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Flower Boy Episode 18

Flower Boy Episode 18

By Oyebamiji Samue

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Nancy’s POV

I intentionally find a place to hide cus the sudden cough of flower boy was suspicious.

What could flower boy be doing at the entrance of my room? Why is he peeping inside my room?

I’m happy I caught him red handed even though there is nothing I can do to him. But seeing him in this position gives him some kinda goosebumps

He was shocked to see me and I stared directly into his eyes this time while he kept lowering and raising his head. I’m happy to see flower boy in this kind of position

“Was just…erm…I wanna have a conversation with you” Anthony said

“Alright” I said and he led me to the living room. We both sat in the same three sitters

“Nancy, you once said I got a soft spot for you” He said boldly and his fear engulfed me again.

I wish I can be bold to face him like I did some minutes ago. But I can’t stand his presence again.

I nodded in response to his question

“This brown dot on your nose, did you ask your parent about it?” Anthony asked

I nodded

“Don’t talk to me with body language again, just speak” He said

“I’m sorry, I did. ” I said

“So what did they say?” I asked

“It’s my dad I asked actually and he gave me a letter instead” I said

“A letter? What does the letter says?” I asked

“It talked of a man sent to cause plane crash to a particular plane piloting a family to a country” I said

I watched as Anthony squeezed his face. It seems he is confused.

“A plane piloting a family to a country, did you know the name of the country they are being piloted too? did you know the family’s name too?” He asked

“No, the country they are travelling to wasn’t stated in the letter and I do not know the family’s name too , but…” I said and paused

“But what?” He asked

I do not want to mention the names that are there, my foster father said Noel is Dr. Nicholas. What if the Noel in that letter bears another surname

I can’t just believe that his father were the one that killed that family that died in the pane crash. Moreso, I do not have any proof yet that those family that died are my own family.

Though I’m remembering things in fragment, but in as much as I have not remembered everything, I can’t conclude yet.

“Nothing” I replied

He looked away for a while then turned at me.

I could easily sense that he is lost in thought. What could have made him to be thinking so deep

” I need to know more about that letter, can you bring it to me?” He asked

“Sure” I replied and he stood up

“Go home tomorrow, before we return from school, I want to see the letter with you” He said

“Alright” I said softly and watched as he left

Dr. Nicholas POV

My heart had seriously being disturbed ever since William had came to threaten me in the office. I think it’s time to take William away once and for all. I pity Nancy though, but his father will have to die

For that reason, I had visited my boss at his record label.

“How are you doing Noel” Romeo said as he walked inside his office

I’d being waiting for him there for quiet a while but I was told to be patient that he is attending to some top government officials

“I’m fine boss” I replied politely

He sat and watched me intently and he smirked

“I was disappointed in you Noel, I can’t believe you can dare my command, how dare you?” He scolded

“I’m sorry boss, that is the reason why I have come , it wasn’t intentional. But firstly, I’m sorry boss, please forgive me” I said and stood up and bowed my head

“It’s alright, so you said it’s not intentional, tell me about it?”he requested

” Boss, a guy used to work for me many years back when I was fully into this drug business, he is the father of the Nancy you told me to expel. He had also dropped the drug business and turned a new life but my secrete lies in his hand. He used my secrete with him to threaten me ” I reported

“Are you scared of him, why not take him from the way since, your secrete isn’t safe. Whoever knows your secrete should be killed” Romeo said

“Yes boss, I’ve decided to kill him once and for all now” I said

“Good” He said and put a call through to someone

He put the phone on loud speaker so I can hear the conversation .

“Hello Bob” Romeo greeted

“Hi Boss” Bob replied

“In the next twenty four hours, I want you to kill William, Nancy’s father” Romeo said

“Done boss” Bob said and Romeo hanged up

“Which of the Bob did you call please?” I asked cus I do not think it’s the Bob of the flower boy’s manager

“Same Bob, he had being working with me for quiet a while and I must say he is once of the most brutal assassin I had ever worked with” Romeo said and my face dropped

“You mean flower boy’s manager is an assassin?” I asked to confirm what I’m hearing

“Are you naive, many assassins are out there disguised as friends and families, we kill offenders and people that stands in our way so we are no sinner, come up boy, don’t be shock” He said and my heart beats rapidly

Even the flower boys are not saved then. I personally brought Bob up from the street of New York, raised him up and because he is talented , I made him a manager of the flower boys only for me to find out he is working with Romeo

I’m not save too, he might be send to kill me anytime, If I misbehave

“Are you thinking about something ?” Romeo asked

“Not at all” I lied and stood up. I’m trying to recover from the shock.

