Flower Boy Episode 19

Flower Boy Episode 19

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( He is my Father)

William’s POV

I’m happy the bullet met me at my chest. If it had met me at my forehead, I would have died cheaply. I tried to be smart but it seems he’s smarter.

I spend most of my life in the street too so I know how gangster works. Nevertheless , I need to be smarter next time

I had already put on bulletproof under my cloth immediately I ran out of Nancy’s room.

I pretended like a dead person . He didn’t bother checking if I’m dead or not. I guess he is so sure of his bullet. I guess he knows that no one survives it. And true enough , I wouldn’t have survived that if not because I’d smartly put on my bulletproof

I heard his car as it sped off with a swift speed. I stood up and smirked. I went towards where the car was parked trying to trace who he is and who could have sent him.

I remembered the letter that I was reading in Nancy’s room. I searched her room to get the letter cus I know that if the letter leaks , her life is in danger, they will suspect that someone from the family that died of plane crash had survived. And I’m sure that they will trace the person and find the person.

I ran inside Nancy’s room and hurriedly searched the letter but I can’t find it. Fear of the fact that the assassin that was sent to murder me must have taken the letter engulfed me.

I searched for hours and I still can’t find it. my fear is increasing fast. That letter speaks a volume. It’s the greatest treasure that we have

I went to the sitting room and sat painfully.

“Damn it!” I cursed under my breath and shook my head vigorously in pain

How do I even know the assassin that was sent, who could have sent him? Anyways, they believe I’m dead. It will be easier for me to attack them now

I need to protect Nancy with all my strength and ensure that she is safe where she is

I stood up and closed the door and went to sleep.

Bob’s POV

I drove in the same middle of the night straight to Romeo’s place. His security men allowed me enter. Evil men does not sleep so I do not expect him to be sleeping .

True enough, I was told he is at the gym. I entered the place and I saw him doing some strenuous exercise

“Boss, mission accomplished” I said

He stopped what he was doing and turned to me.

“Good of you boy. I trust you. I’ll pay you handsomely” He said and I maintained my strong face

I brought out the letter I saw at Williams place and gave it to him

“I saw that letter at William’s place” I said

He opened the letter and read it. He kept squeezing his face and blinking his eyes

He directed his gaze at me like he is suspicious of something.

“Follow me” He said and I followed him

He took me to the living room. I watched him put a call through to someone and with the mention of names , I know he was referring to Dr. Nicholas.

He wasn’t talking and was quiet too. I didn’t understand what was happening. I still have to play along

After almost fifty minutes of waiting, Dr. Nicholas entered.

I wasn’t scared of seeing him cus I know that he must have find out through Williams that I’m an assassin. He can’t do anything now cus I have the backing of Romeo. He even dares not sack me as the flower boy’s manager

“Well done boss” Nicholas said and stood

“Have your sit” Romeo said

Romeo signaled with his head for me to come. I walked closer to me and he ordered me to give the letter to Nicholas

I obliged

I sat and watched Nicholas read the letter

“What!” He shouted and I could see sweat forming rapidly on his face

What is it about this letter that I’d not understand. There is something behind it and I need to know, I know they will tell me . I kept exchanging glances with Nicholas and Romeo

“This is the exact same letter I wrote two years ago when you ordered me to kill Scot and his family and I’m sure this letter should burn with every living soul there, according to report , not a single person survived” Nicholas said

Now I’m trying to grab what was going on

“If this letter is found, then someone obviously survived” Romeo said

“Sure, someone must have survived and it’s clear that it must have being a family member of Scot” Nicholas added

“But where was the letter found?” Nicholas asked

Romeo signaled for me to answer Nicholas question

“Well, I found it at Nancy’s room in William’s house. William stood behind the wardrobe reading the letter” I said

“Nancy. William. ” Nicholas said and thought

“Why will the letter be in Nancy’s wardrobe. There must be something suspicious about Williams and that girl” Romeo said

“The girl should be our primary target now, Williams is dead already right? But..I’m thinking of something, that girl called Nancy does not resemble William in any way.” Nicholas said

“Are you saying Nancy is the suspect here, should we just kill her or we find out who she is?” Romeo said

“Finding out who she is will obviously take our precious time, we do not have much time. Our secrete is not safe right now. And I’m scared that William might have informed someone , if we are caught, my reputations as the owner of the biggest musical school in America will be ruined. let’s just take anything suspicious out of the way cus I even guess that William must have told her some secretes ” Nicholas said

“Killing her is not my problem, I’m just curious to know her true identity. Okay. Let’s do it like this.
Bob, you find out who she is in seven days. After seven days, either you have found out who she is or not, just kill her” Romeo said

What! kill Nancy, the love of my life. What sort of assignment is this ?

“Alright boss” I said strongly where as , I’m weak on the inside of me. I’m in serious dilemma. Nancy is the second girl I’ll fall so deeply in love with.

It’s a fact that as an assassin, love is not factor. We don’t fall in Love as that is why the first duty of any assassin is to kill all his loved ones cus it is believe that Love makes one weak.

