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Flower Boy Episode 10

Flower Boy Episode 10

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(She sings like Donna)

Anthony’s POV

“How is that possible, you mean your whole body get burnt yet your nose was left unburnt” I said getting confused

“I thought you said the brown dot was drawn on your nose, If your nose wasn’t burnt, why must the brown dot be drawn again” Brian said softly

“True” Scot said sternly and we all set our gaze at her expecting her answer

She sobbed the more

Why must she cry anytime we ask her questions

“I know you want to be sure if I’m Donna or not, the brown dot wasn’t appearing very well like before on my nose, so they had to re draw it so it can be bold” Karen defended

“Quiet crazy, when you came to this house, I didn’t see any brown dot on your nose, how did it suddenly fly there?” Brian asked

“That… I always rub it with a cream cus I do not want Anthony to know that I have the Brown dot yet, but I stopped using the cream when I want to make it obvious that I’m Donna. You guys just need to believe me” Karen said

” The Donna we know is dead, you did not just expect us to believe you are Donna, we need concrete proof” Scot said

“Where is that Cream by the ways?” Brian asked

“Actually…I brought it from Germany” Karen said

“Is that the answer, he is asking where the cream is, not where it was bought from?” I asked

She stood up abruptly

“Guys, the questions are getting too much, if you did not want to believe I’m Donna, it’s alright. But Anthony, you are hurting me , just because a surgical operations was performed on my skin, you stopped liking me, you know how we use to Love ourselves then” She said with tears pouring from the corner of her eyes

I watched as she left to her room

“Guys, what are we to believe now?” I asked

Brian and Scot sighed and rested on the chair

We were all confused , her tears are real and touching

Karen’s POV

I entered my room and locked it .
Omg! That was a narrow escape.
This guys are very smart, very intelligent. Their questions can make a dull lady fall, I’m happy they haven’t find out the truth.

I have the backing of his father, Nancy had also being sent away from this house. I’m very sure that Anthony will definitely like me, it’s just a matter of time.

I need to know what he likes too so I can start doing all that he likes, that might also work

That reminds me, I need to be close with Helen , If I can accomplish all that, Anthony will be mine totally

I went out of my room to Helen’s room

Helen had gone to her room when her brothers were about to start a conversation with me

“Hi Helen” I greeted as I entered her room

She looked at me and continuing drawing whatever in her note

I went closer to her sullenly and squatted beside her

“Helen, please stop disliking me, I’m not a wicked somebody, I like you and I’m gonna do all that you want for you” I said

“But you did not like Nancy” She said

I sighed

“Well, she is … ” I was trying to blackmail her before Helen but I know Helen might not believe

“You promise to do all that I want right?” Helen asked before I could complete my statement

“Yeah, as long as you will start liking me” I said

“Plead to dad to bring Nancy back” She said and looked into my face

“Helen! Well, if she comes around, you won’t play with me, you will always want to be with her ” I said

” I promise to like you, just do that for me” Helen said

“Fine, I’ll do that” I promised

“Can we go to the swimming pool and catch some fun?” I requested

“Yeah” She said and smiled

I held her by her wrist and we both went to the pool together

We had changed already to our swimming trunk

I stepped into the pool first. The pool was not to deep, the pool reached my br*ast side but it’s deep for Helen

“Do you swim here?” I asked her

“A times, if mum is around, I always use the swimming leveller” She said

“Put it on then and come , let’s swim together” I said and she obliged

She stepped inside the river with the swim Leveller on her neck that will not make her sink

She floated on the pool as a result of the leveller with a broad smile on her face

“Let me swim to the end of the pool there then come back, watch me very well cus when I swim back , we will be swimming alongside together, you know how to flap your legs right? ” I asked

“Mum taught me ” She said and I swam to the end of the pool

I swam back happily, very happy that Helen and I are getting along now

I couldn’t see Helen again 🙀

“Helen! Helen! ” I shouted and eye searched everywhere in an instant

Fear of the fact that she might have sunk overwhelm me

I swam inside the pool searching for Helen , I searched and searched , I couldn’t find her.

But the pool isn’t bigger than this

I stared crying and I stepped out wondering where she could be

I saw the flower boys coming towards the pool with their tight boxers that reveal their s*xy shapes

They walked closer to me and noticed that I was sad and gloomy

“What’s wrong?” Scot asked

“I came to the pool with Helen to catch some fun, I swam towards the end of the pool and by the time I swam back, I couldn’t find her” I said and cried

I saw Brian whispered something to Anthony’s ear, I wondered what it was

I was amazement in Anthony’s face

“Where is that dot on your nose cus I can’t find it , more so, Donna can not swim ” Anthony said

I’m casted , but I still have to be smart

“Since you did not believe that I’m Donna, I’d hide it with that cream , more so, I learned swimming since I started living in Germany” I said

“Oh!” Anthony said and looked at Brian

“Anyways, Helen had gone inside her room, she said she needs to rest” Anthony said

They all dived inside the pool and started swimming .
I wondered why Helen would just leave me like that

I went sadly back to my room

Following Day

Nancy’s POV

My dad had promised to follow me to school to see Dr. Nicholas

I did not even know if we would be allowed to see Dr. Nicholas not to talk of him agreeing to admit me back to school

But my dad seems courageous, I do not know what gave him so much courage, we took a cab to school.

