Flower Boy Episode 11

Flower Boy Episode 11

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( He is at a crossroad 🙀)

Anthony’s POV

Why does her voice sounded so real, it was as if I was watching Donna. But this isn’t her first time of singing before me, this is just quiet different

But she doesn’t walk or dress like Donna, just the brown dot on her nose and now her voice.

Donna’s voice is one of the thing I adore so much . I’ve watched her sing countless time . She doesn’t feel shy to sing before me

I’ve imagined that a day will come when I will feature her in my song but the day never came till she left this world.

How much I Love Donna. I wish with all the strength in me that she comes back. Even if she is gonna come back like a new born baby, I’ll wait

She is my first Love and we have never even kissed. We have always talked about how our first kiss will look like

Now I’m in an ocean of confusion. Karen also has the brown dot, as a matter of fact, her fashion sense , hairstyle, style of smiling, the way she walks , the way she stands looks exactly like that of Donna

Who in the world is Donna between this two.

But are they really Donna or they are just pretending , for all I know they might just be trying to be like Donna

Can someone really survive a plane crash. I do not think so, the explosion must make everyone die. No one survives it.

But this very babysitter sings the same way Donna sings, I even voted for her , she had the highest vote.

But I can’t trust this dullard, she is a commoner, not only that, she is dull and she is even a baby sitter. Donna can never stoop so low like this, If she had come back to this world, she would still be rich

“Your total vote is 21” The teacher said and I watched as Nancy opened her mouth wide in surprise

Oh no! How can she open her mouth wide like that, Donna doesn’t do that , she can be nervous but to exclaim with a mouth opened like she will swallow an elephant isn’t Donna’s style

So she is not Donna right?

But Nancy doesn’t sing like Donna before, then she suddenly started singing like Donna

Karen doesn’t have a brown dot on her nose before, then she suddenly start having a brown dot

Who is who, these girls are just being deceptive, no wonder I do not trust them

That is t he major reason why I’d stay away from girls ever since Donna left. Donna is the only girl that I know that has all that I want. She is perfect, gorgeous, lovely and the best kind of woman any man would have dreamt of and she is very brilliant and can sing unlike these two dullards.

The Donna I know is humble and not too nervous unlike this ones that liked me just because I’m hot and handsome

“She won, let’s all return to our sit” The teacher said and everyone returned to their various sit

The teacher taught for his remaining period and left.

Karen’s POV

I was disappointed that Nancy had more votes than I do. I hope that Anthony would not start liking her just because she sings better than me.

And how in the world did that b*tch come back to this school , I thought Nicholas expelled her . No, I need to see Nicholas .She must leave the school. I don’t care what it takes, I will make sure she and her generation never step their feet on this school again

I went to Nicholas’s Office

“Hi sir” I greeted

“Oh beauty, how are you?” Nicholas greeted

“I’m not fine sir, thought you expelled Karen, I’m surprised to see her in school again” I said

“Yes I did but her Father came to plead and I considered” he said

“Oh no! Why should you, just expel her right away” I said furiously

“I thought it’s my school and I worked hard to build it to this level, so what is the order for” He said

“I’m not ordering you sir , I just wanted you to expel her” I said

“How does her stay in the school affects you?” He asked

“In many ways, the girl is intimidating, Moreso, she is trying to seduce Anthony, I need to protect Anthony” I said

“Oh really? Well I told her to stay away from Anthony , so do not worry about that . Secondly, Anthony is old enough to protect himself. It’s true that I want you to date him and I will definitely ensure that you guys end up together, but you still have to be able to control your emotions ” He said

“Sir, are you insulting me?” i asked

“No dear, just an advise, I give you my word, Anthony is for you” He said

I stared at him for a while, I stood up without thanking him and left

I’m really furious at that Nicholas , whom did he think he is , just because he has the biggest music school here , he thinks he can do as he wills

Well, I’ll show him I’ve got my power too cus I will not rest until Nancy is expelled from this school

I brought out my phone and put call through to my dad

 “Hi Dad” I greeted

 How is school dear?” He asked

 Not fine dad, Nicholas or whatever his name is, is proud” I said

 Tell me what he did to you?” He asked

 Dad, can you believe I told him to expel just a commoner and he refused” I said

 Is he crazy? You told him that and he refused” My dad said

 Yes dad” I replied

 Oh, I’ll call you back in three minutes ” He said

 Alright dad ” I replied and hung up

I stood still expecting his call, just three minutes later , my phone buzzed

I checked to see who the caller was, it was my dad

I received the call

 Go to his office now, I’d commanded him to expel the child immediately or I will do what he will regret forever, he knows what I meant. I didn’t wait for him to reply before I hung up the phone. Now go to him and ask him if he will expel the commoner or not. If he is still refusing, let me know so I can take actions immediately ” my dad said

I like the way my dad speaks, very authoritative

“Alright dad” I said and hung up the phone

I went back to the Dr. Nicholas office, I saw him standing beside his chair with a frustrating look on his face

