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# # # # # # #
It was Friday morning, I was way too excited, it was close to Saturday where I get to go to school and come back home early and rest from school, so I can fully enjoy the weekend. I got Auggie and I dressed for school and after breakfast we were on our way to school with Erick who said he’s just an ‘escort’ he did that yesterday and now he’s doing it today. Well it wasn’t much of a bother since I get to talk to someone other than Auggie, we talked until he got in front of a supermarket where he said that he has reached his limit and he has to go back home, Auggie and I waved at him and we both went to School.
I got to class and Annie immediately pulled me to her side.
“geez Annie what’s with you” I said and she sighed.
“I’m lost June, my life is over If you don’t help me decide now” she said and my eyes widen.
“what are you talking about why would your life be over?”
“so I have this two dresses, they’re both identical but different in color, One is lavender and the other one is royal blue, so which one should I wear to Daniel’s concert today?” she asked and I laughed.
“so you’re saying your life’s gonna be over because of a dress?” I asked.
“you don’t understand June, you can never understand” she said seriously and I shrugged
“okay then wear the lavender” I said and she gasped heavily..
“you’re not a good friend, you know Daniel’s favourite colour is blue and you want me to wear the lavender coloured one” she said almost angrily.
“how would I know that, okay then just wear the blue one” I said and she sighed. “but the lavender one looks more shiny”
“then wear the blue one and don’t disturb me” I said and turned to my front.
“you’re being Like this cause you don’t know Daniel Anderson” Annie stated but I rolled my eyes.
“but don’t worry you’ll see for yourself how it feels like to see a living angel tonight in his concert” she said and I glance at her and shook my head negatively.
Living angel my butt.
I turned to my front and greeted in unison with the others as a teacher walked in our class.
School wasn’t long cause it was Friday and we all went home early, I got home with Auggie and we both had a shower before Joining grandma and Erick for lunch, Erick has clearly been the chef for the family so far and his foods are the best, I’ll admit.
It was six o’clock in the evening, I was in my room with my phone when I heard a knock at the front door from my room.
“Auggie go check the d– I stopped talking when I realised I was the only one in my room, I got down from my bed and walked to the living room then The door, I opened it and I saw Annie standing there with her black skinny jean and black sweatshirt. Her brown hair in ponytail and rolled up in a messy bun.
“hey June” she said and walked in.
“what are you doing here?” I asked. Even if Annie has come here more than a dozen times I still feel embarrassed each time.
“I’m here for the concert, and you haven’t even gotten ready.. Ugh you’re such a headache” she rolled her eyes and she followed me into my room.
“why didn’t you wear your lavender or royal blue dress?” I asked as I closed the door.
“cause I wanted to be more free and comfotable” she said and I shook my head negatively.
“where’s your grandma and Auggie?” Annie asked
“they’re in my grandma’s room” I replied and she paused and looked around my room for a bit.
“wow your room looks a lot different from the last time I came here” she said and I smiled
“well things changes everyday, and Auggie and I happened to be staying together” I added the last part since she was staring at Auggie’s name on the wall.
“so… She turned to me.
“when it comes to Daniel, I am not going to be late, so get ready or I’m leaving without you.” she said and I looked at my clothes then at her.
“I’m already dressed” I said and she sighed. “seriously! You’re going to meet my Daniel with this?” she stated eyeing my washed Jean trousers and black T-shirt.
“I don’t see anything wrong with it” I heard Erick’s voice from the door and we both turned, he was dressed in all black and also covering his blonde hair with a black face cap.
“thank you, it’s just a concert” I said to Erick and he gave a smile under his hat.
“would you wear this to Maria’ Li’s concert?” Annie said to me and turned to Erick, “and I’m sorry but who are you?”
Erick removed the cap and moved his hair back.
“I’m Erick, June’s older brother” he smiled making me scoffed, Annie was grinning weirdly and I wondered what’s with her.
“no offence June, but dude you’re way prettier to be June’s older brother and i’ve known June since like forever and she doesn’t have an older brother, and her only brother is August so who are you? She asked sternly and Erick walked over to me sliding his hand around my shoulder.
“okay, am June’s cousin, I’m her father’s sister boyfriend, aunt, nephew, girlfriend’s father’s baby grandpa son”.
“huh!?” I said removing his hand from my shoulders
“that makes no sense, father’s sister boyfriend son or what the hell did you just say!??” Annie asked bewildered.
“he’s just!.. He’s the new neighbour I told you about” I breathed out.
“the one I mistook as your boyfriend?” she smiled, slyly.
Did she have to say that.. Annie is such a…
“well you can say I’m more like a bodyguard boyfriend to her since I protect her everyday” Erick smiled and I rolled my eyes at him.

“well….. Since that’s over, this is the only cloth I have for now, so can we please go to the damn concert?” I said, changing the boring subject..