He led the way and I followed. Since I know Dr. Nicholas office before , I directed him there

“Hi, please I want to see Dr. Nicholas” He said to a secretary at the room before Dr. Nicholas’s office

“Did you have an appointment with him?” The secretary asked

“Tell him William is here” my dad said

“William” I exclaimed in my heart. Looks like my dad knows Dr. Nicholas before.
No wonder he is so courageous

The secretary put a call through. After a while she faced us and signaled for us to enter Dr. Nicholas’s office

We entered Dr. Nicholas’s office

“Welcome” Dr. Nicholas said. I looked at my dad’s face and I saw a face of fury

“My daughter said you expelled her” My dad said sternly

“I did, but I think you should sit first” Dr. Nicholas said and my dad sat

“Why did you expel her?” My dad asked

“It’s my school and I have the right too” Dr. Nicholas said

“Oh really, your school? Huh? You know what I can do right?” My dad said and I was shocked

Who the hell is this adopted dad, there are many things that I just didn’t know yet, how can he be threatening Dr. Nicholas

“William, yes, I know what you can do, but I could have dealt with you for a long time if I wish too, but I let you be because I know you are smarter than revealing my secrete” Dr. Nicholas said

Which secrete again

I sighed and watched the two men

“You dare not, I may be poor and have nothing, but I will never loose my pride ” My dad said

“It’s alright, calm your nerves, I will admit her back under one condition” Dr. Nicholas said

“What is that?” William asked

“Tell her to stay away from my son” Nicholas said

“Fine” My dad said and Dr. Nicholas brought out a letter, he scribbled something in and handed it over to me

“Give it to the principal and resume school” Nicholas said

I was stunned , omg! Who is my dad, how can a poor William be speaking boldly and threatening the great Nicholas

I can’t stop thinking, my dad and I went out together

“Take care of yourself Nancy” My dad said and walked away from me

“Who is this man? There is definitely a secrete between him and Dr. Nicholas, I think I need to find out.

I sighed heavily and walked to the principal’s office. I handed over the letter to him and he typed something on his system

” you can go to your class” He said and I left his presence to my class.

Dr. Nicholas had said I shouldn’t have anything do with Nicholas again, He never didn’t like me too

I hope that I will be able to fulfil my dream of becoming a great artiste but I really can’t get over Nicholas, I like him so much.

I walked to my class and I saw them receiving lectures already.

I walked inside abruptly and sat down

“Hey” The teacher called on me

I arched my brow at the teacher

“Stand up please” He said and I obliged

The whole class focused their attention on me

“I guess you were in our last class, can you remind me of what a note is in music?” He asked

“I’d just entered, I have a lot on my mind” I replied

“Just tell us you are dull” Anthony said and everyone bursted out laughing

I felt mock and embarrassed. Even if Anthony did not like me at least , he should not embarrass me

“Young girl, are you so dull that you couldn’t even define a note” The teacher said

I kept mute.
The truth is that I did not know what a note is.

I’m so poor in the theoretical part of music, I find it hard to retain definitions just the same way I find it hard to remember all that had happened many years ago

“Let the dullard stand that way till you are done with class” Anthony said and everyone mocked me again

“Fine, stand like that till I’m done with my class, with that , you will learn your lesson and spend time reading at home” the teacher said

I can’t believe I will be standing all through the class

“So class, let’s continue” The teacher said and I’m still finding it incredible that I’ll be standing

What an embarrassment

“But I have the best feminine voice in this school” I boasted

Everyone laughed including the flower boys

“Who is deceiving this dullard” Anthony yelled and many students were busy murmuring insults at me and mocking me

“Oh! Seems she wants to take up a challenge, quiet interesting” The teacher said smiling and went to call two girls that are assumed to be the best in Patricia’s class to come and compete with me

I saw the teacher with Patricia and Karen

Karen is in Patricia’s class

The teacher led the two girls and I to the keyboard stand at the back of the class

“Guys, this dullard said she has the best voice , so I want her to compete with Patricia and Karen.
We are to vote for one person , you can also choose not to vote , it’s your choice, whoever carried the highest vote wins.
If the winner isn’t Nancy, then she will stand for the rest of the class , more so, anytime I come to take your class, she will always stand to receive my lectures” The teacher said

“Please also detain her for the rest of the day for boasting ” Anthony said and everyone giggled

“Yes, I agree” Karen said

“Yes we agree” Everyone in the class echoed

“Oh! ” The teacher exclaimed and signalled for Karen to sing first.

She sang and had ten votes. None of the flower boys voted for her

Nobody knows Patricia and I are friends, she knew I can sing better than her , so she just smiled and sang. She had eleven votes

She even has more vote than the proud Karen. None of the flower boys voted for Patricia still.

It’s finally my turn, I went to the keyboard stand and set everything accordingly.
Instead of looking at the keyboard , I intentionally stared at Anthony, he didn’t take his gaze away from me , he was staring at me too

I sang John Legend – All of me


What would I do without your smart mouth

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down

What’s going on in that beautiful mind

I’m on your magical mystery ride

And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright

My head’s under water

But I’m breathing fine
You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind


‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all, all of me
And you give me all, all of you

My head suddenly started aching as I suddenly remembered myself and a girl I assumed to be my sister and a man and woman I assumed to be my parents sitting inside the plane, I saw myself laughing with my sister , I suddenly saw my dad called me with a gloomy and teary face , he was saying something that I couldn’t hear

I had stopped playing, my eyes were closed , I had loose consciousness of my environment, a lot of memories were coming in flashes

“She sings exactly like Donna” I heard Anthony say softly with a sympathetic face

I opened my eye and I saw everyone staring at me

“I did not know why you close your eyes, but your total vote is …”

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