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I moved back a little and whispered in Grace’s ear.
“I’m going to Maria Li now” I said and she shrugged.
I quickly walked away from them and Daniel looked like he wanted to tell me something but I looked away before he could I don’t want him to show anymore care by taking lobster crumbs off my cheek and causing hatred for me and the others.
As I got to Maria Li, my heart starts to beat and she smelled like strawberry and another strong scent that I couldn’t decipher.
“M-Maria Li?” I stutter. And she turned to me with a smile. “yes”
She smiled even more as she watch me make a fool out of myself. I’ve always picture this day, standing in front of Maria Li and having a face to face conversation with her, and now I’m blowing it off.
“I love you” I didn’t know when that came out of my mouth but she suddenly laughed. “I’m your biggest fan I love your music your everything” I didn’t know when that came out of my mouth but she laughed and touched my cheek.
“and I love you too,”
I almost fainted with her hand on my cheek,
“and do you know how I treat my special fans?”. She asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I take pictures with them and tell them what they like to know about me” Maria Li said and I almost burst with excitement.
I felt my stomach rise and fall and my legs starts to feel light.
“gimme your phone” she said.
“I.. I left it at the suite room” I said and she smiled.
“well don’t worry we can take it with mine” she said, brought out her phone and took a picture of us, though I looked like a bloated goat in the picture, I was still happy I took a picture with Maria Li.
“c’mon, you two get in”. Maria Li instructed and Cassie and Shylock who stood beside her too, got closer to us and we all took a picture, I looked like a lost sheep in this one, but it was okay.
“Maria… Someone called her and she turned and so did i, and every celebrity that came started to go down the hallway.
“I have to go, hope to meet you guys later, you’re all so sweet” Maria Li smiled.
Every one of them walked down the hallway, all looking so glamours. I want to be like them, a beaut, a diva and a super star.
Daniel waved at us and so did Roxie Tiffany and we all stood and watched them leave.
“today is the most memorable day of my entire life” Shylock’s friend Leah said as she dried her eyes.
“wait! Don’t tell me you’re crying cause you met Daniel” Shylock scoffed
“of course I am, do you know it’s a dream come true for me, I’ve always wanted to see him face to face, I’ve gone to his concert, but today’s proximity made me like this” Leah said and Shylock rolled her eyes.

“c’mon the boys are going to finish the whole meal”. Grace said out of nowhere and pulled my hand and drew me back to our suite room.
We got inside and shut the door, we turned to see the guys already eating without us and we both hurriedly went to take our seats and we joined them
I continued with my fried lobster even though it has gotten a little cold.
Everywhere became silent and only the chewing, biting and cracking of our foods could be heard with the moans that we made when tasting something sweet.
But grace broke that moment by asking.
“so June, why’d you think Erick-J didn’t come to this vacation?”.
“Why would she know that, is she his Mom or something?” Zayn scoffed, and chocolate cake smeared on around his mouth and he looked funny when he asked that.
“she’s his girlfriend.” Travis and Grace said at the same time and I sighed
Here we go.

“no way, Erick-J made it clear to the media about not being in a relationship”. Klay chipped in as he grabbed a cup of the ice-cream that has began to melt.
“well I’m sure he didn’t mean to say that” Travis shrugged.
“so you’re telling me, that June here and Erick-J are dating?” Klay asked and Travis and Grace nodded.
“wow.” Zayn breathed out.
“so tell me, why didn’t Erick-J show up here” Grace asked.
“he’s having his first music show win countdown on R-net TV” I explained and they all nod
“so I know this is weird to ask but, whatever I’m just gonna say it, we’re all above ten, so here I go…. So what is Like to kiss Erick-J?” Klay asked and Travis nudged him.
“dude, you crazy?? What kind of question is that? Are you gay or something, do you want to kiss him yourself” Travis barked.
“it’s just a simple question you dork, or perhaps you guys haven’t kissed before?” Klay said.
“we have.” I said facing my food, they’re making me feel awkward.
“okay so explain” Klay pressured and Travis rolled his eyes.
“Klay, I don’t see any reason for me to share my passion, pleasure or affection I have with Erick-J to you” I snarled.
“ouch.” Zayn said and he and Travis shared a laugh that made Klay angry a bit.
“well just forget I asked that” Klay said and turned back to his food making Travis and Zayn laugh even more. I smiled and glanced at Grace to see her staring at me awkwardly, more like glaring at me. But her face quickly soften when she saw mine.
“so after this meal, what do you all want to do next?” Grace asked as we broke our eye contact.
“well I’m thinking of going to the swimming pool”. Klay said
“yeah me too”. Zayn added.
“but neither of you brought a swimsuit.” Travis said.
“well clearly, I heard Mrs Mitch said we could ask for anything and we didn’t expect this vacation so how did they expect us to bring a swimsuit when it’s unexpected, so I think we’ll be given one.” Klay explained.
“so none of you are planning to meet the celebrities?” Grace asked.
“I am” I said.
