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I walked to the swimming pool and I sat at the edge of the swimming pool with my legs dipped in the water, my wet hair glued to my back and I hugged my body while Daniel tried to open the locked door.
“at least I tried” he said and his voice echoed. “the door wouldn’t open, and like I said earlier, someone would have to open it from the outside.” he said.
I just sighed and stare at the small passing tides on the water, created by the heavy lights in the room.
Daniel walked up to me and say down beside me but not to close to me..
“so looks like we’re stuck here for a while” he said but I ignored him.
“June.” he called.
“what?” I snapped.
“whoa… Did I do anything wrong?” he asked.
“why are you asking that?” I asked.
“cause it seems like you actually wanted to bite me” he said and I looked away.
Of course I want to bite him, like a lion eating an antelope.
First he’s been acting weird with me and now, I’m stuck here with him and I don’t want that cause if anyone opens that door and finds the Two of us together, we’re doomed.
He’s already done enough and this is sure going to cause a rift.
I kept quiet and looked at the water in the pool.
“June?” he called softly and I looked at him.
“are you mad at me? Did I do anything wrong?” he asked.
“you didn’t!” I gritted.
“then why are you being like this towards me” he asked..
“cause… You… I..” I sighed when I didn’t know how to explain myself.
“I want you to act like you don’t know me in public.” there I said it.
“what? Why!!” he yelled and his voice echoed.
“cause you act t– a drop of water suddenly dropped from my hair to my eyelashes making me close my eyes immediately, I was about to wipe my eyes but Daniel beat me to it.
“okay stop!” I yelled, and moved back making his hand leave my face.
“what?” he asked.
“that’s what I’ve been trying to say, I don’t like the closeness you suddenly exhibit whenever we’re together or even around others, the way you took off those food crumbs off my cheek, the way you stared at me when your fans gathered you, and the way you helped me wiped my eyes just now, I don’t want that, I don’t like that, if you keep that up people will start to think—-
“we’re dating?” he completed for me.
“yeah” I moved my wet hair back, well I wanted to say in a relationship but still, it’s the same thing.
“so… Let them think so, cause sooner or later everyone’s gonna know you’re dating Erick and they’ll know I’m just nobody close to you. And if that’s what you’re worried about, I’ll stop. But pretending not to know you in public, that’s not possible. I just being like this because you’re the only one I know here…” he explained.
“I am not the only person you know here, what about the other celebrities you’re all partners at DH” I said.
“you mean Maria Li and the others?” he asked and I nod.
“them? They don’t talk to me, they all think I’m just a teenage boy who got lucky and became a celebrity”. He said.
What? Got lucky…? That’s painful.
“they only person who talks to me sometimes is Roxie Tiffany, but she’s busy now with her acting career and she doesn’t come to DH that much, Ricky Goodman is just as mean as he looks and maria Li is so not friendly at all, she’s never been nice to anyone, her niceness are all faux” Daniel said.
I don’t care if Maria Li’s pretending to be nice to us, cause pretending to be nice is better than acting harsh towards us, but why did my heart suddenly feel heavy.
“so you see, that’s the only reason I’m being like that to you, and mind you I can take food crumbs off anyone’s cheek, even a stranger, that’s just me for you, Erick always complains about me being to nice, he always said this century is filled with selfishness, that if I don’t have a little bit of arrogance or grumpiness in me, I’m going to be the one with a broken heart later” he said and laughed after.
“I grew up in a nice home, and I just got influenced.” he added.
So it’s not his fault being like this, but he sure letting his niceness get in the way of his reputation.
We both remained quiet until Daniel Started
“so Erick’s at his first music show win, it’ll be his first stage performance”.
“yeah” I nod.
“If not for that he would have been here and you two might have been cuddling with each other in his suite room”. Daniel laughed.
“you’re crazy.” I said rolling my eyes.
“what it’s true!” he said still laughing.
I turned to the exit door and sighed.
“I wish someone could just open that door!” I said and then turned back to the water.
“I could have called anyone to open that door, but my phone’s not here and neither do I have anyone’s number, but I have yours” he grinned.
“why did you take mine anyways” I huffed.
“why wouldn’t I, I have my mom’s phone number, my dad’s too, Erick’s dad, Erick and yours… And add my manager. I have everyone’s number, everyone I call family, maybe you don’t know but you’re like a sister to me… You’re my sister-in-law” he said and I scoffed.
“yeah, Erick’s like my twin brother and you’re my sister-in-law and you too are going to get married anyways!” he said with a slight shrug.
Oh my God, Daniel is just so….. I don’t even know what to call him.
“you know seasons, people, and things change… I started with a small smile and he nods, “Erick might get even more popular and then decided to migrate to another better country and then he’ll forget about me and the rest of us, meet a new girl who he’ll fall in love with, and then they’ll get married and have kids and that’s the end of Erick and June” I said giggling at the last part.
