I moved back a bit as Daniel walked out of the black van, with three huge men and I leaned closer to Erick.
“who are they?” I asked.
“I don’t know them, but don’t worry, we’ll get out of their midst, just follow my lead” he said and grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers.
He tried to move but One of the huge men stepped in front of him and he groaned .
“Aww c’mon Gus.. Don’t be like this” Erick said to the man and I raised up my brows, he just told me he didn’t know any of them and now he’s calling this one by his name.
“stop it Erick, why are you being this way,” Daniel suddenly chipped in.
“what do you mean, being what way?” Erick asked.
“this isn’t you, you were so Happy back ho–
“oh and if this happens to be my father’s doing, tell him I have a new home and a new family, that he has nothing to worry about” Erick interrupted and Daniel sighed.
“see what I’m talking about, you love what you were doing back there, why are you being like this,”
“I know the choice I’m making Daniel, can you guys just leave me be” Erick said angrily, tightening his grip on my hand and I winced a bit and turned to him, making him release his grip a little but still holding on to me.
And Daniel turned to me.
“is it her, is she brain washing you or something?” .
“leave June out of this, she has nothing to do with me choosing a life for myself” Erick yelled and I turned to see if it caught the attention of anyone passing by but the street was strangely empty.
“June, huh, that’s her stupid name” Daniel said looking at me and I glared at him.
“call her stupid one more time and you–
“can you guys not do that here” another voice said coming from the van said, and Daniel’s manager walked out,.the one who almost ran his van over me.
“and what you’re doing, do you think it’s nice to everyone?” the man asked.
“I don’t care Nate, just leave me the Fuck alone” Erick said angrily, that I got scared looking at his angry face.
“fine! You want this kind of life, it’s your choice, no one cares anyway, if your father wasn’t so dumb he would have disowned you as a son when you rejected his request. C’mon guys, get back in” Nate orders and everyone walked in the van except Daniel Who stood still and watched Erick with sadess written all over his face, Erick pulled me and walked passed Daniel. I turned back and saw as Daniel got into the van and as it drove away.
As Erick and I walked home with our fingers still locked, I had a lot of questions in my mind, like how in the freaking world did Daniel knows Erick, why are they talking about Him that he’s changed.. And what kind of life does he have that they’re telling him to come back to.. This questions ran through my mind and I wished I could ask him, but the angry look he held on his face made me refrain myself. And he haven’t said anything for a while..
“I.. I.. Know you must have a lot of questions in your mind now right?” Erick said after another moment of silence and I just nod calmly.
“well I promise I’ll tell you everything when we get home” he said and I breathed out, finally I can’t wait to hear the whole story.
Erick was holding my hand way too tight and it was pretty uncomfortable cause it was getting a bit sweaty and I tried to slip my hand out of his grip. But he held them back.
“I don’t understand why you suddenly want to take your hand from mine, is it because I said I’ll tell you later, instead of yelling you now?” he asked.
“no..no.. It’s not that..” I said and smiled nervously.
This is awkward. I’ve held hands with Erick like up to three times but I don’t know why now feels so awkward, it’s like my hand’s the source of his anger and hea getting revenge on it.
After walking for a while, we got home and while barging into the living room, my grandma quickly appeared in front of us. Erick was still holding my hand until I for slipped my hand out of his..
“grandma” I smiled not knowing what to say
“you two, are going to get me sick, where have you been, both of you!” my grandma yelled!.
“grandma, don’t shout, you’re getting old and it’s not healthy, we went to a fan signing event and it was so crowded we came home late” I said truthfully and my grandma sighed.
“okay.. your dinners are in the kitchen”
“thanks grandma” I smiled and she rolled her eyes before walking to her room.
“okay, Erick let’s go fill up our stomach” I said happily walking� towards the kitchen
“you can have dinner without me, I’m going to rest” Erick said very calmly before entering his room, he’s feeling gloomy.. I hope he’s aright. I kind of lost my appetite when I sat down on the floor and with my food on the table, I couldn’t eat I kept thinking about, Erick, Daniel and why are they talking like they’ve known each other since forever.. I remembered the way Daniel looked at Erick when we walked passed him, he held this sad look that said.. **please.. Just look.. At me** I sighed and forced myself to eat, if I think about too much I won’t be able to resist the urge of asking Erick About it. So after eating quietly I carried my dishes to the kitten and after washing all the dirty dishes I walked back to my room, I glance at Erick’s door before entering mine.
