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Flower Boy Episode 21

Flower Boy Episode 21

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Save Nancy)

Nicholas POV

( An hour ago)

I saw Bob and Anthony walking towards the school garage. I didn’t know what later happened , maybe Anthony returned to class or otherwise. But since Bob is suspicious this days. It will be best for me to check up on him.

I sent someone to check him in his class and I was informed that Anthony is not in class.

I stepped down immediately and walked swiftly to the garage , I couldn’t find Bob’s car there again. I knew he must have gone out obviously with Anthony.

I called my driver immediately and he came immediately and drove me to Romeo’s pace cus that is the only place Bob had gone to with Anthony

We entered the house. I walked out of the car and ran inside. None Romeo’s bodyguard dared disrupt me cus they all recognize me

I ran inside his office and I couldn’t see anyone. I ran to the gym since he spends his night in the gym but I still can’t find him there

I saw a body guard standing in front of his torture room

I walked to him

“Did you know where Romeo is?” I asked

He signalled for me to go inside the torture room. I entered and I saw Bob holding a fiery knife and moving it towards Anthony’s face

“Bob” I yelled and Bob turned stunningly

Romeo smiled on seeing me

“Boy, how are you?” Romeo greeted but I ignored. I quickly ran to Anthony. I released him but he was still unconscious

He slumped down and lay unconscious on the floor

“Boss” I called painfully as I turned to Romeo

“You and I know that wickedness is good. I have my reasons for doing that. Your son had the gut to treat my own daughter with contempt” Romeo said

I kept watching him and wondering what they would have done to Anthony if I was not around

“Boss, why would you do this to me? To my very own son?” I asked painfully

“Cus he deserves it” Romeo said

“Alright, I’ll speak to him to desist from your daughter absolutely, I guess she should stop leaving in my house too and stop coming to my school cus it’s bringing commotions between us” I said

“Oh really? That’s not possible, my daughter loves your son and they will marry. So what are you talking about?” Romeo said

“You want them to marry and you want to hurt him, boss, I’m sorry to say this, but I’m disappointed” I said and pulled Anthony up. I slung his right hand across my shoulder and took some steps away

I turned at Bob suddenly and looked into his face. I smirked and walked out.

Anthony’s POV

I opened my eye and find myself on the bed. The last thing I remembered was that I followed Bob to his car and he said he wanted to show me something.

What could have happened? Did I faint or I had a short term memory loss. Somebody must have helped me here, who could the person be?

I sat upright on the bed and checked the wall clock. It was around 4am in the morning.

Everywhere should still be cool and Silent

I walked out and stepped downstairs. I went to the kitchen and drink a cup of water. I was about going to the sitting room to sit when I remembered that I said Nancy should bring me a letter.

I walked towards her room and twisted the knob. The door gave way and I entered

I saw her sleeping . I walked towards the bed and tapped her. She woke and sat upright. I could see an expression of shock on her face

“Where is the letter?” I asked

“The letter…erm… I can’t find it” She said

“Why? How are you so careless? ” I said and she bowed her head without saying anything

I stood up and wanted to leave but she called me back

“Flower boy, please I have few questions to ask?” She asked

For the first time she is able to summon courage to speak ti me. I was flabbergasted and I sat at the edge of her bed ready to listen to whatever she wants to say

“I see you cry often especially when you sing a kind of song that makes it looks like you lost a loved one, can you please tell me about it?” She asked

Who is this baby sitter to be asking me this personal question. But there is a look of seriousness in her face and a sound of curiosity in her voice

I think I should answer her since there has being unsolved puzzles as to either Donna is dead or not and she has brown dot too .

“Well, the first lady I fell in Love with died of plane crash. If we had broken up and she is still alive , maybe , I would have move on with my life but it’s quiet impossible to move on cus she left me abruptly.

I was very anxious to see her on the day I thought she will be returning form airport . As a matter of fact, I’d gone to wait for her anxiously at the airport. Anticipating nervously to see Donna.

Only for me to be informed that she is dead . Even though the person that informed me was serious , I still had a feeling that the person is pulling prank on me

I can’t believe Donna is dead for real, according to report , not a single soul survived the plane crash.

