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Flower Boy Episode 12

Flower Boy Episode 12

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( They heard me )

Nancy’s POV

“Beauty” I heard a familiar voice called behind me

I turned and I saw Larry, I watched him anticipating for what he wanted to stay

“Dr. Nicholas said you should come to his office” He reported

“Oh!” i thought for a while and tried to imagine what he might have called me for this time

I nodded and followed Larry

“But why are you always sent, like he could have sent any random student, why always you?” I questioned Larry on our way to Dr. Nicholad office

He smiled

“I’ll tell you later, did you notice I called you beauty and not Nancy?” He asked

“What about that please?” I asked

“I’m implying that you are so beautiful , you are the perfect girl any guy would have longed to be with ” he said

“Oh really?Thanks though” I said and concentrated on where we are heading to

“Are you gonna be free after school hours cus I want us to stroll around the school compound, gonna like to tell you some stuff about me and I will like to know you more too” Larry said

” huh? Well, it’s fine” I said

“I’m so glad right now, gonna come to ur class immediately after the bell rings ” He said

“But why?” I asked

“I just wanna know you more” He said and we finally get to Dr. Nicholas office

“Nancy” He called and Larry left

“Yes sir” I said and bowed

“Have your sit” He said and I obliged

“I’m threatened to expel you from this school, give me one single reason why I should not expel you” He said

I thought for a while

“I do not have any reason, but this is your school, no one can threaten you” I said

“It’s complicated than that” He said

I suddenly remembered a man holding my hands inside the plane, telling me to stay strong with tears poring from down his face, I kept hearing his words, I knew the man to be my dad.

I closed my eye gently

I wish what I’m remembering could continue but it didn’t

Who is that man telling me to stay strong , did he know that something evil will happen, I’m sure now that he is my dad, but why is he crying , what later happened to him

“Nancy!” I heard Dr. Nicholas voice and I opened my eye

“Are you alright?” He asked

“I need some time to rest sir” I said politely

“I won’t expel you and you should resume your job has a baby sitter” He said

“Oh really? Thanks so much sir” I said happily

He adjusted on his sit and I stood up. I thanked him and left

Who is threatening this man again this time, he is the owner of the school, he can do as he will.

I’m really happy that he did not expel me and now I’m gonna get the chance see Helen again.

I can’t wait to see Helen now

I jumped happily as I walked to the class

I entered the class calmly, after all, I’m the only lady in the class , I have to behave myself

I sat and I felt something hit my head. I turned and saw a folded paper that hit me on the floor.

I knew at once that a student must have used a rubber band as an arrow and slung a folded paper ball as arrow to me.

I ignored and faced front gain. I heard a series of silent laughter behind me but I ignored

I felt it twice on my head again, I turned to see who the h*ll was throwing me those paper balls.

I stood up and I saw them leaning at the back of the class pretending as if they were discussing where as, they were the one throwing the paper balls

I stood and walked towards them . They were four boys

“Why are you throwing paper balls at me?” I asked them

They turned to me squarely and surrounded me . They smirked and folded their arms

I rolled around wondering what they wanted to do to me, well it’s public, they wouldn’t do anything crazy

“Why surrounding me” I said still turning round at the boys

I saw one of them signal to the other by winking his eye, the boy he signaled too held me by my collar and suddenly tore my uniform from

I exclaimed in shock at my torn uniform, anyone could easily see my bra

Are they gonna rape me in broad day light? is that what they do for girls here ? Are they gonna strip me naked?

Thousands of questions ran across my heart, fear of what may happen engulf me

I wish that Patricia would enter right now and save me

A guy suddenly grab my hair and scattered it with his hand . He pulled my hair and I screamed painfully

He released his grip on my hair and laughed sarcastically at me

The whole class faced where I and those four bully boys were and instead of helping me , they were all laughing

The boys are not even speaking, they are just torturing me

One of them walked closer to me and held my chin , he squeezed it and I screamed roughly

It was so painful, this is not my first time in this class, why are they punishing me like this

One of them pushed me to the floor with full force and I fell , I backed to the floor and my whole body aches , I tried to stand up again, and the cruel boy pushed me again, I staggered back trying not to fall and I took many steps back before I finally fell at the lap of someone sitting and watching the show

My eyes were closed, I opened it in fear of what the boys may do to me and in pain of what they are doing for me

I knew I fell on somebody’s lap. I opened my eye slightly and I saw the face of someone staring at me, the expression on the face is neither sad nor happy. Neither is he feeling pity nor feeling cool with that was happening

His face was expressionless

I was looking at him and he was looking at me

I remembered all of a sudden that someone hugged me and pecked me on a cool and sunny day, I remembered many people present Like someone was doing birthday , I know at once that the person was me

Then I saw that same person holding my hand and cutting my birthday cake together with me, looks like he is my boyfriend but I’m not sure

Everything went blank again, what are all these things I’m remembering , maybe it will all make sense someday

But the guy I remembered hugging me and cutting cake with me is the same guy I fell into his lap now

I kept watching him and he kept watching me.

“Did you want to sleep on my lap?” He finally said

I held my torn uniform and tried to stand up

I saw those guys approaching me again.

