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“I don’t see a reason for you to be embarrassed cause I’m not those kind of people who judge like a psycho and I think you’re living the best life ever” Erick said and I looked at him.
“what do you mean?.” I asked.
“even though you guys live poorly and you barely eat, at night you all still gather together to eat dinner, you all laugh together and you all care for each other, now if I was asked to live in a house where I would eat every minute of the day and I’ll get what I want when I want to but there will be no love caring or laughter, no.. I’d rather choose a house where I barely eat, but still I still get to be loved and cared for.” he smiled and I smiled.
“what you’re saying now, is it somehow connected to you? Cause you seemed lost saying it” I asked and he sighed.
“well you are right, I’m a rich kid, I come from a very rich family, but business and money are the one my parents care for, I get whatever I want but still I wasn’t happy”.
“so you ran away from home?” I asked curiously and he laughed.
“no.. I used to work for my father but I became tired ever since he started to control me thinking he can use me for whatever he likes after giving me his credit card.. I got so sick of that, I quit and told him I can live on my own without his money and then he told me he was going to freeze my card but he couldn’t do it cause he knew I earned the money myself” Erick explained and I nod.
“so you wanted to be independent?” I asked and he nods.
“not all the rich are happy June, but ever since I came to this place I get to be loved by your grandma, Auggie, and well… Maybe you’ll learn to love me too” he said and we both shared a small laugh.
“I guess I’m not the only who hates my life” I said and he nods.
“we’re both on the same page, when I saw this place I thought I’d be living with only your grandma so I bought a TV thinking it’d be useful cause I’ll have nothing to say to an old lady, but then she told me she had grand children and I couldn’t wait to meet you guys, at least a teenager, I could talk to a teenager someone not too young or too old but just right, and now the TV became totally useless to me cause you guys are my TV” he said and I gave him a weird look while he smiled.
“okay now that I’ve shared half of everything going on with my life with you, why don’t you share yours” he said and I looked up at him.
“I already did, I told you how I don’t like living Like this but you’ve made me understand that I should be grateful for the life I’m living” I said and his smile beamed.
“okay well, do you have a dream? A goal?” he asked. And I breathed out softly.
“yeah I do, a really big one” I said and he scoot closer to me.
“which is?”
“I want to be famous, I want to be a celebrity, I want to be recognised, I want to be the second Maria Li” I said and he tilt his head strangely “really?” he asked
“yeah” I replied.
“wow that’s a big waste of dream” he said and I gasped.
“what the hell do you mean” I half yelled.
“it’s not a bad thing to want to be like someone, but you should have said you want to be a celebrity, a rich and famous Celebrity not I want to be the second Maria Li, look you can be any celebrity you want but when it comes to Maria Li you better step back”.
“why would you say that, Maria Li’s an angel” I smiled.
“yeah angel my foot. She’s a complete opposite” Erick rolled his eyes.
“and what makes you think so?” I fold my arms.
“cause I’ve met her” he said. Making me laugh
“look pal, you may be rich, but not any kind of person can meet the amazing Maria Li” I said and he looked at me and shook his head negatively.
“you’re obsessed over her” he said.
“yeah and so what?” .
“you shouldn’t try to be like someone else, just be yourself” he said calmly and my high shoulder slopped, he has a point.
“I just like all her songs that’s all” I said and he smiled, “yeah when it comes to singing Maria Li is a diva, she’s the best, all her videos, she has this pretty smile and face, but in reality she’s not that kind of person.” he tells me and I rolled my eyes.
“oh please. Just say you’re in love with her” .
“me? In love with her? No way, she’s a witch, and she’s the one in love with me.” Erick said and I looked at him weirdly, I’m sure he was perfectly fine a few minutes ago why is he saying gibberish now.
“okay then let me ask, when did you ‘meet’ Maria Li” I said and did air quote around Meet.
“I met her once, when she had her fan–
“fan-signing event” I interrupted him and he nods. “you met her just once during her fan signing and all of a sudden, you know she’s a complete opposite of herself, she’s a witch and she’s in love with you, If you listen to yourself you’ll know you’re talking like a psycho” I stated and he laughed.
“have you been to her concert or fan signing event before?” he asked.
“nope” I said and he sighed.
“then don’t act like you know it all” he said and I nudged him. “when did I act like I knew it all” .
“you know Daniel Anderson?” he suddenly ask
“ugh, you know him too?” I rolled my eyes.
“good you know him, his concert is on Friday are you going?” he asked but I shook my head negatively.
“at least if you go, you’ll get to know what it feels like before attending to Maris Li’s” he said and my head turned to him
“well now I would love to go but I don’t have any ticket and my friend in school invited me already but I declined and if she sees me there, she’ll kill me, I know Annie,” I said standing up.
“well accept her invite and we’ll go together” he said and I sighed.
“okay sure, it’s passed my bedtime and I don’t want to be late for school tomorrow, so I better go sleep” I said and was about to lift Auggie up, but today he was heavier than I thought.
“I’ll help you take him inside” Erick said and carried Auggie up instead. He placed Auggie over his shoulder and we both head inside, I opened the door to Auggie and I room and as Erick was about to enter his phone started to ring, he quickly walked in place Auggie on my bed, he brought his expensive looking iPhone out of his pocket and checked the caller, I peeked at his phone and saw it was his dad.
“what?” he said rudely into the phone.
“why do you ask?” he said bitterly.
“I’ll come when I want to goodnight” he said lastly before hanging up his phone.
I was looking at him curiously but when he Turned to me, I looked away, I don’t want him to get the idea of being me curious over him and his father’s conversation.
