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As Erick walked in the party, our eyes locked and everyone screamed and left the table to meet Erick, including Shylock, and I was stuck being with Daniel.
“Daniel!!” I called and he moved.
“get off of me” I said and moved my shoulder up a bit, I slowly released his hands around my neck and he raised his head up.
“what?” he groaned.
“I was having a good nap”. He said and his face looked even more flushed.
“here, take this you’re drunk” I said giving him a bottled water.
“I’m not drunk, you’re the drunken one” he sniffed. He narrowed his eyes forward to Erick and the girls surrounding him and he smiled.
“Sis… Is that brother?” he asked wanting to stand up, but somehow he couldn’t lift himself up.
“yes it’s Erick, now drink that” I said referring to the water and then glance at Erick who started walking up to us, leaving the girls to stare at him as he walked majestically to the table Daniel and I were seated.
“Hey.” he said as he sat down opposite us.
“hi..” I smiled a bit.
“Erick you’re here…” Daniel laughed.
“he’s drunk isn’t he?” Erick asked and I nodded.
“I told you, I’m not drunk” Daniel said and slammed the table with the bottled water I gave him.
“shut up you are!” Erick said, grabbed the bottle water and pointed the bottom of the bottle at Daniel’s face.
“and next time, I won’t care if you’re drunk, if I see your hands or dumb head on my girlfriend’s body, I’m going to kill you” Erick warned lowly and pushed the bottle to his head.
“ouch, that hurt” Daniel whined and scoot closer to me.
“and that’s gonna hurt even more if you don’t get away from my girlfriend” Erick said opening the bottle and drinking a bit of water.
“you mean sister-in-law?” Daniel smiled.
“sometimes, I wonder why I became friends with this guy” Erick sighed and stood up.
“c’mon” he said to Daniel and beckoned for him to stand up. And Daniel obeyed.
“where are we going?” Daniel asked.
“out of here” Erick replied and walked over to me, leaned down and kissed my cheeks.
“I’ll be right back” he said and gave my shoulder a small squeeze before standing straight and walking up to drunk Daniel.
“c’mon” he said to Daniel and start to walk Away, while Daniel slowly trailed behind him, asking him where they were going.
Immediately Daniel and Erick walked away, all the girls rushed to where I was seated.
Here we go.
Shylock and Grace sat beside me, I was kind of in their middle while the rest sat and stood opposite us.
“wait! Why did Daniel call you sis?and why did he hug you like that?” Cassie was the first questioner.
“I don’t know, didn’t you see he was drunk” I shrugged.
“you’re a liar” Cassie barked.
“and I’m not going to hold this any longer, I love Erick so much, but I saw it, we all saw it, why did he kiss your cheek, who are you to them?” Shylock asked.
Great. My new friend finds out I’m dating her celebrity crush she’ll get mad and that’s the end of something great starting.
“Daniel and Erick are best friends and Erick and June are dating” Grace said staring at her fingers.
“oh my God, really?” Shylock asked and I nod while the two other girls gasped.
“who cares, we’ve all known you’re dating Erick, there’s no big news about that, you’ve both been dating before he became a celebrity.. What I want to know is why Daniel hugged you” Cassie said.
“wait… Hold on, you and Erick’s been dating before he even became a celebrity?” Shylock asked. I nod at her question and Cassie huffed. “Answer me!” she almost yelled over the music.
“I don’t know!” my eyes widen at her.
“you don’t know? Why wouldn’t you know?” Cassie snarled.
“okay, wait I get it now. Erick’s dating you and he’s best friends with Daniel, so I guess that’s why Daniel’s calling you sis?” Leah asked.
“but why did–
“sorry, I–i have to go to the bathroom”. I said. Stood up and walked away from the dozens of eyes that followed me.
I got back into the hotel and breathed out heavily.
Questions after questions, this is worst than paparazzi itself. I sighed and my sigh echoed at the hallway
“what’s wrong” Erick’s voice echoed. Making me turn swiftly.
“nothing!” I shrugged lightly and he hugged me when he got to me. And I smiled and buried my face on his chest.
“are you sure?” he asked in my hair.
“not really, I don’t think I can go outside anymore”. I said and he pulled from the hug.
“why?” he asked.
“cause… Every single soul who rushed up to you, are all asking about us… And Daniel “. I said and my shoulders slopped.
But he grabbed them and straightened my body, making me smile a bit.
“I get they’re asking about us… But why Daniel?” Erick asked.
“Cause… He… Laid his face on.. You saw that.” I said.
“yeah, and I wasn’t happy with what I saw, but he’s drunk that’s why he’s acting that way so I won’t blame him” Erick shrugged.
“where is he now?” I asked.
“I took him back to his suite, he’s not good with drinks, this is the second time he’ll be having one, I just can’t let him embarrass himself.” Erick expound and I smiled.
“that’s nice of you”.
“so… And why did Daniel call you sis… And then called me brother.” Erick asked with an irritated face.
“he said you’re like a twin brother to him and since you’re both brothers… We’re both gonna get married and I’m going to be his sister-in-law” I explained and Erick laughed.
“classic Daniel” he smiled. And I smiled too.
“oh God, I missed you!” he groaned and hugged me again.
“I did too.” I said sincerely.
“are you sure? Or the hotel’s hospitality made you forgot about me.” he said and I gave him a light punch on his chest and he chuckled and Let’s go of me.
“c’mon..” he said and stretched his hand out.
“what?” I asked looking at his hand.
“Let’s go outside and join the others,” he smiled.
“but they’re all asking sil–
“and we’ll both answer the questions and don’t worry I’ll do a proper introduction” he winked and I laughed and took his hand.

