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Erick and I trekked home, since he lost his wallet and I kept apologizing but he keeps saying its okay. We got home and after taking the stairs we were more exhausted than ever.
We got to the living room and we met my grandmother. Great.
“where have you both been?” she asked.
“grandma, before we left I told you about the concert right?” Erick smiled and my grandma paused before nodding. “oh yeah right, I remember” she smiled too.
I don’t know what charms Erick has over her.
“where’s Auggie?” I asked.
“he’s asleep. He almost went crazy not seeing the both of you at home cause Ella got tired and fell asleep leaving Auggie to think about you guys” my grandma explained and I sighed.
I feel so bad for him.
“well I’ll be going to sleep now, it’s been a long day” I yawned.
“well I’ll be spending some time with grandma” Erick said sitting beside grandma.
“whatever” I said before walking into my room,
I fell on my bed and glance at Auggie, sighing, i took off my shoes and laid back on the bed and before I knew it my eyes closed shut and I fell asleep.
The next morning, my alarm went on and I angrily got up from my deep slumber, I used to love Saturdays but now I seriously hate it cause I have to deliver newspaper.
I quickly took my bath, pull up some jeans pants on my legs and a black T-shirt, walked out of my room, grabbed the pile of newspaper and also grabbed my bicycle before heading out.
Delivering the newspaper, the song ‘second chance’ was stuck in my head and since I didn’t know the lyrics, I just kept humming the song.
After I delivered the whole newspaper, I went home, feeling hot and tired, I got to the rooftop and parked my bicycle at a corner I met my grandma drying seaweed on the table outside our house.
“you’re back” she said and I nod as I fan myself with my hand “yeah and I’m tired”.
“you know, you’re always welcome to take a break from this newspaper delivery” my grandma said and I smiled happily.
“oh really? Wow that would be nice,” I said happily ..
I walked inside the living room and I found, Auggie, Erick and Ella eating breakfast.
“June!!” Auggie said happily, standing up to give me a hug.
“how are you?” I smiled, he hasn’t seen me since yesterday.
“I’m fine” He said and went back to eat .
“come join us” Eric said and I did.. I am seriously hungry
“your grandma said you went to deliver newspaper” Erick said and I nod.
“yeah it’s really exhausting” I said, and he wanted to say something but he stopped himself and continued eating.
I was already halfway in enjoying my food when my phone started to ring, it’s been ages since anyone called, who could it be? I thought.
I brought out my phone from my pocket and was shocked to see ‘Annie’ on the screen even though she never calls or text.
“Annie?” I said, bewildered,
“it’s me who else” her voice said through the other side and I giggled.
“why are you calling, I know you never call” I said and her loud gasp made me laugh.
“how can you say that, I’m calling to know if you both went home safely last night, but you know what I take my caring, and worries back” she said and I sighed.
“I wouldn’t be speaking to you if I didn’t come home safely and are you sure you’re worried about me or Erick?” I asked and turned to see Erick’s head had already snapped up at me. Why did I say that out loud.
“yes, I’m worried about only him, so what?” she yelled and I sighed and clicked my tongue.
“we’ve friends for years now and I can’t believe you just picked a boy you met just yesterday, over me.” I said teasingly.
“just. Shut up” she said and I laughed. “for Annie to tell someone to shut up it means, that person got her busted” I said and I could hear her angry groan from the other side of the line.
“I’m gonna hang up since you made me angry but I’m gonna let you know this, you’re coming with me to Daniel’s fan signing event today and you’re coming with Erick, good day” she said Sternly
“is that a threat?” I asked.
“oh.. it is” she said and hung up but I just smiled.
Such a character.

“okay I don’t really want to be that kind of guy, but I have to ask since I heard my name in the conversation, what were you guys talking about?” Erick asked and I rolled my eyes.
“you don’t want to be that kind of guy but you already are” I said and he laughed.
“well since am already that kind of guy, you have to tell me”.
“Annie just said Daniel’s fan signing is today and she wants me to come… with you” I said turning back to my food .
“does she like me or something?” Erick asked and I looked up at him to see him smiling.
“no she doesn’t.” I lied, I don’t want his ego to rise.
“really?” he added and I nod.
“she just has a thing for cute guys” I said and paused on my words, I did not just say that.
“so you’re saying I’m cute?” Erick smile beamed.