“who Daniel?” she scoffed.
“Maria Li” I replied, Grace is suddenly acting Cranky and I don’t like it.
“why Maria Li, she doesn’t even exist anymore.” Klay asked.
“didn’t you just see her with the others, how can you say she doesn’t exist anymore.” I yelled.
“whoa… Chill June. It was just an irony”. Klay said.
“irony or not, it’s not nice to say she’s not existing”. I snapped.
“well sorry, I didn’t know you liked Maria Li so much too act so cranky because she’s been called a non existing human” Travis said and I glared at him.
“look what Klay meant was that, Maria Li isn’t that popular anymore and it’s been two years now and she hasn’t released any new song”. Zayn said as he poured himself a glass of orange juice.
“what are you talking about? Maria Li released her new song, three months ago. Soaring high!”. I said.
“oh… Looks like it didn’t get popular”. Zayn said and Klay giggled. I rolled my eyes at the two of them and grabbed the chocolate cake Zayn has been eating.
“hey. Give that back” he said.
“you’ve been eating this for ages, I want to have some too” I said and he sighed
“don’t care actually, you can have it”. Zayn and I looked at the cake and started to have some for myself.
The chocolate cake was amazingly delicious and I remained quiet as I ate the cake, and listened to the others conversation.
Grace said she’ll join the boys in the pool after our big meal, while Travis said he’ll just stay in the suite and other for wine and more junk food.
And immediately after we ate our big meal, Klay, Grace and Zayn asked for a swimsuit from the telephone and immediately, three women came inside and Gave them their exact size of swimsuit, and they left, immediately after they left two women came and cleaned the table where we just had our big meal.
It was remaining Travis and I in the suite room, only the sound of the ticking clock could be heard and we just glance at each other occasionally
“so aren’t you going to meet your Maria?” Travis asked breaking the silence.
“actually, I am, the celebrities would have occupy the suite room up here but I don’t know Maria Li’s particular room, and I know we can meet them alone in their room, but I’m kind of nervous.” I said looking at the door.
“okay you know this is your only chance at meeting Maria Li alone, in her suite room, just imagine it, just the two of you!! Now don’t tell me you’re nervous”. Travis said as he stood up from one of the cushion.
“well I am still pretty nervous. Can you come with me?” I asked rushing my words.
“I can’t, I have to–
“order more junk food?” i cut him off. “c’mon Travis, please… I really have to meet her and it’s really important.” I said and he sighed.
“you can order your junk food later”. I added and he stood up lazily.
“I wanted to live lavishly for a day, but you’re making me meet Maria Li… Fine.. Let’s go” he mumbled in vexation as he walked to the door and I smiled.
“thank you”. I said and he rolled his eyes.
“don’t thank me”. He faked an angry face.

We both walked out of our suite room and the hallway seemed empty and a little quiet cause the sounds of girls giggling could be heard.
“okay how do we know which suite room she’s staying?” Travis scoffed.
“look.” I said as I pointed to the door beside Cassie and the other girls room 002. “look, at the door beside room 002 It’s 003 and under the number there’s a letter there, actually two letters R and T and if you look at room 005. Under the letter there’s letter R and G and I think the letter R and T stands for Roxie Tiffany and the letter R and G starts for Ricky Goodman” I said and Travis looked at the door and smiled.
“yeah, you’re right. And look” he said grabbed my hand and we both moved forward, “there’s the letter M under this door room 007 and you know whose room this is.” Travis said and I nod.
We both walked in front of the closed door and we suddenly turned to see the suite room of Daniel Anderson opened. And Cassie, Leah and the Two other girls staying in the same suite room as them surrounded Daniel giggling and laughing, while Daniel who held a tired face was busy giving them his autographs on their palms.
I sighed and turned to Travis. Who held a disgusting face as he looked at the girls in Daniel’s room.
“Trav” I called and he turned to me.
“those giggling girls are making me feel sick, he should have closed the door. Every suite room door here is closed” Travis said and I sighed.
“look just ignore them, we’re going to meet Maria Li now and I don’t want to mess this up”. I said and he nods.
“okay then let’s ring the doorbell” he said about to press the doorbell button but I stopped him and asked.
“how do I look?” my voice echoed through the hallway and everywhere suddenly went quiet, the giggling Daniel girls stopped giggling and I turned to see all of them looking at me because Daniel was too.
“you look the same.” Travis replied, taking back my attention from Daniel and his girls.
“I need your good compliment Travis,” I whispered yelled cause all eyes were on me and I really hate it as Maria Li’s door is opposite Daniel’s and his door is open and all the girls there getting his autograph are staring at me including him
Travis glance back at them and then to me.
“which one do you prefer, meeting Maria Li, or have them stare at you, till you give birth”. Travis asked and I turned and pressed the doorbell.
The door opened after five seconds of waiting, and immediately Travis and I both entered before shutting the door.
Maria Li suite room was exactly the same as ours but had a bit of pink and purple at some areas of the caramel cushions.