The guy I fell into his lap stood up and put me behind me

“Why are you bullying her ?” He asked them

“Flower boy, stay out of this” one of them said

“And If I don’t?” Anthony asked

“Alright, we know you hate ladies, so just leave her and let’s deal with her” One of the bullies said

Anthony was the guy I fell into his lap, he is also the guy I remembered to be cutting cake with me and hugging me

He turned at me

“Why am I trying to save you?” He asked

I shook my head and bowed my head hoping that he will save me totally

“Can’t you speak?”he asked

How am I suppose to know why he helped me, he chose to help me , he should know why I choose to help me

” erm.. Cus … I do not know” I said

“Then I will allow them continuing dealing with you” Anthony said

“Cus you dislike ladies and insult me but you still have a soft spot for me ” I finally said hoping that what I said will go well with him

“You think I have a soft spot for you ? Is that why I’m saving you? it may be true but I did not like you” He said and turned to the boys

His last word hit me , of course , how do I expect the great flower boy to like someone like me

“Let her be” Flower boy said

“Please flower boy, don’t mind her” One of them said

“If you do not leave right now, I will expel you” Anthony said

“Oh! Alright” they said and turned to leave

“Come back here, what has she done or who sent you?” Anthony asked

“Just catching fun with her , no one sent us, she did nothing” One of them said and they left

Anthony faced me

“Soft spot” I heard him muttered and he sat down

“Thanks” I said and he raised his head looking at me like I’m a ghost

He kept staring at me, why in the world is he looking at me , but I really enjoyed it cus If I’m ugly, he can’t be looking at me , he is probably looking at me cus I’m beautiful

He stood up and held my wrist and led me out

Where is flower boy taking me too, is he angry cus his face does not even show any expression

I like his scent as he drew me closer , I was pretending to be afraid but inside of me , I’m the happiest person

Omg! Flower boy held my hand, I felt on top of the world

“Let him not leave me” I prayed gently in my heart

But where is he taking me too

I kept following him and we finally get to a large room, very beautiful

So a place like this is in this school, I’d never seen a room as beautiful as that

But what in the world do they do here?

I walked around the room after he has released his grip on my hand

I kept checking the golden chairs , tables , jugs and beautiful pictures pasted around the wall

“I didn’t bring you here for excursion” He said and sat

I turned back at him and wondered why he sat

He put a call through to someone and somebody came after few seconds

“Miss, you need to change, please follow me” The averagely old lady said

I followed her and she told me to bath first, I obliged gently .
After I’d bathed, I came out and I saw a new pair of uniform and other new school equipment that I’d being saving money to buy

I changed into a new uniform and the woman entered where I was cus all this time, she stayed at the entrance for me to finish dressing up

“You look pretty now , all those equipments are for you?” The woman said

“Me? ” I exclaimed and checked all those precious and quality equipments

“Thanks” I said

“Thank Flower boy, he gave it to you” The woman said and helped me package it well

“Oh! Flower boy? Alright” I said and closed my eye

I know this is a dream, let me just wake

I closed my eye hoping that I will wake up on my bed

“Excuse me miss” I heard the woman’s voice and I opened my eye

“Are you alright miss?” She asked

“I’m fine” I said and she led me to the room Anthony is

The woman made me appear before him. He took a glance at me and took a glass of wine from the table and sipped it in

I was hoping crazily like he would say something like I’m beautiful

If he mistakenly says that , I may faint now, too much blushing will make me faint

“You blocking my view please ” He said and I turned and realized that he was watching a television and I was blocking him

“I’m sorry” I said and bowed

I left his presence and stay in a corner of the room

The woman that helped me change to a new school unform had left

“Thanks for the equipment you gave me” I appreciated

“If you misplace any, you will buy another one ” He said

I thought he gave me , why will he tell me again that if I misplace any of it that I would buy it.

I can’t even afford the least of all these

He stood up and went out of the room , I waited inside the room for a while and I still didn’t see him return

I walked out of the room to search for where he could be, I couldn’t find him around

I kept searching for him till I was weary , I gave up and went to the class only for me to see him receiving the last lecture for the period

He has even gone to class while I stay there waiting for him

But why is he doing all this , he saved me and also helped me

Did he like me , no! Nancy think like a human being not like a fool

How can he like me

But why did he do that , why?

There is no one to answer, I entered the class and sat . I’m happy that teacher saw me enter when his lecture was going on but he didn’t make a fuss about it.

I listened to the man’s lecture and the bell for closing finally rang

“Which should I do first, go to meet Patricia? Wait for Larry that said he will come and pick me by closing hour or pick a race to Helen’s place cus I miss her so much

I was thinking of what to do when I heard a voice behind me

” I was informed you have resumed your babysitting job, we have no rehearsals today, so we going home now, let’s go together?” He said

It’s Anthony

Again, me! In the same car with the flower boys, the happiness leaping inside of me can make me run mad right now

I suddenly and totally forget about Patricia and Larry

I watched the flower boys left me and I quickly slung my bag pack to follow them

I took some steps and I heard a voice.

I turned

“Beauty” no one calls me beauty except Larry

“Hi Larry” I greeted as he approached

“So shall we?” He said referring to the agreement we made when we were going to Dr. Nicholas office

“I’m sorry Larry, next time” I said and watched his facial expression

He was sad and disappointed

I felt sorry for him but there is nothing that I can do

I left him and ran to catch up with the flower boys

They had just got to the car, they entered and the driver who opened the door of the car for me signalled for where I will sit

I sat

The driver went to his sit and drove off

Everywhere was silent like graveyard, the flower boys were not speaking or conversing

The driver was not playing any music

The silence was so horrible that I felt like breaking the silence by saying something

But I dare not, but are the flower boys this boring

“These flower boys are living such a boring life” I thought facing the tinted glass and watching the environments but I said it out unconsciously, audible enough for everyone in the car to hear

Jeez! Did I just say that out? It’s obvious they all heard me say that.

I’m done for, they will drop me from the car now and sack me again like before and probably expel me again

😢 Nancy why ?

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