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🌷🌷 .June. 🌷🌷
“he is my boyfriend” I said angrily,
Cassie’s just getting into my nerves. Like girls like her get to date Erick, what a feint.
“so you admit Erick’s your boyfriend now” Travis said grinning weirdly.
“uh– he… I paused and looked at Cassie, who was looking at me attentively.
“he is and was before” I said to Travis and his chin raised up.
“then why did you lie to me before?” he asked.
“cause….i I didn’t want anyone to know we were dating” I lied and bit the inside of my cheek, I hate this. Prevaricating and making sham comment about Erick and I it’s pretty uncomfortable.
“why, dating a hottie like that, you should expose him to the world” Cassie cranky voice ringed and I sighed.
“so girls like you could easily seduce him and wile him to yourself?” Travis said and Cassie smiled.
“is that who think I am?” she asked.
“isn’t that what you are” Travis fired.
“okay then if you call me seducer, then I’ll move from June’s so-called-boyfriend to you, you’ll be my next target”. Cassie said, chutzpah.
Travis shook his head at her and Justin suddenly stood up.
“okay everyone get up, your big break is over, it’s time to get your groove on”. Justin said and Grace groaned angrily getting on her feet.
“you guys are fast learners I must admit, except you, try harder” Justin said to Grace who gasped.
“I am trying my best, the moves are just so hard and not easy to catch up, how I hate dancing” she said whimsically.
“well try your very best Grace” Justin said and Grace huffed.
“how about me? Did I do better?” Cassie asked moving her hair back slowly, She’s totally making a flirt.
“you’re doing great but, they’re still some moves which I know comes difficult for you, but you just try your best with it even when your body isn’t flexible with it, tomorrow we’ll work on some exercises which will help you with body flexibility, but aside that, you’re doing great”. Justin said calmly to Cassie and even though she looked angry, she just smiled.
“and you, I have nothing to say to you, you’re good” Justin smiled at Travis who rubbed his neck in a bashfully way.
“and you, you’re flexible enough but you just don’t give the moves enough chance, you’re dancing like you’re being forced to, and that needs to change before tomorrow, stop dancing lazily” Justin warned and I nod.
Why won’t I dance lazily when I am so tired…
Justin taught us the next steps and after learning that, we practice with the music from the beginning, it was easy and I felt like dying.
It was around eight pm Justin decided we go home and come back as early as possible tomorrow morning.
I waved everyone goodbye, well including Cassie who ignored me as we all walked out of DH and I head straight to the bus stop.
I took the night bus and as the bus drove with speed, I felt so numb, tired and sleepy.
I finally got home. Saying a small hello to my grandma and Augie, I hurried to my room and immediately I flew on my bed tiredly and that’s how I fell asleep.
I almost cried, no actually I cried when I heard my alarm the next day, I haven’t gotten enough sleep yet and it felt like I just slept for fifteen seconds.
I cried when I slowly got up from my bed feeling a little turmoil about today, I felt a churn in my stomach as I slowly walked to the bathroom.
Finally I made with taking my bathe and I took the most comfortable baggy clothes I could find in my drawer and I packed my hair up and wrapped it in a messy bun. (this story is written by Ruthie Lee).
I glance at Augie who was still fast asleep and I walked out of my room, then the house not remembering to take breakfast. Well who cares about breakfast.
Feeling a little mollified by the cool breeze as I walked to the bus stop. I felt a little bit of energy in me, but that energy disappeared when I got to dance class. Travis and Grace were there already while Justin and Cassie walked in after me.
Weird. I did not see them in the hallway.
“whoa… June, are you okay?” Travis asked walking up to me.
“what’s wrong with me?” I asked as I slowly turned to mirror in front of the class and gasped silently.
Goodness! I look horrible.
My face looked pale and white, my lips dry and eyes saggy and has big baggy eye bags under it.
I look like the Walking Dead.
I heard a capture sound and I turned to see Cassie taking pictures of me.
“would you stop that?” Travis said.
“nope, my cousin needs help with a project of his and he needs someone who looks just like a zombie and June’s perfect”. Cassie said laughing hard as she looked at the pictures she took of me.
So immature.
“Cassie stop” Justin said and she sighed giving him an eye roll.
“and I am so proud of you guys, coming here so early”. Justin said and we all smiled.
“I didn’t get enough sleep you know” Grace said folding her hands.
“I’m not doing this for you Grace, you’re the ones going on stage yourselves and you’re all doing it for yourselves, I’m just here to help you guys, so don’t act like its my fault for you not waking up early” Justin said and gave a small tap on her shoulder.
“okay guys, before we get to the next step, first. You’re all going to dance the whole step we practiced yesterday from the beginning to the end”. Justin said and we all nod as he walked to his Bluetooth speaker.
As the music played we danced each and every step correctly, no one made any mistake and even though I was so tired and feeling a little lightheaded, I danced great with the others, but not until I felt a sharp pain at the left side of my stomach, it made me stop and wince, slowly going down I plopped to the floor holding my stomach and everyone stopped dancing and turned to me.
The music stopped playing and the next thing I know is Justin helping me up from the floor. I winced when I felt the sharp pain again.
“what’s wrong?” Justin asked and I didn’t need to explain for him to know what’s wrong with me cause he got the message as I held my stomach tight.
“uh… Is it y-your ….. You know… Monthly visitor?” Justin asked nervously but I shook my head negatively, gosh that is so weird to ask.
“great.” he breathed a sigh of relief.
