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.•~•. JUNE .•~•.
Erick arranged his hair as he walked up to us, cause the headphone did a great mess on it when he was taking it off.
His mother suddenly blocked him and gave him a motherly warm hug.
“oh you did great, Frederick… I mean Erick” his mom exhilarated with a sheer giggle.
“thanks” Erick said scintillating the whole room with his happiness and smile.
I gave Erick an amiable look as he looked passed his Mom and got his eyes locked with mine, he excused himself from his mom and walked up to Daniel and I.
“hey..” he said and I got on my feet.
“you did great” I assured him.
“thanks” he smiled “it was mostly because you were here”.
“like I did anything” I said with a Tone of ornery and he laughed.
“well you wouldn’t know what your presence did—
“Erick..” I cut him off “I have to go back to dance class, or else Justin will murder me”.
“who’s Justin?” Erick asked.
“our dance teacher” I said
“you guys have gotten into dancing?” he asked.
“where have your mind being when I’ve telling you about dance Class, we were divided into groups and were given dance classes to practice the next competition is this Sunday, we have just six days left” I elaborated and he nods.
“and I really have to go back now” I added biting my lip and suddenly he gave an enthralling smile. His eyes boring into mine.
“what?” I asked
“nothing” he shrugged and ended his smile.
“you know you’re acting weird right?” I let him know and he shrugged again.
“you said your dance class is on this same floor right?” he asked.
“okay, I’ll escort you back”.
“and I’ll be coming too” Daniel added and I forcefully let out a smile
“no thank you it’s okay, it’s not far, I can go there myself … Bye” I said gave the both of them one small last wave before walking out of the studio, instead of walking I ran like my life depended on it and I bit my lips hard when I had to open the door to enter the dance class.
“where have you been??!” Justin huge voice almost pulled out my eardrums.
“I’m sorry, i didn’t realise I’d be so late” I apologized and he sighed and told everyone to get ready,
“it’s a good thing you delayed, I had plenty of time to rest and stretch out a bit” Grace whispered in my ear and it made me smile.
~\~\ EricK /~/~
“she’ll never change” Daniel said to me as June scram out of the studio.
“I don’t want her to” I smiled staring at the door, I could still see the way her hand waved to us and the way her long legs were ahead of her with her golden brown hair swinging behind her and she walked out of the door.
“what the hell are you still looking at, she’s gone or is the door the person you like now?” Daniel said sardonically. “I can still see her” I said blithely grinning from ear to ear.
“you’re insane, worst of all you’re going crazy for someone who doesn’t feel the same way” Daniel said in a pathetic way placing his hand on my shoulder, I paused briefly and turned to him making him remove his hand on my shoulder.
“she does feel the same way” I smiled.
“how did you know?”.
“I just found out today, but I know she does, I saw it”. I said calmly.
“dude, I totally want to laugh right now, but I better hold it in” Daniel beamed.
“I know June feels the same way, but she doesn’t know it yet, she just got this competition stuck in her head and that’s all she wants to focus on right now, well you won’t know I relieved I am knowing she feels the same way” I said and Daniel nod in a sardonic way.
“and don’t think our relationship will be like yours and Emilia” I fired and his bulging laughter suddenly died down.
“please don’t remind me of Emilia” Daniel gritted.
“don’t talk about what you don’t know about June” I said and he sighed and shook his head
“Erick.” I heard my dad’s voice and I turned swiftly.
“we’ve gotten the song ready and for your music video, we’ll be going to the other side of Mahnline city for the shoots, your mother will be coming with us and Daniel too”. My dad said and I glance at Daniel before turning back to my dad.
“isn’t Daniel preparing for his comeback” I asked.
“I’m already done with it” Daniel expound.
“what? When?” I asked.
“like two weeks ago!” he shrugged.
“we’ve fixed the date for his comeback on his every social media pages and his fans have been patiently waiting”. My dad explained, no wonder Daniel’s been so free lately.
“so when is his comeback date?” I asked my dad
“on the 24th, on Sunday”. He replied.
“and by then we would have been done with your music video and I’m going to release your debut song and his comeback song on the same date” my dad added sternly.
“what?” Daniel and I said together.
“you can’t possibly mean that” I huffed.
“oh yeah I do”. My dad replied.
“but that doesn’t make that any sense” Daniel chipped in.
“I’ve been in this business for so many years boys, you haven’t been born when I started running DH, I know how to start and end any Game here. So just stick with me and don’t do any complaint” my dad said, and my mom who’s been listening since when he started talking to us nod with him.
“and Erick go get your things ready, we’re leaving tonight”. My dad said.
“before we leave, I’ll go pay June a visit” I announced letting him know in case I turned out to be late.
“why don’t you try to not only get to visit her but make her a part of the journey, bring her along” my dad said with the most disastrous tone he could use and I laughed knowing he didn’t mean it.
“can I?” I added and he sighed.
“just be prepared before seven pm” he stated before he walked out.