“No, I’m saying you’re only cute to Annie but not to others” I said and he shook his head negatively.
“killjoy” I heard him mutter to himself.
“anyways are you going to Daniel’s fan signing?” he asked after breakfast as we both cleared the table.
“I am, cause yesterday I just found out he’s an awesome person but almost a jerk but still an awesome person, I love talented people and he’s got talent” I said and Erick laughed.
“so it means you’re going?”
“yeah” I smiled. “are you?”
“yeah, I’ll try, not because I like Daniel but because Annie needs me” Erick said and I glared at him while he let out an hysterical laughter.
“you’re suddenly abandoning Your Maria Li just because of Daniel”.
“I’m not abandoning Maria Li, she’ll always be my angel, let’s say Daniel is just a substitute” I blurted and Erick shook his head “you’re one weird girl”.
I did the dishes while Auggie and Erick spent their time playing with Ella in the living room, immediately I was done with the dishes, I heard the doorbell and I was the one who answered it cause Erick and Auggie didn’t make any attempt to answer it.
Erick is spoiling my Auggie.
I opened the door and her happy feet walked into the living room without me telling her to come in. I closed the door and turned to Annie to see her already on the floor with Auggie and Erick.
“OMG, Auggie you’ve grown so big, when was the last time I saw you?” Annie asked pulling Auggie’s cheeks.
“you saw him yesterday in school Annie” I said and she glared at me
“why are you here so early, cause I know it’s not time for the fan sign–
“I just came here to hang out with you.. Before we go, it’s been ages since we hung out” Annie smiled.
“Annie we hang out every single day in school” I tell her and she eyed me, if only looks could kill I would have been dead by now by Annie’s deadly stare.
I suddenly got her message of “wanting to hang out with me” and I gasp. She wants to be with Erick.
Silly Child.
“well I see you’re not here for me then I’ll be in my room” I said.
“please do and don’t come out until it’s time for the event” Annie added and I rolled my eyes at her.
I got to my room and got on the bed, my hand pressed something’s hard and I removed my hand to see Erick’s phone on the bed. What is his phone doing in my room. I grabbed the phone ready to go return it to its owner when it suddenly vibrated in my hand and a message got in the phone,
I didn’t want to be a curious cat but I couldn’t help it cause the message was so big and bold and it says :from Mr Dhousten.
I couldn’t help it as my eyes read the message.
:please son, come back home, we all miss you:
Awwn, his dad missed him.
I opened my door to go give Erick the phone but I bumped into him. And he suddenly closed the door,
“why are you here, I was about to come meet you there”.
“Annie’s a talkative” he smiled. A ‘crying smile’
“oh actually I think she haven’t started she’s just being quiet cause she haven’t known you for long” I said and Erick’s eyes widen.
“are you kidding me??” he whispered-yelled and I laughed.
“anyway, I don’t understand how your phone got in my room but here you go” I said and handed it to him.
“I was teaching Auggie how to operate a phone” he said tapping his phone screen.
“you know you’re spoiling Auggie” I stated, folding my arms.
“teaching him about technology doesn’t mean I’m spoiling him” Erick defended and his happy face frowned, when he stared at his phone (the message actually). He sighed and threw the phone back on the bed.
“okay sorry for saying and doing this but I actually read your message from your dad, Mr Dhousten” I said nervously.
“oh no it’s okay, Mr Dhousten is not my dad, he’s a man who just got my mom pregnant and then she gave birth to me” he explained and I blinked rapidly.
“b..but.. ..is..n’t ..that.. the.. S..ame thing?” I asked feeling confused for a while.
“look let’s not talk about Mr Dhousten now okay and let’s just look forward to Daniel’s fan signing okay?” he said and gave me a smile.
He really doesn’t like his father, Erick begged me to go to the living room with him, so I could be talking to Annie and he wouldn’t be the only one talking to her. The three of us sat down in the lining room ‘talking’, I wouldn’t say talking since it was only Annie that was doing the whole talking and she was talking about Daniel Anderson. While Erick and I listened, she talked about when Daniel debuted, how old he was when he debuted as a singer. His favourite food, movie and video game and I wasn’t surprised cause I know all that too about Maria Li.
“and Daniel’s favourite colour, everyone knows that it’s blue” Annie smiled.