Anthony is my beloved son. I love him so much and I can never allow any evil stay around him.

I need to do something quick like sacking this Bob , but if I do and Romeo hears, won’t it be another problem

I need to be smart

“Boy, don’t be dull, it happens , Bob is my boy too. He likes the cash. As soon as he is done killing William , I’ll let you know” Romeo said and I nodded

I walked out of his office

Bob’s POV

I was busy thinking about Nancy, my Love for Nancy. It seems Brian is in love with Nancy. I pity him cus it does not take me a an hour to clear him from this earth.

Ever since the day I saw Nancy, I’d being tripping for her. My heart has being beating for her. I’ve fallen in Love before so I know what it means to be in Love

I know I love Nancy, even though she is just a baby sitter but I still liked her. She is as gentle as a dove and beautiful like an angel

Anytime I see Nancy, I see myself marrying her in the future. I know it may take time before she loves me , but I know she definitely will

I just need to find a way to deal with Brian, he should not even think of loving Nancy cus I might be force to kill him

Yes! I know I’m as brutal as that. Killing people isn’t what I start today. I’d being killing people before Dr. Nicholas find me.

My boss then was the one that introduced me to Romeo , Romeo sent me on few assignment and saw that I’m good. Since then, He had liked me and always send me on killing errands.

I pretend to be the perfect gentle man outside but inside of me, I’m as dangerous as h*ll

My phone rang and I saw who the caller was, it was Romeo

I picked the call and we exchanged conversations. I dropped my phone on the bed and stood up with fury

I don’t procrastinate, that’s the first rule of an assassin

Once I’m on assignment, I’m no longer the gentle flower boy’s manager but a brutal assassin

“Time to kill” I said to myself and changed my dressing into my assassination kits

If I stay in the dark, no one will ever suspect that I’m the one cus my dressings from head to toe is black

I stepped out of my house and went into the specially made black car with crazy speed given to me by Romeo after I’d helped him kill two record label owners and a top government official

I entered the car and drove straight to Williams’s house

I got there at 11:59PM. I stepped down with a dark facial mask on my face. I used my assassinating master key to open the door to the house and it gave way.

I hurriedly started searching through the house. I searched every room except an already opened room, I only peeped through it and with the settings , I need no one to tell me that it’s Nancy’s room.

I couldn’t find anyone in all other rooms I searched

I was frustrated and wondered where William would be.

Could he be at Nancy’ s room.

I ran there and saw him standing beside the wardrobe reading a letter.

I was stunned at first and quickly brought out my pistol. He rolled on the floor swiftly and hit me with his leg. I fell to the floor abruptly and he ran out

“Wao! Quiet smart of him” I thought as I stood up and dusted my neat assassinating cloth that had never touched the floor.

light was switched on inside the room. I wanted to step out and I saw a letter on the floor.

This must have being the letter he is reading. I opened it and I wanted to read but I noticed that William may escape

I kept it in my pocket instead and decides to take the letter to Romeo

Let me deal with this William once and for all. I would have killed him at first sight but I didn’t know he is that smart

I ran out of the house and searching with all my senses as to where he could be.

I heard a gun shot behind me. As a trained assassin that I am . My wears are all bullet roof. But once a gun hits us suddenly, we must fall and pretend like someone that died truly so that the person shooting the gun can come out of hiding

I pretend to fall but my hand was firm on my gun, my facial mask was closed but my real eyes was opened and I could see through the tinted transparent facial mask

I watched William come out of hiding with his gun Stretched at me . I know he is smart, for him to have still pointed the gun at me even though I fell

He get to where I was and watched me intently. he lowered his gun and squatted before me, he wanted to place his hand on my nostril to see if I’m still breathing

Before he could do that, I threw a hard punch into his nose . I quickly stood up and kicked him on his head. He fell abruptly and his gun fell away from his hand.

I Stretched my gun to him

“Greet the dead when you get to their world” I said and pulled the trigger

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