“yep” Erick said and walked out, “I’ll meet you guys outside” he said as his presence disappeared and immediately Annie slammed the door.
“oh my god, who is he?, he is so cute, I wanted to bite him” Annie said and I gave her a weird look .
“bite Him? Eww that’s gross, and like I told you he’s my neighbor and he lives in Auggie’s room now, my grandma rented out the room few days ago and he surprisingly rented it that day”.
“you’re so lucky, you get to live with a princ–
“Annie please, let’s just go” I said opening the door before she starts her weird “COSB” which is short for ‘crushing on strange boys.
“you know he kind of looks familiar” Annie said as we walked out of my room.
“why wouldn’t he?” I rolled my eyes.
We both walked out and met Erick making a phone call and he hung up when we got to him.
“so we good to go?” he asked and Annie nodded before I could reply, we took a taxi to the City Hall which wasn’t far from home and of course Erick payed cause he was the one who suggested we take a taxi and Annie pretended to be nice saying she’ll pay instead and begging Erick not to and I know she didn’t want to. Erick finally payed and we all got out of the damn taxi.
“did you seriously have to do that and waste our time?” I whispered to Annie.
“yeah, you have to act nice to a guy if you want to win his heart” Annie said.
“seriously? You’re wining his heart now?!!” I whispered yelled and she smiled and nodded. “you’ve got to be kidding me” I shook my head as we walled to the City Hall.
We gave our tickets and walked in the crowded hall, each and every one of the thousand people in the hall holding up a light stick that has a Daniel’s name in the middle, everyone holding up different colours. “dang it.. I forgot to bring mine” Annie said angrily stumping her feet.
“good thing you didn’t” I smiled and she rolled her teyes.
We stood at the back almost in middle of the crowded hall without a lightstick and suddenly the stage was filled with blue smoke and every spotlight shone on the stage.
“OMG, we came at the perfect time” Annie squeaked at me happily, but I just stood still watching the stage that held special effect and suddenly everyone start to chant Daniel’s name.
“Daniel.. Daniel.. Daniel… Daniel.. Annie joined the chanters and Erick and I rolled our eyes at the same time and laughed when we found out we did.
“looks like we’re not real fans of him” Erick yelled since the crowd was yelling already he could barely hear himself.
“yeah,” I added and turned when everyone screamed..
Up on the stage was Daniel, his hair dyed blue and his clothes were all blue too including his earring on his left ear.
He was pretty charming, he let out a small smile as he started to play the blue guitar he held,
“oh my gosh, di.. Did you see that.. Did you..?.. He smiled at me June..” Annie said happily and I smiled nodding, as I watched Daniel’s hand work on his guitar. He is gifted, he hasn’t start to sing but I already know what his voice would sound like.
Erick suddenly snapped his fingers in front of my face and I flinched and turned to him.
“wh…what?” I calmly asked.
“don’t tell me you’re drooling over Anderson over there” he smirked.
“oh he deserve a drool” I nod happily. “you haven’t even listen to his voice and.. You know what? I know you’re gonna love his voice, the kid’s got talent” Daniel said and I turned to him
“kid??.. Daniel’s way older than you, he’s twenty and aren’t you like thirteen or something” I said shaking my head negatively.
“thirteen? What the.. I’m twenty six” he lied.
“yeah, right” I scoffed. Suddenly Daniel started to sing and my heart start to shrink, his voice is extraordinarilyamazing, Annie started to sing along with some other girls around us and I became jealous, not knowing the song. I remembered the song from which Phoebe, joy, Julia and Annie were singing in class two days ago, I sighed and turned to look at Annie, she was lost in the music singing along and staring at Daniel who was busy setting his stage and audience on fire.
I found my self lost in the music and grinning like a plastic barbie doll.

The song ended and the crowd let out a loud scream. The lights went off with only the light sticks from the crowd beaming with different colours, and suddenly a blue spot light shone through the crowd and stopped at Daniel.
The cool sound of an acoustic piano filled the air and everywhere went dead silent and as the piano kept playing Daniel laid his hand on his guitar and added a miraculous Melody to the piano and everyone’s screamed. “oh my Gosh.. I love this song it’s my favorite” Annie screamed happily and a girl turned to her and she was sweating seriously. “everyone loves this song” she said to Annie and Annie nodded.
“what’s the title of this song?” I asked Annie as I found my body shaking to the beat of the music.
“second chance” Erick said before Annie could have a chance too.
“wow” I smiled.
“it’s his debut song” Erick said looking at Daniel seriously.
“wow you’re Daniel’s fan aren’t you?” I stated but she shook his head negatively
“I’m not, I just happened to know so much about him” Erick said.
“keep telling yourself that” I said and turned to Daniel cause he already start singing and I froze. The song was marvellously beautiful with his voice marching the beautiful low beat.