Surprisingly Shylock sat on one of the cushions while Maria Li smiled at us as she came into view from her room.
And just like I thought she would be when I will meet her, she was exactly like that.
Nice, so beautiful, perfect talking voice, great personality, and splendid hospitality.
Travis enjoyed meeting Maria Li cause she was not only nice but funny, and Shylock, Travis and I became really quiet and focused when she told us about how she strived as just a trainee in DH, and I listened carefully cause I didn’t know all this about her. And I thought I knew everything about her.
After her big story Shylock suddenly asked.
“why haven’t you gotten married?”
“well you see, i don’t think it’s my time yet, I’m just twenty seven you know”. Maria Li smiled.
“my mom got married at age of twenty”. Shylock.
“well too bad, she didn’t want to enjoy her youth first”. Maria Li said and Shylock laughed.
“Maria Li…” I called softly and she turned to me.. And wow she just did a perfect hair flip.
“can you sing for us?” i asked without knowing.
“I wish I could honey, but I can’t. I’m saving my Voice for tonight’s show”. She smiled.
“Oh okay” I said.
“and that remind me, I have to start getting ready for tonight” she said standing up. And so did we.
“Thank you all for coming, when we were told to have a meet, greet and talk with our fans, I thought neither of you would want to meet me cause it feels like I’m not that popular these days, and since Daniel Anderson is on the vacation too everyone’s going to leave me for him. But the three of you didn’t and I love that and really appreciate your coming.” Maria Li said calmly with a small smile.
“not everyone likes Daniel, you know” Travis said.
“yeah,” Shylock and I said at the same time.
“well thank you all, thanks for coming” Maria Li smiled and we all smiled back before walking out.
Daniel door seemed closed now and the hallway was pretty quiet.
“Maria Li is such an angel.” Shylock said. And I nod. “i agree with you”.
“anyways I’m going back to the suite,” Travis said and started to walk away.
“okay, thanks for coming with me” I said and he nods before walking into the suite.
“so what do you plan to do next?” Shylock ask me.
“I-i don’t know?” I said.
“well do you want to come with me to meet Daniel?” she asked.
“huh? I thought you didn’t like Daniel,” I said.
“I didn’t say that, Daniel is the king of pop music, and who wouldn’t like him, it’s just that I like Maria Li more than I like Daniel” she said and I nod understandably.
“so do you want to come with me?” she asked but I shook my head negatively.
“no.. I just had a second thought about the swimming pool and I think I’m going to check it out” I said bringing out the hotel map from my jacket pocket.
I don’t want anywhere near Daniel.
“okay see you around” Shylock said and I nod and start to walk away.
It’s better to be with Grace, Klay and Zayn than to be with Daniel, I just don’t want to bring any misunderstanding. He’s already created one by cleaning off that lobster crumb off my cheek.
I made my way to the third floor where the swimming pool is and the hallway there didn’t have much doors and I came in front of a door where the word «swimming pool» was written there. I looked at myself as I opened the door, I’m not wearing a swimsuit,
But when I walked in, I appeared in some sort of a lobby and different kind of swim suits were hanged on the wall. Both male and female.
I observed all before picking an orange swim suit, I saw a changing room, still inside that lobby and I quickly walked in to change into the swim suit.
I came out of the changing room and to the lobby and then saw the main door that led to the swimming pool.
The swimming pool was madly big and long, it was blue and neat and the room had big blue lights that gave the room and the swimming pool it’s colour.
As I walked closer to the pool, I was surprised not to see Grace and the others here.
They must have left, I thought. And I can’t swim alone it won’t be fun.
As I stood in front of the swimming pool, I didn’t know how lost I was but I was surely thinking about nothing, until someone voice yelled “BOO!!” in my ear and I flinched and slipped, falling into the water.
I held my breath under the water and I suddenly remembered Erick and I at the waterfall, I came out of the water angrily as I heard a familiar laugh and then I sighed tiredly when I saw his pink hair.
“what in world were you thinking?” Daniel laughed.
I ignored his question as I got out of the water, I was avoiding him but now look at how I met him here.
“where are you going?” he asked as he watch me walk to the door.
“I’m leaving” my Voice echoed.
“why; you just got here” he said walking up to me.
“the people I came here for aren’t here so I’m leaving” I explained and turned the door knob and pull the door open, but it wouldn’t open.
“you can stay here with me, I mean I’m a person” he said but I glance at him then at the door.
“I can’t my friends and I have something to talk about”. I said pulling the door to open, but still it wouldn’t open.
“wait, let me try.” he said and move aside so he could open the door, he pushed his wet hair back and turned the knob and then started to pull the door but it wouldn’t open.
“okay this is like the sixth time this would happen to me, the door is always having this kind of fault, it’ll be stuck like this until someone opens it from the outside” Daniel said and my eyebrows arched up.
“what??” I screamed.
I’m… I’m.. Stuck here with him.
“looks like you’re stuck here with me” he laughed.
T. B. C

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