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As many got their signatures from Daniel they walked out of the hall, some went home but some still hung around taking pictures with their light sticks or shirt or anything Daniel signed on. but it seems like the crowd was getting much, instead of getting lesser.
But Annie and I had managed to move from the back to the middle row and we’re now sitting down.

After sitting there for hours, we finally got to the front of the crowd and before we know, we would be up there getting Daniel’s signature.
“minutes ago I was happy about getting a signature from Daniel but now I feel tired and I want to go home” Annie said slopping her shoulders.
“well that will make you a phony fan of Daniel cause it’s just four seats ahead of us and you want to give up now, no way, I did not stand there for three hours just to go home, we’re getting a signature from Daniel” I stated sternly and Annie smiled. “when did you become such a determined fan of Daniel?”
“I’m merely his fan what do you mean by determined fan?” I asked and she grinned slyly.
“okay then we’ll see about that…can you borrow me your phone for a second” she asked.
“what do you want to do?” I asked
“I wanna check the time cause I didn’t bring mine” she said and I narrowed my eyes at her.
“please?” she squeaked and I gave her the phone sighing.
“thanks” she smiled slyly, and brought out her phone. “you’ve got to be kidding me” I rolled my eyes at her and laughed she laughed
I don’t know what she wants with my phone but who cares, I leaned my head forward with a sigh and watched as Daniel signed and smiled for his fans, he looked so beautiful but I remembered the previous night of how rude he talked I know his outside is just beautiful but his inside isn’t. I looked around to see if I could find Erick anywhere but he was nowhere to be found.
I sighed, again, resting my back on the chair
Annie handed my phone back at me and I narrowed my eyes at her.
“what did you do…?”
“nothing, just gave your phone what it’s missing” she smiled and looked away making me shake my head negatively.
Annie and I sat there for another three hours before finally getting to the front seats and after the next six people on stage we will be next and that would be great cause we’ve been here for six hours and it’s three in the afternoon, and I’m seriously thirsty and hungry but mostly hungry.

“hey.. Old lady” I heard a creepy spooky voice in my ear and I quickly turned, only to see Erick.
“what the hell. You had to scare me” I said and he laughed .
“I had to, anyways I bought sodas, anyone up for a drink?” Erick asked and I immediately snatched one from his hand.
“you’re a lifesaver Erick, I was so thirsty good thing you showed up” Annie cried and Erick smiled giving her a cold soda drink. I rushed mine cause the drink was just so cold and perfect, I couldn’t stop.
“slow down June, what if you choke and die, what would your grandma and Auggie say huh?” Erick said pulling the can of soda down from my mouth but I pulled it back up, I finished the whole drink and and breathe out a happy fulfilling sigh.
“that was good” I admitted amd Erick smiled.
“anyways when did get here?” I quickly asked.
“just now, a lot of peoples have gone home and you guys really wasted your time coming here early” Erick said and I nod agreeing with him.
“I would have stayed home if I had known it will be like this” I blurted.
“Auggie almost came with me saying I know where you are and he wants to see you” Erick explained and I smiled a bit.
Oh Auggie.
“guys guys.. It’s our turn to go up the stage” Annie quickly said rushing her words, she quickly unzipped her bag taking out one of Daniel’s lightstick and also a picture of Daniel.
“what are those for?” I asked.
“haven’t you been to fan signing before?” Annie threw back the questions.
Does she have to rub it in my face, when she knows I have’nt.
“you need any belongings of yours or Daniel’s and he gets to sign on it” Erick explained and I understood.
“but I don’t have any thing, that either belong to me or Daniel” I said watching as Annie stood up following the line in front of her.
“don’t worry, you’ll use my cap, or you might get a picture of Daniel from Daniel himself” Erick tells me dragging me up, I stood up and follows the moving line, Erick behind me and me behind Annie.
We got up the stage and they were like three girls in front of the line before we can get to Daniel and Annie quickly turned to me.
“June, I’m nervous..” she said
“why?” I snarled
“cause.. I can’t believe I’m finally meeting Daniel” she whispered and I giggled.
“get a grip Annie cause it’ll be your turn soon” I tell her as a girl walked away from the line remaining two girls before getting to Annie.
Finally it was Annie’s turn and she slowly walked up to Daniel while I moved behind her and I could tell she was nervous and excited at the same time cause she swiftly turned to glance at me.