“that was my dad” he tells me.
“oh..okay” I said like I didn’t know, he nodded and looked around my plain empty room.
“wow” he said.
“what?” I asked.
“your room looks…. Nice” he said, I know he’s lying he hesitated before saving ‘nice’
“I know it’s awful stop trying to be nice it was more empty and awful when Auggie hasn’t joined me, now it looks a little full but still ugly” I said and he laughed.
“yeah, when I was still a little girl, my room was like a little princess room, it was big, purple in colour and had every Disney’s princess pictures on the wall and I had different kind of toys” I explained as I laid Auggie on his bed.
“and what about Auggie’s room then?” Erick asked.
“Erick hasn’t been born yet, my parents were still alive then.”
“your parents are dead?” he asked
“where did you think they went to, Spain?” I said and laughed to myself but he didn’t laugh.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know your grandma didn’t tell me ab–
“it’s nothing to be sorry for okay, my mom died during child birth for Auggie and my dad died when he heard the news of my mom being dead” I said trying my best not to get affected by my memory, and I succeeded.
“oh” Erick breathed out softly.
“and sometimes Auggie just get me confused with his real mom, calling me mom sometimes, and if he does next time, don’t be alarmed.” I said and got on my bed..
“anyway help me switch off the lights, good night” I said and pulled the blanket over my head. Everywhere suddenly went dark as I heard the sound of the light switch and Erick’s low voice Say.
“good night”.
I sighed and pulled the blanket from my head. Having a conversation with him wasn’t that bad at all, maybe he’s not a bad person, where the hell did I get that Idea from. I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep to fall asleep and I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up exactly at seven o’clock and I got down tiredly from the bed. Another day for school, thank God this is my final year and semester in high school just remaining a month and two weeks and I’ll be done.
Auggie and I prepared for school and we ate breakfast without Erick and left for school, well strangely Ella ate breakfast with us and it seems like Erick went out.
I got to my class and dropped my bag before sitting down.
“hey Annie” I greeted but she looked away angrily.
“okay..” I said before looking away too.
“I’m not talking to you until you agree to go to Daniel’s concert with me” she said and I almost laughed.
“if that’s the trick you’re going to use on me then don’t, and besides I’ve changed my mind, I’m going” I said and she swiftly turned.
“really?” her eyes almost watered.
“yeah, why not” I smiled.
“what actually made you change your mind? Did you watch Daniel’s video and fell in love with him?” she asked.
“nope not really” I said truthfully and she gasped.
“well there’s this guy,… I started and her eyebrows arched and I knew what she wanted to ask.
“is he your boyfriend?”.
“I said there’s this guy and that doesn’t make him my boyfriend, if he was my boyfriend I would have started the sentence with ‘my boyfriend’ so he’s just a guy” I almost yelled .
“well then who’s this “guy” to you?” Annie said.
“he’s just a neighbor and he talked me into going to Daniel’s concert and….”.
“and now you want to go cause a boy talked you into going when I clearly begged you to come with me” she said batting her eyelashes at me.
“don’t say it like that and don’t look at me like that or else I’ll change my mind” I said and she quickly smiled,.
School was normal that day and after school, as usual I went to pick Auggie and we both went home.
We got to our rooftop house and walked in the living room. Erick was playing with Ella, who happily wagged her tail and ran to my feet as Auggie and I walked in and Erick stood up with a smile.
“you’re back, how was school?” he asked.
“boring” I said and he just chuckled. Auggie and I walked to the door of our room and as I opened it he walked in before me. I got in our room and my jaw dropped.. I almost turned back cause I was sure it wasn’t my room.
It had two huge beds, one purple and one blue, above the beds were our names, ‘June’ and ‘August’ they were shimmering and glistening in the colour purple and blue, beside my bed was a pink drawer beside Auggie’s bed was a white drawer and I gasped. The empty cold floor has been covered up with a purple rug and the wall has been painted with purple and a small touch of white from the roof to the ground. Our old wardrobe has been replaced with a bigger blue one and I almost cried of how the room looked,
“surprise!!!” Erick said behind us and Auggie Turned immediately
“did you do this?” Auggie asked.
“yep do you like it?” he asked.
“no. I love it” Auggie said giving Erick a hug.
“I know you would but let’s hear it from the final judge” Erick said and turned to me.
“so what do you think?” he asked with a smile.
“why did you do it?” I asked and turned my gaze to him and his smile faded.
“you don’t like it?”.
“I’m not talking about that, why did you do it?” I asked.
“well… I..
“is it because of yesterday, did you do it out of pity? You decided to waste money on this boring old house just because I told you about my parent’s death and how I used to live like a princess, did you spend your night sympathizing ov–
“please June. It’s not that, I didn’t do it out of pity, I wanted you and Auggie to live the way you deserve cause you’re such nice people and you all deserve good things, and it’s not called wasting money it’s called using money wisely without regret” he explained and I rolled my eyes.
“well it’s the same thing, you pity us and so you had to do that” I stated.
“well I’m sorry if you think I did it out of pity which I didn’t. But still I’m sorry” he apologizes and I turned my gaze elsewhere with a sigh.
“well I actually did it for Augie” he said and I turned back to him.
“oh really? Then why is my old bed not here and why Is my name in 3D and glued to the wall.?” I asked.
“I guess it must be another June then, sorry for the misunderstanding” he laughed nervously.

“well it’s kind of nice” I smiled.
“you think so?” he asked and I nod.
“well it’s all I can do cause you guys have been so nice to me and… That’s all” he said and I smiled.
T. B. C


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