I laid on my bed and fixed my earpiece in my ear and after connecting it to my phone, I played Maria Li’s song ‘soaring high’ and fell asleep listening to it.
The next morning which was sunday I woke up took my bath and brushed my teeth, Augie was still asleep and I let him be and walked out of the room,
I got to the living room and saw Ella jumping around, and I knelt in front of her.
“hey El, where’s your owner?” I asked and she barked if only I could understand dogs.
I got on my feet and went to make breakfast for everyone, I arranged it on the table and Augie had already woken up and freshened up, my grandma told us to eat without her, and I left her to call Erick but I couldn’t find him in his room, I checked outside too but still yet I couldnt find him, I asked my grandma about him and she said she saw him leaving this morning saying he’d be back before noon.. I understood and only Augie and I get to eat breakfast that morning..
After that morning I went back to my room, I barely study and I tried to but I couldn’t do I just gave up,
Sunday passed like a breeze and Erick didn’t come home and it made me even more worried, and I don’t have his phone number, I could have called him, my Sunday was boring, because Erick wasn’t here, I miss him and u hope he’s okay. That night I went back to my room while Augie stayed with ella in Erick’s room, and listening to Maria Li’s song, I fell asleep .
The next morning, I woke up to find my earpiece beside me and my phone charging by my drawer. My grandma’s doing..
I got down from my bed to see Augie’s bed without Augie, I got ready for school and walked around the house in search of Augie, I checked my grandma’s room but he wasn’t there so I had to check Erick’s room, and I had a feeling Erick would have come back.
I knocked on Erick’s door but no one replied, I knocked again but no reply only just the small barking of Ella could be Heard from outside the room,
Good thing the door wasn’t lock from inside, I just turned the door knob and pushed the door open, I walked in and found Ella barking and jumping around the room, Erick room looked pretty cool, he had great furnishing and the walls and everything in his room are blue, his bed looked very huge and he had a TV opposite it, I stopped observing his room and my eyes turned to his bed and I found Augie lying on his bed. And due to the loudness of Ella Auggie woke up.
“c’mon, get up and get ready for school” I said and he slowly climbed down the bed.
“where’s Erick?” I asked.
“I don’t know..” Augie shook his head negatively. So he’s not back yet.
I got Auggie ready for school and before leaving I asked my grandma about Erick but she said she had no idea where he went or if he’s coming back.
As I walked to school that morning with Augie, a lot was in my mind, where did Erick go? I wanted to know, I am seriously worried about him, he kind of like my best friend a family member and if anything should happen to him.. I don’t want anything to happen to him I can’t even think that way. Poor Erick . I sighed and turned to Augie.
“Augie, you were in Erick’s room the other night before he left the house like did he say or do anything suspicious?”.
“nope.. He was just sitting on the ground beside his bed and he let me play video games in his phone even though I don’t really understand what’s the game about, but he just kept sighing and when Ella came to him he ignored her” Augie explained .
“oh okay” I said.
I got to school and then class, I said hi to Annie and we started to talk about things I wasn’t interested in talking about but I just had to, cause I was way worried about Erick and I was so surprised of myself for being so worried just because of Erick.
School was as boring as ever and I was the most happiest girl when I heard the school dismissal bell. I waved Annie goodbye and went to pick Augie from the elementary school.

Augie and I walked home slowly and after walking a few miles away from school, I noticed something, that kind of feeling you have have when someone’s following you. I paused and turned to see if I could catch the person who’s following me but I saw no one.
And again I started to walk again and I felt again that someone’s following me, I started to walk faster and Augie too but he didn’t know the reason of my brisk walk.
Finally we got home and I could finally breathe cause the feeling of someone following me stopped and Augie and I climbed up the stairs.