“actually.. Erick interfered. “Daniel’s favorite colour is orange but his manger had to let him change that to the world that it’s blue, cause orange seemed a little girl(ish” Erick explained and Annie jaw dropped.
“where did you get this information? Cause in the internet it says blue you can check any website it’s blu–
“don’t believe anything you see on the internet” Erick interrupted her and she sighed softly.
“and you mustn’t tell anyone about this okay?” Erick warned and Annie nodded.
“what else do you know that is not on the internet about Daniel” Annie asked.
“not to brag, I’m not a fan of Daniel but I know so much about him which I don’t like sharing with people cause his life is none of my business” Erick said and Annie frowned..
“how do we know you’re not lying about all this?” I asked.
“cause I don’t lie and I can’t lie” he said.
“yeah right” I snarled.
“okay since you know so much about Daniel, tell us, has he dated any girl before?” Annie asked.
“yeah, her name’s Emilia” Erick said picking his fingers.
“but she left him for me but I rejected her cause she’s not my type and way too skinny” Erick added.
“really?” Annie head leaned forward
“yeah” Erick replied.
“are you crazy Annie, he’s just making all this up and you’re believing it” I half yelled and she flinched, she was about to say something but her phone buzzed and she picked it up.
“it’s Phoebe” she tells me.
“what is it?” I asked.
“she, joy and Julia are already at the fan signing and she said there are a lot of people there” she said standing up.
“well where are you going?” I asked.
“are you dumb? We’re late and didn’t you hear that there’s a lot of people there, look this is my only chance of meeting Daniel and talking to him face to face, so don’t ruin this for me and get dressed cause we’re leaving now” Annie said and I sighed tiredly and stood up .
“I’m already dressed let’s go” I said as I straightened my shirt with my hand.
“what? You’re going like this?” Annie asked and I nod, she always ask this.
“you’re ruining your social life” she said and I rolled my eyes. “please”.
“Erick we’re leaving” I tell him
“well I don’t feel too good now, I’ll meet you guys there”. He replied.
“you’re not gonna meet us there, there will be a lot of people there and you’re not gonna spot us easily, so you better come with us” Annie rambled.
“no it’s okay, I can spot June from any where, with her huge head, she can be easily seen, so Hakuna Matata” Erick smiled and I glared at him.
My head is perfectly fine.
“Let’s go annie” I said and pulled Annie who was laughing hard.
Annie and I got to the City Hall and I wasn’t surprised Daniel’s having his fan signing in the same place he had his concert cause the City Hall is one of the biggest place here and it’s the best place to hold an event like this for someone with so many fans.
We got inside the hall and we could hear one of his song “take me”playing in the background, and Annie started to sing along while I just gasp as I saw a lot of people and every seats were occupied and it let some people standing. Daniel hasn’t come yet but the security was pretty tight, three bouncers stood at each door and five stood In front of the crowd. And on the stage which Daniel performed last night, a table was placed there and a chair was behind it which had Daniel’s name, on the table were bottled water and a pen with lightsticks, since there was no where to seat Annie and I had to stand with a lot of other people, Annie noticed Joy and Phoebe at the front and she showed me.
Suddenly there was a wave of scream and I looked forward to see Daniel walking towards the table on the stage, he was dressed in all black except for his blue hair and blue necktie, the middle aged man who almost killed me last night walked behind him as they stood in front of the stage.
A woman dressed in gold dress and heels walked in front of the stage with a smile as she held on tight to the microphone she held.
“good day, everyone, I know everyone’s excited as I am cause we have our very own Daniel Anderson here in the city with us!!!” the lady said and the crowd roar out a loud scream.
“Daniel Anderson I want to use this opportunity to thank you on behalf of me and everyone here, for coming, we’re all happy and wishes to know what you think” the lady said and Daniel was handed a microphone. And he began,
“well it’s an honour to be here and since it’s my hometown I’m happy to be here and sing for the people who I grew up with, I love you all and I can’t wait to get on with this event and know each and every one of my fans” Daniel said and everyone screamed.
“Awwn Daniel is so sweet” a girl who stood beside me said to her friends and they all nod in agreement.
Daniel sat on the chair behind the table and his music that was playing in the background became loud.
And then one by one from the front seats row, they all stood and climbed to the stage to get a signature from Daniel. And I sighed. There’s a lot of people here and this is going to take all night.
T. B. C

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