“does your theory have to be so negative” Daniel laughed..
“well I’m just saying”. I shrugged.
“no that can’t happen, Erick can’t do that. He really cares about you” Daniel said.
“I know” I smiled thinking of Erick
He really does.
“you two are just so perfect together, I’m jealous.” he said and suddenly jumped into the water.
He came out and his pink hair became darker.
“and that’s why I look up to you two as my role models” he said and moved his hair back.
I smiled and he smiled too.
“get in the water!” he suddenly said.
“no… Can’t swim”. I said.
“this pool doesn’t require your swimming talent, but the waterfall Erick took you, did require your swimming talent and I wonder how you coped with that.” Daniel said with his brows up.
“Erick told you about the jordic waterfall he took me?”.
“nope, I knew it before he even decided to take you there”. Daniel smirked.
“whatever” I rolled my eyes.
“so are you going to come in the water or not, you can’t just come to a pool and not swim, then what’s the point of coming to a pool, or.. I could teach you how to swim a little”. He said.
“not interested, I could use that swimming lessons time for better things” I said.
“better things like what?” he scoffed.
“better things like rehearsing, warming up my voice cause there’s suddenly a vacation and we don’t know when the competition is, we don’t know if it’s today or tomorrow, so bye-bye to swimming” I said sharply.
“okay let’s rehearse, you can sing and I can judge” he grinned.
“no thanks, I’d like to rehearse alone”.
“you don’t want me to hear your voice? That’s fine with me cause I’m going to hear it anyways, I’m not supposed to tell you this but, at the last competition, we celebrities are going to be the one judging and no matter how good your voice sounds. I’ll make sure I say no” he said sternly and I kicked the water at his face laughing.
“you wouldn’t dare!”.
“oh watch and see” he narrowed his eyes at me and suddenly went inside the water, I watched as his body swam up to me and he suddenly came out and pulled my legs making me fall into the water.

“are you crazy??” I yelled and my voice echoed.
“I’m sorry, but you can’t be in a pool and not get wet”. He shrugged.
“I wasn’t planning to, but thanks to you” I said sarcastically rolling my eyes.
But… The water did felt nice.
“sorry” he chuckled.
“whatever!” I huffed.
“can I ask you a question?” he asked as he tilt his head.
“you just did” I said and his brows arched quizzically, making me laugh.
“I was just joking you can go on”. I said. .
“okay I know this sounds off, but why do you like my brother?”. Daniel calmly asked.
“you mean Erick?”
“yeah who else.” he said.
“well… I don’t know…. I mean I like everything about Erick, not because he’s not only handsome, but he’s giving, funny and most of all caring, and when my world felt like it was stumbling and crumbling. He was suddenly there to open a new door for me, and he just keeps brightening up my day.” I explained staring at the water, not knowing I’ve been smiling from ear to ear until my cheek starts to hurt.
“and he’s also romantic”. Daniel winked at me.
“you know what? I’ve answered your question, I’m leaving!!” I said as I slowly got out of the water.
Talking about Erick with daniel is awkward… But Erick is sure romantic.
“but the door.. It’s still locked” Danial said as he got out of the pool too.
“well I’m gonna keep trying” I said as I walked to the door, but he quickly got up to me.
“okay honestly, you’re hard to have a conversation with” he said as he walked with me to the door.
“good to know” I said, lackadaisical.
“and I thought you were a nice sister-in-law”. He faked a pout and his hand slipped his hand around my shoulders, before I could protest for him to take his hand off me, the door clicked and opened.
Revealing, grace, Travis, Klay and Zayn. I thought Travis wanted to stay back at the suite, what’s he doing here now with them, and and they’re all holding Popsicle, where did they all go that I was left out and stuck here with Mr popular.
Their eyes suddenly moved the same time, from my face to Daniel’s face and then his hand on my shoulder.
Damn it!.
“let go” I said quietly and I slowly brought his hand down but he put them back up, while I turned to him and gave him the most deadly glare I could ever exhibit.
His eyes quickly widen when he got my message and he dropped his hand and apologized lowly. “sorry.”
“well I’ll catch with you later sis” Daniel announced as he walked passed the guys and out the door. Grabbing a towel from the lobby.
“sis..? As in sister?” Klay scoffed
“I was going to go to the spa to get ready for tonight’s event and I was looking for you the whole place so we could go together, but had no idea you were in here having some quality time with Daniel Anderson” Grace said angrily.
“Quality time? More like boring time” I mumbled.
“are you dating this one too?” Zayn asked referring to Daniel.
“what? No!!” I almost yelled.