But being sent on a mission Nancy , my love is really hurting and painful.

Romeo can kill me with a snap of his finger if I misbehave.

“You can go now Bob” Romeo said ad I stood and left

Anthony’s POV

🌄 Early in the morning)

I had played songs for my Donna as usual . I stood up , bathed and dressed.

I walked out and my brothers were already waiting for me at the living room

“Let’s move” I said.

“Please let me follow you” Karen pleaded

She had finished dressing too unlike other times . she is known as an unpunctual student in school.

I and my brothers exchanged glances and sighed.

“Alright” I said and she hurriedly moved closer to us.

A sweet strong smell swallowed all of us as Karen approached us

We all looked at ourselves and grinned

She wants to stop smelling like a fish, the perfume is sweet though

I turned to leave

“Wait! Flower boy, can you hold me by my writs please, let’s walk hand in hand outside” Karen said softly but sweetly.

She looks really pretty and I must say that she gat me. I really liked the Karen I’m seeing this morning.

I smiled and held her by the wrist , I want to start pulling her out when my eyes suddenly met with that of Nancy.

I can easily see jealousy and pain glaring in her eyes. I must confess that my heart beats in shock like someone that is cheating on his girlfriend

But she is not my girlfriend, I did not like her so why should I feel that way?

I tried to ignore the feeling but it was hard, I walked hand in hand with Karen and we well went out together

My brother’s face were cool too, they were not bothered that I’m holding Karen, I’m sure that If Karen had say any of them should hold her they would have cus she just look like a very beautiful goddess .
Even if everyone is bordered. I know Scot can not be bordered cus she has always wanted Karen to be Donna while Brian is just the neutral one. He is always objective

The driver drove us to school and we all departed to our various class

Karen winked at me before she left and I wondered what that was for. But she really smell nice this time and I like her beauty this morning.

I smiled to myself as we approach the class.

Nancy’s POV

What can I do? He has never liked me. It’s really painful when I see the person I love so much with another lady holding hands together and walking side by side

I know I’m just a common baby sitter and that he can never like me. I thought painfully and went to sit on the big chair in the sitting room

Then I suddenly remembered that Anthony said I should get him the letter before he returns back from school.
I pray I return to school too cus it’s very frustrating sitting down at home alone doing nothing while my mates are out there receiving lectures and working towards achieving their goals in life

My singular goal has always being to become a big artiste but how can I even accomplish that when I’d being expelled from school. What’s the hope that I will return to school.
I exhaled and stood up

I bathed and dressed ready to go to my house to get the letter

The door opened abruptly and I wondered who it could be at an hour like this when everyone has gone out

It was Bob, the flower boy’s manager

“Hi Bob” I greeted

“Hi dear” He retorted and went to sit

“Come and sit” He said and I walked back to the chair to sit

“Sorry for the inconvenience, how are you doing?” He asked

“Fine” I said coldly cus I really do not like being alone with an opposite s*x

“It seems Brian likes you, can you tell me more about his like for you?” He asked

I wonder who he is to be asking me this question

” I do not know if he likes me” I replied

“Oh! Anyways, did you think any of the flower boys like you?” He asked

“No” I replied

“Oh! Did you like anyone of them then?” He asked

His questions are now f*cking freaking me out.
Why the hell is he asking me all this questions

Even my father doesn’t ask me all this personal question. The questions he is asking is beginning to make him disgust me

“I do not know ” I replied

“I guess I’m asking the wrong question, I’m sorry. But Nancy, have you noticed that I really like you. I like you so much. I’d spend most of my time thinking about you. Since none of the flower boys like you and I guess you did not like them too cus they are proud. We can work out something

This Bob had really gone crazy . He’s f*kken older than the flower boys and his face looked aged like that of an old gorilla.

His beards are scattered and not well shaped like that of an he goat. And his husky and thick irritating voice would have killed an already dead man.

He seems like a man in his thirties but I wondered where he got his pot belly from. His head is spherical in shape like that of a rotten egg and his eyes are big too.

Which lady in his right sense would have dated this ugly gorrila

But who am I to insult him, I’m just a common baby sitter. Nevertheless I still have to tell him the truth

” I did not like you. I’m sorry” I said

He kept silent for a while. All this while, I’d being lowering my head. I stylishly raised my head and saw his face.

It’s obvious he feels rejected and embarrassed but who cares . I just need to let him know the truth so he will stop disturbing me

“Please I want to go and do something at home” I said and stood

“Wait!” He said and stood up

“Did you know Scot?” He asked

“Scot! No, I’d never heard of that” I said

He dipped his hand inside his brief case and brought out a picture of a man

“Check this” He said and handed over the picture of the man to me

“That is Scot, do you know him?” He asked

My mind drifted rapidly and I remembered the man I saw crying and holding my hands inside the plane

I jerked slightly and blinked my eye

“Is anything wrong?” He asked

“I remembered this man inside this pic whose name is Scot to be my real father” I said


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