But Donna has this same brown dot on your nose” I said

She exhales and kept looking at me

“Thank you sir, I’m glad you tell me about it” She said

“Did you have any other useful information to tell me about this brown dot?” I asked

“No, but my real father is not William. I remembered my father holding me and crying inside the plane” she said

“Oh really, tell me more? ” I asked anxiously

“That’s all I could remember” She said

“Oh! Does the plane crash? Where were you heading to? Where were you coming from?” I asked

“I did not remember sir”

“Can you identify that man if you see him?” I asked

“Sure, Bob showed me his picture yesterday” I said

“What! Bob showed you the picture of your real dad, I mean the man you saw in the plane?” I asked

“Yes, but I do not know where he got the picture from” She said

“I’ll speak to Bob and why can’t you just remember everything , did you kinda lost your memory?” I asked

“I do not know sir” she said

I nodded my head and stood. I left her room

Bob’s POV

“Boss, I spoke to Nancy, I showed her the picture of the father of Donna and she said she remembered the man to be her real father” I said

“Seriously! Oh my days! So an offspring of Scot is still alive, that’s very dangerous for us all now. But how did she escape the plane crash cus I’m sos sure that Scot and his family were in the plane together ” He said

I sighed , there is a little to what I can say cus I did not know more about the issue

“Scot has two daughters, so it’s either Donna or her younger sister, do we need to find out this or we should just kill her. Her stay here on earth will only bring us more harm than good. Now that Williams is dead, Let’s just kill the girl once and for all. ” He said

I was shocked when Romeo said that. It seems he will be sending me to kill Nancy now

“Bob, execute Nancy this morning before day break and get back to me by 8am tomorrow morning ” Romeo said and left me

I sunk to the floor in dilemma and I groaned . I Love Nancy , why will I be sent to kill her.

I dare not disobey Romeo, I stood up weakly and walked out of the house. I drove straight to Anthony’s place where I believed that Nancy is

I parked outside the house and I stepped down , I walked towards the gate ready to open the door but a knife suddenly hit me by my shoulder. I held it in pain and looked around to see if I can know who it is

I couldn’t see anyone . I still struggled to open the door, I was almost entering the gate when another knife hit me at the back of my neck.

I slumped to the floor and blood was gushing from my neck. I tried to bring out my phone and I quickly put a call through to Romeo that I received an unexpected attack from an anonymous somebody

After five minutes of gasping for breath. I saw many men entering the house, I can’t count them. Few of them angrily went inside and they came back with Nancy

That was when I knew that Romeo had angrily sent many of his bodyguard at once to bring Nancy to him

They had tied Nancy in her mouth and face that she couldn’t see anyone nor scream for help.

I was carried to the bus they brought . Nancy was fondled inside roughly too and the driver stared off the car but the car but the car sunk down instead.

The driver was surprised, he opened the door and stepped down and noticed that the tires at the left side had being blown off, he saw a knife each in the tires

“Guys, we need new tires, there is an enemy around, he has destroyed these tires” the driver said

The bodyguards that came were six , they all came down furiously and set their guns to different angles

They were seriously eye searching where the enemy could have lay ambush

The driver and the three of the bodyguards who stayed at the left side of the the car fell at once to the floor.

I peeped through the car and noticed that the knife of the anonymous had hit them

I was stunned. This anonymous enemy must have being so good for him to taken down three bodyguards and the driver at once without missing any

The other three bodyguard hide for a while and kept wishing he tries to throw another knife so they can know where he is but he didn’t

The day will soon catch up on us

“Bob, what do we do?” One of the bodyguards left asked

“Tell boss to bring another car” I said holding my neck painfully

“The enemy will blow the tire again, let’s just find a way to escape with Nancy

” okay” I tried to say and stepped down while holding the back of my neck. My neck hurts badly.

One of the body guards held Nancy and we tip toed beside the flowers hoping the enemy would not see us

Like a flash of light, the body guard holding Nancy fell, we checked and we saw that knife had hit him

Now we are so sure that the enemy is trying to protect Nancy. The two bodyguards left helped me and we ran away leaving Nancy behind

Who is the anonymous enemy?

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