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Flower Boy Episode 9

Flower Boy Episode 9

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Karen is a Lier )

Nancy’s POV

The words of my dad struck me hard.
What did he just say, Nicholas is my father, is he joking or something?

It better be a joke.

I stood up and quickly ran after my dad

“Dad” I called

He turned gently

“Did you just say Dr. Nicholas is my dad?” I asked

It was an uncompleted statement, I paused cus I think you can’t still bear it .

“Dad, tell me all that I need to know, I’m not a kid anymore” I said

“Are you sure you can handle this?” He asked

“I can” I said and he walked back with me to sit

“I wanted to say Nicholas is your dad’s killer and that I will definitely try all possible means for you to go back to that school cus that is the only way you can fulfil your true dad’s promise ” He said

“My true dad?” I asked getting seriously confused

“Yes dear, I’m not your dad, Your families died in a plane crash, you and many others including the broken pieces of the plane fell behind a mountain where I do go to play with my friends.

When I saw dead and broken bodies, I was scared but I noticed a corpse with a swollen mouth, I summoned courage to open the mouth cus I guess something must be there and surprisingly for me, I found the fabric containing the letter. That same one I gave you.

I checked all the corpse to see if anyone has a tiny hope of surviving but everyone has died , I noticed that a girl was holding onto the man’s hem.

I checked and saw that the girl is totally burnt from head to toe but her hand can still hold onto a man’s cloth.

I thought that maybe the man is her father, I carried you away from there before the police could come around in some hours time. I carried you to our local doctor there. He treated you for a while but later advised I bring you to America for proper treatment .

I don’t stay in America before , but I decided to stay with the girl here hoping that the girl will find those that are responsible for the death of her parents” my dad said

Quiet a nice story, I wondered who this girl really is

“Dad, Who is this girl?” I asked

“You are. But there are many things I can’t explain yet, the doctor said you loose your memory, I do not know the real identity of your father, I do not know if you have sisters or brothers, I do not know any of your family members and to top it all, I do not know whom you use to be, I do not know the name you use to bear , the only thing you remembered after a doctor interviewed your was your birthday ” My dad said

I was stunned and I felt like I’m gonna go crazy, true ! I never have an idea or a slight remembrance of my younger days, I just know that I’m Nancy, I can’t remember all that happened since many years back

So this man that has being taken good care of me isn’t my dad, no wonder mum divorced him without thinking or caring about me.

She is definitely not my mum too

“Dad, did you think the man I held unto the tip of his cloth is my real father?” I asked

“I think so, but if you recover well and you start having your memories back, you would understand everything ” He said

“Please let me keep calling you dad, I do not have anyone else” I said pathetically

“Sure, I’m your adopted Dad and I liked you, the life I’m living is for you. Now we know that Noel Nicholas who is Anthony’s father was the one sent by Romeo, the CEO of universe record label to cause the plane crash that led to the dead of yout family” My adopted dad said and I sighed

“This people shouldn’t go free, you have to fight for your family and the only way to do that is to is to be around the Nicholas to find out everything about them so we can easily take them down” my adopted dad said

“Take them down! Including Anthony?” I asked

“I don’t care, as Long as Anthony also bears Nicholas, he must suffer the same fate” He said

“No, please don’t touch Anthony, I still need to be sure of all what you told me, Noel and Romeo are at fault not my Anthony” I said

“Your Anthony, don’t tell me you like the son of someone that killed your dad already” He said

I hesitated for a while as I lowered my head gently before talking

“I really Liked Anthony” I said softly

My dad giggled and grabbed me by my shoulder abruptly . I was stunned and looked into his eyes in fear

“Listen to me, I’d Love and cared for you cus I want you to trust me , your relationship with Anthony can never work as long as I live, his father destroyed innocent lives in a day and instead of joining me to let’s bring the family down , you are liking Anthony already.

Drop whatever feelings you have for that son of a b*tch cus they are going down soon.
I’d waited all this years for the secrete to be unfold, now that I know whom Romeo and Nicholas is, you sit and watch and see how I will fight for your family and other innocent men and women that died” My dad said sternly in a way that made fear engulfed me

He released his grip over me and stood with a scary face. He walked inside his room

I closed my eyes sadly, I do not want to believe all that I’m hearing.

So I am the girl that survived the plane crash, I am the girl that lost her memory, but who are my families, what are their names, did they all die or some survived like I do.

I stood up and walked sullenly to my room.

I checked the pictures on the wall and I saw the different pictures of Anthony that I pasted. Ever since I am myself and that I have heard of a musical band called Flower Boys, I had start following them on Twitter and on Instagram and every social media platforms

Anthony has being my first crush ever since, I liked him so much. Maybe because he is the hottest among them, many ladies crush on him and wish they can have him

He is just so se*y , handsome and hot. His handsomeness is so perfect. I like him, even though it’s obvious he has no feelings for me, but I kept on liking him, he is the one my heart desires.

I do not think I can ever stop liking him, being in the same school and to be precise, same class with him makes me happy always.

Being in the same house with him makes me happy always and makes me imagine the impossible, I kept imagining him hugging me and telling me that he likes me everyday but I know that it may never come true

Cus he is a celebrity and a I’m a commoner

His dad dislikes me because he thinks I’m seducing his son and taking the place Karen should be taking

And now my adopted dad too has disliked Anthony claiming that he is the son of the murderer of many innocent people in the plane.

What kind of issues are all these?

Come what may, I can never stop loving Anthony

I walked sluggishly to where my keyboard is, the school management had given every student free keyboard as gift some days ago.

