Flower Boy Episode 25

Flower Boy Episode 25

By Oyebamiji Samue

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Anthony’s POV

The time for break had just clocked when I saw Brian entered the class. He sat in his sit which was beside mine

“Brian, where have you being?” I asked

“I went to handle some personal issues” He said and brought out his Notepad

“Personal issues!” I exclaimed but he ignored, instead , he took my notepad to see the notes I had taken down so far in the previous lecture

I ignored too, he has his personal life to live anyways.

I was bored and I was just thinking of what to do, my eyes met with a girl’s eye at the entrance

It’s Karen. She is signalling for me to come, I guess she felt so embarrassed to come inside my class to call me

I stood up and went to where she stood to meet her. The sweet aroma of the perf she uses swallows my breaths. I Love it

“Can we , erm…like go out for lunch together?” she asked

Not like I’m doing anything in the class.
“It’s fine by me” I said and we both walked to the cafeteria

We sat opposite each other and we ate , she was blushing as she ate and I pretended to be enjoying her company too but the truth is all that is on my mind is Donna

No matter how this girl try, I can never Love her, I’m sure of that, well, I’m a human , anything can happen, maybe I can fall In Love with her in the future but it’s not certain, it’s not even possible

Where will I put the Love of Donna? and there is this thing that repel me about Karen, she is arrogant but always pretending to be humble and who even cares about her character , not as if I liked her or something

“Anthony, did you like the food?” She asked sheepishly

“Yeah, it’s cool” I said and faked a smiled at her

She blushed and I changed my face to a strong one as I focused on my food. I did not like this girl.

We finished eating and we went back to our various classes.

The teachers taught according to their period and the class was over

We have not seen Bob which implies there is no need to go to the studio for rehearsal

I and my brothers got driven home by our driver.

On getting home, we stepped down from the car and I saw Nancy and Helen playing skipping rope

This Nancy is really looking beautiful this days unlike when she just arrived. What’s mine if she is beautiful anyways, not like I actually have any feelings for her

She sighted us as we were cat walking inside.
She and Helen started running sheepishly to welcome us

If Helen is running to hug and welcome me , what’s wrong with this baby sitter too, who is she coming to hug

Helen got to me and flew on my neck as usual. oh my! I like little Helen

I carried her on my shoulder and pecked her on her cheek

” Helen , my beautiful baby, how was school?” I asked
“Fine , I’ve missed your voice, please sacrifice out time to sing for me , I have new favorite sings already that you can sing and play for me” She said

“Oh really?” I asked and pecked her again

“I will try and do that” I said

“Promise” she dared and squeezed her face

“I promise ” I said and fondled her check and she giggled

I want to carry her inside that way but my heart ripped apart when I saw something that made me feel like fainting

I did not know where the feeling of serious jealousy come from, but I feel like slapping Brian

I see Brian and Nancy hugging each other and whispering words into their ears

What’s going on here? Has their Love grown so deep or what?

Nancy, Brian, together, have they agreed to date?
Jeez! I feel so sad and bad. I did not know when I furiously went to go and separate Brian and Nancy

“What’s all this nonsense?” I asked furiously

“Nonsense, you say , I’m hugging my girlfriend and you calling it nonsense ” Brian said gently

I’m beginning to dislike Brian now and if care is not taken, I might slap him. The way he is talking gently is like he is mocking my anger

But really, what is making me angry? Not like I like Nancy, so what is the crazy and uncontrollable feeling of jealousy I”m having

“Brian, did you just call her your girlfriend ?” I asked feeling seriously jealous

“Ask her yourself ” Brian said softly again

The way he is even replying gently while I’m yelling out my anger is not making my anger real rather it is making it look like I’m a fool

Am I in Love with Nancy? Of course not, Nancy of all people, I can never be in Love with her.

Donna is the only lady I’d Loved all my life . How can I even be in Love with a poor , common baby sitter , never!

I faced Nancy and i was even scared to ask her . I’m sure that she will be wondering why I’m taking this personal

“Nancy…” I forcefully called her name and she looked at me fretfully

That is the exact same way Donna looks at me.

Who the hell is this girl? My heart is beating fast and I feel like rushing at Nancy and hugging her but I could not , I did not like her , I Love Donna

“Sir, do you perhaps ever gave me a diamond ring on a Tuesday when a rain is falling? She asked

I arced my brow at what she said and moved closer to her

” repeat what you just said” I said

“I remembered what I just said , I also remembered that I lost it, you pretended to be angry and left me, then the following day, you gave me another one in the gym” Nancy said

“You, you, you? ” I said

I’m confused right now

“Young lady, I’ve never seen you nor come across you, those are the memories of Donna and you do not look like… Yeah, you do not look like…omg! Yes, I mean” I said and I was confused

“But who are you?” I asked

“She is Nancy not Donna, Nancy is mine, Donna is yours. Donna is dead, Nancy is alive” Brian replied and held Nancy’s hand

He fondled Nancy’s check and Nancy giggled, they both walked inside the room

Scot followed and I was left standing

What is happening here ? Who is this girl? No one ever knows that I give Donna a diamond ring , not to talk of knowing that I bought another one for her

Can she be Donna? Oh no! She can never be Donna, Donna is dead right? I mean is she dead?

Who am I even asking, I think I’m going crazy

What is this terrible feeling I’m having for Nancy , hope it’s not Love?
Am I crazy? Love my foot.
I can never Love anyone except Donna

But why am I jealous?
Who told Nancy this memories ?

Anthony is confused, please help him out in the comment section


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