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Flower Boy Episode 26

Flower Boy Episode 26

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Shocking revelations)

Nancy’s POV

Brian and I walked inside leaving Anthony standing behind , he insisted I followed him to his room. I obliged easily cus I now feel comfortable around him

We entered his room and he gestured for me to sweet like I’m a queen.

He entered the bathroom and shower while I stared around the beautiful room unlike the other time I followed him here . I felt so shy then and uncomfortable that I can barely look up not to think of staring around

He finished dressing and went to sit before the keyboard instead and began to play while he looked directly into my eyes

Would you dance
If I ask you to dance
Would you run
And never look back
Would you cry
If u saw me crying
Would you save my soul this night

Would you tremble, If I touch your lips
Would you laugh, oh please tell me this
Now would you die
For the one you love
Hold me in your arms tonight

I saw the look of absolute Love on Brian’s face. His face is welcoming my soul. It’s making my heart beat .

He is just so cute .

I know he is about to sing the chorus

Since it’s one of my favorite songs that he is playing, I do not even know how he knows that I like the song

I went to sit beside him while he turned his teary face at me

I smiled sheepishly and blushed

We sang the chorus together as he strikes the cord

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain💋
I will stand by you forever
U can take my breath away 💜💜

He took his fingers off the keyboard and turned to me. He held my two arms and stared directly into my eyes

His mouth was moving but he wasn’t talking , it’s obvious he wanted to say something but he doesn’t know how to

I smiled and watched his seducing pink and attractive lips

He blinked his eye and disengaged from me

“What would you like to eat ?” He asked

I arched my brow and smiled

“I’m not hungry ” I replied mockingly

There is food at home, If I wanna eat , I will go to the kitchen and serve myself.

He faced the wall and leaned on it while he pressed his head on it

I stood up and walked closer to him, it’s obvious there is something heavy on his heart, maybe that is what he wanted to tell me but he is not saying it

I think I should persuade him to say whatever is bordering him

“Brian” I called and he turned with his face that had on it an expression of sadness

“What’s wrong? Won’t you mind sharing it with me? ” I asked

He exhaled and little drop of tears dropped from the corner of his eye.

He cleaned it with his hanky and leaned comfortable on the wall

” please tell me , I may be of help” I requested

“I have a feeling that I’m a betrayer , I need no one to tell me that you are Donna , even though it may take you time before you realize it . but I had fallen in Love with you Nancy and I can’t help it

The last time, I misbehaved to our manager , I left the midst of my brothers cus I have fallen totally in Love and I can’t help it

If Love is a choice , I would have sacrificed it for my brother but I can never let Anthony have you as long as I’m alive

But Anthony Loves Donna so much. He may never fall in Love with any female again cus of how deep and genuine the Love he had for Donna is

Falling in Love with you is like betraying him, I can’t imagine betraying Anthony, I Love my brother so much and I did not want anything to tamper our relationship

But issues are stemming forth already. Anthony separated us the other time because he is jealous, I did not know the reason for his jealousy cus he has said it a number of times that he did not like you” Brian said and I sighed and sat down

Right now, I’m as confused as anyone, I know Anthony is the one my heart beats for . Anthony is the one my heart truly desires but the beautiful and caring acts of Brian is getting into my head and making me like him and feel comfortable around him

Flash back!

Author Feathers POV


Scene 1

“I Love you Bella, but I’m tempted to cheat I must confess, this job is a kinda job that does not necessarily require us to give birth, but I personally need an offspring, even if it is one. If this is a kinda game, please do stop it cus the last time we visited the doctor, he said you are absolutely fine , so tell me why you are trying to avoid pregnancy ?” Edward said

“Edward, It pains me to the gut that you are talking this way. It pains me to hear you say that you are tempted to cheat. It made me feel worthless as a human. I Love you Edward and I won’t hide anything from you, I also didn’t know why I can’t give birth.
Even though I go for operation most times , I still see some of my friends who are pregnant too and given birth, please don’t cheat on me, I’ll try everything possible to ensure that I give birth for you” Bella said and Edward sat facing the wall

Bella and Edward are couple in King’s empire. They are one of the assassins of King. They are barren and they haven’t given birth even after many times of having sexual intercourse

Bella went to where her husband sat and hugged her from the back

“Please Edward, I know you Love me” Bella pleaded to her husband and cuddled her husband to bed

They had sexual inter course and had all fun for the rest of the day.

Following Day

King is the leader of all assassins in King Empire at America. He built an empire for it. The empire looks like an estate but everywhere is covered with a CCTV camera including the bathroom and the toilet.