“hi…” Annie whispered to Daniel and he smiled at her, and seeing Daniel up close he looked pretty handsome.
“hello, thank you for coming to my fan signing, what’s your name?” Daniel asked.
“Annie, Annie Anderson,.. I mean.. Annie Rogers” Annie said with a nervous giggle.
“Annie, okay, where would you like me to sign?” he asked as he held up his pen.
“everywhere” Annie smiled.
“huh!?” Daniel said and i punched her lightly on her back, she’s totally embarrassing herself in front of Daniel and she’ll blame me later if I don’t stop her now.
“sorry, I mean sign here” she suddenly said dropping her lightstick and pictures of Daniel on the table and Daniel nodded before writing his autograph on each and everything Annie dropped.
“okay, all done,” Daniel smiled up at her and Annie picked up her stuff, “I…i.. also bought you a present” Annie said shyly causing me to roll my eyes.
This girl is stupid..
“oh a present?” Daniel asked and Annie nodded, bringing out a very small gift bag from her bag and handing it to Daniel, but man, actually ‘the middle aged man I met yesterday took it from Annie and smiled at her and I turned to Erick who was behind me.
I wanted to ask him who the man is to Daniel but he was way taller than me and it was noisy so I sighed and turn away.
“it seemed like you wanted to tell me something” Erick suddenly whispered in my ear, making me flinch . But good thing he got my message.
“yeah who’s that guy to Daniel anyways” I asked in his ear cause he leaned all the way down for my mouth to reach his ear.
“why do you think I know who he is to Daniel” he returned the question.
“cause you said you know everything about Daniel” I replied. And he sighed.
“yeah, I do,.. But anyway since I don’t lie, that’s Daniel’s manger and— June it’s your turn” Erick said and looked away.
It’s my turn what does he mean? I thought turning to my front, only to see Daniel smiling at me. When did Annie walked away.
“hi…” I said and my voice cracked,
What? Now I’m being nervous.
“hello, welcome to my fan signing, I’d like to know your name please?” he smiled and I looked up to see his manager staring at me but swiftly looked away when he caught my eyes, he recognized me from last night but Daniel doesn’t.. Good.
“my name’s June Sawyer” I said as I turned back to Daniel.
“okay, June, where would you like me to sign” he asked.
“uhmm….. I said, looking around cause I have no light stick or any pictures of him,
I remembered Erick saying I could use his face cap and I smiled and turned to him.
“Erick I need your hat, you said I could use it” I tell him
“well, I lied” Erick whispered and looked away.
“too bad” I muttered and stood on my toe pulling his cap from his head and placing it on the table in front of Daniel.
“Erick?” Daniel called looking at Erick.
“dang it June, you blew my cover” Erick whispered to me and I was a bit surprised Daniel knew Erick.
But how??.

