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Flower Boy Episode 20

Flower Boy Episode 20

By Oyebamiji Samue

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(Remove Anthony’s eye)

Nancy’s POV

“Your real father, how?” Bob asked

“I do no know, I just remember that he is my real father ” I replied

“Does that mean William is not your biological father?” He asked

“Yes, but why are you asking these questions please cus I’m getting uncomfortable, I do not even know why I’m telling you” I said boldly

“So sorry, I just wanna know you more, but William is not your biological father right? And you know that?” He asked

“Please I want to start going now ” I pleaded and he gestured for me to leave

I left and wondered why he was asking those questions. I do not even know why I’m answering him , maybe because he is a simple somebody.

I arrived home and saw the house locked from outside.
Where could William be.

I dialed his digit and he picked.
I told him I’m in front of the house and he hung up.

I stood there for some minutes wondering why he hung up when I suddenly noticed a figure of somebody behind me. I turned and found out it was Williams

“Hi dad” I greeted and he smiled at me.

He opened the door and we entered.

We sat

“Dad, why did you close the door?” I asked

“An assassin was sent to kill me yesterday but I escaped.” He said and I arched my brow in shock

“An assassin, did you have any issues with anyone?” I asked

“No, I can’t fathom where the attack is coming from too. I just need to be smart. So how is your babysitting job?” He asked

“Fine dad, I came home purposely to pick the letter you gave me , Anthony is requesting for it” I said and watched his face dropped and saddened

“Actually, the assassin went away with the letter yesterday, he couldn’t have find it though, but I did. I wanted to keep it with me personally cus I know it’s not safe with you , during the process was when the assassin barged in ” my dad said

“What am I gonna do now?” I asked

“The letter is a solid proof that someone from your family survived that plane crash” He said

“My family, you mean my family died of plane crash?” I asked

“Yes, and someone initiated the act , according to that letter, It’s Noel and he was sent by Romeo” He said

“Dad, I can’t just believe my family died of plane crash, yes, I’ve remembered atimes a man holding me and crying inside the plane but I can’t remember more than that. Then we can’t assume that Noel is also Nicholas just because he also bears Noel” I said

“The Noel that caused the plane crash then is a pilot, Noel Nicholas is a pilot too, how about that?” He asked

“Dad, it may just he a coincident . Dr. Nicholas is not that brutal, there are probably many pilots who bears Noel too” I said

My dad sighed

“You are still a young girl, don’t trust people easily, I’m telling you that I found the letter in a man’s mouth and I assumed that father to be your father , you are the only survival of the plane crash and that’s why I took it upon myself to take care of you , yet you did not believe me” He said

“Dad, you said you assume the man you find this letter in his mouth to be my father , what if he is not my father. I know I can’t remember my pasts, but someday, I may remember all. Dad I think you should just give me time , what are we suppose to do about this stolen letter?” I asked

” We can only pray they will not trace it to you” He said

“To me? ” I asked

“Yeah, cus you are the man’s daughter, I guess. And if they find out that you are alive, they will definitely come after you” my dad said and fear engulfed me

I exhaled

“I think I need to start going since this house is not safe anymore. Dad, I think you should leave this house too cus the assassin might be sent to confirm if you are dead truly ” I advised

“Thanks my daughter, I’ll try to be smarter than them. All I need from you right now is not to trust anyone. Just don’t trust anyone and be smart” He advised and I nodded

I walked out of the house fretfully

Karen’s POV

Saying that I’m the happiest lady on earth today is just an understatement. The feeling I had when I saw smile on Anthony’s face is indescribable.

I was extremely glad when I saw Anthony smiling at me. As if that is not enough, I dared him to hold me and he did

Omg! I can’t still believe I walked side by side with Anthony

“I Love him so much and I guess he will soon Love me too. that poor baby sitter will soon loose everything.

I was just smiling and blushing by myself anytime I think about Anthony

I hardly listen to the lectures, I’m just hoping that break time will finally come so I can go to Anthony’s class

I’m sure he will gladly receive me . The passion to set my eyes on Anthony is eating me up.

The bell for break finally rang, I cat walked immediately to Anthony’s class. I just want to be the girl he spends all of his time thinking about.

I want him to fall in Love with me, that’s all I want.

I went to his class and I saw him reading a novel. I approached where he sat and greeted

He raised his head and saw me. There were some ladies behind me

I saw him staring at them instead of me . I turned and saw those ladies covering their nose. I wondered why they are covering their nose. I turned to Anthony and he finally set his gaze at me

“Hi” I greeted again when he wouldn’t talk. I like his pure white and sexy blue eye balls.

Everything about him is just seducing. I wish he can stand and hug me.

“Karen, how has being class?” He finally asked

Now I’m relieved cus I was scared that he may ignore.