“You called your father” He said

“Yes I did, so are you expelling the girl or not?” I asked

Expelling her is not an issue, but it’s quiet complicated

“What’s complicated ? There is nothing complicated in all these please , you just do not want to expel that girl because of some kinda reasons known to you. Anyways, you have my father to contend with not me ” I said and left

I’m at a cross road right now, who in the world am I to disobey Romeo, but I can’t expel Nancy either , my secrete lies with her fathers

Flashback 💫💫

“Deliver these three chokes(drugs like cocaine) to the three names circled here ” I said and William nodded

“Do the job perfectly please” I commanded

“Yes boss” William said and left to deliver the drugs, he is to come back with a sum of money from each person. I will confirm to know the amount inside first , then we will go together to farm( our own kind of bank) to keep the money

After one hour, William arrived with the money

William used to be a struggling gangster with a daughter that does not in anyway look like him before he met me

I introduced the drug business to him and he accepted it gladly.

“Let’s go to the farm now” I said after I’d counted the money and ensure that it was complete

He drove me straight to the farm, he parked in the middle of the farm where he always park as usual

His job is to drive me there, my job is to go far away to keep the money where no one born of a woman knows

But I had already started a music school all those time and it was growing, It’s not proper for me to be involved in drug again, I can just let this guy called Williams continue the drug business while I focus on my music school.

“William” I called after he had parked waiting for me to step down and go and save the money

“Sir” He answered and turned with his head bowed slightly

“I will be leaving this damn business, The music school I’m building is making me popular and I’m building reputations around my name already

If I’m caught, everything I have will be gone, my reputations will be destroyed” I said

“Boss, we can’t be caught, I’m ready to stand by you and help you” He said

“I’ve made up my mind, I know we are smart but sometimes, unexpected things happen. I will show you a secrete today. That is where I keep money and …, well, just follow me, come and see what I’m talking about” I said and stepped down

Williams stepped down too

We walked towards the place I keep monies

“William” I called when we were almost getting there

“Promise me that no matter what, you will never leak the secrete cus I want to show you because you will continue the business from where I stopped ” I said

“I promise boss , and I will do everything you want” he said

I know he is so loyal and that is why I trust him

We shaked in a gangster way and looked at ourselves sternly

We disengage from the shake and I led him to the place

I opened the slightly broad but hollow tunnel

“Jeez! ” he exclaimed and ran back

“Why are you scared?” I asked

.”Those are stinking dead bodies” He said

“Yeah, where did you think we keep all those we kill, if we burn them, their bones might implicate us , so we keep them here and safe our money in the same place

It’s obvious the smell irritated him but I’m used to it

I threw the bags of money inside the tunnel , I watched it landed on some dead bodies, I closed the door to the tunnel and went back to where William stand still trying to recover from how strongly irritated he was by the smell

“Now you know where we keep our monies and dead bodies , be smart” I said and patted his shoulder

He nodded and followed me back to the car

We entered the car and just as he started the car, we heard a gun shot

“Someone traced us here , huh?” i said and brought out my small pistol

“It’s obvious boss ” He said and made a left turn into a strange path of the bush

We had many enemies, anyone in these business is not safe

I turned and saw a car running after us

“Run faster boy” I yelled at Willaim

“I’m trying my best boss” He yelled and made a left turn

The car was approaching us and it seems they will catch up on us soon

“Their speed is quiet faster than ours , we need to do something before they catch up on us” I said

“Alright boss, what should we do?” William asked

Drive to a safe place and park, run to the left while I run to the right

Whatever happens to us had being decided by fate.

He nodded and drove faster and suddenly parked beside the only uncompleted two story building there

He ran to the left while I ran to the right

I did not know how he survived but we lost contact for another one year before he came to see me early this year that he couldn’t fulfil his promise of continuing the business , he said he had to stop cus of what happened the last time and because he wanted to stay alive to protect his daughter

I told him to go get some money at the farm to start up something for himself cus it’s obvious he has become so poor.

He replied by saying he has changed to a good person and that he doesn’t need those blood and illegal money, he had rather stay poor

I wished him good luck then only for me to discover today that Nancy is William daughter though they never look alike, yet he liked the girl

When he threatened me by saying did I know what he can do, Of course I know, he knows where all my savings are and he can report me to the cops and link me to those many dead bodies and countless money there , if he does, everything I’d laboured for will be gone , I can’t stand that

As for me , while running away for escape then, I saw an empty casket, I opened it and found a dead body, I wondered who placed a casked with a dead body inside there

But my enemies will soon catch up on me, I’d rather pretended like a dead man

I opened the casket and lied on the dead body and closed the casked gently

I opened it after I’d sure that they will have being gone

Till today, I do not know who those enemies are. I’m glad I escaped.

This is the singular reason why I dare not expel Nancy,my secrete lies in William’s hand

I dare not disobey Karen’s father cus he was my boss and he is still my boss, we have a lot of secrete together and I know what he can do, he gets angry easily and he can even kidnap any of my loved one or even kill them or me myself

He doesn’t care if someone’s offence is minor or major, as long as he commands you and you refuse, you must face the wrath of Romeo

I’m at a cross road right now, should I expel Nancy or let her stay


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