, I gave up after I felt a small crack on my knees and I sighed and turned off the music, I hope I do better tomorrow in dance class…
That night I slept soundly and thankfully I set up my alarm before falling asleep and I woke up at the right time the next morning.
Stripping my clothes off my body, I took my time under the shower before fighting with my closet, looking for a yoga-like attire to wear for dance class.
Finally seeing a grey yoga pants at the bottom of my closet I slipped it up by legs and wore a jersey tank top. I packed my hair up and wore the only sneaker I had. Heading down to the bus stop, I smiled when the morning breeze blew around me and getting into my pores and giving me a Happy feeling.
I got into the morning bus and it wasn’t filled with passengers that much which made it more comforting. I got to my stop and made it to DH, I got passed the two securities with my pass and head inside. I took the elevator to the last floor and I was thrilled to see everyone in dance class, except Justin, our tutor.
“wow you’re all so early” I said to Travis as I glanced at Cassie who was strangely putting on makeup at the corner of the room.
“yep, who wouldn’t want to give a great performance, even grace came here before you” Travis said and grace gave a sharp wave at me.
“so Justin isn’t here yet” I asked as I waved back to Grace.
“nope, we’re warming up before he gets here” Travis said and I glanced at Cassie then at him
“warming up?”. I asked to be sure.
“well some of us” he added and I shrugged.
“all done.” Cassie announced and got up from where she was sitting, in front of the room was a huge mirror replaced as the wall and Cassie used a great time to admire her self before turning to us. . . Well Travis.
“so how do I look?” she asked as she did a pirouette.
“the same” Travis said and turned away, “ugh… You’re annoying, Grace? How do I look?” Cassie turned to Grace.
“good” Grace said without looking at her.. I admired Cassie pink crop top, pink joggers, and pink shoes, she looked like a Barbie doll.
“what are you looking at?” she snapped at me with disgust.
“your lipstick it had smudge a little at the top of your lips” I lied and she quickly gasped and look in the mirror to fix that.

“so we need to decide now on what song to perform before Justin arrives” Travis announced.
“how about soaring high by Maria Li?” I asked and Travis laughed.
“sorry but that’s for ballerinas” Travis said.
“yeah the song’s too slow” Grace chipped in walking up to us.
“we should use one of Daniel’s song” Cassie said from her side walking up to us. “and thanks for that” Cassie added to me referring to her lipstick, oh my lie turned out to be true.
And why do everyone like Daniel so much!!
“cause he’s amazing, charming, talented, blessed.. I can go on about him without breathing so don’t dare ask why Daniel’s biased all over the world” Cassie replied angrily..
Oops I said that out loud
“yeah I agree too Daniel voice is great and his songs are marvellous. And my favourite is second chance ” Grace said happily.
“no one asked for your favourite and FYI everyone’s favorite is second chance” Cassie said rudely.
If only they can hear Erick the real writer sing second chance, they would fall in love immediately. And forget Daniel.
“how about “Sugar” by Daniel, it’s not too fast or slow and it’ll go good with our body and voice”. Travis said and Cassie gasped. “you’re smart Travis” she smiled.
“sugar? I haven’t heard of it before” I said truthfully.
“are you from a jungle?” Cassie asked.
“no, I grew up the same place you grew up” I replied but she rolled her eyes.
“I agree with sugar, the song’s perfect” Grace squealed and immediately the door opened and Justin walked in.
“sorry I’m late you guys” he said as he dropped a Bluetooth speaker on floor.
“it’s okay, we were just too early” Cassie said calmly arranging her hair.
“uh okay.” Justin said and after a relief sigh he placed his hands on his hips.
“so you guys we should decide on a song—
“we already did” Cassie said flashing Justin a flirty smile.
What is with her.
“okay, which is?” Justin asked
“sugar, by Daniel” Cassie said.
“OKay that’s great, yeah, that’s good.. You picked a really good song”. Justin said and Cassie bat her lashes at him.
“okay sugar is a good song and it’s a love song but the beat is different from others which makes it beautiful to dance, and while thinking of the song lyrics I’ve memorized a few dance step in my head and I can’t wait to teach you guys, so come together everyone” Justin smiled and we all walked in front of him.
“for the first step, I want you all to stand straight, you’re going to be at the middle” Justin said referring to Travis and he got In the middle.
“you all know the song started with a heavy drum that went three times” Justin said and everyone nodded except me. But then I paused, I think I’ve heard the song? I thought
“uhh Justin.. She doesn’t know the song” Travis said pointing at me and Grace nodded in agreement.
“you don’t?” Justin asked me.
“I don’t know… But I think I’ve heard the—
“hold on” Justin said and after working on some things with the Bluetooth speaker he played the music which were ear blasting and I gave a smile and strong nod when I realised I’ve heard the music but I don’t actually know the title.
Bless Annie for sneakily putting all Daniel’s song in my phone.
“I know the song,” I said to Justin and he turned off the music. “I just didn’t know the title” I added and he smiled.
“good now we can move on”.