How much I needed that keyboard and now I’m happy that I finally have one. I can always play anytime my emotions is fast taking over me. I need to sing so I can be relief of all this burdens

I sat on the stool and played. I imagined Anthony and I together and sang


The whispers in the morning

Of lovers sleeping tight

Are rolling by like thunder now

As I look in your eyes

I hold on to your body

And feel each move you make

Your voice is warm and tender

A love that I could not forsake

‘Cause I’m your lady

And you are my man

Whenever you reach for me

I’ll do all that I can


We’re heading for something

Somewhere I’ve never been

Sometimes I am frightened

But I’m ready to learn

Of the power of love

The power of love, ooh ooh

(As I look into your eyes)
The power of love (The power of love)

I sang and find my way to the bed, I sunk on the bed , covered myself with my duvet and slept feeling a bit relieved of all of my worries


Anthony’s POV

“Scot, what did you think of what dad did to that Baby sitter?” I asked sitting down in the studio after dad and Karen had left

“Not fair but I don’t care, either she is expelled or not is none of my business” Scot replied

“Not like I care about her, but the dot in her pointed nose can not just make me let her go” I poured out my thoughts to my brothers

“Why are disturbed about the dot, Karen has the same dot and has everything synonymous to Donna” Brian said

“Excluding her voice , ya’all know that Donna is very talented in singing, she can’t be singing like Karen” I said

“True though. But the fact is that there is no Proof either that Nancy is Donna” Scot said

“True, but she has a perfect voice and more so, we could feature her cus I can’t stand having rehearsals with Karen, She said all that but I can’t still trust her , I do not know why” I said confusingly

“Don’t be confused , you can’t like Karen easily cus you thought Donna has gone for good not knowing that she is coming back as Karen” Scot said

“Scot, did you believe Karen is Donna?” I asked

“Why won’t I? How can she has a brown dot on her nose, same walking style, same smiles, same dressing styles, same standing style as Karen, and you would choose not to believe her just because she can’t sing well again which could be as she said a result of the plane crash injury” Scot said

I exhaled heavily at the words of scot

Scot is right but why In the world can’t I just trust this Karen, if she is Donna, my heart should connect, now I’m the most confused man in the world.

“Brian, did you think Karen is Donna?” I asked Brian

“Anthony, I’m as confused as you” Brian replied

“Moreso, I tried to forget about that baby sitter but the brown dot on her nose seems real to me than that of Karen, even though everything about her is different from Donna excluding her birthday. ” I muttered

Nancy and Karen have the same birthday

“Guys , did you think they are twin?” I asked

“Well, I had that thought too, maybe they got separated from birth or maybe Karen, Donna and Nancy are families, and the brown dot is what they use to recognize them” Brian said

“Guys, come to think of it, Donna has a brown dot on her nose, If she really got burnt and survived like Karen said, that means her face must have being burnt, the villagers that Karen claimed to help her wouldn’t have notice the brown dot for anything cus her face is burnt, so why will the man that save her tell the doctor to draw the brown dot on her nose when it’s logical that he has no idea of the brown dot on her nose” I said

“Yay! Quiet smart of you brother, never thought of that” Scot said smiling. He is the most active and fun to be with among us

Brian sighed slowly, he is the gentle type who doesn’t talk much

“Does that mean Karen is lieing ?” Brian asked

I exhaled getting relief a little , the puzzle is getting clearer

“Let us attack her when we get home with the question, let’s see how she can defend herself” I said and everyone smiled

Bob had gone out to meet my dad to probably apologize

“Guys, I said it that Bob is suspicious this days, I was wondering why he would pick Karen that knows little to nothing about music not knowing that he has being bribed, I think we should sack him” I said

“Bob was forced to, trust me, he has being our manger for three years and we have known him to be diligent and honest, let’s sit him down tomorrow and ask for his own side of the story” Scot said

I nodded and stood.

We went to our Cadillac car, our driver was waiting for us already.

He drove us home

We stepped down from the car, I can’t wait to ask Karen, I’m sure she will never be able to answer that question

We entered the house and good enough we saw her in the sitting room eating pop corns and watching television

Helen was sitting with a sad face on a one sited chair. She ran to me as she saw me entered the house

I carried her and pecked her forehead

“Where is Nancy” She asked in a pathetic voice

“Erm…well, did you want to see her?” I asked

“Yes, I Miss her” she said almost crying

“Okay, you know what? Dad is coming home today , tell him you miss Nancy cus he has sacked Nancy, you can plead to him maybe he will do what you say.” I said

I saw tears poured gently from the corner of her face. I feel sorry for Helen, she liked Nancy so much. Nancy must have being a good girl to her

I dropped Helen and walked to where Karen sat.

She raised her head as soon as she saw us approaching

“Hi” She greeted as she wave her hand in the air

“Hi” I said and we all sat

“Karen, you said you are Donna right?” I asked

“Yes , but you are finding it hard it trust and like me” She said with a pathetic look and a sad voice

“If you are Donna, you got Burnt right? And the villagers helped you . isn’t it ?” i asked

“Yes” she replied

“How did anyone know that you once have that brown dot cus they saw you burnt, it’s not possible for anyone to notice that you have the brown dot on your nose” I said

She lowered her head and started crying

How does my question lead to tears, thought I asked a simple question that I’m very sure that she will never be able to answer

She sniffed and speaks

“I asked the same question from the man too, the man told me that only my nose was left unburnt” She said sadly

So I’ve being seeing Liers in my life, I’d never come across a big lier like Karen

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