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Flower Boy Episode 4

Flower Boy Episode 4

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Nancy’s POV

I was stunned to see Anthony, I didn’t know what to do at the moment, maybe I should I stand from the stool and apologize for visiting the musical room without his consent

“Will he break the friendship he promised to make with me just because of this” I thought and lowered my head perplexedly before him

“Helen, did you bring her here?” Anthony asked Helen

“Yes brother, please don’t sack Nancy again, please , because of me , I like her , I like the song she played for” Helen said

“Hum” Anthony hummed and walk away

I raised my head after noticing that he had walked away

I brought my gaze at Helen and she was smiling

“Don’t worry, I’ve pleaded to Anthony, he won’t sack you like before” Helen said assuredly

“Thanks dear, I believed you enjoyed the song?” I asked

“Yes ” She said smiling

“Bring your assignment now” I ordered gently

“Okay” Helen said and walked out of the musical room

Anthony’s POV

She even had the got to enter the musical room, who in the world did this common babysitter think she is.

I feel like sacking her again but the warnings of mum won’t allow me. I would not want do what will hurt Helen as well.

The house is big enough, I think I just need to spend more time with Brian and Scot up stairs as usual, I do not want to have anything to do this babysitter

Yes! I promised to be her friend but I know it’s quiet impossible , maybe if she needs anything , I might be of help but I do not have the precious time to be conversing with an opposite sex not when I can spend the whole day playing the keyboard and remembering Donna.

I had just walked out of the musical room , I was about taking some steps towards the stairs up to my room when I noticed a lady entered

I turned and stared intently at the lady, It was Karen

“Hi Tony” Karen greeted

She is the lady that my father had introduced to me in his office

“I’m Anthony please” I responded coldly

“I thought they are the same, I’m sorry Anthony, how are you? ” Karen asked

“How am I?” I replied

Her presence alone irritates me, who did she think she is to be asking of who I am

“Excuse me ” I said and stepped up the stairs

“I’m gonna be staying Here for a very long time , I’m gonna be the only female in this house, I’m not rude , I’m pretty, it may take time,Tony, trust me, you will like me” She said loudly

I turned and looked at her

“If I ever like this thing that calls herself a lady, then I’d never Loved Donna” I thought

I didn’t reply her , I walked to my room

I opened my door and entered

” Who told her she is the only lady in this house, my dad fixed her here, my mum fixed Nancy here, two opposite sex. Gosh! How much I dislike them” I thought as I sank on my bed

I went to the shower to bath, I closed my eye and let the water run through my naked body

I remembered Donna strongly again 😢

😭 Memories with Dona😭

“Ha ha ha” She laughed and forcefully held my hand that was holding Ice cream

We had bought two Ice creams, one for her and one for me

She forcefully collected mine and started licking it while she kept giggling

I allowed her drink my ice cream while I watch the ice cream in her hand intently

I released my hand and gave her all the ice cream that is for me for her to drink.

She stuck her tongue out as she collected it and drank it while stealing glances at me to see if I understands that she is just playing with me

Of course, I know she is just playing for me

I smartly collected the ice cream in her hand and ran gently round the averagely long chair we sat

She arched her brow and started crying instead while she folds her arms

I looked at her from where I ran too, I couldn’t lick the ice cream, I walked closer to her and hugged her

I gave her the ice cream and help her clean her tears

She smiled gently and looked at my face with a face like that of a kid.

I can see Love, gentility and innocence in her eyes.

She brought the ice cream I handed over to her and fed me herself while she watches me

“I Love you Anthony” She said and I giggled

I looked into her eyes and hesitated for a while, my heart is overfill with her Love

“I can never stop Loving you Donna, you are all my life, you are the perfect woman that completes me ” I said and pushed the hand she was using to feed me aside and hugged her tightly

We stood there hugging ourselves under the blue sky

😢Memories end 😢

Tears rolled gently from my eye as I remembered, how can I ever stop loving Donna when our memories are very strong in my heart

I walked out feeling painfully. I wished that she wouldn’t have died.

I wished she should have stayed then and not follow her family out of the country

I walked out of the bathroom after I had dried my body with my towel

I put on a three quarter jean and my singlet. I brought out my Laptop. I switched it on and waited for it to load and display the software page

I clicked on the folder that contains hundreds of my pictures with Donna

I exhaled heavily and opened it, I clicked on it and starting staring intently at it as I scrolled from one pic to the other

-Pictures of Donna and I at the beach

-Pictures of Donna and I at Nicholas high studio

-Pictures of Dona and I at the bar

– Pictures of Donna and I dancing on her birthday

-Pictures of her cutting the cake of her birthday 😭

I recalled that I wished her long life and prosperity then, but it’s painful she left me all alone in this world

Tears poured from my eyes like a rain that pours heavily to the earth

I closed the laptop and placed my head on the desk

“Donna why?” I yelled and cried

I stood up from the chair and walked to and fro the house painfully

I knelt down in the middle of the room, I am broken, her Love is becoming stronger in my heart

It hurts so much not to have a hope of seeing my first and only Love again

The Lady I shared my dreams with

I lay on the bare floor and sobbed

“Donna, can you see me from the other world, can you see how broken I am, my life is a mess without you 😭 , not a single girl in this world can take your place in my heart .