We got to our rooftop house and feeling tired I opened the door and as Augie and I was about to walk in, I Heard the most familiar voice and fully entering the living room I saw Erick trying to feed Ella Who angrily barked at him.
“Erick!!” I called happily and my body suddenly moved towards him giving him a hug that almost got him stumbling.
“whoa June..” he laughed and I suddenly let go of him and laughed.
“okay this is weird, you hugged me, and now Ella won’t eat from my hand, before it was a total opposite” Erick said and I picked up the bone from his hand. And turned to Ella.
“here, El, c’mon girl” I said and Ella cell running to me taking the bone from my hand and Erick gasped. “bad! Bad! Dog” Erick said and Ella barked making Augie laugh. Augie walked to our room calling on to Ella Who followed him.
Making me turn to Erick.
“I know you must be wondering where I went to” Erick said and I nod. “not only I, every other person in this house as well” I said.
“well did everyone miss me?” he asked.
That’s not important. Why is he asking that.
“yeah every one did”. I replied plainly
“well did you miss me?” he asked.
“yeah, like I was totally bored without you” I said truthfully and he laughed,
“okay, I’m going to go take a shower and when I come back you’re going to tell me about your sudden disappearance”. I ordered and he laughed “fine by me”.
I walked passed him and to my room, I’m so glad he’s back..
I took a bath and wore my clothes, before running back to living room, Erick was still there trying to win Ella’s love back, by calling her as she played with Augie.
“okay I’m back” I sang as I walk up to him and sat down on the floor opposites him, our table was inbetween us, so he rested his hands there and let out a tired sigh.
“well I know you want to know everything I’ve been keeping from you.. And now here goes, yesterday I. Won’t to see father that’s all and..” he breathed and started.. “see.. My father owns DH entertainment”.. He said and after a small pause I gasp
“wait!! You mean the one Daniel and Maria Li works with?” I asked to be sure and he nods. “no way” I beamed.
“yes way,.. Uhh.. I thought you knew” he said but I shook my head negatively.
“well you could have guessed from my surname, which was passed down from my grandfather to my father, Dhousten’ DH-ousten” Erick explained and I smiled even more.
“no.. I had no idea” I said and he shrugged and Continued.
“and.. My father had always wanted me to become a singer”.
“why wouldn’t he.. With your angel like voice” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“well I don’t want to, cause I want to run to the company instead.”
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“don’t you know I’m next in line”
“next in line for what?”
“If my father retires from the CEO post of DH entertainment, I’ll be the one in charge, cause the industry was passed down to him and it’s going to be passed down to me too” he said and I smiled, I can’t believe I’m sitting in front of the future CEO of DH entertainment, the place where I believe dreams come true.. I’ll let him tell me about that later, I need to know about him and Daniel’s relationship.
“okay.. So how did you and Anderson get to know each others?” I asked, I don’t want to hear about another thing for now.
“my dad, brought Daniel to his industry seven years ago , when he was twelve or thirteen, and I too I was around the same age, I just hang industry then with my dad cause I couldn’t stay at home alone, my mom doesn’t stay home, she’s always going on business trips and my Nanny’s a witch, so I don’t like staying with her, I preferred hanging with my dad.. The day Daniel came to the industry he was shy and quiet but since he was the only one around my age, I said hi to him and we both started talking, he became a trainee at the industry and everyday when he comes we both play together and we became best friends.. I’d say We grew up together, until he was trained enough to be a singer, but we were still friends, going around the globe to sing, after each concert, Daniel still calls me to check if I’m okay, he cares for someone easily and never looks down on anyone..” Erick explained.
“wow” I breathed out.
Now I finally understand everything, this is Amazing.
“so.. I really want to ask you this now, cause you know, your father owns DH,.. Daniel’s debut song, second chance’ did he date any girl that broke his heart for him to write such a beautiful but heartbroken lyrics?” I asked and Erick sulked in his lips then breathed out.
“I did” . He said.
“wait, so you’re saying you wrote second chance!!” I asked again to be sure
“yeah” he nods.
T. B. C


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