“my debut and your comeback, the same day!!” I started… “that would be total havoc” Daniel ended.
“just trust your dad Erick, he knows what he’s doing.” my mom said walking up to us.
“I hope so” I muttered lowly.
“look at my ba— my mom paused when her phone starts to ring.
“excuse me” my mom said and walked away.
“so… What do you think we sh—
Daniel was interrupted with his phone call and he excused himself and laughed a bit when we found it weird that my mom had done the same.
Maybe I should call June. I thought but shook that off cause she would be getting her groove on by now and I don’t want to be a disturbance.
My mom suddenly hurried to me with an apologetic and melancholy look and I suddenly knew what’s up.
“Erick I just talked to one of my worker and some—
“I know you’ll not be able to come with us mom, you can go. I know your business is kinda important to you” I said calmly.
“thanks, honey, thanks for understanding” she said and made her way to the door.
“I’ll inform your dad about my sudden trip” my mom said to me, smiled and walked out.
I sighed as I watched the door closed behind her, it’s always been like this. Putting business before family, I’ve gotten used to it, its inevitable.
“hey…” Daniel said behind me making me turn.
“where’s your mom?” he asked.
“she left”.
“someone called again about business?” he scorned and I nod.
“so who called you?” I asked changing the subject.
“Nate! Telling me about another contract commercial from Sana cosmetics”. Daniel expound and I smiled.
“well Sana cosmetics outside the city or the one inside?” I asked.
“well what are you waiting for. You could make almost a fortune shooting a commercial for them” I said but Daniel shook his head.
“nope, I don’t want to, I need rest, that’s all, practicing for my comeback made me numb and resting is the only thing that can make me sensitive again” Daniel said rubbing his neck.
Daniel and I both spent the day together inside DH, but then Nate called again saying they’ve got to talk face to face, and then he had to leave, leaving me bored and desperately wanting to see June.
Few minutes later I found myself walking through the hallway of the last floor and I found the dance class she was in,
She’s supposed to be done by now. I thought as I glanced at the time on my phone (5:35pm) and raised my head up to look through the glass door.
There I saw June, sweating like never before, she was looking tired and putting all effort dancing along with the dance tutor and her dance member. I smiled as I watched her dance, She’s doing it prefectly.
Suddenly a girl dropped to the floor and they all stopped dancing, I watched as they all talked to the girl who seemed so tired and their dance tutor stopped the music and they dropped to the floor.
I watched as June sat beside the girl who got tired first and Travis laid on the floor tiredly beside June, Travis said something and the girl and June laughed and I clenched my fist.
What are they saying.
My eyes suddenly moved to a girl who wore all pink and as she raised her head to drink from her bottled water, she saw me.
She flinched a bit but I quickly placed my index finger on my lips breathing out a low “shhh”. Even if she didn’t hear me she’ll get my message of not saying anything to any body.
Her eyes widen as she continue to look at me and suddenly she pointed to the door and announced something to everyone and even Travis stood up to see who was at the door,
So much for blowing my cover.
I rolled my eyes, opened the door and walked in.
“you” June said standing up.
“you know him? I thought he’s a spy from other group, spying on our moves” the girl who ratted me out said but I just sighed.
“are you Mr Dhousten’s son?” Jeremy or Jacob, or whatever June called the dance tutor, asked me but I shook my head negatively.
“I’m not” I said and turned to June.
“you look like h–
“I said I’m not” I cut him off.
“June can we talk outside?” I asked and she slowly nods, and walked up to me.
We both head out and I heard someone ask who Mr Dhousten is.

“so… What do you want to talk about?” she asked with small tired smile.
“nothing, I just wanted to see you before leaving”.
“leaving?” she repeated.
“yeah, my dad and I are going to the other side of the city for my video shooting with some of DH multimedia crew”.
“oh” she said and I saw a bit of melancholy spread across her face. Which made me smile.
“I’ll be back before Sunday” I announced.
“oh” she said again but in a different ecstatic tone.
“and everything’s going to be done quickly, cause my dad said he’ll be releasing my debut and Daniel’s comeback the same day.”.
“what? That’s outrageously—
“stupid?” I helped her and she laughed shaking her head.
“okay, so I just came to say goodbye” I added calmly.
“we’ll miss you” she primed.
“we?” I asked. Is she afraid to admit She’s the only one who’s going to miss me?
“yeah, me Augie–
“don’t use Augie to cover everything up June” I said.
“what do you mean.”
“your grandma and Augie have gotten used to my absence and they don’t know about me going to the other side of the city, but you know so why don’t you just admit you’ll be the only one missing me” I stated.
“okay fine, I’ll miss you”. She said with a small eye roll.

“OKay, I have to go now” I sighed contemplating on hugging her or even giving her a kiss… But I know she wouldn’t want that.
“Oh… Okay” she said looking at me with those vivid eyes and nodding lightly.
Refraining myself from giving her a hug, I was about walking away when she flew around my body and hugged me tightly leaving my heart strewn to different places, I smiled delightfully as my hand slowly hugged her back.
“see you soon” she whispered in my ear and her breath did something to my body, she breathed out slowly and let go of me.
* *~•~•~•~ JUNE ~•~•~•~•~*
As I slowly pull away from the hug I gave Erick my eyes met with his turbulent eyes and I had to look away before I’ll do more of what I just did.
Just Feeling strange around him lately
“okay, I uhm… Have to get back to class” I said and he nods.
“okay, goodbye” he said and slowly start to walk away while I hurried to the class with my heart beating fast.
“who was that. Is he your boyfriend?” Grace asked excitedly immediately I got in the class
“no way, a hot dude like that? Can’t possibly be June’s boyfriend” Cassie primped.
“he’s not her boyfriend, but he–
Travis tried to say but I cut him off. “he is my boyfriend” I said angrily.
T. B. C

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