King did that cus he did not trust anyone. He believes anyone can betray him so he does everything possible to keep eye on everyone

The assassins are many and he groups them and appointed a group leader each.

He send them on operation in groups

On this fateful day. he send a particular group on an operation to kill the head of a government hospital.

The group he sends on this operation is head by Bella. Bella is the leader.

After King had given the command to Bella and her group. Bella and his group walked away from him, entered their specially made speedy car and drove to the hospital to carry out King’s assignment

Bella and her gang all dressed like doctors with a fake ID on their neck like they were sent by the government . No one bothers stopping them cus everyone were deceived by their dressing to believe that they are government officials

They requested for the office of the head of the hospital and they were directed there by two soldiers

They easily took down the two soldiers and killed the doctor in a second. They postured the doctor and soldiers in such a way that anyone would have think that the soldiers and the doctor had a dwell.

They walked out ready to go home , as they were walking majestically in the hallway in the midst of the ward. They got to the maternity hall and Bella heard the groaning of a woman.

She temporary ignored her mission to escape and went inside . She took down all the nurses excluding one in the room who helped her in ensuring the woman gives birth

Bella forced the nurse to do all rites on the baby and she killed the nurse afterward and inject the woman that own the child to loose her memory

She carried the child and they escaped the hospital.

After returning to the camp , Bella went to her husband’s place and presented a new born baby

“How is this possible?” Her husband asked

“I have a terrible sickness and it was confirmed by the doctors that examined me today. Could you believe I’d being pregnant for nine months yet my stomach remains the same as if the child was not developing. I gave birth to this child on our way coming ” Bella said

“Wtf, who in the world…” Edward said incredibly and paused cus Bella interrupted

“…believes that right?, If you did not believe what I’ve just said , then I’m killing the baby” Bella said and brought out a gun and cocked it

“Have you gone crazy?”Edward said and snatched the baby from Bella

” I believe he’s ours, does that settles it?” Edward asked

Bella refused to answer and went to sit tiredly on the bed

“What name shall we call him?”Edward asked

“I don’t know” Bella said coldly

“I’ll call him Brian” Edward said

Flashback Continues

Author Feathers POV

Scene 2

“Please where is my wife, just take me to her cus I sincerely do not understand what is happening here ? Two dead nurses had being carried by an ambulance from the same ward my wife is, just tell me , is she dead ?” Scot asked

“She is not dead sir, please be calm” The doctor who had just returned from the ward that Scot’s wife is stood before Scot and said

“So what’s wrong?” scot asked

“I’m sorry to say this , but the child is dead” The doctor said and walked away

“Dead! My very first child. That’ the first child my wife will give birth too” Scot thought painfully and cried

He jugged to his wives ward and he saw his wide sitting down like a dummy

“Dear, dear” He called but his wife was only wondering who he was instead cus she has lost her memory

“Sir, the doctor tells me to give you this” A nurse appeared behind Scot and said

Scot received the brown enclosed envelope given by the nurse

He watched the nurse leave with his mouth dropped open. He looked at his wife and with the way he saw his wife looking, he knew that something is wrong with her

He sullenly and fearfully opened the envelope. He brought out the letter headed sheet and read what was inside

That was when it dawn on him that his wife had lost her memory.

He sobbed heavily and beat the floor like it was the floor that caused his predicament

He felt so much pain in his heart. He had watched his wive gone through pain of preganancy for nine months only to give birth to a dead child

After squatting and sobbing behind the bed of his wive for an hour. He accepted what fate had brought him and seeks the doctor’s help and how best to help his wive recover her memory. He was given all necessary medical advice and he went home with his wive

One year Later

Time runs fast and Scot’s wive had being pregnant and put to bed that fateful day.

After all new born child’s rite was performed by the nurses

Scot went home with his wive who had fully recovered from her memory together with the new born baby

“I’m happy we have a new baby but…anyways, I’m glad” Scot said

“But what please?” His wive asked while breast feeding the child

“Nothing really” He said

“I insist, tell me?” his wive asked

“I do not know what gender the first child was but I think that it may be a male, I wanted to say that I would have preferred a male but I like it this way too” Scot said

“Hum, let’s just be glad we have one, what name should we call her?” Scot’s wive asked

“I really do not know cus my plan was that it will be a male. I prepared for a male’s name not female, give it a name ” Scot said

“I’ll like to name her Nancy” his wive said and smiled while looking sheepishly but nervously and hoping that her husband would like that name

“Nice name” Scot said and moved closer to the child

“Nancy, welcome to this world, always be strong” Scot said and pecked the baby on its cheek

End of Flashback 😎

Let’s see the genius in the house

Who is Brian to Nancy?

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