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Flower Boy Episode 5

Flower Boy Episode 5

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Nancy’s POV

Tears poured from my eyes and I remembered the death of my beloved sister. Anthony is so broken, now I know that he has lost someone for real.

Is this how he lives a broken life every single day of his life , I feel so sorry for him.

“Helen, let’s leave” I whispered to Helen

She nodded in agreement and we both tiptoed to the empty room we were intentionally going

I helped Helen in her assignment, I played with her for a while and went home.

‘Following day’ 🌏🌎


Anthony’s POV

Brian , Scot and I were driven by our driver to school.

We are releasing another single in another six months which requires us to visit the studio often and work harder

I stepped down with my brothers and I suggest we visit our manager at Nicholas high studio first.

One our way, a girl was was being chased by another, the girl recklessly collided with Scot. Scot staggered back irritatingly

The girl was surprised to see that she had just collided with Scot

“I’m sorry” she quickly bowed her head and apologized

“Sorry?” Scot questioned and smirked

“She is so irritating and ugly, what’s your name ” I asked the lady

“Patricia” she answered

” my cloth is rough already, you are such a jerk, I feel like expelling you, how could you use the ugly and shapeless body of yours filled with germs to collide with me, now I need to bath myself and dress again ” Scot said

“I’m sorry , it wasn’t intentional, I will be careful next time” Patricia said

“Scot, I’ll handle it” I said to scot who was feeling grossly irritated at the girl

“I guess you know flower boys hate your gender, worst of it all, you collided recklessly with one of us, you are expelled, I’m ordering the principal to expel you right away” I said and brought out my phone

I dialed the principal’s digit

 Hello Flower boy” He greeted first as he picked the phone

 Hi, there is one Patricia with me right now, expel her from the school

 Alright sir, but there are many Patricia in the school sir, please ask of her surname” He said

I took the phone away from my ear

“What’s your surname?” I asked Patricia

I could see tears pouring down her heart but I’m not moved. Her tears irritates me the more

“Joe” She tried to say

I brought the  phone to my ear and continue my conversation with the principal

 Joe is her surname. Joe Patricia is her name”I said

 Consider it done sir” He said and I hanged up

I and my brothers walked away from her without having pity on her, that’s the life we live. We expel students at will especially ladies

I and my brother enterer Nicholas high studio and went to our Magnificent office . We invited our manager to come around which he did immediately

He sat down smiling and staring at us

He coughed and placed a file on the table

“Our goal is to release another single in the next six month, we need to work hard and ensure that it goes well with people, I mean many of our listeners should find so much interest in the song

There are two options before us, either we feature the most popular female musician at Universe record label or we find another lady to feature in the song” The manager said

“Why must we feature a lady” I asked

“Listeners likes it more when both gender sings in a song, I studied most of the popular songs now, that is exactly what they are doing and if we must make a hit, then we must do the same” The manager said

I sighed

I can’t believe I will be working with a lady but I guess I have no choice, he is our manager, he knows what is best for the flower boys

“Alright, who are we picking in Universe record label?” I asked

“, I carefully surveyed every ladies there and I picked the best , her name is Karen, she is the daughter of…” the manager said

I interrupted before he could finish his statement

“Are you joking, Karen again?” I asked

“Sorry?” He asked not understanding what I meant

“My dad forced Karen to stay in the same house I live for whatever reason is best known to him, she knows little to nothing about music , she joined Nicholas high few weeks ago, why her ? And who cares if she is the daughter of Universe record label’s CEO” I said

“Anthony please be calm, trust me , I have my reasons. This girl is naturally talented , I listened to some audio records of song she made after she had arrived at America, common! Her voice is just the perfect voice. ” the manager said

I sighed

I do not like arguing with the manager , he knows what is best for our group, nevertheless, suddenly picking Karen is quiet suspicious.

I’m gonna be smart and find out why everything is revolving around Karen


Nancy’s POV

I was the one chasing Patricia, we were just having fun

I hid when I realized that she had collided with the flower boys. I watched the flower boys had a little conversation with her and left

I ran towards where Patricia stood.

I saw her crying , she feels broken , her face had become pale

“Patricia, what have they done to you?” I asked

“I’m expelled” Patricia said and cried the more

I shook my head not wanting to believe what she said

“The flower boy expelled you just for mistakenly colliding with them, are they so heartless?” I said

Patricia kept cleaning the heavy tears gushing from her eyes

“My Life had just being shattered, I was only lucky to be admitted here, I stay with my sister and she works her ass off to ensure that I pay my school fee early and become a popular artiste in the future but my plans had being shattered

I do not know how I will tell my sister that I had being expelled and that all her hardwork over me for years is all in vain” Patricia said and cried the more

She exhaled heavily and tried to stop crying but she broke again , bowed her head and sobbed

“How about we challenge them?” I suggested

“What!” She exclaimed

“They walked towards the studio, would you follow me?” I asked

“To where?” She asked

“To the studio of course, I can’t just let you get expelled from the school” I said

“Have you gone crazy? Do you wanna be expelled too?” She asked

“If that’s what it takes to help a friend, I don’t care about anything right now, I’m just gonna tell them that what they did is wrong , I don’t care about being expelled” I said

“I can see that you have really gone crazy, don’t behave recklessly because of me, the flower boys dislikes ladies with passion” She said and sniffed

I ignored her and went to the Nicholas high studio.