“and should I say you look stunning in this dress I almost didn’t recognize you,” He said and I smiled. “thanks”.
“but aren’t you cold?” he asked.
“no not one bit” I shook my head negatively.
“you sure?” he asked and squeezed my hand a bit.
“I’m sure, and don’t hurt” I glare at him and he laughed. “sorry”.
“so how was your first performance on stage today?” I asked as we walked out of the hotel and immediately the cold breeze made all sleeping hair on my skin stand. I shivered a bit and Erick turned immediately.
“and you were saying you are not cold” Erick asked.
“it’s because we’ve been standing inside the hotel for some time, which was not as cold as the natural wind outside.” I explained and he rolled his eyes.
We walked into the party and all the girls turned to us immediately. Great. I hate attention like this..
“c’mon Let’s give everyone a proper introduction”. He said, Let’s go of my hand and placed his hands around my shoulder, pulling my body closer to his.
We walked passed, Shylock, Grace and the others, and my heart skipped when we started to get close to the celebrities who all seemed so interested in what they were talking and they were all laughing pretty hard, including My goddess.

We got close to them and they all paused seeing Erick and I.. Everyone looked at Erick. Then at me.
“hello, good evening” Erick smiled.
“goodness Erick when did you get here?” Roxie Tiffany asked and stood up to give Erick a small hug but she couldn’t cause I was kind of a hindrance to that hug so she stopped, cause I was in front of Erick and I prevented my self from smiling.
So instead Roxie just tapped Erick and sat down back.
“it just felt like yesterday when you were just nine years old playing around the industry with your little Daniel friend, and now look at you, you could be a father.” Roxie said and Erick laughed.
“and it still feels like yesterday when I was nine and you were eleven years old. And now look at you, you look the same” erick smiled. And Roxie gasped, while everyone laughed.
“I’m still older”. Roxie said.
“and I’m now taller”. Erick completed and the table was filled with sweet joyful laughter.
Erick looked up at Ricky Goodman and Ricky smiled.
“it’s nice you’re here Erick, how was your performance today?” Ricky asked with his huge thick and cool voice.
“it was great, everyone was just active and it was real fun”. Erick smiled with a nod.
“that’s a real thing, when I look at you Erick, I always see a supernova. If I do have a son sooner or later. He’s going to look up to you as a role model, if he doesn’t… Then I’ll have to force him to like you” Ricky Goodman said and everyone laughed.
Wow they’re all giving him so much love, so much attention. They all love him, giving him great respect that they didn’t give Daniel.
“it’s really nice you decided to join the party with us Erick-J. And June, how are you?” Maria Li smiled raising a wine glass with wine to her lips.
Oh My God….!!! She remembered my name.!!
“Oh I almost forgot, everyone this is June.. My girlfriend June this… Everyone.. I know you know their names already” Erick smiled and I nod.
“nice to meet you June.!” Roxie said and brought her hand for me to shake. I shook hands with her saying “nice to meet you too”.
“so she’s also in the teens competition happening in DH and she made it to this round?” Ricky Goodman asked and Erick nodded.
“wow! If you’re a singer and Erick’s a singer, what are you two going to give birth too?” Ricky asked and I smiled.
“a carpenter!” Roxie replied and everyone.
“well cheers to the both of you, and June.. I wish you could luck with the competition.” Maria Li said without smiling
“thank you so much.” I tell her
“and this is another good luck from me to you Jane” Roxie Tiffany added.
“thank you” I smiled.
“it’s actually June. Not Jane” Erick corrected her.
“wait June. As in next two month?” Roxie asked and they all chuckled. Including me.
“hey! I was going to fight for you but since you laughed… It’s okay.” Erick said and I laughed even more.
“anyways, I’ll see you all later, thank you all for your time” Erick said as he watched everyone laugh at my name,
“okay see you all later” Erick said and walked us away from the table. And to another empty table. Under a leafless tree, and I was sure that the table wasn’t there when we came out.
“I love the way you look tonight.” Erick said and I smiled.
“you really have to stop”. I smiled as we both sat down opposite each other.