“Fine” I said and blushed

“Would you mind going out together with me for lunch?” I asked

“I wish I can. But as you can see , I’m reading a novel” He said

“You can come back to the novel later” I said

“Maybe, but that is by the ways, what perfume did you use this morning?” He asked

“Perfume” I exclaimed

Why is he asking me that

“Well, it’s an exorbitant perf called gabbys perf” I replied

“How many hours does the smell last?” He asked

“Smell! I don’t get, you mean the aroma of the perf, well, maybe six to seven hours” I said

“I see cus I’m sorry to say, you have start to smell like a fish again and this time, you smell like a rotten fish” Anthony said out loud for everyone around him to hear

Everyone that heard laughed and scoffed at me.

“You fucken bitch be smelling like a fish” One of his classmates said and others laughed

“That looks like a kinda rap” another student said and others laughed

“She takes fish often or she bathes with fish water ” Another student said and others laughed

“The tall skinny girl even looks like an ugly fish” Another student said and the tempo of the laughter increased

I can’t take this insult again. I rushed out of the class and tears rolled form my eyes

It was so painful . Same Anthony that was adoring me in the morning is the same person treating me with contempt now

Will I even be able to enter that class again with this level of insult

“Fish girl” A student said as he passed

I turned and watched the student scoffing at me. I’m really hurt right now. I cleaned the tears on my face and thought of what to do.

Anthony thinks he owns the world just because he is rich and handsome. I tried to be soft with him but he took it for granted. I’m just gonna teach him a simple lesson so he would not do that again, especially to someone like me.

I put a call through to my dad and reported what Anthony did for me to him

 You mean he did all that to you in public? My dad asked

 Yes dad and it hurts so much” I replied

 But since you said you Love him, I would not want to hurt the guy you Love” my dad said

 Dad, I just want you to teach him a simple lesson , so he will respect me next time and he won’t try that with me again” I said

 Done, I’ll give you feedback” My dad said

 Thanks dad, you are the best” I said

 You welcome my daughter” He said and hung up

I happily left to my class with the hope that my dad will teach him some lessons

Bob’s POV

I was examining the lyrics of the song written by a skilled writer we employ when my phone buzzed

I picked it up and it was Romeo

‘On phone’

 Hi boss” I greeted

 Bob, you gotta new work, , a sensitive one now, find a way of bringing Anthony here in the next one hour” Romeo said

 Done boss” I said and hung up

Anthony! What has he done? I do not want anything bad tk happen to him cus this song we will be releasing soon will bring us huge cash

Anyways, I still have to obey

I went to Anthony’s class and and called him out. He obliged.

“Boss, I have something important to show you” I lied and he nodded.

I led the way and he followed. I led him to where my personal car is, I went behind him and inject him with a toxic pin.

He wasn’t expecting that, so it was easy for me.

He closed his eye and almost slumped. I carried him inside the car and made him lay. I went to the drivers sit and drive to Romeo’s place

I arrived there and two of the body guards there came to help me carry Anthony inside

Romeo had give order already for Anthony to be taken to the torture room.

He was taken there and he was tied there like someone being nailed to a cross . Still, Anthony is unconscious

We can’t do anything to him unless we are ordered.
Romeo entered the room and the bodyguards there pay respect to him

“So this is the guy that had the gut to insult my own daughter. Amazing! Even his father dare not do that. I won’t torture him too much because my daughter is in Love with him. Remove one of his eyes and leave him” Romeo said and turned to leave

“Boss” I yelled fretfully and squatted

“I’m not worth daring or objecting your order, but please reconsider your decision . He is the son of your friend and you won’t like your daughter dating a man that is one eyed. Moreso, his carrier will be spoilt. The flower boys are very popular in this country” I pleaded with my head still bowed

He kept quiet and when I did not hear him talking , I raised my head and I saw him looking at me with fury

He dipped his hand inside his pocket and brought out his pistol, he pointed it at me . I raised my hands up in fear

He walked closer to me

“Who are you to object? Are you so foolish, did you think I’m removing his eyes just because of what he did to my daughter .
I had being waiting for an opportunity like this for years . why did you think I kill Donna’s father, why did you think I kill record label owners? It’s because they have more glory and fame than me.
The flower boys are getting popular day by day. I would have killed them a long time ago, but I refused cus of the love I had for Noel Nicholas, he has being loyal to me for years.
Now this is an opprotuniyy to spoil te career of the flower boys, once he is one eyed, everyone will stop loving him and my daughter too will stop falling in Love with him, so just do what I ordered ” He said

“I’m on it sir” I said and hurriedly stood up

I sent some bodyguards to get some flames of fire in the furnace and a new knife.

I placed the knife inside inside the hot flame and wait for it to be hot and red so Anthony’s eye can be easily removed

Who will help Anthony now cus I’m really scared. Please pray for Anthony cus I do not want anything to happen to the innocent handsome Anthony 😢

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