The first steps didn’t come out pretty easy but thankfully we caught up in time, including Grace she did great. After Practising and practising the first step Justin turned on the music and we danced with the music.
Applauding happily as we ended the first step Justin rolled his eyes with a smile saying “this just the beginning you guys, stop grinning and clapping like you’ve made it to the end of the song, and you, I like you’re such a fast learner you should be the lead” Justin said to Travis and he smiled.
“thanks I am the group leader”
“that’s good. Okay now we’re moving on to the second step” Justin said.
“can we take a break, I’m exhausted already. “yeah” Cassie agreed.
“well I don’t feel tired” Travis said.
“that’s because you’re a cactus” Cassie said angrily packing her hair up.
“how about you do you feel tired?” Justin asked me.
“I.. I.. I looked at Grace pleading face and I turned to Justin. “I feel extremely tired” I lied, well it’s not actually a lie cause I do feel a little tired.
“okay..” Justin resorted angrily “I’ll just give you all a two minute break”.
“thank God for that” grace said lying tiredly on the floor, Cassie breathed heavily as she walked to her bag and picked up her pink bottled water.
I flinched when my phone starts to sing Maria Li’s song and I quickly stood up to take it from where it was lying on the floor beside Travis and Grace’s phone.
I gasped when I saw Erick on the screen and I quickly picked it up.
“Erick?” I said my voice loud enough and everyone turned to me curiously, which made me look away bashfully.
“where are you?” his voice barked.
“I’m at dance class like I told you yesterday” I said and bit my lip angrily hating as my voice echoed round the room.
“am at DH, and I’m about recording my song, I left you twenty two messages, and four missed calls”. He said angrily.
“I’m sorry the music was too loud, I didn’t hear my phone” I apologized and he sighed.
“well am about recording, my parents are here and you promised you’d be here, and I’ve been keeping everyone waiting because of you” Erick said and I sighed and apologized again.
“what floor are you?”
“the last floor, at the end of the hallway you’ll see a door with DH label at the front that’s one of the biggest recording studio in DH,” Erick explained with ease.
“we’re at the same floor, I’ll be there In five” I said lowly and hanged up.
“you’ll be where at five?” Justin asked immediately I turned.
“I have… To be at— my friend–needs me.” I stutter and Justin gave me quizzical look.
“is it Erick?” Travis asked.
“no..” I lied.
“oh, but you said Erick when you answered the phone so I thought it was him” he said.
“my friend, she gets angry easily and I have something of hers and she needs it now, I have to go cause she needs me now” I said with pleading eyes and Justin nods.
“you have two minutes” he said sternly .
“thank you” I said happily as I held on to my phone and ran out swiftly…
“two minutes Jane” Justin yelled.
“her name is June” I heard Grace and Travis correcting Justin simultaneously.
I got to the dead end of the hallway and like Erick explained I found the DH label on the door and after breathing in and out, I turned the door knob and walked in.
I paused when different eyes looked at me from different direction, the studio was wide and filled with many equipment, it had dim light, but it was bright enough for me to see Erick’s father, a woman dressed in a sparkly purple dress and black stiletto heels, her hair was cut short in a way the back was short and the front was longer, she looked pretty and when she looked at me, there was a tint of resemblance with Erick face so I knew it was Erick’s mom.
Daniel sat still at a corner and two other men stood at control panels or whatever they pull or push when they record songs and add beat to it.
My eyes sparked when I found Erick smiling at me behind the glass a headphone around his neck and he stood behind a microphone.
“oh you must be June” the woman exclaimed and her accent almost sounded French.
“y…yeah” I said nervously.
“Erick just couldn’t stop, he kept going on and on about wanting to see you before he starts singing” Erick’s mom said and I couldn’t help my smile and feel embarrassed as my cheeks heated up.
Erick dad walked up to the two men who stood at the control panel and he bent his head, pushed a button up and said into the microphone that stood from the control panel table .”she’s here you can start singing now” Erick’s dad said angrily and Erick smiled with a nod.
One of the men brought out his fingers to Erick and silently I think he mouthed at the count of three two one, gesturing with his fingers when he got to zero, he pushed a button and a ticking sound starts to go off and Erick closed his eyes.
“go sit over there honey” Erick mom said to me pointing to where Daniel was and I nod and went to sit beside Daniel, but not too close to him. “he almost throw a fit when he didn’t see you here” Daniel whispered to me as an electrical guitar sound was added to the ticking sound. But I just stayed quiet and watched Erick open his mouth and start to sing.
The song was coming off pretty good with his strong Lyrics about “relationship” on how it’s perfect to fall in love at a perfect timing,
And swears to heaven, Erick voice was so angelic that I had to hold back my tears which tends to fall and ignominies me.
When Erick got to the chorus it felt strange, cause it felt like he’s been talking to me from the beginning and another thing was he was staring at me from the beginning till now. The lyrics made me still cause it’s about how he wants love to drive him crazy for all he cares in the name of an anonymous person.
When the song ended I noticed my cheek wet and I became conscious again, he made me drown in his voice. I quickly cleaned my cheek as Erick opened the door and walked up to us…
T. B. C

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