“stop what? Complimenting you cause you blush too easily” Erick rushed his words and I gave him a playful glare.
It’s like he read my mind.
I glance back at the girls who seemed uninterested about Erick and us but with whatever Cassie was telling them, well except Grace and Shylock who kept glancing back at us.
I turned back to Erick and he smiled.
“you’ve been smiling all night, doesn’t your cheek hurt?” I asked.
“I’m a smile addict.” he said.
“please.” I rolled my eyes.
“truthfully, you just look really beautiful that’s why I’ve been smiling,” Erick said and I couldn’t help but blush.
“oh and before I forget, since you’re named June. Your birthday must be June right” he said and I nod.
“so when is your birthday date?” he asked.
“first. It’s June first .” I replied.
“oh so that’s like three weeks away”. He smiled happily… “why didn’t you say so”.
“is it necessary”. I shrugged.
“of course your birthday’s necessary… If it’s not then what is?”. He asked and I shrugged.
“so I want to get ready now, tell me what do you want for your birthday?” he asked.
“huh? I thought birthday presents are supposed to be surprises”. I said.
“I know, I’m not good with surprises so I’m gonna get you what you want and also a surprise of my own”. He said and I smiled.
“okay… I want… I… I.. I don’t know”
“how can you not know what you want?” his voice grew a bit louder.
“maybe I have everything that’s why I don’t need anything”. I smiled..
I do have everything and one of them is in front of me.
“okay but you still gotta think of something and tell me before your birthday.” Erick said to me and I nod. “yeah”.
“promise?” he asked.
“promise.” I replied.
“and on June first you’ll be turning fourteen right?” he winked.
“you’re crazy!.. You don’t even know my real age!” I laughed.
“I was just kidding, you’ll be turning eighteen” he smiled.
“and on my birthday i’ll be turning what?” he asked and I paused.
Wait! How old is Erick? I’m not sure, I think he’s nineteen or.. No he’s not. I suddenly remembered when Roxie Tiffany and Erick were talking about when they were still younger and then Roxie was eleven and Erick was nine, and now everyone knows or I overheard Travis and Klay saying Roxie Tiffany’s just twenty four, so that means Erick is or will be twenty two.
“see you don’t even know my a–
“twenty two?” I asked with my lips pursed.
“yep, December fourth I’ll be twenty two” he said and touched my forehead with his index finger.

“you hungry?” he asked.
“not really, the everlasting meal I ate today really did a good job” I said rubbing my stomach in a funny way and we both laughed.

“attention everyone.” we heard a man’s voice and everyone turned to the small stage to see a very short man behind the microphone.
“uh this is a message from Mr Dhousten to the teens in the competition.” the man said and the low music playing was turned off.
“a very special French wine is going to be served and you all must have it, and don’t worry it’s not alcoholic.” the man said and Erick chucked, I glance at him and then at the man who thanked everyone for their time and walked away.
Two Waiter walked into the party with the wine, I think and a wine was placed on our table and the other girls table. Travis, Klay and Zayn walked in and joined us. They seemed sober already.
“hey Erick?” Travis smiled.
“don’t call me like we’re friends” Erick said and Travis rolled his eyes and looked away.
“I can’t believe it, Erick-J sitting with us” Klay said and Zayn nod.
Erick glance at me and I smiled at him. We were handed wine glass, well but Erick wasn’t given one.
“Lets make a toast to Erick-J sitting with us” Klay said and Zayn nod and he quickly opened the bottle of wine while Erick laughed.
“or…” Travis said pouring himself the wine.
“let’s make a toast of me and June getting married next week” Travis said and Erick glared at him and he burst into laughter.
“your toast is lame.” Zayn said and Klay nodded.
Klay filled all our cups and told everyone to raise theirs.
“a toast to Erick-J”. Klay said.
“Erick-june” Zayn added and they all chuckled and clicked their glasses together. Erick smiled too and his smile made me smile.
We all gulped down the whole wine together and Erick grin made me ask.
“what’s wrong?”.
“nothing, I just want to tell you to be strong and don’t… I repeat don’t pass out.”
“what?” I asked as Klay start to fill my glass again.
“just… I wish you good luck, make sure you make it to the last round”. He said as I emptied my glass.
What is he talking about??
T. B. C

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