A single rose can be my garden.
A single friend can be my world,
But with you
You’re all I got
My garden, my world you’re all I can trust.
Being with you makes me feel like for once in My life I don’t have to work so hard on being happy, cause it just happens.
–second chance,
A second chance is all I ask for from you.
How do you stop yourself from loving someone when you know it will never work out.
Second chance, is all I ask from you.– 🎶
I notice my eyes wet and I wasn’t shocked cause who wouldn’t shed tears over such beautiful voice.
“what!?? You’re crying now?” Erick said to me and I cleaned my tears.
“isn’t it just beautiful?” I asked as I stared at Daniel.
I admit, he is a living angel.
After singing three more songs, Daniel thanked everyone, giving the crowd a charming smile and everyone screamed happily.
On our way home Annie kept singing and dancing on the road while Erick and I just glanced at each other shaking our heads.
“I believe the three of us went to that concert” I said to her and she giggled.
“sorry, Daniel’s just a great influence” .
“anyway guys, goodnight, I’m taking my own route” she said walking the opposite way.
“I guess that leaves you and me” Erick smiled.
“and I don’t see how that leads to you smiling” I said.
“I’m a smile addict June, it’s a good thing to smile, learn it from me” he said and I gave him a weird look.
His phone buzzed in his pocket and he paused and dipped his hand into his pocket bringing out his phone.
“ugh.. This is gonna take, all night” he mumbled and brought out his wallet from his pocket.
“can you look for A taxi, while I take this call please?” he said and I nod and took the wallet from his hand, he moved back taking the call, while I stood by the roadside waiting for a taxi and there seems to be none.
I glance back at Erick and he was angry with whoever was calling, cause under his cap you could see his furrowed brows and he was kind of yelling, I slowly turned my head to my front and suddenly two guys ran passed me and one of them snatching Erick’s wallet in my hand. I gasped heavily and turned to Erick for help but he seems busy, so I took a hell lot of courage and ran after the guys.
“June!!” I heard Erick’s voice behind me but I didn’t turn to answer or do anything cause he’s going to be pretty mad if he finds out he’s wallet missing.
“hey June come back!!” Erick’s voice echoed behind me but I kept on running, the two boys who were running together separated but I followed the one with the wallet and his legs sped up as he ran across the road with moving vehicles, I wanted to stop but I couldn’t cause my legs kept going. My ghost jumped out of my body when I noticed a black van coming towards me with the front light shining on my face and blinding my every other view, since I didn’t know where to run to, I stood in front of the moving van, if the driver is smart enough he’ll stop the van. When the van wasn’t stopping, I panicked and let out a small squeak, I wanted to move but I tripped on own foot and landed on the floor, the van let out it’s Horn before stopping, four inches in front of me.
I breathed out a sigh of relief as everyone came out of the van and immediately Erick rushed to me.
“are you okay?” he asked kneeling beside me. I nod suddenly as my hands went cold.
“c’mon get up” he said helping me up by holding my hand as I got on my feet
“young lady, are you okay?” I heard another voice asking and Erick and I turned to see a middle aged man walking in front of us and Erick adjusted his cap, making it cover his face even more. “yeah I’m fine, thanks” I said.
“what were you doing in the middle of the road, if I wasn’t a greater driver I would have crushed you” the man said placing his hand on his waist. Is he asking me a question or is he praising himself??.
“seriously June, what were you thinking, chasing those two guys, do you know them or something?” Erick scoffed as he placed one hand on my shoulder.
“they took your wallet and I had to run after them”
“what? Just because of my stupid wallet, they could be robbers June what If they brought out a gun and point it at you, what would you have done” Erick asked breathlessly. And I bowed my head
“I’m sorry” I apologized

“what’s all the commotion?” another voice asked, and a silhouette of a young boy coming out of the van. When the boy came into the light. my brows raised up on its own when I saw Daniel Anderson blue hair. It was Daniel Anderson .
“sorry for keeping you waiting I had to apologize for almost running over this young lady” the middle aged man apologized to Daniel.
“well why did she have to stand in front of the van in the first place, look I’m tired just give her some money and let’s be on our way” Daniel said and a small gasp escaped my lips.
Such an immature way to talk.
“June, next time when something like this happens please think about yourself, your life’s way more important than money okay?” Erick said and I nod.
“since you’re okay, we’ll be on our way then” the middle aged man said and Erick nodded, I looked up at Daniel and he was seriously looking at Erick. Erick noticed and looked at me
“let’s go June” he said and held my hand, our fingers intertwined.
“excuse me.. Do I know you?” Daniel asked Erick.
“uhhh.. I’m sorry you don’t” Erick rushed his words and pulled me forward. I glanced back at Daniel and he was still looking at Erick.
T. B. C

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