“how could she be dating him, didn’t you hear him call her sis” Klay said to Zayn as he took a tiny bite out of his Popsicle.
“oh yeah” Zayn said and they both shared a strange look and smiled after it.
“so… What is it now with you and Daniel” Travis asked with a smile as he raised his brows at me.
“nothing!! Didn’t know he was here, I got in here too and after closing the door it got stuck and that’s how we both ended up here together, don’t misunderstand” I said to Travis and he smiled.
“sure… Sis” he said and he Klay and Zayn laughed. I rolled my eyes and sighed.. I turned to Grace and she still held that angry gaze at me even when our eyes met..
“so are you still going to the spa?” she asked bitterly and cold.
“yeah. I think the party is starting in two hours time” I said and she nods.
Well grace and I both head to the hotel’s spa and goodness the hospitality alone would make you smile, I felt Grace was angry with me, but I didn’t know why but when we got to the spa the workers and everyone there were kind and welcoming that Grace anger eased on me and she laughed throughout that session.
After enjoying the spa, we both decided to get our hair and nails done.
We get to choose the style for our hair and I choosed a simple bridal style which I felt it will look good on me. And it did look good on me.
I chose a peach colour nail polish for my nails while Grace chose the colour cyan and white for her nails.
The day was already getting darker and while drying our nails. Grace asked.
“what’s actuality going on between you and Daniel. You’re both acting really close, like really close, don’t tell me you’re cheating on Erick with him” she said with a small smile
“what? How can you say that! No way! Daniel’s so not my type and I can’t cheat on Erick, and even if I was to cheat it can’t be with Daniel they’re Best friends” I said.
“so…? What’s with the closeness” she asked and the way she looked at me felt strange but I replied anyways.
“Daniel’s a really funny person he’s just calling me his sister-in-law, saying Erick and I would get married and all..” I said with a slight shrug.
“oh” she said and turned to her nails, and that was the last thing she said before Mrs Mitch came to meet saying, we’ll be late that the other girls are already choosing all the pretty clothes in the girls dressing room. She gave us direction to the dressing room,
It was in the same floor as the pool but opposite. And when we got there my eyes almost fell with all the pretty dresses I saw.
Cassie and the other girls were already inside the room, snatching different dresses from each corner.
“whoa where did you guys made your hair it’s so pretty” Cassie voice said but I didn’t reply her I was busy staring at a neon sparkly dress that has caught my eyes and attention.
Grace answered her while I moved to the dress, immediately I took it from where it was hung, I knew it was a dress made for me.
“your hair’s beautiful where did you get it done?” I heard Shylock’s cool voice said behind me and I turned to see her holding a dress In hand
“at the spa, they do everything”. I said and she nods.
“so I see you’re also a pretty good fan of Maria Li” she smiled.
“yeah… I’m not supposed to tell you this but my phone password is Maria Li” I said and we both laughed.
“What are you talking about?” Grace suddenly appeared from nowhere but Shylock walked away.
“that was mean.” grace said glaring at Shylock as she stood in front o different set of high heels.
“anyways is that what you’re wearing!” Grace asked and I turned to her.
“what it’s too beautiful isn’t it?” I smiled.
“it’s prett–pretty awful” Grace said.
“what? I think it’s pretty” I said.
“well listen to me and change that dress or you’re going to regret it” Grace resorted.
“no.” I said sternly. “there are thousands of dresses here but this particular dress drew me here and sorry I chose this dress cause it chose me, I’m not listening to you” I said.
“do you want you want” she huffed and walked away.
I don’t know what’s wrong with Grace now but she’s not acting like herself, she’s acting like the old Cassie, meanie and bitchy.
“nice dress.” I heard Shylock’s voice behind me and I turned.
“thanks, but my friend said its pretty awful” I said feeling bad.
“what the hell. This dress is a killer you really have to wear it and if anyone says it’s bad. They’re just jealous cause they want it for themselves” Shylock said and I smiled.
“thanks Shylock.”
“oh, how do you know my name?” she smiled.
“I kind of overhead it when we were splitting rooms”.. I said truthfully and she gasped.
“you’re such a grabber, and what’s yours?” she asked.
“June.” I smiled and we both shook hands.
Everyone got ready for the small party where all the invited celebrities get to sing for us and I looked stunning in my mini dress.
Living like this is like living in heaven, it made me daydream about how much more it’ll be if only we were rich. I’ll be living a princess life everyday.
The party was small, pretty small,
It was done at the hotel’s backyard with pretty little decorative lights and four round tables and chairs surrounding and then a small stage.