“then it must be something about food” Travis suggested, and recalling I haven’t had anything since yesterday apart from just yesterday’s small breakfast and I nod at the mention of food.
“okay, uh, you can wait here and I’ll go get you something to eat” Justin said. Thank God.
“you hold her” he told grace, “and you’re coming with me” he told Travis.
As they both head for the door, justin turned back and turned to Cassie “give her some water”. He ordered before walking out with Travis.
“come. Let’s go sit down” grace said holding my hand tightly and moving me slowly to a corner of the room.
“it’s okay, I can walk on my own, it’s not like I’m about to give birth” I said which made her giggle.
“I can’t let you go” she said as we got to the corner of the room and slowly sit down on the floor.
“it only hurts when my moving gets involved with my waist or stomach”. I explained releasing my grip from my stomach a bit.
“what did you eat today?” grace asked.
“nothing.. Not since yesterday morning” I explained and she gasped.
“are you serious?? And you’ve been dancing on an empty stomach, what if you collapse and get transferred to the hospital and then the press hears that and maligned to the situation and then the competition would be halted and DH would be shut down, while the CEO will get arrested”. Grace rushed her words and I laughed at her conjecture.
“such guesses are not going to come true” I said with a smile.
“I know I’m just assuming”. Grace shrugged.
“well don’t assume things like that” Cassie’s cranky voice echoed and we saw her walking towards us with her Pink bottled water.
“you know June. You could have just told Justin you wanted a break instead of putting up a show” Cassie said squatting in front of me and handing me her bottled water.
Being nice to me by offering me her water, but also being pretty abusive.
“take it” she added with a doll smile as she moved the water to me. I sighed and took the water from her, I am so thirsty.
“and I’ve seen the way you look at Justin, June.” Cassie started but I just gulped down her water not giving her a reply.
“what do you mean?” grace asked, in my place
“I’ve seen the way she looks at Justin, like you know, the dreamy way… The lustful way.”
I almost spit out the water in my mouth but I held it in.
What?? Me?? Justin?? Ewww.
“Cassie, you’re such fat liar,” Grace said and I suddenly turned to her. “are you sure you’re talking about June or yourself?”.
“what do you mean” Cassie barked.
“we’ve all seen the way YOU look at Justin, always primping whenever he’s talking to you, throwing him a flirty smile, ask about his opinion of every silly thing you do” Grace rolled her eyes and Cassie went speechless. The door opened and the Two guys walked in.
“I will have my bottle back now” Cassie said taking her water from me and walking.
“instead of buying food, just for June, we bought for everyone” Justin announced as he walked up to Cassie, handing her a plate with hamburger and fries and then walking up to me and Grace, to give us ours.
“thanks, but I’ll eat mine later” Grace said pushing hers beside me.
I wasted no time in revelling the hamburger and gosh I enjoyed it.
Travis sat beside me and slowly ate his
“Justin is so nice buying us all foods” Grace said and I nod at her, agreeing.
“screw Justin and his niceness, I bought all this” Travis said.
“really?” I asked, my mouth full.
“he didn’t have any money on him, so I had to use mine” Travis explained “okay thanks” I said after swallowing the food in my mouth.
Turned out food was all I needed and after a lot of resting I could get I was back on my feet and I moved my body to the music which ever way I wiled it to.
That day went by like a wind and before I knew it I was taking the bus and going home, I remembered to take dinner that night even if I was late I had time to freshen up before going to bed.
Dance classes became fun as the steps became very familair with us and we just a few more to learn before rounding up. The ending steps were hard but still we did a great job and after Learning the dance step we were to sing along while dancing.
Singing and dancing was a lot harder than I thought, it takes a lot of your energy and the worst news we heard from Justin was that, when the “sugar” is going to be played on the day of the competition, Daniel’s voice isn’t going to sound in the Song, but just the beat, like a karaoke version, and we’re going to be the one singing instead.
After practising for days, we were unstoppable… It was Saturday after a few minutes after two, and we all stood in front of Justin who was grimacing at us. We just finished practicing and we were all sweating a little.
“so we’re all done for today and you guys are perfect and mind blowing, I really enjoyed teaching you all and now you’re all dismissed to go home, get full rest and come back tomorrow to blow everyone’s mind, cause if you guys do great on stage tomorrow, my pay is getting high,” Justin said and we all giggled
“okay everyone, good luck!” Justin said as he packed his stuff and walked out of the dance room.
“oh my God!! Daniel’s comeback will be released tomorrow??” Cassie yelled making everyone flinch a bit.
“really, where… Where are you reading the article” grace asked grabbing her phone turning it on
“go to DH daily news” Cassie announced and seconds later Grace gasped happily.
Daniel’s able fans.
“this is amazing, I cannot wait for tomorrow” Grace exclaimed and I Cassie nodded in agreement, I walked up to the corner of my room to where my phone and bottle water is, I grabbed my stuff and Cassie gasped made me turn.
“Grace, go to new update and read it fast” Cassie said.
“huh? A new soloist is being introduced in DH and his debut is going to be out tomorrow and he goes by the name–
“ERICK-J” Cassie interrupted Grace and I flinched. He really went for it.
Travis looked at me strangely but I quickly looked away to avoid questions.
“a new singer I really hope he’s as talented as Daniel” Cassie stated and Grace suddenly pulled her,
“th-this is a picture of Erick-J” Grace stutter to Cassie as she peered into Grace’s phone.
“he’s handso—wait! Isn’t this June’s boyfriend?” Cassie yelled and she raised her head up to look at me.
T. B. C

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