“Where are the flower boys please ?” I asked someone walking towards some people who sat as visitors in a corner

“Excuse me? Do you have an appointment with them ” The man asked

“Sure, they sent for me” I lied

“That’s quiet strange, follow that path, the big office at the extreme end is where they are” The man said

“Thanks” I said and watched the man walk away from me

I sighed

“Nancy, calm down, just calm down, we can do this ” I encouraged myself and started walking towards their office

The more I do, the more my heart beats like it would fall off my chest. My legs are seriously shaking, I feel like I would fall anytime

Did I really know what I’m doing, I want to face the flower boys.

No, I’ve gone crazy for real, Fear overwhelmed me so much that I did not when I turned

“Ma, are you alright” The man I met few minutes ago said as he approached where I was

“Yeah .. Erm… I just feel somehow , I … I need to rest ” I said foolishly

The man looked at me suspiciously

The man dialed a number on his phone and called someone

 A lady said you sent for her and now she is trying to walk away

What? Is he calling flower boy? I’m done for

Should I push this man and run away, no, that will be very foolish of me. He will still catch up with me anyways cus I can’t really run

 Alright sir” I heard the man say and hanged up.

I have no idea what flower boy told him

The door to the office opened and I turned in shock, It’s flower boy

I need to disappear right now, what excuse will I give, he will find out I lied , he will expel me now, he will also sack me as a baby sitter, I won’t be able to see beautiful Helen again . I won’t be able to live around him again

He walked towards me while Brian and Scot walked behind him, one at the left and the other at his right.

They finally got to where I stood with my head bowed

“Babysitter, what are you doing here ?” Anthony asked me

He called me a babysitter in the presence of this man, so bad! This man can just go ahead and start telling everyone that a baby sitter tries to intrude the privacy of the flower boys

“Can you hear me at all?”Anthony asked when I wasn’t replying

” you…expelled... My …. Friend” I said still bowing my head in fear

“Joe Patricia is your friend, no wonder! You are both clumsy and reckless, Is that what you came here you tell me ?” Anthony asked

I nodded

“Detain her for the whole day, she will learn her lesson that way” Anthony said and turned and took some steps to his office

Before the man could grab my hand and start taking me to the detention room

“Remember you promise to be my friend” I yelled

He stopped walking to his office and stood still. He turned and stared at me for few seconds then walked closer to me

“What do you want me to do?” Anthony asked

I was happy to hear him say that

“Help my friend, reverse the expulsion , please” I pleaded

He smirked

“That’s quiet impossible, I don’t like to change my decisions but since I promise to be your friend and I’d never dome anything to prove that. I will consider your request and help you but under one condition” Anthony said

“What?” I asked

“Bring her to the flower boy’s studio” Anthony said to the man and walked away

“Follow me” The man said and I obliged

I was taken inside a very beautiful studio, I saw Anthony, Brian and scot sat on a very beautiful chair facing singers hut

I stood imagining what I was brought inside the studio for

“The last time I gave you a challenge , you succeeded

Looks like you are really good in singing, so let’s play a game and see who wins , Brian , Scot and Bob are gonna be our judge

We have three judges now, if two among them votes for me , I win and I won’t be able to help your friend but if two among them votes for you, you win, and I will help your friend. Are you up for it?” Anthony asked

I really liked challenge, I just hope that the judges will be fair , the man I met was Bob, Anthony had just mentioned his name

“Guys, be fair, pick the one who wins with conscience” Anthony said as if he reads my thought.

“I’m singing Westlife , title; Soledad , what about you?” Anthony asked

“I’m singing Dolly Parton, title; the pain of Loving you” I replied happily

“Who should go first?” He asked for my opinion

“Go first” I said blushing

I can’t believe he just asked of my opinion

“Okay” He said and went into the singers hut, we all watched him through the transparent glass, he placed a music player🎧 into his ear and adjusted the microphone 🎤to the center of his mouth , he placed his hand on the keyboard and sang ;

🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹🎼🎤🎧

If only you could see the tears

In the world you left behind

If only you could heal my heart

Just one more time

Even when I close my eyes

There’s an image of your face

And once again I come to realise

You’re a loss I can’t replace


It’s a keeping for the lonely

Since the day that you were gone 😭

Why did you leave me 😭


In my heart you were the only

And your memory lives on 😢

Why did you leave me 😢


Walking down the streets
Of Nothingville

Where our love was young and free

Can’t believe just what an empty place

It has come to be

I would give my life away

If it could only be the same

Cause I can’t still the voice inside of me

That is calling out your name



It’s a keeping for the lonely

Since the day that you were gone 😭

Why did you leave me 😭


In my heart you were the only

And your memory lives on 😢

Why did you leave me 😢


Anthony has started crying this time as well. I really do not know whom he lost but his song are always towards a very close person that left him lonely

He stood up broken and came out of the singers hut. I feel so sorry for him

I entered the studio and set the microphone into the very center of my mouth

I placed the media player 🎧 on my ear

I sang;


Oh, the pain of loving you

Oh, the misery I go through

Never knowing what to do

Oh, the pain of loving you


You just can’t stand to see me happy

Seems you hurt me all you can

Still I go on loving you 😔

But I never understand


To love and hate at the same time 

The line between the two is fine 🙁

The two have bound me heart and soul

So strong that I can’t let you go


To love and hate at the same time

The line between the two is fine

The two have bound me heart and soul 😟

So strong that I can’t let you go 😔

Chorus; 🎹🎹🎤

Oh, the pain of loving you

Oh, the misery I go through

Never knowing what to do

Oh, the pain of loving you


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