All the celebrities sat at a different table from us and holy crap, I didn’t know Ricky Goodman was this hot. Roxie Tiffany still dressed in her badass savage outfit, and Maria Li wore a skimpy red dress and she looked beautiful under the little lights. And Daniel, always the killer or should I say weird one when it comes to fashion. He wore a a pink long sleeved shirt that matched his hair, and a black Jean jumpsuit that matched his shoe and earrings, he weaved one side of his hair and the rest fell to the other side.
He was the prettiest, I had to admit.
It was kind of funny to me when Mrs Mitch came as the emcee but I thought I was the only one who found it funny, but Shylock laughed and told me the reason for her laughter and it was about Mrs Mitch being the emcee.
Shylock sat beside me before Grace could and she had to sit beside the other girls in the other table, making just the three boys, Shylock and I in a table.
We were served wine alcoholic and non alcoholic and Roxie was the first person to be called on stage to sing, everyone clapped but Travis, Klay and Zayn had to make it even dramatic by whistling.
When Roxie starts to sing everyone just listened except Travis, Klay and Zayn who started to yell and sing along ruinning the girl’s song, but Roxie just laughed as she sang too, at least she felt happy they knew her song.
After she sang Ricky Goodman was next and he sang the song we sang at one of the competition. And everyone sang along and he felt happy as he came down from the stage.
The next person was Maria Li and as she sang soaring high, Shylock and I were the only ones who sang at the top of our lungs and she didn’t seem too happy as she walked down the stage even if Shylock and I were damn happy.
The last person was Daniel and every girl screamed including Shylock and he smiled at them and then at “me”.
He sang second chance and every single soul including me, sang the song with him and I saw Roxie Tiffany singing it too.. Immediately the song ended we all clapped.
“sing again” Cassie yelled and every other girl start to yell sing again. And Daniel laughed.
“if only Erick was here” Shylock sighed and I glance back at her.
“what? I love Erick’s voice it’s an epitome of talent” she said and I nod agreeing with her.
Daniel glance over at Mrs Mitch and she nodded at him and he suddenly starts to sing his new song and everyone sang along too excluding the three boys sitting with Shylock and I and when I looked at them they were on their feet dancing crazily. “what’s with them?” I asked Shylock.
“look.” she said as she picked one of the alcoholic wine bottle.
“they’ve emptied it” she said and laughed after. “they’re drunk” she laughed again
The three of them just met today and they’re acting like they’ve known each other since forever.
After Daniel ended his song, he walked down the stage and to his table and suddenly grabbed a bottle of wine.
More wine was brought to each table and the deejay suddenly starts to play Erick’s song the one he sang for me. I smiled and as I grabbed one of the wine bottle while Shylock screamed.
“I love this song, my wish now, is for Erick to just walk into this place”. Shylock smiled.
Yeah me too I miss him so much.
Everyone starts to sing along enjoying the wines in their table, I glance at Daniel and saw him looking gloomy, Ricky, Roxie and Maria Li were having a conversation with him left out and he just faced a small bush and pushed a bottle of wine in his mouth.
His cheeks looked flushed and his eyes seemed a bit red, or maybe it was just the lights joking with my eyes.
He turned to me and then glance at Ricky and the others and then at me.
He Suddenly sighed and stood, up and then starts to walk up to our table.
“is Daniel coming here?” Shylock whispered to me and I nod holding my breath.
All the girls eyes watched as he walked up to us and asked for Travis permission to sit on his seat and Travis agreed.
“I told you, none of them don’t talk to me.” he huffed and buried his hand in his hair. He was sweating and his face was now looking so red.
“I mean I’m going to be twenty one soon, but they’re all acting like I’m still seventeen” Daniel said and start to laugh, while Travis and the other guys walked away, or more like danced away.
Cassie, Leah and Grace quickly rushed their seats so they could seat beside Daniel who I think is drunk.
“are you okay Daniel?” Shylock asked.
“who are you?” Daniel asked looking at her but his eyes were closed. So that means he’s not seeing her.
“I’m Shylock, the last girl you have your autograph this afternoon” she said and bit her lip and then turned to me.
“he seemed pretty strong, but he gets drunk easily” Shylock whispered and I nod.
“give him some water” Cassie ordered and Grace quickly grabbed a bottle water and handed it to Daniel.
“here Dannie, you need this” she said sweetly but he knocked it off her hand and turned to me.
“sis.. Do you want to hear a joke?” he asked chuckling, Daniel shouldn’t embarrass himself in front of his fans.
“sis?” Shylock and Cassie echoed.
“no thanks but I don’t like Jokes” I said and he huffed. “I feel… He said and suddenly wrapped his hands around me and buried his face in my neck.
All the girls surrounding the table jaw dropped except Grace and I didn’t know what to do anymore.
“Daniel get up” I whispered in his ear but he didn’t move
And just like a dream Shylock screamed and we all turned to see Erick walking into the small party.
T. B. C

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