Donna, you shouldn’t have left me all alone in this world, I can’t walk alone right here, I need you , Donna why? 😭

I sobbed painfully

” Do ….nna…. Donnaa……whyyy 😭 😭

Why…why would you leave me brok… 💔 bro..ken

It hurts 😭😭

Karen’s POV

The room I’m gonna be staying had being described my Anthony’s dad

I was walking towards the room when I heard some voices in a room

I walked wondering whom could be

I saw a strange lady and a girl

“I guess you are Helen, Anthony’s sister?” I asked

The young girl stated at me perplexedly without answering

“No, don’t be scared, I’m staying here with you, I’m Anthony’s friend, come and hug me” I said but the girl refused to come closer to me

She was just looking at me

“What is happening here?” I asked

“Well, she is Helen truly and I’m Nancy, her baby sitter” Nancy said

“Oh! Poor Nancy, you are just a common babysitter , is that really your purpose here or you just wanna make sure Anthony likes you” I said and smirked

“Excuse me!” Nancy exclaimed

“Like you did not know what I’m talking about, listen, Anthony is mine, I came all the way from my country to learn about music, yes. But I also came so I can have flower boy for myself. Guess what! I liked him so much and I wouldn’t stop at anything to get what I want.

Baby sitter or whatever it is you do here, stay in your lane and I will spare you, If you cross your boundary either by speaking with Anthony or moving closer to him, you are out of this house” I threatened

Nancy’s beauty intimidates me , she is the perfect gorgeous lady any man would have seen and admired

I reasoned that her stay in this house might have an effect on Anthony, I do not want anything to spoil my plan of coming here , I really want Anthony to like me cus I like him

“You aren’t the one that employ me, his mom did, she alone has the right to sack me, stop threatening me please” Nancy said

“It seems you did not know me, I’m the daughter of the chief executive officer of Universe Record Label” I said

“And so?” Helen questioned rudely and turned to Nancy

“Nancy, let’s go” Helen said and pulled Nancy away from the musical room

I stood and watched as they left

“What! This young girl is rude but I really need her to like me, if she likes Nancy, it will be a tough one for me, I need to ensure that Helen likes me first” I thought as I walked out of the room and went to the room given to me

I entered and stared around the extremely beautiful room. I arranged few of my luggage, shower and went to rest till I slept off

Nancy’s POV

Helen held me and we both walked towards wherever she is taking us too

“Helen, where are we going?” I asked as we stepped up the stairs

“There is an empty room upstairs, it’s not far from the flower boy’s rooms, we can always go there and have fun” Helen said

“Hope the flower boys will not see us” I said as we walked towards the room

“And what if they do, they are nice though just that they all disliked opposite sex like Anthony, Brian and Scot told me that they had never being Love neither will they ever be in Love because of what happened to Anthony, they advised me not to fall In Love too, that it’s not good” Helen said

“Really?” I asked

“Yes, are you in Love?” She asked

I wondered what this little girl know about my Love and why will the flower boys teach her all this

“Erm…actually… Helen! Did you hear that” I said not answering her question cus another thing got my attention

She listened attentively and heard

“It’s coming from Anthony’s room, it looks like he is sobbing ” Helen said

“Sobbing!” I exclaimed

“Why does he cry often, there must have being a reason for this, I need to see this” I thought and moved closer to the room the sound was coming from

Helen walked towards me

Helen twisted the knob and opened the door slightly

I took some steps away in fear

“Helen, why did you open it?” I whispered in fear

“What if Anthony knows, he might do something crazy to me again” I thought and frowned at Helen

Helen ignored and peeped inside . She brought her head back and came to me

“I’m sorry Nancy, It’s normal for me to check on my brother that is sobbing right?” She asked in a matured manner

“Right. Did you see what he was doing?” I asked

“He can’t notice our presence, come and see for yourself” Helen said and I tip toed hoping that none of the flower boys will come out of their rooms and see us

Helen and I stood at the entrance before the half opened door

I saw Anthony lay on the floor sobbing, his beautiful hair had being scattered .

He kept mentioning ‘Donna why’ as he sobbs

I watched as he raise his head, his eyes were red and teary, I doubt if he can even notice and see anything

He staggered to his keyboard like an hopeless somebody and sat and sang the song my mother sang many years ago when my younger sister died 😭

The song tells me Anthony must have lost a loved one, someone very close that can make a man broken in this manner 😭

😭I watcher at Anthony played Westlife- I wanna grow old with you

🎼🎹 🎹 🎹🎼

Another day without your smile

Another day just passes by

But now i know how much it means

For you to stay right here with me

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger

But it hurts so bad i can’t take it any longer 😢


I want to grow old with you
I want to die lying in your arms
I want to grow old with you
I want to be looking in your eyes
I want to be there for you,

sharing everything you do

I want to grow old with you

🎹🎹 🎹

A thousand miles

Between us now

It causes me to wonder how

Our love tonight remains so strong

It makes our risk right all along

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger

But it hurt so bad i can’t take it any longer


🎼 🎼

I want to grow old with you

I want to die lying in your arms

I want to grow old with you

I want to be looking in your eyes

I want to be there for you, sharing everything you do


I want to grow old with you

🎹 🎹 🎹

Things can come and go

I know but

Baby I believe

Something’s burning strong between us

Makes it clear to me

Chorus 🎹🎹

I want to grow old with you

I want to die lying in your arms

I want to grow old with you

I want to be looking in your eyes

I want to be there for you,

sharing everything you do

I want to grow old with you
🎼 🎼

This episode is dedicated to all those that has lost loved ones

It hurts so much that we will never see them again

They left us all alone in this world 😭

Their space can never be filled in our heart




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