“you can sign here!” I said lowly referring to Erick’s cap. Daniel moved his eyes from Erick to the cap and he wrote his autograph there. “here” He handed it to me immediately rushing his words,.
He was calm with Annie and now he just can’t wait to get done with me. “oh.. Thanks” I said as I took the cap for him.
“you can leave now, I need to attend to the next person” he said not looking at me but at the person behind me ‘Erick’ and I see he doesn’t like me or want me to get his autograph. My luck. “here you can have your cap back, I shouldn’t have come here in the first place” i said, feeling a bit angry as Erick took back his cap, Daniel’s manager tapped him while Daniel shrugged, I don’t know what kind of silent conversation they’re having but I kind of have this feeling that he’s angry with Daniel for being rude to a fan. Wait I’m not even his fan.
I walked away from the line while Erick moved forward.
“Erick why are you–
“I’m sorry but I came here just for her” Erick cut Daniel off and walked up to me, with Daniel still looking at us..
“c’mon Let’s go” Erick said and grabbed my hand, walking me out of the hall.
We met Annie outside she was talking to a girl who I don’t know, and seeing us, she ended her conversation with the girl and walked up to us, instead of going home first Erick suggested we eat ice-cream first and we all went to an ice-cream shop.
“I mean did you even see the way he talked to me, like I was no body, he couldn’t even wait to get…. rid of me” I said as I took a spoon full of ice-cream.
“sorry, I didn’t know my Daniel could be like that to a fan” Annie said and I huffed.
“are you mad?” she asked.
“of course I’m mad, if he treated you that way you’ll probably be in tears right now,” I said as I took another spoon of ice-cream but this time it wasn’t a spoon full cause I almost got a brain freeze on the first one.
“sorry, it’s kind of my fault” Erick chipped in and I turned to him.
“it’s true, Daniel couldn’t wait to get to you and how the hell does he know your name?”I asked
“Daniel knows Erick??” Annie gasped.
“well if you hadn’t taken off my cap he wouldn’t have recognised me, so it’s kind of your fault too” Erick said drinking his lemonade he ordered instead of ice-cream.
“who are you, are you some kind of secret celebrity?” Annie asked. And Erick laughed “I wish”
“then how did Daniel know you, even last night, he asked if he’d seen you before but you nervously dragged me away.. so spill it how come Daniel knows someone like you” I asked looking at him sternly.
“what do you mean someone like me and… Annie what’s the time?” he asked Annie with a smile.
He’s totally changing the subject. Annie looked down at her phone before saying. “It’s 6:01pm.. IT’S 6:01PM OH MY GOSH!! guys.. I have to go home like now” Annie said grabbing her bag and standing up.
“June thank you for coming with me even though Daniel treated you oddly, and Erick thank you too and also for the ice-cream, I’ll see you in school June.. Bye..” Annie said and walked away.
“okay and she’s gone, that leaves the two of us.. Again” Erick said grabbing a spoon to take a spoonful out of my ice-cream but I yanked his hand.
“okay now tell me!!” I ordered.
“please….. if you’re talking about Daniel can you please save it for another day”
“cause, I don’t have time for long stories now”.
“but you’ve met with Daniel before” I asked.
“yeah a thousand times” he nodded.
“but you’re going to tell me about all this some day, got it?” I said and he smiled. “definitely, how can I keep anything from my June”.
“and If you happen to be a secret celebrity like Annie said.. Then just know I would love to be in one of your music videos” I said and Erick burst out laughing.
“are you listening to yourself, you sound like Annie.. But if I were a celebrity I’d totally have you in my music video, nope all my music videos” he smiled and I smiled too.

After eating a lot of ice-cream I can eat.. Erick and I decided to go home, it’s been a long day and aside from a few hours ago of stuffing my face in ice-cream with Erick I hated the whole day.
Erick and I walked out of the ice-cream shop and he suggested we take a taxi home but I stopped him,
“it’s not that far if we walk home, because you have money doesn’t mean you should waste it” I snarled.
“I’m not wasting anything and fine we’ll walk, if you want to walk” he said and I nod.
We both started to walk home simultaneously and the sun had already start to set.
Since we both had nothing to talk about I start to sing Maria Li’s song “soaring high” inside my head and before I knew it, I started to sing it out loud.
As I sang out loud, another strong stable and sweat voice joined mine, which made me pause and turn to Erick.
“what?” he asked.
“you sang just now, with me.. Right?” I asked with a smile.
“yeah? What’s wrong?”.
“nothing, it was lovely, I didn’t even know you knew Maria Li’s and the way your voice joined with mine, made it a perfect patted harmony” I said and he nods. “well, what do you want me to do about that.”
“I’m saying you have a great voice and I’m gonna sing again and you’re going to join me this time okay?” I said and cleared my throat.
I started to sing and sing and stopped, “why aren’t you singing?” I asked.
“cause I don’t want to” he replied
“c’mon, please.. just because I said you have a great voice doesn’t mean you have t-
“I just don’t like singing in front of others” he interrupted me.
“why?… Are you sure.. You’re not a secret celebrity?” I leaned closer to him and he moved back.
“I told you, I’m not” he laughed .
“then sing with me.. Don’t tell me you’re shy?” I primped.
“I’m not shy”.
“then prove it by singing with me” I said but he shook his head negatively.
“please?..” I added, this time pulling his arm.
“June.. Stop it, we can sing when we get home” he said but I disagreed, I was about to say something, but a black van suddenly pulled over in front of us and the door of the van quickly opened, and three guys quickly came out with Daniel among them making, four.
“oh, no” Erick rolled his eyes sighing tiredly.
T. B. C

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